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She was nude, standing behind and leaning forward over the back of the heavy wood desk chair in the suite at the Fairfield. Her wrists were cuffed and attached to the arms of the chair. Her ankles were cuffed and those cuffs were attached to a spreader bar, keeping her legs so far open that her feet were nearly 36 inches apart. Dr. Wellhung admired her from various angles. She was displayed for his viewing pleasure. In this position her full breasts hung down nicely. Nipple clamps with 8-oz weights exaggerated the length of her nipples.

When Michelle leaned far enough forward the weights rested on the seat cushion of the chair. That relieved some of the tension from her nipples, but that also meant her legs were stretched tightly and she was on her tiptoes. It also greatly improved the Doctor's view from behind where he could see her marvelously full cuntlips and the shapely globes of her ass. "Hmmm" Dr. Wellhung mused to himself; she looked very good for a woman in her 40's. In between those rounded asscheeks her tight little asshole beckoned and below her tender inner labia and clitoris looked so vulnerable.

The Doctor began with the flogger. It was a small but effective tool, with a sturdy plastic handle and 16 leather lashes. The Doctor held it in one hand and standing in front of her and he lightly swished the lashes across her left cheek, then her right. Michelle was not really worried. The Doctor had never once used the flogger or anything else on her face. Nor had he ever so much as raised his hand, or for that matter even his voice to her in anger. However, feeling the leather strands on her cheeks WAS a bit disconcerting.

Then, with a quick stroke, The Doctor slapped those leather strands across the stretched flesh of her hanging breasts, just hard enough to give her a feel for the sting. The pain wasn't that great but it startled her and she involuntarily jerked up and back. She couldn't go far because her wrists were bound to the arms of the chair, but it was enough that her nipples were pulled smartly when the weights bounced off the chair cushion.

"Now my dear disobedient Michelle", Dr. Wellhung said, "do you understand my reason for restraining you exactly as I did? If you do not want your poor nipples to be stretched painfully by a half pound of lead you had best keep still and keep up on your tiptoes as well."

But that presented a dilemma for her, when she realized her tiptoe position made her most private parts even more vulnerable. Dr. Wellhung had planned her position specifically for that reason. He walked around behind her and flicked those lashes upward against the tender flesh of her vulva. Michelle had been expecting to feel the flogger so she was not startled, even despite the Doctor's choice of target. Fortunately the blow was not hard and she did very well at keeping still. In fact, those luscious full breasts of hers barely even jiggled and the weights attached to her throbbing nipples remained (thankfully) still. However, she knew what might happen should Dr. Wellhung administer discipline more vigorously.

Michelle she did not expect what came next. First she felt his hand brush the inside of her thigh, way up her thigh, almost at her crotch. Then she felt something being wrapped around her thigh, and the feel and sound of Velcro reminded her of when her real doctor puts that Sphygmomanometer cuff on to measure her blood pressure. The thing Dr. Wellhung put on her was tight enough to stay put around her thigh, but not real tight like when her real doctor would inflate the blood pressure cuff. She could not see what Dr. Wellhung was doing without lifting up those weights with her nipples and her curiosity (or was it apprehension) built when she felt Dr. Wellhung put another of the same things around her other thigh. She wondered what they looked like and why Dr. Wellhung was putting them on her.

Those questions quickly faded to insignificance however because again she felt his hand between her legs, but this time it was higher. It brushed her tender and swollen inner labia. Then she could feel his finger probing further now, in between those pink lips, spreading them apart.

"You are wet down here Michelle." Dr. Wellhung said, "Where did this wetness come from?"

"It came out of my pussy Sir"

"No Michelle, not 'my pussy'. I told you not to use those soft words." To emphasize Dr. Wellhung pushed two fingers deeply into her vagina, "Again, where did this wetness come from?"

"It came out of my cunthole Sir"

She felt a sudden emptiness when Dr. Wellhung just as quickly pulled his fingers out of her vagina. Then he walked around to the front of the chair and faced her.

"Look at how your dripping cunthole has got my fingers all slippery now Michelle. I may lose my grip on the flogger." He told her holding them out to her upturned face, "Open her mouth and clean them!"

She obediently opened her mouth and sucked her own vaginal secretions from his fingers. As she did so Dr. Wellhung thought that he shouldn't have had to remind her about not using soft words in his presence, he shouldn't have had to instruct her to open her mouth, and of course there was the matter of her earlier disobedience as well. This woman was a most sorry sub indeed! Serious discipline was in order. Again Dr. Wellhung walked around behind her and she heard a slight metallic jingling sound. When Dr. Wellhung returned to her field of view he was holding two small clamps with small chrome chains attached.

"I am most disappointed in you Michelle. You have failed to complete your assignment in a timely manner and you have used the word 'pussy' despite my orders that you will not use such soft terms when speaking or otherwise communicating with me. Now you will suffer the consequences for your disobedience."

With that Dr. Wellhung again walked around behind her and again she felt his fingers on her vulva. This time Dr. Wellhung grasped her left inner labia and pulled it to extend it fully and then she felt the pinch as Dr. Wellhung attached the first clamp to that tender flesh. The Doctor repeated the procedure with her other labia and then he attached the end of the chains to the rings on the cuffs around her thighs. He made some small adjustments to the position of the cuffs before he was finished with his work, and once finished he stepped back to admire his accomplishment.

As Michelle could tell from the cool air, the chains were holding her inner labia splayed widely apart, in fact splayed apart to such a degree that even her vagina was now slightly open. By then the tension was beginning to get to her too. It had only been a few minutes but her leg muscles were taught from keeping on her tiptoes. Her nipples were throbbing and there was a similar throbbing sensation starting in her labia as well. She wished that Dr. Wellhung would hurry up and administer her punishment... but she also wished the excitement of waiting for it would last forever.

Suddenly and with absolutely no warning at all she felt a sharp SMACK! on her asscheek. That was no light flick of the flogger; it was a hard object (small paddle perhaps?) and the blow was definitely serious! It was hard and unexpected enough that she jerked up so quickly and forcefully that the chair bumped on the floor! The weights bouncing on the cushion of the chair tugged painfully at both her nipples. The triple assault on her senses made her gasp. The heat of the smack on her asscheek was matched by a patch of red in exactly the shape of the hairbrush that Dr. Wellhung had used to administer that little bit of discipline. Dr. Wellhung also saw that the muscles of her buttocks were tense in anticipation of what she knew was coming. In fact, her asscheeks were actually quivering in a most amusing way. It was questionable if the quivering was from the tension of her tiptoe position or the way that she had clenched her buttocks, but that was really not important to his purposes anyhow.

"I am going to have to whack your other cheek now Michelle. Do you know why?" Dr. Wellhung asked.

"Because I used the soft word pussy instead of cunt as instructed?"

"And....", Dr. Wellhung prompted her.

"I don't know. Because my cunt got your fingers wet?"

"Quit being disrespectful Michelle", he said, "Why did I have to bind you to this chair and now have to spend my valuable time administering discipline to you?"

"Because I was evasive when we were chatting on Yahoo the other night Sir. Because I did not answer explicitly when you asked what it was I was thinking about when I masturbated in the shower. Because I did not send you an email with a complete and detailed description of my thoughts as per your assignment to me. But Sir, I have learned my lesson and I will not be evasive and I will dutifully complete all assignments in the future."

SMACK! Another unexpected blow landed on the tender skin of her ass, this time the other cheek. Again she jerked up and this caused the weights to painfully tug at her nipples, which were already throbbing even more from the prolonged squeeze of the clamps.

"Please Sir", she implored him, "I will never be evasive again. Please let me..."

SMACK! Again Dr. Wellhung used the back of the hairbrush, this time on her already red left cheek and then SMACK!, yet again on her right cheek a second later. The two sharp blows without any recovery time caused her jerk even more and the weights bounced wildly. One bounced completely off the chair cushion and a full half-pound of lead pulled her throbbing nipple so much that it felt like it had been stretched to six inches long.

"I am still waiting my dear", Dr. Wellhung said, "and unless you want another blow to further redden your ass you had best try to appease me and tell me now what you were supposed to write in an email."

"Please Please, Sir, I was going to say that when I was in the shower I was thinking about... about... "

"Perhaps this will help to refresh her memory", Dr. Wellhung told her and with that he reached around the chair and batted the other weight off the cushion so both her nipples had to bear the torture of being squeezed and stretched, and her breasts were splayed apart by the width of the chair cushion.

Her full breasts were now both fully extended by the weights pulling at her nipples. Even the skin at the base of her breasts was taught in evidence of the stretching. Although Dr. Wellhung normally considered her form to be voluptuous, with full, quite firm and very womanly breasts, now the look had changed. So great was the distention that her breasts almost had the appearance of being pendulous. The full and rounded globes were hanging down like those of a woman with many more years than Michelle had. Even more intriguing was the appearance of her nipples. The weights had stretched them to a length well beyond their normal appearance. Michelle's nipples looked more like teats, like the appearance they had when Dr. Wellhung used the breast pump on her and the vacuum pulled them outward into the clear plastic nipple funnel.

The new position was becoming exceedingly uncomfortable for poor Michelle. Her nipples were no longer just throbbing, they ached. She leaned up as much as she could, with hopes of lifting herself sufficiently that the weights would rise enough to swing back and rest again on the cushion and relieve some of the strain on her stretched nipples and breasts. Try as she might she could not raise quite high enough. The size of her breasts, that she was normally so proud of, was her undoing. The weights would come up tantalizingly close, right to the edge of the cushion in fact, but not enough. At least she didn't have to stand on tiptoes any more. She tried a different approach.

"Oh oh oh", Michelle began to sob, "I am so embarrassed to say. Please Sir, can I have another chance to write it in an email to you? I got busy at work with a project my boss gave me and honestly did not have a chance to write. I promise I will do it this time."

But just as soon as those words left her lips she heard a rustling of his shirt and knew that her excuse had fallen on deaf ears. Dr. Wellhung was winding up for another whack on her stinging red buttocks.

"Wait, Sir, Wait, I was thinking about you sucking my puss... no... my cunt! I was thinking of you sucking my CUNT Sir!"

"Ah my dear, now we are getting somewhere", the Doctor spoke, "You like it when I suck your cunt do you?"

"Yes Sir. I love it when you suck my cunt"

"Do you want your cunt sucked now Michelle?" Dr. Wellhung asked her. Michelle couldn't see because he was still behind her, but there was a gleam in the Doctor's eyes as he examined her opened vulva.

"Yes I do but I also want to get up and have these clamps and weights taken off my nipples Sir".

"First things first Michelle," the Doctor spoke, "you need to cum for me before I can release you. I have something in mind that will help you."

"I don't think I can cum like this Doctor. My boobs hurt too bad to cum."

"Your WHAT hurts?" Dr. Wellhung asked with obvious displeasure at Michelle's use of yet another soft word. He always said that a true subbie never REALLY learns her lesson, and Michelle sure was the proof of that.

"Uh Oh", Michelle corrected, "My poor stretched nipples are on fire and my aching breasts ache." The Doctor did approve of the use of medically correct terminology in lieu of hard words. And as she did not feel the sting of the hairbrush again she thought that perhaps she had saved herself with her most eloquent correction.

However, what saved her was the fact that the Doctor was busy with what it was that he had in mind. He had opened his box of medical equipment and was assembling the breast pump. He turned it on to verify the batteries were at full power and he held the nipple funnel to the palm of his hand to confirm that the parts had a good seal and the pump was making suction. Then the doctor added an accessory to the pump. It was a new part of his own design, a short length of 1" diameter clear vinyl tubing that fit tightly into the neck of the nipple funnel. The end of the tubing had a soft silicon cup on it.

Michelle felt something touch her between her splayed inner labia. She felt it being pushed into her vagina. It was not as big around as any of the vibrators or dildos that the Doctor liked to use in her. She did not know what it was. It felt strange. Even stranger yet, the Doctor withdrew it almost immediately and placed it further forward, covering her clitoris. That felt strange as well. But when Michelle heard the click sound and soft hum as the Doctor turned the pump on, she knew what it was. She felt that familiar pull as a vacuum began to build, but it was different, more intense, feeling it on her clitoris instead of her nipples.

Dr. Wellhung had inserted the end of the suction tube into Michelle's vagina to use her secretions to help assure an airtight seal. He watched the vacuum cause Michelle's clitoris to begin swelling. He had turned the pump onto the maximum setting, and the volume of air being evacuated was considerably less than when the whole nipple funnel was used over her breasts. The silicon cup had covered most of Michelle's clitoral hood and the end of her clitoris as well. The whole area covered was swelling rapidly, growing and beginning to fill the tube. As that sensitive little organ was being sucked into the tube it was becoming engorged with blood. The hood was swelling but so was the end of Michelle's clitoris, both from the vacuum and sexual arousal caused by the physical sensation of the sucking, the soreness of her abused nipples, and the whole situation of submitting to Dr. Wellhung's most devious discipline.

After only a couple minutes (it felt much longer to Michelle) of the vacuum treatment, her clitoral area had swollen to nearly completely fill the suction tube. The bud of her clitoris had emerged completely from the hood and was glistening pearly pink, the skin smooth and taut from the degree to which that normally smallish organ had grown. It felt to her as if her clitoris was being pulled out by the root! Of course that was not the case, yet the Doctor did marvel at the way Michelle's clitoral area now projected straight out nearly an inch and a half from her vulva, and the end of her clitoris had swelled to become as large as the tip of his finger, sticking completely out of her hood. The tissues of her hood were similarly engorged and a deep red color. There was considerable discharge, vaginal secretions, "girlcum", seeping from her still slightly open cunthole. It wetted her labia and even began to drip onto the pump and Doctor's hand in translucent white syrupy while droplets.

Dr. Wellhung pressed the vacuum release button on the pump and those swollen tissues slowly retracted somewhat, but then he took his finger back off the button and they quickly returned to full distension. He repeated the process using the breast pump with its custom attachment and the vacuum release button to effectively suckle Michelle's clitoris as if milking it.

"Oh my gawd", Michelle moaned, trembling from the feelings in her crotch. The tingling in her clitoris was so intense now that it felt like electricity, like the Doctor was using the TENS unit he had tried before. No, it was even more intense than that because there was the cycling of engorgement as the Doctor repeatedly applied and released the vacuum. Her legs were shaking; her whole body was shaking, and the weights tugging mercilessly at her nipples were swinging and bouncing slightly, further increasing the sweet agony she was going through.

Then it got even worse. Or exquisitely better. Dr. Wellhung shut off the power and released the vacuum. He removed the pump. Michelle's greatly swollen clitoris shrunk and retracted somewhat, although not nearly enough to regain a normal appearance. It was still at least three times as large as it usually appeared at the height of arousal. It was also so sensitive that it was nearly unbearable.

When Michelle felt the Doctor's hands on the back of her thighs she knew she was about to lose it. When she sensed him approach her and felt his warm breath there on her exposed and sensitive flesh she did indeed begin losing it. The touch of his tongue there on the tip of her bulging clitoris hit her with the force of a lightning bolt. When Dr. Wellhung's lips closed over it and he sucked that little organ into his mouth Michelle's entire body spasmed in climax, jerking upward hard enough to actually lift the heavy chair completely off the floor, sending white hot jolts of electricity from her screaming nipples through her breasts, to be met somewhere in her brain by the whiter, hotter, jolt coursing through her from her clitoris. She felt like the top of her head exploded, she saw stars inside her eyelids, her fingernails dug into the wood of the arms of the chair, and Michelle's mind went to that place somewhere else.

********** The End ************

written by Dr. Wellhung a.k.a YourDarkestNeeds at
More of my writings and other interesting things are on my homepage at:

copyright 2003-2005
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I enjoyed this story very much..thank You for posting it

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