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You and me and Jessica make three

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You and me and Jessica make three - 6/14/2004 4:51:49 PM   

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When I first met Michelle, I knew there could never be anyone else in my life. She meant everything to me. From her long, golden locks of hair which went down to the small of her back to her bright, cheerful smile and glowing eyes. Michelle was the kind of woman who could be sad and no one would ever know it as she always kept a smile on her face.

I had been putting in over 50 hours of work this week and I was so glad today was Friday. I aimed to get off at 3 and head down to the bar to hang out with some of my buddies until Michelle got home. Living in New York wasn't the easiest place, especially when it came to Friday nights and traffic. Poor Michelle had to work in Brooklyn and even though she was getting off at 4, I knew by the time she crossed over to Manhattan, it would be at least 6 before she got home.

I got down to the bar just in time to hear Mr. Heaney tell one of his famous Irish stories. He wasn't directly from the Emerald Isle but to hear him talk, he was. His parents came over during the depression and Mr. Heaney grew up to become quite the humble Irishman and drinker.

Just as he was finishing up the same story I had heard at least 10 times before, in walked a very lovely red-headed woman who I never had the pleasure of meeting. I waited to see who her escort may be but there was no one accompanying her. I lit up a cigarette and watched her as she slowly walked closer to the bar looking around as though she had lost something or someone.

She walked up to me and asked if the chair next to me was taken and I said, "no, please have a seat," which she smiled and sat down ordering herself a Coors Light.

I tried to be a gentleman and maintain my reputation among the other men in the bar as a man who would never look at another woman other than Michelle but there was something about this woman which made me continuously look at her from the corner of my right eye. Finally she caught me and asked, "what are you staring at?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I replied with a shocked expression. "I didn't mean to stare," stuttering the words as I was searching in my mind some excuse because I had been caught red-handed staring at her breasts even though I didn't even realize how obvious I was.

"Men like you are such pigs!" she exclaimed and with that, picked up her beer and started to slide out of the bar stool. "No, wait, please don't go," I said. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to stare, I, I, ..." "You were just a pig like every other man," she snapped. "No, really, I just find you are amazingly attractive and I guess I was looking where I shouldn't have. Please let me buy you a drink," I offered. "Okay, stud, make it a cosmo," she demanded.

During her drink, she and I became more acquainted. I even switched from drinking beer to margaritas while she became more relaxed and even apologized for getting nasty with me. She also explained that she was hoping to meet her girlfriend here but she must have been running a little late because she thought she would be here by now.

"So, are you two going to the movies or something?" I asked. "No, actually we're going back to my place for some hot sex" she said with a grin. "Um, you mean like ..." I stammered. "I mean sex. Why do you call it something else?" she asked wtih s sneer. I was lost for words when she explained that she and her girlfriend were both bisexual and would meet at times to enjoy one another's company for an afternoon of 69ing and hot pussy action.

I knew my face was flush and I felt that I needed to go to the restroom to relieve myself but also to take in all of what I just heard. As a good Catholic Irish boy growing up in Queens, I was just never exposed to such a person. I had read articles and even jerked off to pictures in magazines of girl-on-girl but never in my life did I actualy have a conversation with someone who was bisexual.

When I walked out of the restroom, I could not believe my eyes. In fact, I had to rub them to be sure I was seeing my girlfriend, who I would be marrying in less than three months, sitting and laughing with this bisexual woman. Sure enough, the closer I got to them, the more I could see it was Michelle.

Before being seen, however, I ducked behind a column near the pool table in order to remain out of sight. I could see them each fondling with one aother in an affectionate manner and my cock was getting quite hard in my pants as I watched Michelle reach over and kiss this woman's neck. Could this really be my Michelle? The same woman who went to an all-girl Catholic school and always attended Mass each and every Sunday?

I could hear them laughing and suddenly the woman who sat next to me pointed in my direction and said, "he went to the ... wait, there's the asshole now!" She laughed hard and Michelle started to but as soon as she saw me, out came a very loud, "oh my God!" "Ryan, is that you?" I came out from behind the post and the woman sitting next to Michelle could not stop laughing. "You know this ass," she asked. Michelle smiled and said, "that ass is my fiance who obviously can't keep his nose to himself." "Well, baby," the woman said, "not only can he not keep his nose to himself, he doesn't seem to be able to keep his dick to himself either," she again laughed pointing at my crotch. I looked down and my cock was now larger than earlier, sticking straight out from underneath my slacks.

I finally regained my composure and walked over to the two of them and Michelle explained everything. The woman's name was Jessica and yes, she was Michelle's lover and had been since the two of them were in Catholic school. This went back when they were both 15 and discovered their sexual appetite for one another. "Why didn't you tell me this before," I asked. "Why should I, Ryan? Does it really relate to you and me? Besides, there's no reason you can't become a part of this either, you know," she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Jessica looked at me and said, "yeah, I could easily fuck your brains out but only after you suck my strapon like a good bitch." I couldn't believe my ears. Not only was this Jessica bisexual but it seemed she was into some kinky stuff too. Nevertheless, all of this excited me and I was ready to venture on.

We decided to go to Jessica's since that was where the two of them were going anyway. I felt like a puppy tagging along as the two women walked quickly ahead of me arm-in-arm. Jessica looked back and said, "come along Mr. Stud man, we don't want that cock to shrivel all up before we get there." She laughed. "What a bitch," I thought.

Right after we arrived to Jessica's apartment, I could see why Michelle was so attracted to her. Jessica was all that Michelle wanted me to be to her. She was aggressive and took control right away. This showed in the way her bedroom was designed with floggers and paddles on one wall, a fuck-me swinging chair hanging in one corner, and ropes laid out on the bed. Jessica was a dominatrix and Michelle was her submissive. What would I be tonight?

"Get your fucking ass over here, cunt boy!" Jessica exclaimed after we arrived in her apartment. "I strongly advise you do what she tells you, Ryan," Michelle whispered to me. "Okay, I'm coming," I replied meekly. No sooner than I had uttered those words, my face burned with a slap across it from her hand. "Don't you ever talk to me without first addressing me as Ma'am, do you understand you low-life bitch?" she barked. "Yes, Ma'am!" I shouted.

After ordering me to strip completely nude while Michelle had alrady done so, knowing the routine, Jessica was donning an 8 inch strap-on dildo around her waist. It was black and thick with make-believe veins running through it. The head was circumcized and quite large too. Suddenly it occured to me, "was that big motherfucker going to go up my ass?" I knew I was in for quite a night.

"Get over and suck my dick like a good fag, you pretty boy," Jessica ordered. Getting on my knees as I knew she would want me to, I crawled over and reached up to take her cock in my mouth. As I sucked the head and ran my tongue up and down the shaft, I could feel a tongue sliding up around my balls and my asshole. Without looking around, I knew it was Michelle as I was quite familiar with her oral techniques from the many encounters we've had.

Jessica looked down and said, "she's preparing your asshole for me, boy!" I gulped and replied, "yes, Ma'am. I shall give my ass to you with pleasure, Ma'am." Jessica smiled and said, "you're learning quite quickly. Very very good my sweet boy."

My cock felt as though it would explode. There had been no stimulation of it as of yet but I just knew the moment it would be touched or even looked at, I would cum. That's how excited I was. It wasn't long after that before my attention was diverted from my cock to turning around and facing Michelle's pussy. "Eat her cunt while I fuck me a virgin ass, boy," Jessica ordered. I replied with the usual "yes, Ma'am" and proceeded to run my tongue all around Michelle's clit and pussy. This was easy for me becuase I love eating Michelle out. As I did, I could feel Jessica's fingers probing my ass and sliding Astrolube up my tight hole. "Just relax, baby" she said becoming much sweeter toward me and fucking my ass good with two and then three fingers. "That's it, my sweet boy, just relax," she reemphasized.

Just as I was really getting into eating Michelle's cunt and listening to her moan, I suddenly felt the replacement of Jessica's fingers with something very cold and very hard against my anus. Jessica grabbed both of my hips and with one big push slid the lubricated head of her strapon into my loose and waiting asshole. "Oh shit," I cried but no sooner than I tried to resist, I felt more of the shaft going up my ass. "Just relax, baby, and take it," Jessica said. I bent over more and stopped eating Michelle's pussy so I could really take this cock. Eventually the entire 8 inches was up my ass and Jessica was fucking me hard.

"Get your mouth over on his cock and balls, my little slut," Jessica told Michelle. Michelle quickly complied and it wasn't long at all before I was shooting a huge load of hot cum deep into Michelle's mouth. I could also feel Jessica move her hips faster and even cumming herself as I learned later that on the back of the strapon was a small dildo which fit right into Jessica's cunt and was rubbing against her cilt as she humped me.

Finally, after we all came, including Michelle by fingering her clit, Jessica pulled out demanding me to go and retrieve a washcloth to clean up the strapon. As I returned to do my duty, I saw the two of them kissing like two lovers who hadn't seen one another in years. Watching Michelle with Jessica like that made my love grow even more for her and I was very happy to be the man she would marry.
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