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Punishment Day - By Me (18+ only - adult nature)

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Punishment Day - By Me (18+ only - adult nature) - 6/29/2004 12:09:41 AM   
Master Andi

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Punishment Day

By Andi ([email protected])
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I wake her early in the morning as she looks at Me with puppy dog eyes, only slightly open to start and close very quickly again when I pull the curtains open to show a beautiful autumn day. My heart smiles with adoration for the slave and maybe a little saddened that I have to give her a punishment so soon, but if she is not punished then she would not learn from her errors. I sit her gently on the edge of the bed and look at her in silence, My face telling her the whole story as she starts to cry within herself. I select a few items from her wardrobe for her to wear and I instruct her to get dressed. She looks up to me in surprise when she sees I have picked out normal everyday clothes for her and not the ‘kinky’ things that she is now very well used to. Still silent she puts on her clothes and I see the plain girl I met at My friends wedding some months ago and bringing back the memory of what I saw in her then and what I know to be true now. The past few months have shown me her inner being, the one that she was sure I was making up and she didn’t believe she had. I saw her at the wedding in the shadows of other guests always soft spoken and polite, never a word out of place and eyes of pure submission. I approached her towards the middle of the evening and invited her to My table for a drink as we spoke about normal day to day boring stuff. We agreed to meet for dinner a couple of nights later and things bloomed for us with her moving in with Me a month later. I slowly introduced her to submission by consent by letting her read some stories that I had bookmarked on My computer, intriguing her she asked me questions about it and I offered to let her try. The first few days were just set out as simple chores with a light spanking if she didn’t complete them all on time. This she enjoyed as she found the spankings fun. I soon realised the spankings were no punishment for her and started trying other things, floggers, canes, single tails and such like. The cane was one she hated, not just disliked but completely detested so it was used for punishments from then on, starting at a couple of strokes and increasing to 20 to 30 for reoccurrences of the same fault.

Her learning curve was very quick as she really didn’t like the cane, but not once did she mention leaving me, her eyes always showed a deep care and comfort from Me when she looked into My eyes and I knew it made her feel whole. This time however the cane was not enough and she knew it. It was either be punished severely or leave Me and My home. I know how much she loves me so I knew this wouldn’t be an option but at the same time she knew how naughty she had been and so the punishment wasn’t going to be light. As she finished getting dressed I smiled to her and she nervously smiled back knowing that once started would only be a few hours then she would be back in My loving embrace and we could continue our day.

I lead her to the car and drive her to a secluded woodland about 40 miles from our home, knowing she is scared of being alone I lead her to a tree in the middle of the wood and chain her wrists to a bolt I had placed in the tree a few days before that would hold her hands high above her head. I attached a chain around her waist, threading it through the belt loops of her jeans and padlocking it behind the tree, pulling it quite tight so not allowing her to pull away from the tree at all. I then lock her ankles to the bolt at the bottom of the tree and she whimpers knowing what’s coming. I look around for any strangers watching us and as I suspected there were none, this area isn’t a common tourist spot and knowing what the weather would be like today I doubt anyone else would come out here. I kiss her once deeply and tell her I love her and she whispers ‘your girl is sorry Master, this girl loves you too, please find it in your heart to forgive her,’ as I pop a gag in her mouth. I return to the car and head off for the long journey home. Feeling a little guilty leaving her behind I stop about a mile from the spot where I left her and I move to a place where I can see her without her realising I am there.

For the first thirty minutes or so she just stands there crying, slowly realising her fate. As the heavens open to gushing rain she raises her eyes to look at the sky, it has gone from sunny to overcast and the air has a chill to it. My heart is telling me to go and free her but knows the reason she is out there and I stay where I am. I return to My car briefly for a drink and wait for the rain to stop then return to my spot to watch her. Her head is drooped and her usually beautiful hair looks ragged with her clothes clinging to her body through the soaked up water. Knowing she is cold and wet makes my heart ache for her and I wonder if she will understand after this that it was a punishment and not that I am being cruel to her. After a couple of hours she is looking around for anyone, anyone who would help her or free her, but there is no one. She tries to struggle against her chains but they don’t give an inch, and I couldn’t risk using rope as it would tighten when it got wet. I want to give her 4 hours out there but after only two she is weeping hard and I can see her face saying she is sorry. Her tears and her eyes are heavy and yet inviting and full of apology. I return to the car again and drive down the path to her, picking up the bottle of soda I have before I get out, pausing for a moment to wonder what she will do. Will she hug me or run from me. I don’t want to lose her but have I been too hard on her leaving her open to the elements unable to take shelter. I sit there for a moment and ponder this…

I put My finger to My lips in a motion to stay quiet as I remove the gag from her lips. If she has any respect left for me now as a Master I know she wont utter a word. I remove the gag with a plop and seeing her hair stuck to her face I wipe it to the side and kiss her deeply. She smiles and I nod to her so she may speak.

‘This girl is so sorry Master, please don’t release this girl from your ownership, she is so very sorry,’ as she bursts into tears.

I kiss her again and as I tell her how much I love her I undo the locks to her arms. Holding her tightly we embrace and I feel her love running through Me. Drying her off I release her ankles and we mark the tree for a future memory, knowing this lesson is complete. I didn’t as much scare her as surprise her that I would do something like that, but at least she doesn’t know that I was intending to leave her there a lot longer. We head home and I wrap her up warm and put her to bed with a kiss letting her spend the rest of the afternoon warm in bed and resting.

The End

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All Forums >> [Casual Banter] >> Creative Writings >> Punishment Day - By Me (18+ only - adult nature) Page: [1]
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