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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S.

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 3:34:38 AM   

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Einzelgänger translates into Lone Wolf.  It's just a description of my current status, really.  Also, it somewhat describes how I feel about myself as a single submissive. 

A single wolf is not to be taken lightly, and can fend for itself in the wild even if that wolf is not 'alpha' material.  It can take care of itself, feed itself, and survive just fine on its own.  However, wolves always hunt more efficiently in pairs than alone, and, depending upon the species, most are known to stick with their mates for the duration of their lives.  There are other factors, but these are the main points.


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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 5:13:49 AM   

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Well, Tuoni is a Finnish god of death but truthfully I only use it because I didn't feel the other name I enjoy using would be appropriate. In case your wondering, the other name is Angry Sandwich.

I make characters for an online game I play. Tuoni is one of them and I am proud of his backstory and what I made him to be. My namesake in the game, however, is Angry Sandwich. As such, I will explain why I identify with that name.

The name Angry Sandwich describes exactly what I want and who I am. Which can best be defined as weird and absurd. I enjoy combining the illogical and the mundane and warping them into eachother. It makes people think. It gets a laugh. It is a spring board for more conversations.

The deeper meaning of the name is a . . . fantasy? desire? (Not sure the proper word for what I feel) to be eaten, literally,  by a woman. A friend of mine I explained this too may have put this best. I'll try and get the jist of what she said accross.. I want to give myself to a woman completely. My life, my soul. I want to give her strength, life, nourishment and joy. I want to be consumed and be a part of her.

It is the minor little deatil of digestion being inorderly painful and ultimately fatal that keeps me from attempting to be eaten. That and finding a woman 20 stories tall. (Being chopped up and cooked? Not what I want. I'm just meat then)

One heck of a first post huh? Wonder if I should add my signature. Nah, I think I've got enough goofy in this post for today.

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 5:17:16 AM   

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ORIGINAL: FullCircle

Do it until you understand the way it made you feel the first time. Then find something else.

Actually that’s complete bullshit but it sounded good right?


ﮒuקּƹɼ ƾɛϰưϫԼ Ƨωιϯϲћ.

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 5:26:26 AM   

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My name is based on a character from a story I have written. The character is almsot completely based on me, from looks to behaviour, except that she is a vampire. The scientific community from the story is studying her, and her technical classification is a Diurnal Vampire, which they are trying to figure out s tey can make ALL vampires daytime creatures.
On a more real-life note, though, it still fits.
Diurnal means active during the day. I am, I have a day job and actually do have to sleep at night.
Vampire... yes I bite.  I do not draw blood becasue blood play worries me with al the diseases and whatnot out there, but I have been known to leave some nasty bruises.
Its the same name I use just about everywhere.
Not to mention it abbreviates so nicely for the forums :)



I will be your Dominate if you will be my submit - Fox

Snarko Ergo Sum
If you cannot change your mind, how are you so sure you still have one? -proverb

*Owner of Fox - collared 10/13/07*

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 12:34:58 PM   

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Variant of my real name.


Nobody wants to listen to the same song over and over again!

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 12:46:23 PM   

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Tat-I have many tattoos. Angel-childhood nickname given to me by my best friend, who used to call every night before bed and sing Aerosmith's Angel to me.


It used to be that being crazy meant everybody's crazy.

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 4:23:22 PM   

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malacophonous means soft-voiced.

i wish i hadn't capitalized it though.

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 5:39:41 PM   

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bound - I loooooove bondage. Love it, love it, love it. Did I mention I love bondage?
kitty - very close to my RL nickname and I adore cats, both domestic and wild. If there's such a thing as past lives, I must have been one.


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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 7:07:10 PM   

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gypsy - cuz I've wandered around a bit, and firefly - well, it just seems to fit, according to my friends



We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts full of wonder, our souls deep with dreams. ~ Gypsy Proverb

Whenever one door closes, another opens, even though, sometimes, it is Hell waiting in the hallway. ~ Author Unknown

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RE: "what's in a name?" W.S. - 6/2/2007 8:40:41 PM   

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mine was given to me. But it did not work out.

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