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Chastity Device

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Chastity Device - 3/8/2007 5:56:46 PM   

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Does anyone have any experience with the Sentinel chasitiy device? Any insights would be appreciated...
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RE: Chastity Device - 3/9/2007 2:09:47 PM   

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While semi bored i looked this one up. It seems , well looks identical to this

I would not recommend getting one if it is the same as the one i just put the link to. I bought the one i mentioned above, and it has a lot of problems. Since there is no supports or line up pins to keep the rear ring square with the cock cage, it is very flimsy. With the one i have,  locked on , i can tilt the tube up 2 or 3 inches. Which when soft is extremely easy to pull out of.

About the only thing , in my opinon, please note my opinion, it is good for is pinching the hell out of the guys privates when the cage tilts up and down in relation to the rear ring when walking.
These are my opinons of the cage in the link i mentioned, which pictorial wise is identical to the "sentinel" i saw on

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RE: Chastity Device - 3/10/2007 11:48:47 AM   

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We have a drawer full of male chastity devices, and none of them are fool-proof. I have not been subjected to this particular one, but I can tell from the pictures that it's not going to get the job done, as it has several major flaws, although it looks absolutely fabulous !!!  There is too much open area on the penis area itself, allowing self stimulation, and I think that the subject probably could get the shaft out of the thing, while in a flacid state, if he really wanted to. So far, the CB 3000 has been the most effective one I've ran across, if equipped with the "points of intrigue". 
                            ............Yours, Veronica

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RE: Chastity Device - 3/12/2007 6:12:10 PM   

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Hello.  i have not had any experience with the Sentinel, but i have used the cb2000 and cb3000 before.  Just from looking at the picture of it (if it's the right one), it probably won't be that secure.  From my experience, it's been easy to be able to pull out of the belt (when locked) when i become flacid. 

Getting the points of intrigue on a cb2000/3000 can help, but it's still not full proof.  I found something called the ksg, which goes on the cb2k/3k, and it's helped add some security.  You might try this.

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RE: Chastity Device - 3/12/2007 9:12:48 PM   

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I think the best bet is the belt that Lockinsteel makes for the CB3000.

There is also the option of forking out the money for a Chastitysteel.


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RE: Chastity Device - 4/26/2008 10:05:48 AM   

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I have no experience with The Sentinel, but I just bought a CB 6000 and find it both comfortable yet effective.  You can feel it enough to know that you're locked up, but it's not restrictive in a bad way.  Now, if only finding a key holder were so easy.

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RE: Chastity Device - 4/26/2008 3:58:06 PM   

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No experience with Sentinel i prefer a 99$ CBelt3000 available at
the price is half and the control by Keyholder is absolute.

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RE: Chastity Device - 4/26/2008 9:33:42 PM   

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ORIGINAL: camerierina

No experience with Sentinel i prefer a 99$ CBelt3000 available at
the price is half and the control by Keyholder is absolute.

That website is pretty skimpy on the details of their two products. Can't tell whether the rings are solid or hinged, and the photo of one of the products is very poor.

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RE: Chastity Device - 4/27/2008 1:04:57 AM   

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ORIGINAL: jpmistress

Does anyone have any experience with the Sentinel chasitiy device? Any insights would be appreciated...


In my opinion

It is basically for show....
If you are flacid, (unless you are hung like a mule) Then you will slip out...period
It is not intended for long time use and is basically "window dressing" for your penis while playing.

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RE: Chastity Device - 4/27/2008 6:16:57 AM   

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Although I mainly make collars and cuffs out of Stainless Steel, I have
been making some male chastity devices after being asked. I don't care
for the commercially available ones that look like they were made from
stuff you find under your sink, although I can understand the concept.
Mine are a cross between function and security and still look good. So
far I've had quite a few happy customers. In fact one is writing a FAQ
for my not yet updated website. I will be offering 4 models. But mainly
this post is to copy and paste this excerpt from my FAQ for information
pertaining to this thread. I hope it helps.

Q: What advantages and disadvantages are there to
captive-ball male chastity devices?

A: Captive-ball male chastity devices are comfortable, suitable for
long-term wear, allow the wearer to exercise, and hide easily under clothing.
If the cage of a captive-ball device is made of rods, mesh, or some
other material that has gaps, it is easy to clean and dry the genitals.

Some captive-ball devices use solid retaining rings and others use
hinged retaining rings. Solid rings are harder to get on, particularly
if the device is sized tightly. Hinged rings are easier to get on, but
the hinge can cause irritation in some designs and with some wearers.

Captive-ball male chastity devices have one inherent flaw: some (perhaps
most) men are able to pull their penises out of the device by slipping
through the gap between the belly and the top of the retaining ring.
Once out, the wearer can masturbate, and then put himself back in the device.

For some men, pulling out feels like committing adultery, and this
provides enough of an obstacle to masturbation that the wearer remains
chaste. For these guys, the symbol is enough. (One might ask why then is
a device needed at all? The difference is between having some barrier
between the wearer and his penis, and no barrier. With no barrier, it’s
too easy to backslide into masturbating “just this once”. With a
barrier, the wearer has to ask if he really wants to circumvent the
barrier and disappoint his Keyholder.)

Captive-ball devices can be made more difficult to pull out of by
narrowing the gap between the large retaining ring and the opening of
the cage and/or by using a smaller retaining ring. But tightening down
on one or both of these constricts the scrotum, which can lead to
difficulties in cleaning, edema (swelling), chafing, circulation
problems, discomfort, and pain, to the point that the device has to be
removed or a least made more lenient, which leads back to the original
problem of allowing pulling out.

Kits are available for some captive-ball devices to try to make it
harder to pull out. For example,
But these kits have the same problem: if they’re tight enough to work,
they’re too tight to be worn for any length of time.

The pulling-out problem can be completely eliminated by piercing the
penis and retaining the piercing by some mechanism built into the
captive-ball device. With a locking piercing retainer, a captive-ball
male chastity device becomes very secure.

When a piercing is retained by a captive-ball device, a larger gap
between the cage and retaining ring can be used, and a larger retaining
ring can be used. This eliminates problems with chafing, swelling, etc.
The only requirement is that the gap between the cage and retaining ring
still needs to be small enough to prevent pulling the testicles free of
the device, but that is much easier to do while remaining comfortable
compared to trying to prevent pulling the penis out.

There are four major kinds of penis piercings—Prince Albert, frenum,
ampallang, and apadryva. Of these, the Prince Albert is the most common.
The Prince Albert and frenum hurt a lot less to get than the other two,
and take a lot less time to heal. Because the Prince Albert is the
most-common, doesn’t hurt excessively, and heals quickly, most
captive-ball devices with a piercing retainer are designed to retain a
Prince Albert. However, some devices are designed to retain a frenum


Vad Farkas ~ Ringsmith
See my collars & cuffs at

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RE: Chastity Device - 5/1/2008 3:01:59 PM   

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I have tried the sentinel, and had problems with pinching. Also it was very bulky. As a short term device for teasing it is a good choice, but if you want a real device check out they are not cheap, but the only trapped ball device that is really secure and will not break like the cb-xxxx models. Good luck!


p.s. Great post Vad Farkas, I look forward to seeing your devices!

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RE: Chastity Device - 5/7/2008 12:13:30 AM   

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i should pipe up, and indicate that i've had a positive experience with this device. With a minor modification, it can function well, and it looks much cooler than the CB-XXXX's. If the visual aspect is important, it can be worth the extra effort.

There are a couple keys to making it work well. First, the ring diameter is absolutely crucial. It took a couple tries to get this right. Next, there's the issue of the gap between the ring and the cage. The way it's sold, the gap is too large, and can allow for removal of the penis (as with many such devices). The easiest solution is to drill out the hole in the ring part to allow for a lock with a larger diameter loop than what fits through the hole as sold. The metal is quite soft, and drills easily, especially is the drill bit is lubricated with oil. (A variety of locks with various loop diameters can be found on the web.) With the larger diameter loop lock, the gap between the two parts can be greatly reduced. (An alternate solution is to drill two small holes in the ring, and glue in some very small metal studs. This has the same effect, and can reduce the gap between the parts further, but this is probably not necessary. I don't explain it well, but if you have the device in hand, the idea will be clear.) After this mod, the device is probably just as secure as the CB devices. As indicated by another poster, there is likely always some possibility of removing the penis if it is very flaccid, but i'd be extremely reluctant to try that, as it seems like it'd be very difficult to get it back in.

There may be a bit more skin area that can be touched with this device on than with the CB devices, and that could be an issue. There is also the potential for serious discomfort due to the non-smoothness at the hinge area of the ring. The only solution i found to that is to cover the hinge with a little leather. Lastly, as can be expected with this class of device, the first nights can be unpleasant in the early morning hours.

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RE: Chastity Device - 7/9/2008 12:03:50 PM   

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If you would like a chastity device that is metal and that will not slip off try the Steelheart by Steelworxx the device costs the same as the Sentinel.

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RE: Chastity Device - 7/20/2008 5:32:52 AM   

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I second Termyn8or's recommendation of the Chastity Steel!! After an afternoon of bending and adjusting the belt, I was able to wear it for the rest the week without any discomfort. That included going grocery shopping and visiting with friends at a coffee shop, all without much thought about what I was wearing. Sleeping and bathing are done normally, you will forget you are wearing something special until you get aroused.

Two of the biggest advantages to the chastity steel (besides being one of the most difficult to escape from) are due to the design requires no crotch strap, it is secured by locking around the balls as well as the waist - It is both easy to fit to the wearer and keeping clean is no problem. It is easy to measure to fit and can be adjusted if your weight changes. It stays on by locking around both the hips and the balls so the ball adjustment is not tight and there is no burning sensation like I've experienced with the usual captive ball designs.

The visual aspect of the big shiny tube and the isolation from touch is very appealing. The thing is not cheap but worth it!! (if you order to the States you don't pay the 19% "added value" tax in the price). You buy one of these and you will never regret your choice. It offers everything that you could want in a chastity belt. It is surprisingly easy to put it on, less than 10 seconds and you are securely locked, so securely that it would take two cuts to break out of it unlike a single cut for a Tollyboy style. The tube is offered in four diameters and made to length so fit is no problem for any body. The larger tubes do create a bit of a lump in the pants, but I have never minded catching a woman staring at me that way.

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RE: Chastity Device - 8/21/2008 5:55:16 PM   

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Ring of Steel products are superb, but there are different types of chastiy devices, the Sentinel is not so good, but there are devices escape proof, long term 24/7 like the Enforcer from the USA.

This Enforcer, at the moment competes well with Euro 500 models out of Germany as the Enforcer is far cheaper.

However Slaves who have fantasies about chastity, who find themselves in something like an Enforcer, for real, soon find out that chastity is not so nice, I write about it on my journal, mental chastity is far better, a Slave can abstain if his Master or Mistress is strong willed enough, and can weald the power. These days however, chastity has become so very popular with Mistress,s because once the male is in chastity, he is fully controlled.

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