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glittergirl -> Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 9:51:13 AM)

I have been interested in possibly trying anal fisting, but have a question I'd like to pose for those who are experienced in either giving or receiving it--although getting fisted will probably give me a more accurate answer.  Stretching out a muscle that is intended to be fairly tight for the purpose of continence, has anyone ever been incontinent as a result from stretching?  I'm referring to a more ongoing basis versus immediately afterwards.

Please feel free to respond privately if you prefer as it is a rather...errr...potentially embarrassing topic.

LotusSong -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 11:04:57 AM)

I sent her a private note :)

Morpheus07 -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 11:10:33 AM)

You better find a man with small hands, or better yet, a woman... if you don't want to wear diapers for the rest of your life.

Nyckname -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 11:18:11 AM)

Your proctologists voice echos during the exam.

No, seriously. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it's done correctly.

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MstrTiger -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 11:58:27 AM)

It is just an issue of knowing what you can take and taking it slowly, I think you would have to take it to quite an extreme level before you stood a chance of loosing control.

LotusSong -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 2:45:43 PM)

On second thought, I'd go with vaginal fisting.  That area is made to stretch.

Yang4yin -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 3:04:53 PM)

I think, if you use care and caution, you can actually strengthen the anal muscles.

One "famous" anal stretcher, the goatse girl, apparently made a lot of money from her stretching exploits. - pics - video clip, not suitable for the office!

Arpig -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 3:44:58 PM)

Hey gltterG, could you do us all a favour and let us know what the consensus of the private messages is...Thanks much

MsEmily -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/26/2006 8:38:31 PM)

There are a couple books out on fisting and hand balling. The important thing is, as many others have said, take your time. Of course you cant expect to take a whole fist all at once, and there are lots of toys out there that you can start working yourself up with, in the mean time, it's important to take it slow and use LOTS of Lubricant! I've found that elbow grease is best, but it is oil based, so be sure that your partner uses nitrile gloves if you intend to use it. I don't think that you should really worry about incontinence, just make sure, if it hurts too much, slow down.


mons -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/29/2006 1:34:20 AM)

greetings to all
my first question to you is why? second is why again. this is a place where some find and after doing this for sometime still find a penis hard to just slip in. and you want a fist. oh yes there is a problem you can and maybe will experince problems with holding up your poop poop. now there was a famous adult film star. after many years of doing anal with the biggest of cocks has to wear a diaper she is unable to hold her bowels this is a true thing.
as a woman who will say what i think is right or wrong to anyone who has a thought of doing some things that are on the wilder side. I will tell them do not do it. I wonder the ones who are telling you to "oh go ahead you will have not problem do it have fun" do you realy think they did it. ask them the ones who wrote on page one. i doubt it very much .
now you need to really ask a medical person what harm can be done many of the dommes who use strap on as i do will tell the males this is something you need to take you time to do with someone. oh wow i hope youthink this through the harm you can do to you anal area will need to repair if you get a someone shoving it so hard and fast they will tear something
i wish you well dear but please thing of this ok

MMMMudd -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/29/2006 3:13:46 AM)

I tihnk I have a bit of insight on this subject. I do know assholes..

Stretching your back door, is VERY very intense, but you shouldn't start with the fist of a professional wrestler . Especially if he's got to break out with a copy of "Fisting for Dummies" for the basics. Most of the continence problems that are so notorious are the result of muscle or nerve damage. If you have a dom who simply can't wait until you've loosened up, you should keep his knuckles far away from yer sphincter.

As much as love a lil booty play, the part of it I really despise is douching. If your going to put things up there you have to learn to enema. To me it's just gross and not sexy at all, but a neccicary part of it. The roughage that is so good for the walls of your colon is not so good when your lover is generating friction, with hand, cock, butt toy or the muffler from a 56 Studebaker.

 I've known a few guys who could have two big arms shoulder deep in thier ass on Saturday night and still be to work on Monday morning, with no damage other than that of adding to his slutty reputation. Granted these guys have been at it a while, both on the anal talent and the reputation. I might mention here that butts have a second sphincter about 12 inches or so up the colon, having this orifice fucked as well as your asshole is just mind bending.  A dom with plenty of experience can often find this and use just a finger, to stimulate it. while using his wrist to work your asshole. A long narrow toy, is also good.

Most importantly take things slowly, and take the time to educate yourself. It's an incredibly intense sensation, but I must warn you it can be quite addictive, and causes inappropriate staring at guys with really huge fingers, and thick wrists. I personally love going to the grocery store to watch my favorite checker shove those vegetables into the paper bags.

 "Oh yes that way! Faster! The lettuce don't forget the lettuce!!! Oh look now your hands are all .... WET!"


nephandi -> RE: Anal Fisting Side Effects (7/29/2006 4:26:04 AM)

i have not gotten a whole hand in yet, but i have gotten pretty far and the hole just slurps right back to size. but it must be done whit care. A little pain is okey and will probably happen, but if it get to bad, somthing is wrong and you must stop and see what that wrong is.

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