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Genital Piercing for Chastity

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Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 11:41:16 AM   

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I am considering getting a genital piercing, likely a PA, for the purpose of chastity. I am having trouble finding full cock cages similar to the CB series that fit a piercing. Does anyone know where I can find one ? My second consideration was a combination PA and a scrotum ring to allow a lock to be placed between them to at least greatly discourage an erection. I would love to have any recommendations or suggestions ! Thank you!
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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 12:07:35 PM   

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From personal experience, the cb2000 fits with a PA.  You can then purchase or make a short cable.chain that loops through the piercing and back to the lock.  Otherwise you're looking at expensive options like a lori tube.

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 2:08:08 PM   

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there was a company that made locks for the PA/scrotal setup, apparently a regular lock is not a good choice due to a number of things like cleanliness, flexibility, finish and other things. 


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 4:59:37 PM   

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I wish folks would give up on this notion. It's a fab fantasy, but long term?  Forget it.  The added pressure on the piercings is going to encourage migration and/or scar tissue.    There's plenty of neat stuff out there for chastity, if that's your trip, but the piercings won't work. 

And of course, since you will not believe me, I recommend a pre-test, easily done with some big-gauge needles, narrow nylon cord, and appropriate stimulation.  Good luck!


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 6:06:48 PM   

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Attaching an 8 by 10 of Sandra Bernhart to my ballsac works for me.

chia* (the pet)


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 6:13:58 PM   

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Chia, you're priceless.


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 8:29:08 PM   

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After my CB-2000 failed and failed, my Mistress requested that I investigate new chastity devices and genital piercing. Mistress Lori's well-known line of chastity tubes ( require a genital piercing. If one is to believe the articles on Ms Lori's site, there are males who have been successfully chastised for years and years using Lori chastities anchored to piercings, usually PA or frenum. In fact Ms. Lori claims to have patented the concept of chastity devices secured by piercings.

I've read of people using piercings alone for chastity with success, but who knows. When it comes to chastity, nothing works for everyone.

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/26/2008 9:18:42 PM   

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I am pretty open minded and generally never afraid to try new things. But piercing for chastity I think has to go to my hard limits. I have had 9 surgeries in my lifetime. Lidocane does not work on me (Try explaining that one to the insurance company). I have no desire to put any holes in my body that are not already there.


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/27/2008 10:02:12 AM   

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Welcome to the party!

I've worked on chastities for years and found that a piercing is the way to go for the real chastity experience that you can wear to work, everyday life etc. without a full belt. Here is a link for steel tube designs that would work well with chastity, especially a PA. Put a lock through your PA ring and through the cage bars. Also check out CM member Vad for some top shelf work!

I have a frenum style that is actually a bit further away from the head, it is in the thick skin of the circumcision scar so that migration won't be a problem. I have had a CBR for eight years now, no problems at all. I have gone weeks without the chastity being removed, and months without it being off except for play time! This is something you can do for real if you really want it!

My own chastity does not tug on the piercing, there is a rod which slips through the CBR to keep the cage from being removed. The rod and the cage can move somewhat on my shaft to adjust for clothing tightness, activity, expansion when aroused in the vanilla world and cannot reach down to adjust it. Latex coating (not shown, old photo) helps keep the cage from slipping down when asleep (if not wearing briefs) but I can add a waist chain to help support the device if I want. That is also comfortable for when I am naked except the cage, for showering, giving an erotic massage, etc.. I do not like a tight sack ring like the CB series, I expand too much for that sort of design. With a piercing, the sack ring does not have to be tight to keep in secure, only tight enough to keep it from slipping down and pulling the piercing.

I like that in my cage I can pee standing up so that I don't have any trouble at work with needing to hide modified bathroom habits, another reason I did not want a ball trap ring or a full belt. I enjoy "manly" activities and hang out with guys who go camping and work on cars for fun, so I needed a device that did not compromise my active lifestyle and would let me pee behind a tree. The only things I avoid now are aggressive bicycle riding and surfing... the cage puts dents in a fragile surfboard (the wife hated when I went surfing, I think she liked chastity for that as much as anything).

The Lori's tube really caught my eye when she introduced them, but back then she was using a standard little padlock. I have never felt that was secure enough for me because I have lots of tools, so I developed mine with much more secure lock using a double sided key. Now Lori has the circular key locks which you can't cut with bolt cutters, very intimidating! If I did not already have my cage, I would order hers since it is so easy to wear to work and play. All my experiments with belts, for both boys and girls, convinced me that a butt strap or chains were not suitable for sitting in meetings, especially if the chairs are made of wood! ::clunk:: For the Loris, you need at least an eight gauge, but might as well get a six. It won't hurt anymore. I got a ten and regret not going bigger.

Way back, Centurions sold a cock collar that secured with a piercing, but that was way before the internet and I have only seen it in musty old catalogs. Lori's concept is not new, but very well done from what I can tell. The main disadvantage I can see with the Lori's is that I suspect it takes a bit of effort to install. I think that putting that pin through a piercing while in the tube would be difficult with only two hands. That's why I made mine so that the CBR stays in and the cage locks to it. I thank a story on Altarboy's site for that design revelation, it made long term wear possible for me. My keyholders have agreed that being able to put it on and off easily was the most important aspect to their enjoyment - if they want what is inside they don't want to be discouraged by the process.

I fear needles, but was determined to do chastity so my SO/Mistress drove me to the piercer after I had a few drinks. She let us use a blindfold and cuffs behind the chair during the process... since I could not see what was happening it was no problem at all! Also I like the mystery of the CBR just being there without seeing how it installed. A touch of epoxy makes it impossible to remove once my cage is locked on.

My cage is now seven years old and has done everything with me... swam in the ocean (with tape over the key hole), been in a roll-over car wreck, worked construction, been hit on by gals at parties, everything. In spite of what some inexperienced people insist, you CAN make this very real in your life and I feel a piercing is the most important step. It took me over three decades to make it happen, I built a lot of things that did not work, but the only failure is quitting. Go for it! BTW, the pain is really nothing, I have had more pain from removing a splinter then I did from the whole piercing procedure. Worst part was the first week of washing it with soap in the shower, but really nothing to be worried about... the thrill will offset any discomfort!

I am about to begin an extended period with a Chastity Steel belt, this should be very interesting! My cage discourages erections because it can get uncomfortably tight, the CS-100 lets me get fully hard but I cannot get any sensation of touch... in my limited experience with the CS belt I can tell it is going to be one heck of a ride! I have "foolishly" committed to a full month of solid chastity to start sometime in the next month or two... don't know exactly when it will start but I am really looking forward to the whole experience! I have worn the CS for a few days at a time already, I love that it does not have a back strap so it is easy to keep clean. I flush the tube with a baby wash bulb each time I pee (yes, sitting down) and rinse well in the shower, no smell or rash problems. A few drops of mineral oil after showering helps. This is the best full belt in my opinion, but I have l have only worn three belts so far and not a Gothels or Access Denied.

If you use a metal tube like the link above, I have an idea for an add-on security device that would work with a frenum instead of a PA. This is something that could be used with a captive ball chastity to prevent pull-out, perhaps Vad would make them, I don't have a work shop since getting divorced. If there is interest, I might share the idea, it is actually very simple. I have stopped developing these things since I built the one I wear now, it has done an excellent job of keeping me locked up for the past seven years while I have had an enthusiastic keyholder.

Hope this advice helps you to realize your dream! Go for it! If you would like more of my thoughts about this, you can send a personal message to me. I have invested many many hours/years into this pursuit and may have be able to help others with my experience. Note, I will be traveling much in the next week and won't be on here regularly so if you write please give me time to respond in detail.


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/27/2008 9:23:49 PM   

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Great post, Hardbutt! I appreciate the experience and insight that went into it. But what's a CBR?

Do you have any thoughts on the choice between a PA and frenum piercing to support chastity?

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 11/28/2008 5:05:47 AM   

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Glad to help!

CBR is captive ball ring, a very common style of jewelry.

As for PA vs Frenum, I think I heard that the PA heals very quickly compared to a frenum because the frenum is really two holes that have to heal in between. I went three months before I actually gave up my keys the first time, but all minor pain was gone in two weeks.

From my POV, the frenum offers comfort because the tube can actually slide around on your shaft without chaffing, the loose skin allows the movement without tugging the piercing. Earlier I mentioned my CBR is not so much in the usual location near the head, but an inch or so back at the thicker skin. This lets everything have some wiggle room (when not erect) so that is a a rare time when I actually feel anything uncomfortable that I must adjust during the work day. No pinching or pulling, most of the day I completely forget that I am wearing a portable prison! With a PA I would be worried that shifting due to walking or sudden expansion from some skirt and heels flashing past could put pressure on it, there is no movement possible if the tube has shifted across the skin. That is probably while Lori says they must be very tight, so there is no shifting or sliding on the skin.

With mine I do have to be careful about being naked if it is cold or I'm sleepy, I always sleep with underwear if I am not wearing the waist chain. I live in a warm climate, swim in the ocean, so I wanted the skin to have breathing room by not wearing such a tight tube as the Lori's. Would not want beach sand trapped in there! Plus I wanted to be able to get an erection because I can be a real flirt at times and wanted to enjoy the sensation of frustration that way. With mine, during partial erections I can move the cage back and forth enough to get some stimulation but a full-on erection makes it too tight to wiggle and cum... I've written a short story which includes a description of this and the sensations. With a PA you will not be able to wiggle it, with a frenum the skin moves like a Shar-pei dog's skin moves so the tube can be shifted around if needed. Since my cage is loose compared to Lori's I use a latex coating ("tool dip" in the paint department) and/or the waist chain at times that I know I will flacid. The latex helps the cage stick to the skin and stay in place but the latex is not compatible with baby oil or vasoline.

I have to tell you - the combination of the cage and the waist chain really gets comments and compliments from the women who have seen it! Amazed fascination! I have pictures (no nude genital shots) of several of my creations in my profile, although one of the full belt pics is just Photoshop work to work out the design before i built it. The ladies are shown in a belt inspired by the Gothels design using a contoured waist band which is very comfortable and sexy to wear... one girlfriend wanted to wear it to the beach with me!

Which is best for you? I can't answer that so you will have to decide what you expect to do. With the Lori's you will be convinced you cannot escape, I would imagine that the PA would be very intimidating for you and for her easier to put on then a frenum. Trust me on this, you will want your keyholder to look forward to using the key, not worry that it will be too much trouble. When she wants you, you want to make sure you are very easy to unlock and relock! Keep in mind that a very tight tube is not easy for someone to put on you unless there is ice involved, a looser device only needs a little oil. That could be a reason for choosing a device like the link in my first post. I am sure part of the success of the CB-XXXX is that it is easy to use. If I get another non-belt device it will be a Lori's so that I can wear it unnoticed in any style swim suit.

Good luck and have fun!

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/4/2008 12:39:26 PM   

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The piercings don't matter as much with the Lori Tube or the CBXXX as much as if you are a 'show'er or a grower'.
We've tried several versions of the Lori Tube, CBXXX, and tubes, metal, plastic etc. And both the PA and the Frenum piercing. And my slave is a grower so there is just too much tug on the piercings. We've also tried the guiche didn't set after 6 months and we gave up. If you are a show'er than you'll do fine. Also ball size has something to do with it. My slave has large balls and it's hard to get a ring large enough to wear comfortably and still have it secure.

But the PA does seem much more secure and set.

At this point we are looking at a belt. Which doesn't do much for us when he travels...but at least he'll be secure at home...


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/5/2008 8:04:18 PM   

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There's a nice selection of chastity devices in pics on you can check out. I remember seeing them in the Slave Training Gallery. In those pics if you find a chastity device you like but don't know what it's called or where to find it tell us and we'll help you find it.

Hope this helps.


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/6/2008 2:46:25 PM   

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I just put a Master lock through My sub's PA (we stretched it to 8G)...when I let him go he had to have it sawed seriously...

Check this site and you might get some ideas on PAs and other piercings. 


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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/6/2008 7:19:26 PM   

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There is another site that might give you some ideas.


When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/7/2008 2:07:50 PM   

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The best device, of course, for your situation is Lori tube

Plastic ones are overpriced crap.

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RE: Genital Piercing for Chastity - 12/21/2008 2:49:01 AM   

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check out Mistress Lori's it...She makes them custom made for those with PAs

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