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The Keys - By Me (18+ only - adult nature)

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The Keys - By Me (18+ only - adult nature) - 6/29/2004 12:06:03 AM   
Master Andi

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The Keys

By Andi ([email protected])
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I stir as the sun rises, shining through the slightly parted curtains of our bedroom. Feeling your tender bottom pressed against mine in the bed we share I smile knowing you didn’t get up through the night. I smile as I roll over and look at your body held firmly by the heavy rubber cat suit that you were shoehorned into the night before. Knowing you probably haven’t slept much I stroke your thigh with my hand as you lay there and I hear you moan. I run my hand between your thighs and feel a slight vibration, smiling to myself knowing you had no sleep at all. I look to your pretty face and see it hidden from my view by a heavy rubber hood with no eyes, remembering I pushed a large gag into your mouth before I locked the hood around your head so you wouldn’t disturb my rest. The collar around your neck locked over the collar of the hood so making it non removable. I run my hands up your shoulders feeling how tightly the strong leather arm binder has pulled them together at the back, and also feeling for the strap that pulled your bound feet in the highest heels imaginable up to your wrists securing you in place for the night. I feel you squirm slightly as what must be a very constrained orgasm rides through you as you can barely breathe. The corset you have on under the suit makes your breathing short and sweet and more than once through the night you have been on the verge of losing consciousness. Realising I am awake you try to moan through your gag and writhe through your bonds to be close to me and hold me but the strain finally takes your breath and your breath and reality leaves you.

I kiss you gently on the lips as you feel My arms around you, holding you close as I whisper I love you. You wake from your enforced daze with the words “this girl loves you my Master”, as I smile and look at your heated glistening body. I lead you downstairs and turn you to the shower and I set the temperature just right, nudging you into it I start to soap you down very sensually and smile to the streaks of nectar on you thighs.

“You had a good night I see My girl?” I ask, seeing you blush is enough answer as you remain silent. I turn off the water and look into your loving eyes full of want and desire for Me and then it’s My turn to blush for a moment. As I hand you a few towels to dry yourself I prepare your attire for the rest of the day, knowing you have chores to do and groceries to get.

Your eyes widen as you watch me placing garments on the bed. As you realise what your in for you whimper to me and I just ignore you.

“Are you My slave?” I ask. Getting a slow nod in reply, I turn back to the wardrobe and finish getting items for your day with Me. I start by locking your wrists to a hook above your head so you don’t try to stop what I am doing and you cry a little. I look at your eyes and wonder why you would think I would hurt you? As I get you to lift your legs I pull a pair of rubber panties up to your knees with little clit teasers built in. Stopping at your knees I insert a pair of radio controlled love eggs inside you and then pull your panties up, making sure the clit teaser is located right. I pick up the smaller of your corsets so you really have to concentrate on your breathing today, placing it around your waist I tie it as tight as I can without hurting you. I release your hands form the hook and you almost fall into My arms, crying. I look at you and ask you what is wrong…

“Master, this girl would do anything for you.”

“I know that My girl, so why the tears? Have I hurt you? Do you not want this?”

“no Master, its not that at all. Girl is just so happy that You would want to use her in this way Master.”

I smile and kiss you then plop a gag in your mouth while I finish dressing you. I hear you MMMmmmppphhh a little and laugh knowing gags are more effective than you think. I pick up your rubber leggings and talc them inside, as I feel you’re still a little damp from the shower. I push you into the bed and pull them up your legs, hearing you gasp for breath as the eggs inside you react to the falling onto the bed. I pull them up tightly around your corseted waist and then reach for the heavy long red rubber skirt. I unzip it as it’s an ankle length skirt and the zip runs from top to bottom and place it around your waist closing the waist button with a small padlock. I do the zip up down to your knees effectively holding your knees almost closed bar for maybe an inch or two. I reach for your heels, only 6” today as I am feeling generous but I do up the ankle straps again with small padlocks so you cant kick them off at all. I then pull you up to stand and you teeter on the spikes that are now a part of your everyday life. Never being really sure whether you have gotten used to them or not. I hold you till you get your balance then do the zip up the rest of the way to your ankles, allowing you a mere 8” of movement and the zip is then locked with another small padlock. I pick up your opera length black rubber gloves and place the single small keys to your shoes in the left one and the ones to your skirt in the right one. I pull them up your arms and lock them at the top making sure you cant remove the gloves and yet you have the keys at your finger tips the whole time… I take your steel cupped bra and place the keys to your gloves in the nipple cups so you feel them too so close and yet so far, locking it at the back. I pick up the blouse made of a lighter gauge rubber but moulding perfectly to the corseted shape you have earned through months of waist training and I place the key for the bra inside the blouse. I smile to you as I do the buttons up and knowing what your feeling. The heat of the rubber and the torment in your heat you are just burning with a need. As I remove the gag you look at me wide eyed and wonder what is coming next. I place your hands in your pockets and you feel a chain there attached to a steel band that is part of the blouse. I take one of your wrists and lock a steel wrist strap to you and then lock the strap to the band in the pocket. No one can see that your all bound up and I smile as I do your other wrist. I take the last 3 keys, for the straps and the waistband and you follow my hands with deep interest as to where your freedom will end. I take a glass of water and suspend the three keys by a cotton thread mid height in the glass. I place the glass in the freezer and you look at me shocked. You know already I know keep one key for each lock so as to make the games a little harder and you see your keys now being frozen into a block of ice…

I press the button in My pocket and your heat comes alive with the force of the eggs. You can’t balance and fall back onto the bed. I smile and you curse me…
I pick up a tube of dental glue and secure your mouth shut you whimper and try to apologise but its too late, your mouth is sealed and you know the only way to undo it is to do it yourself, as only you know where the release agent is. Not being able to talk or point you resign yourself to your fate and realise now why you fell in love with Me to start with. Knowing I play as I live with deep passion and fun I turn you on again and your eyes light up. You manage to hold your balance and I see the beads glistening on your forehead. Realising what a good job I have done I head out for a while and wait for the ice to set. Knowing the button will work pretty much anywhere I am in our small town, you sit on the bed and just wait for your torment to start.

Panting through your nose and laying on the bed, no way of being able to get up, I look to you with a block of ice.

“How desperate are you to be released My girl?”

I look to your nods and shakes of your head as I move the block to different places. In between your thighs would have been the hottest but your skirt is in the way so I settle on in between your breasts. Knowing you are fairly heated right now this should be an interesting show as I watch you shiver then cum and shiver again as I keep the button for your sex on and off at irregular intervals. You look at me with glazed eyes and you wonder what more I could do to you and I just smile.

As the afternoon draws out and I see the ice slowly melt I prepare dinner and a drink for you. I come back up to the now sodden bed and see three keys sitting there in between your mounds and I unlock your wrists and your waistband. I let you free yourself while I check on the meal and I wait for you to come down to the kitchen.

“I love you Master.” I hear you whisper and I smile knowing you’re not mad with Me and we eat our meal together. Loving each other and kissing passionately we embrace and hold each other and I let you sleep free for that night as you now have two days of chores to catch up on. “I love you too My girl” I whisper and kiss your cheek as I let you get some well-deserved sleep.

The End

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