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The Small Square Box

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The Small Square Box - 7/10/2004 6:32:17 PM   

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The Small Square Box

After smelling the dried petals she carefully replaced the wine glass.

Like the pennyroyal hanging over their bed the petals

always brought a flood of memory. A day in the woods, a field of

wild flowers and a lovers bed of soft pennyroyal.

They had gone hunting together before the children were born.

He could not keep His touch off her. The chattering squirrel didnt

know what hit him as the man never missed a stroke.

The girl moaned softly beneath him at the gun shot and clung tighter.

Like the petals in the wine glass the small bundle of pennyroyal

had hung on their bed all those years. She saw Him touch it each morning

when He thought she did not see, a soft smile on His face.

But He had never said a word the day she hung it there.

Humming softly to herself, the girls mind on a task

... her thoughts were suddenly jerked awake and alert.

She turned her head smiling.

The smile seemed to ignite and brighten the room when a

patterned ringing let her know to pick up the phone.

"Yes Sir?" the sound of His voice sent a thrill through her.

The warmth spreading across her face and down her neck

as she put down the phone.

Moments later the door opened and His presence filled the room.

She stood still in the center of it watching as he

put down the news paper and dropped His keys to the table.

He walked through the room slowly,

taking in every detail of her day by the tasks completed.

The girl noticed His every move, her big eyes never leaving his

form. She drank him in, His fluid grace.

The power was all over Him potent and commanding.

She felt near to fainting watching His beauty.

Again her mind swimming with memories of His possession of her.

Finally he stretches out in His favorite big chair.

But the girl only watches from her place in the middle of the room.

And then, His unspoken call, a single slow movement of

one finger tip and she is at His side kneeling.

Looking up at Him..warmth and love filled her center.

He turns his head slightly to look at her. His mouth does not move,

His breathing has not changed...she is so close..but not touching.

The girl can hear the slow even rhythm of His heart.

The only indication of His mood is the

light in His eyes as he looks at her. Each time He looks at her

in that way...she gives Him her submission over again.

One unspoken thought flashes across His face, her eyes shine

and she moves to remove His heavy boots.

Carefully untying with small fingers the same laces she tied

hours before as he readied for work.

He never told her to do this had always been a thing

between them that the girl did.

For her it was an intimate ritual of her love.

Added to the many other small acts of tender submission.

He looked at her bowed head as she tugged on a knot.

The evening light sliding sideways across the world

slipped in the window.

It picked out the first silver strands in her raven hair,

His hand lifted ...paused over her He ached to

touch her. But he placed His hand back where it had been.

She finished removing His boots and set them aside.

Looking up into His face her own not showing the knowledge that

He had almost touched her. She felt the same deep pulling in her

center she always did in His presence.

It dominated her space....not pulsing, but steady and strong.

An assurance of safety and completeness. He closed his eyes once and she

slipped between his legs her small hands resting on his thighs.

He lay his head back, arms outstretched and let his hands dangle.

The girl reached for His hand holding it in her two small ones.

She lifts it to her face...breathing in His scent she kisses His palm.

Slowly she rubs her thumbs in the center, up from the wrist and out

massaging each finger she does this with both hands.

Two thumbs rub away the days work and the stress of

lifes uncontrollable happenings. She takes His smallest finger

on the last hand into her mouth. Wetting it all the way down she

gently sucks it in and out a couple times.

Watching His face she then sets His hand back down.

He never moved, but she notices with her eyes sparkling the tightness

of His features has relaxed. She stands taking three small steps

and looks back over her shoulder.

His gaze observing her movements with interest,

He stands and moves toward her.

Thinking all along, how he would follow this one anywhere.

Tonight, He thinks to Himself, tonight I will tell her just what she

means to me. Then he puts his hand over the small square box in His

jacket pocket. As he steps into the bed room

the flickering candlelight outlines her form.

She takes His hand and rubs it on her cheek and he looks down at her.

Then His eyes grow dark with His need for her, looking over her head he

sees the bed covered in small green leaves.

A grin plays over His face as He looks back at her.

"Pennyroyal?" He asked stunned. " Why, Yes is"

Then the girl is stunned as he kneels wrapping His arms around

her thighs. He buries His face in her warmth smelling her sweet scent.

Inhaling deeply, wanting to breathe her into Him.

She tenderly strokes His head and shoulders overwhelmed with love.

Lifting His face she hears His words.

The power of them echo through her soul. He lifts her to the bed of

pennyroyal and shows her just what the words mean.

Sometime in the night the phone rings, in her sleeping she

remembers a slow deep kiss and hands embracing her firmly.

One cups her breast while the other rubs and probes her wetness.

With a whispered promise to return home soon he is gone.

The girl drifts in languid peace stretching across the bed.

Looking down at her bronzed skin she laughs at the

green leaves sticking to her. Gathering up the sheets

she goes to the open window and shakes, twirling green spirals down.

Some catching the wind and floating up first and then fall in a cascade.

Suddenly a tightness grips her chest.

She feels a dizzy ethereal moment. And then it passes.

She looks down at her body shaking and decides to shower.

He gave her no special tasks for the day, but she had a meal planned.

Two hours pass, the table is set.

Three, she listens for the patterned ringing.

The girl goes to the window seat and watches the road...the empty drive.

Five hours, six....the meal is set on warm.

Suddenly a car in the drive...she holds her breath slightly and

moves to the center of the room. Waiting. No sound. Her heart races,

her breath comes faster. And then she jumps at the knock on the door.

Confused, the girl opens it to the pained expressions of two

officers in blue and a bundle in their hands.

She slowly looks from the bundle and then at their faces.

She did not hear their words but felt them like lightening in her chest.

Her legs trembled, she reached for the bundle. His scent was all over it.

It made the wetness start as it always did. But now there was

no end to her aching want of Him. Slowly she nods to the officers,

thanks them but refuses quietly their offer of comfort and shuts the

door. She looks down at the shirt in her hands, holding it to her face,

she breathes Him into her. Unable to stop the flow of tears she moves to

the center of the room and stands there for hours holding His scent to her.

The last of the sun advances across the wood floor and her bare toes.

A rustle of leaves outside the window catches her eyes and she sees a

golden moon peeking in. It sparkles on the unused dinner ware and china.

The candles melted down and flickered out.

She stands in the center of the room unmoving, not knowing what to do.

Only the weariness in her body forces her to go to the bed and lay down.

Sobbing now the girl curls around her pillow hugging it close.

She feels a hard lump and reaches beneath to find a small square box.

Opening it a note falls out...

she slips the emerald over her finger and reads His words.

"Let this be a reminder to you My little one, how you always please me"

The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes

was the bundle of dried pennyroyal hanging on their bed.

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