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Christine - 6/12/2004 4:55:56 PM   

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I have been fantasizing about s/m for about as long as I can remember. My first experience came in the form of finding an old paperback stuck under my mom's panties, of all places, in her dresser drawers. Why my mother would have s/m novellas, I had no clue nor would I ever ask her. I just remember being fascinated with scenes of strong, dominant men overpowering helpless, young, petite slaves. Doing with them whatever their desires were and the slaves serving them as though their life depended on it.

In high school, I was always the shy boy. I never dated and I would turn beet red if a girl even looked my way, never mind her talking to me. I would also see sexy young girls who were my age or even older in high school and go home after school to watch "Love, American Style" while masturbating to the sexual innuendos of the show and fantasizing about these sexy young women at school.

In my fantasies, I was always the dominant one which gave me great power and increased my self esteem. I would always have the woman I was with kneel down to me and spread her ass while I would inspect both her wet cunt and her asshole. I felt so much power by having her in that position as I always took the dominant stance above her.

As I entered adulthood, I was fascinated by marriage and family and like so many other young Americans, followed the same tradition. My time with my wife was strictly "vanilla" and it didn't take long before the "honey moon was over" and sex was very infrequent.

I traveled on business at times and there was a trip planned which was out of my usual territory in Vermont. The boss wanted me to go because of my closing skills and this particular deal could bring in a lot of money for our company. Reluctantly, I decided to go although Vermont had no appeal to me other than a long week of wheeling and dealing with the hopes of a promotion one day.

After I arrived in Burlington, I soon found the nearest pub close to my hotel and decided to hang out with the locals and listen to stories of how the Patriots should have won the Super Bowl umpteen many times and how Canadians are weird and when would old-man Brighton ever sell his farm and move into a nursing home. Needless to say, I was bored out of my mind. The beer wasn't even that good.

I decided I could no longer take the superficial chatter of the patrons and walked over to an empty corner table to sit alone and drown myself in my drink. Within 5 minutes of sitting there, the bar door swings open and in walks the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on.

She was at least 5'7" with wavey blonde locks flowing down to her shoulders. Big beautiful blue eyes, a petite body, and a nose which reminded me so much of Elizabeth Montgomery from the old television show, Bewitched. In fact, she even looked like Elizabeth Montgomery. Her breasts were just right not being too small but certainly not too large either. They had that way of jolting out each time she would inhale and I could already feel the stirring below by just looking at her.

She was obviously a regular as everyone quickly acknowledged her as Christine and it wasn't long after that she too was engaged in the small talk. Listening to her speak, I had to almost lean in the direction of the conversation as her voice was small but yet she caputured the attention of everyone around her, shutting all the hockey-player-wannabes up, thus permitting me to hear every word she spoke. I was in love with this woman already.

At that moment I recalled all the memories of my teen years and all the opportunities I basically blew by not taking action with girls I had wanted to eventually fuck. This was not going to happen this time, I told myself. My wife, although I loved her dearly, did nothing for me sexually and with her over two thousand miles away and not a soul knowing who I was, I figured this would be the best opportunity to finally live out my fantasy. The only question was, how?

No sooner could I think of my next course of action to lure that "Christine" over to my table, it was as though some unknown force pushed the beer bottle out of my hand dropping it to the floor and making a loud crash. Everyone, including Christine, turned quickly around to see what the ruckus was about. I felt like a complete idiot.

Christine was quick with a towel and rushed over to wipe the beer off of my soaked jeans. She also mopped up the table and what had spilt onto the floor. Bending over, I could see her ass was so shapely and my imagination quickly went to me fucking her hard from behind while she grabbed onto the bedposts cumming and squirting her hot juicies down my balls.

My attention was quickly snapped back into the moment when she said, "do that again and we'll have to throw you out of here." She smiled and her lips curled with a dimple on each corner. I wanted to kiss her right then and there. I gave her my thanks and she then asked where was I from as she had never seen me before. After introducing myself, she then asked if she could sit a while and keep me company because she noticed I was all alone when she walked into the pub. Most certainly I obliged her request and thus began the most interesting and life-changing experience I would ever have.

Christine, in her small, sweet voice, told me of her background and her family and growing up in the same town which she never left other than going on a trip to see her Uncle and Aunt in Albany, New York. As she continued to drink, now going on her third beer, she became more open about her life speaking of the many men she met in her 25 years who left her heartbroken with disappointment by not being the men they made themselves out to be in the beginning of the relationship.

She spoke how she felt men should be real men and not depend on women to take the dominant role in life. She felt that women did belong in the kitchen, so to speak, and that they should be subservient to their man. For some strange reason, the more Christine spoke of her values regarding relationships, the harder my cock became.

Finally, I spoke and told Christine how I agreed with her. I also spoke of my own marriage and how at first I thought I had met the right woman for me but it wasn't long before I discovered that she could not please me in the way I desired. It was at that moment that everything changed when Christine asked, "And just what is it you desire?"

I could feel my face flush and the tension rising in my throat as I began to speak but I would be damned if I was going to let this moment escape without telling this woman what I wanted, and have wanted for a very long time, in my life. I looked her straight in the eye and with my voice low and even stern said, "I want a woman to submit her all to me."
Without any hesitation at all, Christine lowered her head and said in her meek voice, "yes, Sir. I would love to be that woman for You, Sir." I could not beileve it.

After talking more about our passionate desires, we finished our beers and headed over to my hotel room. All of my nervousness and anxiety about performing as a dominant man was completely gone and the further we climbed in the elevator, the more powerful I felt inside. Finally, looking at her in her jeans and red pullover sweather, I grabbed her by the back of her neck and brought her close to me, reminding her that she will be all mine tonight, kissing her deeply as the door opened on the 14th floor.

When we walked into the room, I grabbed Christine by her hair and guided her down, forcefully, to her knees. My cock was already bulging from under my jeans and she knew exactly what to do. She quickly unzipped my fly and unbuckled my pants releasing my swollen member from what seemed to be its prison.

Her mouth quickly started to suck on the head as her hand started to stroke the shaft. She wanted me to become even harder and larger than I was already. She moved her tongue up and down the shaft as though she was licking a pop sickle and then went down on each of my balls and sucked so hard I could feel the pressure in my abdomen.

Right after that, she looked up at me and said, "I want to be your nasty slut, Sir" and went back down making her way over to my hairy ass licking between my asshole and balls and finally spreading my cheeks to run her tongue deep into my dark hole.

My cock was more than ready to give her a hard fucking and I could feel the force of power within me urging me to grab her once again by her hair and throw her on her knees and forearms with her ass high in the air while her head rested on the pillow below. This was my slut and I was going to take her as I pleased.

I wanted her fuckhole to be primed and ready. Just as my fantasies from my teen years, I wanted to inspect this slut to remind her that I was the dominant one here and she will give me whatever I desire. I then spread her cunt open and slid my finger deep inside, bringing it out and tasting it with a "mmmm" sound. With the same wet finger, I then slid it into her ass and spread open the asshole some while fucking her hard and listening to her moan.

I then grabbed her by her right nipple with my right hand and said, "are you ready to be fucked hard, you fucking slut?" "Oh yes, Sir, please fuck this slut, please," she cried. I rammed my cock deep into her cunt and grabbed her hips hard fucking her as her body moved with the rhythm of my humping her.

I looked down and saw her asshole pucker and knew that it needed to be opened again. As though she had no worth as a human being, I spit on her asshole lubricating it again and opening it up wide with my fingers, using two, then three fingers to fuck her shithole. I couldn't help but slap her ass as it seemed so inviting. As I slapped, she would move her hips that much more and I couldn't help but slap it again and again and again. The marks of my hand started to appear and the blood rushing to the surface of her skin made her ass a rosey red color which only caused me to ride her tight pussy even harder.

I could feel the cum stirring my balls and I knew it wasn't going to be long before I shot that load deep in her cunt. However, I wanted this slut to be fucked up the ass because during our intimate conversations at the pub, she admitted she was a backdoor virgin and there was no way I was going to leave her tonight with a virgin ass.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt as she moaned and then pushed the head up against the asshole. Grabbing her hair from behind with my right hand and grabbing her hip with my left one, I pushed hard as she started to collaspe at the knees while my cock was burying itself deep into her tight, tight asshole.

I grabbed under her stomach to lift her back up and rode her hard while looking down and seeing my cock slide in and out of her ass with only my saliva preventing friction. Christine came so hard that I felt her juices squirt on my upper legs underneath her pussy and this caused me, in turn, to shoot my hot load of cum up her rectum. I came hard for what seemed like minutes and almost felt as though I lost all sense of reality. For a moment I didn't even realize who I was fucking or where I was.

Christine was sweating and panting as I pulled my cock out of her ass letting it rest aganist her pussy lips from behind. Regaining my composure, I turned her around, kissed her hard, looked her in the eyes and said, "now you're mine." She looked up, smiled, and said, "thank You, Master."
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RE: Christine - 6/12/2004 10:36:49 PM   

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good erotic fantasy

(in reply to ZenMaster)
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