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Curious - 8/24/2005 3:22:40 PM   

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I am curious to the gorean life style and its ways. for examples the way slaves are to act and how I as a master would be looked upon as such. I would like to talk about this in greater detail from both Masters and slaves.
Celtic Master
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RE: Curious - 8/24/2005 6:11:17 PM   

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Greetings, Master Celtic...

I don't think I should comment on how any man would be viewed within the lifestyle. It's an individual thing and while slaves often judge privately they are not allowed to judge publically. Besides.. I don't know you well enough to judge. *smiles*

As to how kajirae as supposed to act.. well that is partly individualistic depending on household and partly a set of rules that every household has in common. The one main rule that every household would have is "slaves act respectfully". While other rules may vary man to man and house to house that one is stressed in every home.
There are no subbies.. no serious brats.. and while many enjoy having fun.. they always know which side of the line to stay on. Being released is always an option and very few slaves would want that. Respect comes in many forms and we do have our own group rules, of course. One is that men are Masters.. free women Mistress.. and are often referred to as such whether or not they own the slave in question or even any slave at all.
Other than that? It does depend on the house. I know that krys and I have very different house rules.. though we are both owned by Gorean men.

Wishing you well,
Raven's whore

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RE: Curious - 8/24/2005 7:04:24 PM   

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Greetings Master Celtic..

The statements made by nena sort of sum it up neatly. The one thing I wish to add for the sake of emphasis, is that there is no rule book, we are not cookie cutter slaves.

Each slave is allowed, or disallowed, certain things, possibly similiar to the slave next door, or more probable, something totally different. It all depends on the one doing the owning. You may see slave A. remaining at home, addressing her owner in third person speech, wearing nothing but what he lays out and having no access to finances. Slave B. on the other hand works at a high level job, speaks to her owner with respect though not in third person, makes her own choices on wardrobe and balances the books. Why? Because each owner will decide what is pleasing for them.

It's all good

We all have good and bad days, menapausal symptoms, colds, flus and the odd assortment of stuff never mentioned in polite circles, I like to view it as a something that requires constant work, such as a fine piece of art. Master holds the tools, but it is up to me as to whether I am gold or brass. (actually there are times I would have described myself as sheet metal, so brass would be quite the improvement!)

How you would be looked upon Master? *worries that dratted lower lip* Really not my place to say...since men would be doing the "looking". My only view would be to call you Master when in your prescence.

Best of wishes Master,


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RE: Curious - 8/24/2005 8:23:30 PM   

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Generally how you are viewed by Gorean Men will depenf on how you act and come accross. A good knowledge of Gor helps (good to have access to the books if you ever want to argue Gorean matters with the Books as a reference point), Good Manners, Integrety and Honour are essential. In other words, if you believe you are right, stand your ground. It is possible to debate matters and even disagree with others without flaming or being seen as "bratty" if you use logic, and good manners. This never means that you act submissively, especially if you find that another is right and you are wrong. It takes a Man to admit his errors and thank those who have pointed them out. As for how you treat your kajira, none have any right to comment. the kajira/ae is/are your property to do with as you wish. However when dealing with a kajira/ae who is/are owned by another, remember you are also dealing with the Master/Mistress or Home who owns said kajira/ae. We tend to me touchy about how others treat our property and I know I am more touchy than most.

I wish you well in your journey.. It can be a rollercoaster.


Iron Bear

Master of Bruin Cottage

Your attitude, words & actions are yours. Take responsibility for them and the consequences they incur.


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RE: Curious - 8/25/2005 1:56:27 PM   

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I thank all of you for your input thus far. I think I am going to be going to the book store and building my library up a bit more. Iron Bear I have to agree with you as it does take a strong man to admit to his mistakes and also to correct them. I also understand the feelings of messing with anothers propety and trust me I am quite possible one of the worst when it comes to that. My phylosophy is do or say what you want to me but never screw with my family. Also if anyothers wish to give me any advice or guidance in where in the D.C. area I can find a decent club or place to go to be with others of the path please feel free to do so.
Be Well and Till next We Meet.
Celtic Master.

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