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daddy and sissy story

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daddy and sissy story - 11/23/2009 5:01:56 PM   

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Daddy and his boy were in the bathroom, where Daddy was finishing what he had started in the bed room. Back there, he had made his boy get undressed, to see if he looked like a proper boy all over. Daddy had tisked his tongue at what he saw and had immediately produced a pair of electric hair clippers. While his boy stood trembling with his arms outstretched, Daddy had run them slowly all over his boy’s body to remove the un-boyish hair. Up his legs from his toes, Under each arm and all down his chest and stomach the clippers hummed and tickled. They had nibbled menacingly close to his nipples as they rounded them and, at last, were set upon the tender skin of his crotch, as Daddy gently and firmly tugged his boy’s cock and balls around to carefully shear them as well.

Then it was into the bathtub for the boy, so Daddy could shave smooth the parts that were better smooth. The razor was a little less scary than the buzzing clippers had been, but the boy still tensed when it moved from the planes of his torso and underarms to be scrapped deep up the cleft of his buttocks and over his scrotum, squeezed in Daddy’s hand.

Daddy stepped back and looked at his boy critically. He told the boy to turn around and look at himself in the mirror. The boy looked more now like he had always felt inside. He ran his hands over the shaved parts, and his legs, which hadn’t been shaved with the razor, only clipped closer. Then the boy shook his long hair out of his eyes to clear his view and Daddy frowned.

“Maybe we should do something about that girly hair now, while we’re at it” Daddy said. The boy looked at his Daddy, frightened. The same fear he had felt when Daddy had brought out the hair clippers and the boy wasn’t sure, at first, what Daddy was going to do with them, but knew what they were typically used for. The boy looked in the mirror and ran his hands protectively over his hair. He hadn’t had a haircut in a long time, not since he and Daddy had met online. The hair in front now curled under his chin, in back it was well upon his shoulders and he loved to sweep it back and forth across his back with his head tilted. “No Daddy, I like it this way” the boy had replied shyly.

“It makes you look like a girl.” Daddy shot back. And then he said, “Well if you want to look like a girl, I’ll just have to shave your legs too.”

After Daddy had finished, he made the boy put on baggy shorts so people could see his shaved legs. The boy was concerned that others would notice. Daddy just kept saying that’s what he gets for wanting to be a girl and starts calling him sissy and girly-boy and other such names. Daddy puts a tee-shirt on the boy and hands him a baseball cap. He tells the boy that its time to go to the play space where the other boys and their daddies are. He makes the boy put his girly hair up under the cap, so he won’t embarrass Daddy.

They go to a place that Daddy knows, a place where boys get together to play. In the back of this place is a real barbershop where the men there liked to get their hair cut or just hang around. There were a few lounging about in the shop watching a young man wearing dog collar having his head shaved when Daddy walked in, dragging his boy by the hand. Everyone was looking at them when Daddy barked at the boy to sit down and keep quiet. The boy did as he was told and sat watching the activity in the chair with apprehension. When the razor had been drawn twice over every inch of his shining scalp, the young man got up from the chair and kneeled with head bowed in front of an older man seated in the shop, whose head was also freshly shaved. The older man slapped his broad hand on the gleaming dome and rubbed it with hearty approval.

“Wish I had a boy as good as that”, Daddy said to the man when he saw this. Then Daddy lifted the ball cap off of his boy and all of his long, unkempt hair fell into the boy’s face as everyone in the shop laughed.

“Well, he’d better be next then, right fellas?, the barber had chimed out. Daddy pulled his boy to his feet and pointed him at the barber chair. When the boy dragged his feet, Daddy swatted him loudly on the butt to propel him on and everyone laughed again. Sitting his still stinging bottom on the warm leather, he winced when the barber moved his long hair out of the way as he caped him. Finished, the barber let the hair fall down over the boy’s eyes, that were already starting to fill with tears. Daddy, seeing this, he told the boy, sternly, to sit up straight and quit being a sissy.

Then the barber asked Daddy how he wanted the boy’s hair cut, Daddy replied, “Better make it a short crew cut, I don’t want to have to go through this again anytime soon.” The boy heard a whining sound that grew louder in pitch and volume as it neared his locks. He felt the eyes of the others on him, some leaning in to get a better look. He started to bawl and cry out, “No Daddy, no! Don’t cut my hair! Don’t cut my pretty hair!” The men in the shop were laughing and catcalling as the boy shook his head around to stop the haircut from happening and jumped from the chair.

The startled barber quickly joined into the general merriment that now filled the shop. Everyone was smiling and laughing except Daddy and his boy, because Daddy had caught a hold of him and had thrown the boy over his knee. Things got even louder and others looked in to the shop to she what the fuss was about as Daddy ripped down the boy’s shorts and underwear and started to spank him sharply. The boy, still caped, squirmed and cried and tried to get away without success. When the boy and his Daddy’s anger were both subdued, Daddy set the blubbering boy on his feet again and told him to apologize to everyone and get back in the chair. Instead, the boy tore the haircloth from around his neck and ran out.

Daddy caught up to him quickly, grabbing him by the hair and marching him outside. Daddy seemed silently furious as they traveled to the next play place. He didn’t say a word except to order the boy to put his sissy-girl hair back up under his cap. The boy complied and also sat silently for the rest of the trip. When they arrived, Daddy brought out a bag the boy hadn’t seen before, a bright pink girl’s travel bag with flowers on it. He gripped the boys hand and, once inside, they headed into a separate area marked with a sign that read “Age Play Party Tonite”.

He pulled the boy over to a group of women dressed as school girls. They had all clustered in one corner of the play space chattering among themselves, as girls will. Their daddies socialized with each other, watching them have their fun for now. The boy’s Daddy pushed him into the middle of this bunch of girls and stated to tell everyone in a loud voice how bad his boy had been at the barbershop. He took off the boy’s cap and showed everyone his long, girly hair and stated to all that because he didn’t get his hair cut like a good boy, he had to go and play with the girls now. Daddy asked the band of giggling girls if they minded and most of them, with short, sidelong glances towards their own daddies for approval, said they’d love to. The girls swarmed around the boy, mocking him with taunting voices, as Daddy tossed them the bag and told them to play with anything in it they’d like . They were all soon squealing with girlish delight as they inventoried the bag’s contents. The boy sat dejected in their midst, sometimes looking pleadingly towards his Daddy, who always looked coldly away.

After a while, the girls presented their handy work to Daddy with great fanfare. They had used everything in the bag, the pink nail polish, the stockings, the make-up, the curling iron. Shiny shoes with bows were on her feet; the frilly dress barely covered the ruffled panties. The scent of a flowery perfume was in the air and the sissy-girl’s hair had been parted in half and gathered in high, carefully curled ponytails on each side of his head and tied with satin ribbons. The blush seemed unneeded, the sissy-girl’s own cheeks burned almost as red from embarrassment as the bow of lipstick painted on her mouth. In the lace gloved hands she clutched a dainty purse. Daddy encouraged everyone to call him sissy-girl and then he made the sissy-girl bend over and show everyone her panties before pulling them down and again spanking the tender buttocks beneath.

Soon after, they went home, the sissy girl’s cheeks stinging with humiliation and her ass stinging from being spanked. When they got home, Daddy announced it was time to get ready for bed. But, instead of pajamas, he made the sissy-girl wear a filmy nightgown. He made her get into bed and then, undressed and crawled in too. Sissy-girl lay on her side, with Daddy pressed up close from behind. She lay quietly, unsure of what was to come, as Daddy started run his hands over her and caress her sore behind. He whispered to her what a pretty girl she was. Sissy-girl felt part of her Daddy’s body grow stiff and hard and she whimpered softly as he started to rub it on her nightgown. His hand was on her buttocks and a finger was running up and down in the cleft as Daddy commented that she must still be sore from her spankings. He reached out in the dark and suddenly the sissy-girl could feel a cool lotion or oil being rubbed on her sore bottom and deep into the cleft and across her asshole, were Daddy’s finger stopped to probe and explore just a little. When she squirmed and wiggled at this he pressed her face down on the bed and lay on top of her.

“You want to be Daddy’s good sissy-girl, don’t you? “, he whispered in her ear, “This is part of being a girl too”. He had laid the shaft of his rigid cock in the cleft of her ass and was stroking it back and forth. He did not penetrate her, but kept rubbing his cock in the velvety groove of her ass cheeks, his hands firmly gripping the sissy-girl’s wrists. She felt his weight upon her, felt the sausage curled ponytails tickling the tops of her ears, knowing she did want to be his good girl, to make Daddy happy even if what he was doing to her made her scared. But it felt good too and she was happy when Daddy moaned and called her his pretty, pretty girl as she felt warm, thick, sticky liquid shoot on to the small of her back and dribble between her ass cheeks. They fell asleep, cuddled together.

The next day, Daddy had offered a choice, boy’s clothes or girl’s. He made it clear that choosing boy clothes would mean getting a short boy’s haircut right away, but choosing girl’s clothes meant he would have to be Daddy’s good little sissy-girl from now on. She said she wanted to be Daddies good girl and chose the girl’s clothes. After she had donned the lacey attire, Daddy gave her make-up to put on, including a bright red lipstick. She had pull her hair, still curled, up into a high ponytail, loving the feeling of it flipping around the back of her head. But Daddy seemed in no mood for silliness. He ordered her to her knees and, towering over her, told her to unzip his pants and take out his hard cock. He had her hold it in her hands while he explained that if she was to be a girl, she was to do everything expected of girls and to obey her Daddy no matter what. “Yes Daddy”, she replied and he told her to open her mouth and gripping her by the ponytail, pushed his cock in.

She gasped and pleaded around the warm, pulsing shaft of flesh, but he only told her this is what good sissy-girls do for their daddies. He gave her instructions, gently and firmly as he used her ponytail to keep her mouth on his cock. She caught on quickly, Daddy’s clever sissy, and soon her mouth was filling with Daddy’s warm, salty fluid. He told her to swallow it all and she did, wanting desperately to please him.

Later, Daddy said to his sissy-girl that he had to be absolutely certain she was ready to be his good, obedient girl. So he took her, all girled up, back to the first play place they had gone to the night before. It was still and a little spooky now because it was mostly closed, only by ringing a buzzer had they gotten in. But, deep in the back, the lights were on in the barbershop. Sissy-girl squeezed her daddy’s had tighter when she saw this, but followed him meekly inside and sat down in a waiting chair. The barber was the same one the boy had run away from. He stood silently, only nodding to Daddy when they walked in.

Daddy said, “I want you to show the barber what a good girl you can be. Stand up, tell the barber you’re sorry you were bad and then sit in that chair and stay still. Unsteadily, she got up and stammered an apology that Daddy made her repeat, louder and clearer. Somehow, she managed to force it past the catches in her voice. Once seated, she sat as straight up and stiff as a board while the barber fastened a paper strip around her neck, followed by the pinstriped cape. She squeezed her eyes closed and her hands together in her lap, feeling her clittie (that’s what Daddy told her to call it since she chose to be a girl) grow hard under her skirts and panties. The barber untied the ribbon that held her ponytail and then brushed it out so that it shone bright in the mirror, still wavy from being curled. Daddy walked up to his sissy-girl, now trapped beneath the cape in the barber’s chair.

“Even if you’d rather be Daddy’s sissy-girl, you still have to be good for Daddy and do what he says. I want my girl to have long pretty hair too, but you have to be punished for misbehaving” he explained.

Tears were welling up in the sissy-girl’s eyes as she softly said, “Please Daddy, I want to be a good girl. Please don’t, don’t make me get my pretty hair cut like a boy.”

Daddy looked at his girl and said that would only happen if she was very, very bad again, but she still had to get a haircut, but a girl’s haircut. The first tear breached the levy of her eyelash and Daddy caught it on her cheek with the tip of his finger. He used the tear to scribe a sharp line across her cheek and passed it over the top of her earlobe and continued all the way around to the base of her skull.

“Bob it to there” Daddy said to the barber. Daddy’s finger then sliced high across her forehead. “Cut the bangs to there and shave the nape” he concluded and sat down to watch.

Sissy-girl felt herself spinning a and falling backwards, as the barber prepared to wash her hair, something she hadn’t expected. That part felt nice, but sad too, knowing it would soon be over. Upright and towel dried, the barber parted her hair into two sections, upper and lower. The upper he pinned up on top of her head, and combed the lower down. The part cut a straight line from just behind and slightly below the top of each ear. She sniffled and tears began to flow again, despite her best efforts to be a big girl and not to cry. The whistling whine of the barbers heavy black clippers had snapped on and she sat shaking all over, her folded hands grinding into her crotch as she heard them lifted behind her. Cold, shearing steel was pressed to he base of her nape and a sob escaped her as they moved upward, going so high before being lifted and dropped to the bottom again. She felt the long, damp hair slide away, saw it going in the mirror, her heart racing. The four or five swipes it took to clip her nape bare seemed to take an eternity, the barber going slow, enjoying himself. Relief flooded over her when the clippers were shut off, but then she heard a whoosh followed quickly by the feel of hot lather being smeared across her neck. A towel was draped on her shoulder and the barber stopped a straight razor. Her eyes widened when at this. Daddy had meant it when he said shaved. The long scrapes of the narrow blade back there was terrifying and humiliating. But this too, was soon completed with a splash of a stinging lotion on the now exposed skin.

The barber unpinned the hair on top and combed it down over what was now bare and sissy-girl looked glumly in the mirror at how it looked like hadn’t even been cut yet and how pretty it still was. The barber stepped in front of her view and separated out her bangs and combed them down in front of her eyes. She felt his scissors sliding open and on to her forehead, heard them start to snip and crunch and then she could see again as long hair dripped down and piled in her lap. The sissy-girl now had straight, wide bangs half way up her forehead. She squeezed out fresh tears as she squeezed her eyes shut when she heard the clippers turned on again and wished it would soon all be over. The barber turned them over and used them to finish the bob, craving out square chunks as he worked his way around her head, went back over it again and completed his work with a few judicious snips of his scissors. When he was done, he walked out of the shop, leaving the teary eyed sissy-girl still caped and sitting in the chair.

Daddy walked over and put his arms around his crying girl. She dug her face into his shoulder as she sobbed and sighed at the new and unknown feeling of her Daddy’s strong hand stroking her naked nape, running his fingers through her short, bobbed hair. Daddy reached up under her skirt and felt that her panties were wet and sticky with semen. Daddy’s breath grew ragged and rapid. Still with the cape around her neck, he turned her over and bent her over the seat of the barber chair, pushing up her skirt and pulling down her panties. She was frightened by his roughness, but gave herself over to him completely. Daddy looked around the shop and saw a tube of hair cream close at hand. Squirting some into his hand and in between the cleft of her ass, he used the greasy stuff on his fingers to prepare her for him.

One hand clamped on the back of her neck, he used his other to guide the tip of his rigid cock to her virgin sissy-pussy. She moaned and pushed back, rubbing on him, eager for him to fuck her.

“Do you want to be Daddy’s good sissy-girl?” he breathed heavily. “Yes Daddy, yes!”, his sissy-girl gasped. She had wanted this for so long. She opened her eyes and could see him behind her in the mirror, could see them both- her strong, stern Daddy and his newly shorn sissy-girl. She looked down at her pretty hair all over the floor and felt the short, bobbed ends brush against her cheeks, happy that she had been punished for being bad and now ready to be oh-so good for her Daddy. He gripped her smooth, hairless nape even tighter and pushed his cock into her again and again until both shuttered with joy and orgasm and the ecstasy of submission.

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RE: daddy and sissy story - 5/21/2012 3:39:34 AM   

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only want my sissy to please me be my toy cunt piss drinking fuck toy

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