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The Making Of A Slave Part 4

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The Making Of A Slave Part 4 - 7/10/2004 7:53:16 PM   

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The girl looked at the pile of pebbles and frowned. Pushing them back to the center she carefully held them in place with one hand while sliding the edging up close with the other. This time they stayed. She sat back on her bare feet smiling, pleased with her efforts. A warm Summer breeze ruffled her dark curls, the man behind her watching admired them and then cleared his throat. She looked up squinting through the sunshine of his smile. His eyes crinkle in laughter as he noticed a dirt smudge on her nose. ‘Come girl,’ She crawled the three feet over to him and planted herself like the flowers she was weeding beneath him. He reached down and plucked her up looking at her hands frowning. ‘This will not do girl.’ she looked aside chastened. ‘Where are the gloves I gave you?’ She glanced toward the planting bench where a garden basket was over flowing with fresh cut herbs and the gloves. The girl felt the heat of his gaze more than the blistering sun. ‘I’m sorry Master, I...’ but his growl cut her off short. He turned her around inspecting every inch of her. Brushing dirt from knees, weed bits from curls. When he got to her backside he swatted her bottom hard making her jump and almost yelp. But she remained still. He stood staring down at her shaking his head. ‘Such an unkempt little thing you are’ She dared a small peep at his face, he was still glaring so she looked back down in shame and missed his grin. ‘A car and driver will come round at two O’clock, be ready.’ The girl said clearly but softly, ‘yes Sir’ and he was gone. It seemed several minutes before she let out a slow breath. Gathering the basket of herbs and tools she headed for the house. Hanging crystals cast dancing rainbows as she entered the kitchen. The girl tied the herbs in bundles suspending them near a window. She glanced at the table where the now empty basket is and the gloves. Humbled again at his displeasure she looks at her hands. They are very small even for girl, the nails neat and trimmed, but black with garden soil and the knuckles slightly scratched from berry thorns. Blue-purple juice stains them at the fingertips. The girl lets out a soft sigh, chastising herself once more. No wonder he was displeased with her. She vows to try harder but looks at the gloves and crinkles her pert nose. Upstairs she fills a bath pulling down thick blue towels. Something falls from the shelf just missing her head. It is a small softly wrapped package. In his hand is written, ‘bathe with me’ smiling in delight she drops the bath beads in the steaming water... sweet violet scent fills the space. The girl eases down into the water, dipping her hands and letting the silkiness dribble through her fingers. Lathering her breasts she palms her nipples thinking of later. Imagining how she will please him, she looks again at her fingertips and reaches for a brush. The girl scrubs her hands till all traces of berry stain are gone then holds her breath ducking under the cooling water. Wrapped in thick pink robe she enters the Masters suite, making a questioning face at the closed curtains around the big bed. The girl pushes the heavy burgundy drapes aside and finds a package. Stepping on the little stool she climbs up on the bed and gasps when she lifts the lid. Inside is a long ivory gown covered in tiny pearl colored beads across the bodice, the rest is layers of shimmering french tulle. The girl lifts the dress up smiling and something bounces out and under the bed. Frantic she slips down to the floor her wet curls escape the towel, pink robe cast aside. Crawling under the huge bed searching for the fallen item bare bottom wiggling with the effort to reach in the dark. She never notices the man standing briefly in the door way taking in the view. The sight stops him frozen. His thoughts stray for a moment on how he would like to take her right then. But he crosses the room quickly setting something on the dresser and exits. Her hand closes over the item under the bed as she hears tires on the gravel outside. The girl curses when she hits her head then clamps a hand over her mouth. Coming out from under the bed she looks around feeling like she was caught swearing. No one was there. Breathing a sigh of relief she makes a face remembering the taste of soap. Then looks down at the retrieved item in her hand. A pair of miniature sterling clothes pins on a silver chain enameled red. The girl glances back at the white gown, then to the bright red clothes pins. His humor never ceases to amazes her. Or the sometimes wry way he wields his control. Dressing quickly she presses her hands to her breasts feeling them tingle and looks in the mirror. A faint but visible outline of red shows through, but it appears to the unknown eye to be her nipples peeping through the fabric. Somehow she feels naked even fully clothed. How will she get through this night without disappointing him. The girl whimpers thinking of all the people. His most important clients. A car in the drive honks once and she hurries for the door grabbing up her purse from the dresser along with long white gloves. I don’t remember setting them there? No matter, another horn sound pushes her faster and she almost forgets her shoes. Rushing back she snatches them off the floor running barefoot across the gravel the girl makes a dive for the opened backseat. The door closes with dignity and the car pulls out of the drive. The girl looks down at the shoes in her lap and makes a face. Dainty silver heels, tall and stately. Small silver buckles hold the ankle strap. Gathering up the many layers of gown she attempts to put them on falling over as the car makes a turn. She brushes the dust from her bare foot and puts on the other one. Tugging down the gown, the girl struggles with the elbow length gloves, she blows a strand of loose curl from her eye. Tongue sticking out she pulls the last inch of glove up and exhales a sigh of worry. The driver shakes his head slowly and worries as well. A scent of wild violets assaults his senses as the Master looks to the door way. Only he notices the curls are slightly damp at her neck meaning she rushed from the bath. His eyes take in the rosy glow to her cheeks knowing without looking the reason being red clothes pins beneath her gown. Their looks meet, she takes a step forward, on the second one she falters in the heels. She rights herself and comes to his side regally. He nods approval and she beams keeping her head down shyly. Throughout the long night she is at his side. Quietly smiling, watching him, adoring him when he does not see. She starts to feel the discomfort of the clothes pins and squirms a little. He looks down at her steadily. The girl breathes slow and sucks her tongue to distract herself. He watches her bottom lip extended and wants to kiss her right there as he has ached to do all night. Her feet hurt from the heels, she fidgets with the beads on her dress. He scowls slightly and she holds herself erect. One more congratulatory conversation over he sees her nod a stiff smile and knows she’s at the end of her endurance. Inside her he knows she wants to please him. Knowing this girl would eat dirt or walk through fire for him. The Master looks at his girl a long time then. Pride fills his chest, and something more. A possessiveness he never thought possible. The rest of the room fades. He sees her as if for the first time. Stead fast, loyal, devoted. Her eyes seep into his soul with a dark look. He glances at the stairway and holds out his hand to her. She places her small one in his and they leave the room. Many pairs of eyes watch them go. Then the talk resumes, laughter to one side, and a piano softly plays. The Master leads her through a darkened room and closes the door behind them, locking it. He pulls her into an embrace and kisses her mouth fiercely. Moon light pools on the lush carpet from an open window and he leads her there. Looking at her darkly she kneels for him then. Under the gown she wiggles until her feet are free from the heels. The girl gathers the layers of gown and kicks them aside then throws her arms around his legs grateful to be alone with him at last. Her hunger builds, she rubs her face on his thighs, she smells him up and down his legs holding him to her face. Kissing his hardness through the fabric. He growls and grabs a handful of hair forcing her head back sharply. Not yet, he says, in time girl. Wait he says. She longs to taste him. Her nipples pinch from the clothes pins, she has been aching and wet all night by his nearness. She whimpers now, in wanting. So close to completion. A cloud moves across the moon, the room darkens more and then lifts as the cloud passes by. The moonlight illuminates her skin and the beads on her dress shimmer, he looks down at her upturned face, her eyes slightly unfocused in desire, he groans and holds her hair tighter. With one hand he opens his pants and frees himself, with his other hand still in her hair he guides her face close. The hand tightens in her curls, he watches her eyes, rubbing the soft end over her cheeks, across her pert nose, over her closed lips. Teasing her with his smell and smooth skin. Reaching down he takes her hands one at a time and allows her to touch him, he holds her head there with both hands. Her eyes plead, his acknowledge, she accepts him into her mouth and is rewarded by his answering moan. The girl laps in slow sensual tasting running her small gloved hands up and down. He stops her taking her arm, and peals off the gloves tossing them aside. He bends to kiss and suck each of her fingers and wraps them around himself tightly watching her delighted smile. Below them laughter lifts to singing and someone bangs out a loud tune on the piano while the Masters heart pounds watching his girl. Her lips part and close around him, he moans and pulls her closer, deeper. She sucks the end running her tongue tip across the opening and finds the ridge exploring him. He pulls her head back looking at her wet open mouth and the dizzy dark look in her eyes and pushes her back on the carpet. Downstairs important clients and guests forgotten he reaches inside her gown removing the clothes pins. The girl squeaks when her nipples are freed only to gasp and moan louder when his mouth finds them through the fabric, wetting it. Lifting the layers of her gown he dives beneath to taste his girl. And small delicate hands free from berry stains grasp his head.
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All Forums >> [Casual Banter] >> Creative Writings >> The Making Of A Slave Part 4 Page: [1]
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