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guitar god

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guitar god - 2/6/2004 8:42:08 PM   

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i had seen His band once before; they were hot but He sizzled. Tall, thin, clad in black from head to toe, gorgeous. A woman was with him, tall, brunette, pretty. Lucky her. i went home and thought about Him while my talented right hand took care of my unrequited lust.

my friends dragged me to a new place on New Year's Eve and there He was again. No woman I could find this time. Lucky me.

To get close to him at the stage i had to knock aside some little boy-wannabes who were watching His fingers fly over the frets of His Stratocaster, and some women who were dancing provocatively. That was my plan too, and i saw Him notice me right away. i never took my eyes off Him again that night.

After the set, He found me at the bar and bought me a drink. i told Him i wanted Him to take me home and let me start the New Year off with the most beautiful man i had seen this century or the last. He took my hand and led me to a room backstage.

"I'm not what you're used to," He said as He pinned my shoulders to the wall and kissed me so hard it took my breath away. "To be with Me, you have to accept certain realities." He still had me pinned as He spoke right into my ear. "I expect a woman to treat Me like a king, to obey Me absolutely and to submit to My will without reservation." i felt like He had reached inside my soul and shined a light on my darkest secrets. Yes, i could do those things and He knew it as soon as he slid His hand under my dress, past the thigh highs and thong and into my drenched cunt. "you're a whore, aren't you," He asked as He flipped me around, face to the wall, and masturbated me until i came. It was the first time another person had gotten me there. i couldn't speak or move. i became His in that moment.

i convinced my friends to go home without me, that a certain designated driver would get me home safely. He took me to His house instead. "In the woods," he said, "no one will hear you scream. But don't worry, My pony, yours will be screams of pleasure. For the most part."

In the living room, all dark wood and shining surfaces, He told me to get on my knees in the center of the room, legs spread, palms open and on my thighs. "This is the first position a submissive learns," He said. "This is how you will wait for Me."

And with that He left the room and wait i did, 15 minutes, 30, i'm not sure. An eternity, anyway. When He came back He was wearing a tank top and i could see his powerful shoulders and arms. He could overpower me, no question. He circled me like a predator inspecting its catch, then leaned down and kissed me, His hand hard on my throat. "I will teach you so many things, but right now I want you to open your mouth. Wider. Tongue all the way out." He had His cock in His hand and He put it on my tongue. "You'll take it as deep as you can," He said, grabbing me by the back of the neck and thrusting Himself inside my throat. i gagged almost instantly and He pulled out, but then He took my face in one hand and slapped me with the other, first the right cheek and then the left, and then jammed His cock back into my mouth. It went on like this for quite a while, but with each thrust i learned how to take it deeper, keep it longer. i'm a slut, you know, and i considered cock-sucking my specialty, but this was something else. He was fucking my face, raping my mouth. Every time He thrust into me, i felt my cunt clench shut. i wanted Him to take me that way, every way.

After the 10th time at least that He had smacked my face, i made my first mistake. i complained. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, lifted me off my feet and pulled me into His bedroom. "Bend over the side of the bed and don't fucking move," He growled. I heard his belt being unbuckled and then pulled through the fabric belt loops. A beautiful, powerful man was going to whip me, the very thing i had wanted all my life. i was terrified.

"Do you understand you will never have the upper hand with Me," He asked. "I won't put up with bitching, whining or complaining, I don't care what time of the month it is. you do as you are told, or you get out now. Are you getting this?" He put His foot between mine and kicked my legs apart, then took a step back. In a voice gentler than the one He used while laying down the law, He told me i didn't have to count the strokes, not this time. "If you need me to stop," He said, "ask for mercy. But don't ask lightly. If you do, you're telling me you're not up to the challenge of being My submissive." And then He beat me, His belt doubled over, striking me first on the right cheek, then the left, then across both. He hit me high on my hips and low on my thighs, those were the worst. "You don't even flinch when I hit you dead-on your ass," he said, concentrating the next minute's worth there until i did flinch.
"that's my pony," He said. "Have you had enough?" "No, Sir," i replied, surprised that my voice was still strong. He left the room and came back with a flogger. "Stand up, hands up on the wall. Don't move your feet one inch." And He was beating me again. i tried to imagine what He saw as He whipped my back and shoulders, my ass and my thighs. i must be striped and welted, only the half of my back covered by my long brown hair shielded from His blows. "you're worrying about what you look like, aren't you," He said, reading my mind again. "You look beautiful. Now come and kneel on the edge of this chair." i was on my hands and knees on a straight-back chair. His hand in my hair again, while He spanked me with His free hand.

"I'm sure you want me to fuck your pussy, but i'm more interested in your asshole," He said. As He spoke i felt something cold and wet being rubbed between my cheeks. Come in the bathroom where you can watch Me." He handed me back my glasses; i hadn't even realized i wasn't wearing them. A mirror lined the whole wall behind the sink. The counter was waist height. Soon i was bent over it, feeling the hard plastic tip of an enema dispenser, and then the cold rush of liquid filling my ass. This i had not expected, and i died thinking He would stay in the bathroom with me after. But in a few minutes, after pushing me to the floor and masturbating me to orgasm again, He left. i released it and cleaned myself up. When He came back into the bathroom, i was bent over the counter, holding my cheeks apart, ready for Him. He plunged into my ass, pulling my hips to Him as He rammed me deeper and deeper. i watched His face, watched the muscles in His chest, fell in love with Him in that instant.

i came again before i could sense that He was close. Harder now, faster, fucking me, fucking me, then His hand was in my hair again and He pushed me to my knees. He came in an explosion on my face, then took His cock and rammed it one last time down my throat.

He took me to His bed after that and held me so tight. "My wild pony," He said as sleep started to claim Him, "i'm going to forget what life was like before you."
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RE: guitar god - 2/8/2004 8:52:49 AM   

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Very nice! Well written, therefore providing an exciting read.

~~Ms Tee~~

(in reply to wildpony)
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