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extreme heels

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extreme heels - 6/12/2006 12:08:09 PM   

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Hi All,

Looking into some aspects of foot torture and was wondering what sort of shoes would be best for this sort of play.

ideally, they will be high heeled and lockable - Any suggestions?

Also, Is there any risk with having my feet squeezed into a size that is one size too small?


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RE: extreme heels - 6/12/2006 12:39:16 PM   

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ORIGINAL: ownedjulia
Looking into some aspects of foot torture and was wondering what sort of shoes would be best for this sort of play.

ideally, they will be high heeled and lockable - Any suggestions?

I'd think sneakers with sand or pebbles are actually a lot more torturous than a heel.  But, just buy a pair of locking heels and then put some sand and pebbles in them.

[quoteAlso, Is there any risk with having my feet squeezed into a size that is one size too small?

Yes. Don't do it.


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RE: extreme heels - 6/12/2006 7:46:16 PM   

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Agree with Lucky on the one size too small idea, it's really not good for you.  Though I have no personal experience with shoes a size too small for any great period of time, there have beent imes when I've worn them just for the fashionista in me who wants a specific pair that only come in a size smaller than what i should wear, but since I can technically (and just barely) "fit" into them, I'll buy and wear them anyhow.  I've been told by my chiro that this is a bad idea because (to spare you all the details, half of which I won't recall ) the feet are what centres and balances your entire body and to wear small shoes ESPECIALLY those with heels, and even moreso when they're "extreme"ly high...your hips and back are put under a lot of stress just to keep you from falling on your face.

I'm well aware that int he long run wearing the shoes I love will do damage, but I choose to live int he here & now and wear them anyway, you may choose to do the same.  It won't kill or cripple you...not for a while anyhow  but they're definitely not a great choice.

As for height alone, I've worn my share of extreme shoes, and yes it's painful and I have a few foot probs and back pain, but I see doctors to mediate those and for myself personally, the pleasure of the shoes is worth the pain and I keep myself under control by not indulging in excess all too often.  If you're planning to wear these more than just once in a while though, you may want to do some research as I'm not aware of what can happen if they're worn consistantly. 

Be well & have fun

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RE: extreme heels - 6/12/2006 8:11:27 PM   

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Though not lockable, I came across these - if they weren't so pricey I'd rush for them, I love the ballerina-bondage shoes.

As for the small size, it isn't healthy. If you do it continuously and walk around a lot with them, it will cause long-term foot problems. However, if it is just for a scene or something, I wouldn't get freaked out over it - I've done it, even in 7" heels, and didn't die. :P

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RE: extreme heels - 6/12/2006 8:25:55 PM   

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Fetish Boots Ballet-1025 Ballet Style Ankle Boots
Fetish Boots Ballet-1025 Ballet Style Ankle Boots
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Fetish Boots Ballet-1020 Ballet Style Ankle Boots 7 inch spike heels. lace up ballet style fetish ankle boots with locking ankle strap. Black Leather ...

perhaps these are more to your style,, under fetish boots, knee and ankle


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RE: extreme heels - 6/12/2006 8:42:01 PM   

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Not sure if it is still for sale, but I seem to remember Centurian leather making a locking leather strap to go over fetish shoes that don't have a lock (similar to a boot chain.)  Just looked it up:
Check those out (Use Internet Explorer, my Firefox had issues opening the catalog.)  They should let you use any shoes and still have them lockable.  (They are probably rather noticable, so take that into account.)  Just an idea for you, good luck!

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RE: extreme heels - 6/15/2006 9:55:26 PM   

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Here is another ankle-cuff with a strap that goes under the instep and back up to lock:


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RE: extreme heels - 6/20/2006 5:31:42 AM   

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I think the putting of sand in them is a greater torture - particularly if you are wearing stockings and not allowed/able to take the heels off. Not one for getting a size smaller, its bad enough for your feet with extreme heels, and that only make it worse. But sand or small pebbles - eeeeeeeee

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RE: extreme heels - 6/24/2006 9:02:55 AM   

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Interesting idea of the sand with stockings/pantyhose, could make for a long time in those heels

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RE: extreme heels - 7/7/2006 6:31:17 PM   

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Shoe locks work well to keep high heeled shoes on someones feet.

I have these by Paul C of Chicago

They work quite well


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RE: extreme heels - 7/7/2006 6:45:32 PM   

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In addition, here is a link about the long term affects of wearing any size heel over extended periods of time

Your feet will eventually conform to the shoe you wear most often, tendons will shorten up to the size of heel worn most often.  After a certain point not much can be done to reverse the effects of it.  In essence it would be a permanent form of bondage once your tendons shorten up to the point where you can't wear flats or go shorter than the shoes you wear most frequently.  It takes a lot of training, to be able to live a lifestyle such as that to prevent injuries.  Lots of ankle and calf strengthening and stretching to help your body keep balanced if this lifestyle is chosen.

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RE: extreme heels - 7/7/2006 8:25:35 PM   

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If you are truely worried about the size too small nonsense... *sigh* take a climbing class.. I know many climbers (and I am one myself) that wear shoes 1, 2, i know several that wear shoes 3 sizes smaller than their normal shoe size, for "edging." And most climbers are in ridiculously good shape, especially their legs. and depending on the heel, 1 size smaller may actually be the way to go. Such as pure leather boots or shoes. They stretch so much that they will eventually be the right size, but your normal size will be too large. Running shoes should also feel very very snug to give you the support you require. Ski boots, skates, wrestling boots, etc etc etc. All are normal to wear sug or even a couple sizes smaller. I've been a jockette for as long as I can remember, and frequently wear heels. I also have no foot, ankle, knee or calf problems to date... other than the times I've broken something or ripped something, but that goes without saying. There are people who are more prone to foot and back problems, and certainly I wouldnt reccomend going from skater shoes to 1 size-too-small ballet heels all at once. however, will it kill you? No. Will it cripple you? not unless you can't walk in heels and fall down the stairs. Will it do long term damage? yeah if you're stupi about it. However that goes for most things in life. Oranges will do long term damage if youre stupid about for gods sake. Just stretch and work up gradually to wearing them for longer periods of time. Soak your feet afterwards, keep your feet taken care of, blah blah. Just use common sense.

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RE: extreme heels - 7/7/2006 8:32:59 PM   

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When wearing spike heels, it's actually best to go UP one size.  When I was in a shoe store, a woman I think of as the Stiletto Fairy came up to me and explained this.  Your feet swell with the extra pressure on a small part of the foot, and a larger shoe will be endurable (and actually fit the foot) for longer.  The shoe might feel loose for the first ten minutes or so, but after that ... viola!  a shoe that fits.  They will still be quite torturous.

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RE: extreme heels - 7/13/2006 10:25:22 PM   

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I dont know it maybe me but those pictured above do not look feminine.
I would prefer my slave to have very feminine heels even if they don't cause as much pain.

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RE: extreme heels - 7/19/2006 5:22:21 PM   

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Fetish Boots Ballet-1020 Ballet Style Ankle Boots 7 inch spike heels. lace up ballet style fetish ankle boots with locking ankle strap. Black Leather ...

If these are the ones I've seen, the "locking ankle strap" attaches on the non-lock end of the strap with a strip of velcro. A friend of mine bought them and was very disappointed.

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RE: extreme heels - 7/29/2006 9:50:11 AM   

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As far as the locking bit, there are several options for that. The biggest thing to keep in mind with extreme heels is that if you're actually going to wear them (outside of the bedroom, house, etc) you really need to pay for good shoes. Cheap heels just wont support you the right way, and increase risk of injury by a ridiculous amount.

On the size bit, in ballets, you do do want to go down a bit. You want them to fit just like pointe shoes. If you have a nice snug fit in ballets, alot of your body weight is supported by your metatarsels and not your toes, and ths is why you fit pointes the way you do. In "normal" fetish shoes, you want them to fit. Yes, your feet will swell a bit from the added pressure and that has to be considered, but as your heels height goes up, your feet are going to be more and more arched. Girls with very high arches often need a smaller size in heels since your feet basically get shorter the more they are arched. If you do truly train your feet for heels you'll often notice that after some time you'll need smaller shoes for this reason as well.

Hope that helps.


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RE: extreme heels - 8/28/2006 10:05:58 PM   

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If you are really liking the look of the ballet style shoes and boots, think things over first.  They look great on the outside, but have you ever actually seen a ballet dancer's feet?  Ugh, gross.  And this is coming from someone who is a foot fetishist.
Also when thinking about that extreme of height there is preparedness involved.  Lots and lots of time taken into training the feet to actually be able to walk on your toes. 
You also mentioned wearing shoes too small.  Look up foot bondage that the ancient Chinese would do to their aristocratic females.  Literally deforming their feet.  I would imagine in time if you wore too small of shoes constantly you would have some effects, granted not to the degree the Chinese did, but to your feet and therefore your spine and body as well.

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RE: extreme heels - 9/2/2006 5:55:24 AM   

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rather than using shoes to abuse the feet, i like when a girl is dominated by being forced to ruin her shoes.  is that wierd?



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RE: extreme heels - 9/21/2006 7:42:16 PM   

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     My first post :)  I splruged and bought myself a christmas gift.   (This site is listed above with a similar locking leather strap).

   The product description says to order one size larger for comfort, and the "size conversion" says to order 2 sizes larger for males.  I did the math.   I wear size 10/10.5 (depending on brand) so, 10 + 1 (for comfort) + 2 (for men) = 13.  I chose to ignore this logic and order size 12.  I wanted them to be strict and TIGHT.  I was going for foot bondage (and the potential that I might meet a Lady who could at least play with them).  In hind sight this may not have been a wise decision.

   I've come across three problems, and if Y/you're patient with me I'll be as succint as I can.  The first problem I came across right from the moment I put them on.  The tongue goes down to right where my toes end and my feet start, when completely laced there is just enough stress to force that part of the boots to rub painfully against my feet. I purchased latex socks to prevent sweat damage inside the shoes.  The socks are paper thin and did not protect my feet from the seweing of the tongue. - possible solution: I added normal cotton ankle socks to add padding and it was enough to nullify that particular pain.

   Second problem:  my feet over heat.  I didn't want to risk standing or walking my first night, so I laced them as tight as I could while sitting down and then climbed into bed.  I woke up just about 3 hours later in throbbing pain.  The heat from what I thought was the latex and sock combination was too much with no escape and I had to quickly unlace the boots and take off the socks.  A short massage later I passed back out and woke up pain free.  - possible solution:  got rid of the latex socks and tried again with just the regular socks.  Just about another three hours later, the heat was too much and I had to take them off.   The material doesn't seem to "breathe" at all.  It's flexible and stretches a teeny bit, but obviously not enough.  This was tested again many times with different thickness socks - even double socks but that was just more heat. I even tried mid winter with no heat on and then went so far as to bind ice packs to my feet around the outside of the boots.  I got an extra half hour to an hour before the pain got to be too much.  The extra time wasn't worth being miserable because I was cold.   My longest time just gritting my teeth and bearing the pain was 6 hours with massaging my toes while still wearing the boots. 

   Third problem:  I simply cannot strighten my legs at the knee while standing in the boots.  I knew I had at least a three hour window to test this and arranged braces to help myself stand and try to walk.  If I try to walk by placing my heel down and then my toe and walk "normal" I cannot strighten my legs and walk like I do in my sneakers.  I can take four or five steps before my upper torso is too far off balance from not being able to fully stand and I keel over.   If I brace and lift my heels off the ground and walk on just my toes I get the same four to five steps before I need to brace again.  If I lay down or brace and completely lift off the ground I can straighten my legs normally.  I just can't do it with my 5'10 140lbs supported by only the spikes and my toes.  - possible solutions: actually ordering the right size.  If I put the boot on my desk and look at just the toe and the rubber stopper at the base of the spike they are dead even, but standing in them the arch of my foot and shape of the boot makes it feel like the spike is too long and it forces my shins forward and I have to bend at the knee or "lean forward" (to the point of I can't stand up without bracing unless I bend at the knee).   So maybe it's not the size, it's just the design of the shoe.  I could probably "Train" to walk with my knees bent but I can only immagine how improper and unnatractive that would look. 

   So if Y/you're still with me...   Size is important, I chose not to send mine back and get the next size up.  I kinda like the idea that I can't walk run or stand without help.  Pain is inevitible, but at least not permanent in the short term.  I'm sure walking with my knees bent is interesting exercise but not good for my spine and certainly not good for my posture.   The pain is definately tortue, I take them off when they hurt too much, I'm more into them for looks and for bondage/restraint then for masochism.

   When I'm ready to splurge, the derby shoes from punitive ( are my next toy (perfect for pony play if there are any upstate NY Dommes looking for a male pony).  The shoes I got are actually made by Devious (Autumn & Co. DID send the boots in their origional box with the Devious logo - however friends helped me research the best pricing and Autumn had a 40% off her ENTIRE site sale at the time I made my purchase - and the box was dinged up a bit, probably sitting on the shelf at the warehouse too long before someone bought a size 12) and has an AMAZING selection of normal (non ballet) heels, costumes, fetish wear and more.  (This link was given by someone who helped my price search.)
Hope all this rambling helps S/someone,

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RE: extreme heels - 9/21/2006 10:13:29 PM   

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Go to local carpet store of home depot and get some RUG RUNNER, comes in various colors incluiding clear. The runner has small plastic spikes (about 3/16 size). Can be cut easily with rajor knife/blade to fit inside of shoe. I used contact cement to fasten to a pair of leather sandles with staps. My sub loves them.

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