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"you'e welcome," Mistress says

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"you'e welcome," Mistress says - 2/16/2004 5:54:51 PM   

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Alas, it is fiction. It is first person because it is more immediate that way, I think.

i am on vacation. At her work it is that busy period between January and December. It is Friday. My alarm goes off. Usually waking up with the alarm lets me get to the bathroom before the morning wood strikes. This morning is different. i try cold-water to little effect. i sit down and pee. Because of the morning wood i am running late.

“Cereal?” she says. “When you were late I expected cold toast and warm juice, but you are still late with cereal? Explain yourself.”

i do explain, and she smiles. “This afternoon I’ll take that off. Your hands will be bound, but at least you can be erect. I will be home for lunch. From afternoon on you will not be able to do housework. I’m celebrating and you will be bound and waiting when I come home.”

i do laundry and dusting before she comes home for lunch. i had a big breakfast and will skip lunch so i don’t have to use the bathroom when i’m tied up. She eats her sandwich and goes to the “play” room. She ties my hands on the arms of a chair and uses a spreader bar on my ankles as I must kneel before it. She plans on sitting in the chair later and holding my head there four hours on end then using a strap-on on me. She gags me, blindfolds me and butt plugs me and remove my CB. I can’t see it, but there is a towel under my head to catch the drool.

Hours pass. i enjoy being hard and i can’t wait to hear her car pull up. It finally does and she rushes in.

“Change of plans,” she says as she unties me. “i invited a supplier that i want to give us a bulk discount over for dinner. He and his wife will be here in 30 minutes. We are vanilla.”

i don’t panic. i ask, “Mistress, what will they be expecting for dinner?”

She says, “Sorry, you only have a half hour to cut the ‘Mistress’. I told them rack of lamb.”

i, er, I realize we don’t have any lamb in the house and if we did 30 minutes is not sufficient. “I need about $50 to do shopping. I burned it because I got distracted by laundry, or something – think of something and please tell me. Please burn some toast so the kitchen has that burnt smell then open windows and spray air freshener before you burn the toast. Sorry I’m topping from below, um, I’ll change mind sets in the car.”

“$50?” she asks.

“I never priced those precooked Cornish hens and stuff at the market. You’ll get change back, but I’d rather not be short, Mist, um, dear.”

She gives me $40 since that is all she has as I dress quickly and leave for the store.

When I get back they are there already. The house smells like some one burnt something and is trying to get that burnt smell out.

“Honey,” she says, “this is Collin and Janet Edmunds. I already told them you were researching a story on the Internet and burnt dinner.” I smile inwardly. Being distracted by laundry is stupid but I can work with this if details are asked. I unpack the bags. “I’ll have to warm these up. Does anyone want coffee while waiting? Sorry I messed up.” While they say yes to coffee I kiss my beloved wife's cheek and give her the change.

“The oven is still warm,” she says. I check it and start the coffee maker. I’m impressed she remembered to pre-heat the oven. I make a mental note to thank her later. Everyone retires to the living room and she plays entertaining hostess while I heat up the Cornish hens and potatoes and gravy. I’ll apologize for it being lamb gravy at dinner. I make three cups of coffee (Janet didn’t want one) and join everyone for a few minutes. Collin is going on about Politics. He is a raging liberal. She gives me a look and I bite my tongue and excuse myself to see about dinner. Janet joins me and helps me set the table.

She noticed ‘the look’ and I have to explain that people have different views on politics and if I stayed I'd get in an argument.

I announce that dinner is ready. When my Mistress and Collin come in I have to stop myself from pulling out her chair. There must be a dynamic between Janet and Collin we are unaware of, because she says, “He told me some interesting political view points that don't square with yours.”

She gives me a look I can’t interpret. I try on my best innocent look and say, "I just pointed out that not everyone has the same viewpoint." It is easy to look innocent when you are innocent.

Collin says, “Yes, but they are all wrong.”

“If you say so,” I say.

“No,” my Mistress says, “if you disagree please say so.”

Collin must have really pissed her off if she is letting me tear into him. I don’t hesitate at a green light. “I don’t disagree. I think we need to address the housing shortage the only way we can; by tearing down neighborhoods and building projects. Then we can focus on nationalized medicine like we have in V.A. hospitals.”

She smiles and says, ”I’m glad you don’t disagree.”

I can tell she is calling off the dogs, and back off. Collin gets the message too. The subject changes and we eat.

They brought dessert. Collin claims to have made biscotti and raspberry squares. I say "claim" because the raspberry squares were not homemade. Pointing that out, however, would be too catty for words.

Somehow the conversation turns his chess prowess. I mention I have a set, but back off when my Mistress gives me “the look”. Collin ignores “the look” he gets from Janet and presses on. My Mistress offers to help me put things away in the kitchen. When we are alone she tell me to play it by ear but remember to let him win if we end up playing.

When we re-enter the living room we over hear Janet telling Collin “not now.” We both breathe a sigh of relief for different reasons. (The better the opponent the harder it is to convincingly throw a game, and part of me is afraid Collin was bragging about being good.)

It is premature as Collin is undeterred. Eventually we set up and he says, “Let’s make this interesting.”

I explain that I don’t bet money, but “if you lose you won’t bargain too hard when my Dearest asks for a bulk discount.”

He laughs and asks what if I lose. “How does 1 day of house cleaning sound?”

“It sounds fine,” says Janet very quickly. She turns to Collin and says, “Win.”

My Mistress asks me if I’m sure of this.

“I never offer guarantees,” I say. “Besides I have a tendency to play to the level of my opponent.”

Collin is tactically sound, but like all players brought up on computers and the Internet chess club, his endgame is weak. It is a long, enjoyable game, for me anyway.

After they leave she asks me if I ever doubted winning,

“Not after five moves,” I say.

She raises an eyebrow and I add, “Mistress.”

“I’m happy,” she says, “but it is late. You may sleep in my bed tonight and I’ll grant you one request tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I, er, i say and we retire.

Mistress says something about being really happy despite being poked in the back.


The Next morning is Saturday. i make French toast and she lifts my plate to the table. Boy is she happy, i realize. She tells me she wants to see a movie. After dishes meet me in the playroom to continue where we left off," she says.

While i wash dishes, woody won’t stop.

She never calls so i finish the dishes and say “Mistress?” as i peak in the “play” room.

“You may come in,” she says. “Have you given thought to your request and do you remember the position you were in?”

Peter nods vigorously. She laughs and tells me to nod the other head.

“Yes, Mistress,” i say as i kneel before her chair. “For my request, Mistress, please let me cum.”

“How did I know that was going to be your request?” she say though a smile. Then she locks me in place, blindfolds me and sits down. As she grabs my head, she says, “I’m very happy and will grant your request.” i’m too busy to reply but Peter nods his thanks. After three orgasms she get up. i feel the strap-on enter me. i make the usual pleasured sounds, which get louder when she reaches around my waist and stroke me. i don’t last long after a long period of chastity. i fire on a towel she put there when i was blindfolded. She does me a favor i’ll forget to thank her for and cleans up while i’m still in orgasm’s after glow. She inserts a butt plug, unties me and tells me to get dressed the movie starts soon. i notice i’m not in the chastity belt. When i thank her for taking me to the movies i mention that.

“I won’t be needing that today,” she says.

We do a movie and dinner. (i call her “My Dearest” not ‘My Mistress’) Although i have to go to the bathroom i reinsert the butt plug. i hope she enjoyed the movie half as much as i did. When we get home she tells me to go to my room and secure myself to the bed spread eagle. She comes in and check the knots and locks. She then blindfolds and gags me.

Then she tells me she was planning on giving me that way anyway. Here is my reward. i feel her vagina around my erect penis. i grunt and she understands it.

“You’re welcome,” she says.


When the Lady smiles i can't resist her call. As a matter of fact, i don't resist at all. Well that depends if it is a smile or a grimmace.
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RE: "you're welcome," Mistress says - 2/17/2004 1:57:44 AM   

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I invite all comment, good, bad, or indifferent.

There was a mispelling in the subject line. Please read "you'e" as "you're".


When the Lady smiles i can't resist her call. As a matter of fact, i don't resist at all. Well that depends if it is a smile or a grimmace.

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