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Mine - 7/15/2004 3:36:40 AM   
kiki blue

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by kiki blue/luminary©

I kneel at your feet, my heart pounding, mind reeling, my mouth dry. The touch of your finger to my chin causes me to look up, my eyes locking with yours. I'm barely able to breathe as you seem to be reading my thoughts, my mind and soul exposed to you. Your fingers brush over my face, causing me to shiver. Lightly grazing my lips, your fingers caress me, tease me. I close my eyes for a moment, swallowing hard, your fingers lightly pinch my lips, and I quickly look back up at you. I reach up, and take your hand in mine, holding it against my face, before bringing your fingers to my lips, where I slowly kiss each fingertip, before kissing the palm of your hand, my eyes still locked to yours. With your free hand, you pat your lap.

Slowly, I rise, as gracefully as I can, my hands sliding up your legs, your thighs, and kneel over you, my legs either side of yours, facing you, resting upon your thighs. You slide your hands along my thighs, lightly, teasing my bare skin, to sit on my hips, holding me. I slowly run my hands up your chest, my nails softly scratching you, as I lean closer. My fingers lift to your face, exploring you, knowing you, tracing along your jawline, feeling the roughness of your stubble, the softness of your lips. My eyes are darting over your face, trying to drink all of you into my memory, so that I only have to close my eyes, and I'll see you before me. I lean closer again, wanting to taste you.

My lips brush yours, softly, softly, and again. Your hands slide up my back, to curl in my hair, enticing a shiver from me.

"Mine," you whisper, not a question, but a statement, your eyes locked on mine.

I nod, closing my eyes briefly, overcome by the power that one word holds.

"Yours," I respond. "My Master."

You kiss me again, enticing my lips to part, as you slide your hands down my back, around my sides, and up to my breasts, to cup them. My nipples harden as your thumbs brush over them, rubbing, circling, pinching lightly, as you kiss me.


I shiver again, a soft "Yes Master" spilling from my lips.

You smile, and I kiss your face, your ears, your jaw, your eyelids, your cheeks. You let one hand slowly, so terribly slowly, drift down across my skin, across my stomach, tracing lazy circles with your nails, around my hips, before dipping between my thighs. Goosebumps dance across my skin, my eyes closing involuntarily, gasping softly as your fingers tug at my pubic hair, before finding my clit. Your fingers stroke and rub at my tender flesh, as you kiss me. I moan into your mouth as you rub my clit, as your fingers slide inside me.

Your other hand reaches up to grab a fistful of hair, pulling my head back, leaving me gasping, moaning, from your touch.

You work my body, slave to your will, until I'm crying out, biting hard on my lip. You pull my face to yours, and growl into my ear.


I nod, eyes closed, biting down harder on my lip, gasping, moaning to the magic of your fingers. You pull on my hair sharply, and roughly pinch my clit. I cry out louder, from pleasure, and pain.

"Mine!" you growl again.

Barely able to hold myself back, barely able to breathe. Panting, crying out, writhing on your lap.

"Yours, Master, all yours," I whimper, desperately wanting release.

You remove your fingers from my pussy, and bring them to my lips, painting them with my juices. My tongue flicks out, tasting myself. I lightly suck on your fingers, gasping and whimpering, silently begging.

You wait until I've licked your fingers clean and sharply pinch my nipples. I cry out again, whimpering loudly, flinching. Your hand reaches down to cup my pussy again, and I can't help but to push myself toward your hand. You other hand tightens around that fistful of hair and you tug gently upon it. I open my eyes, feverish, glazed, moaning loudly, and look into yours. You remove your hand from between my thighs, and stroke my face.

"What are you?" you ask.

"Your slave, Master," I respond, trying to keep still, to not wriggle about, though your erection presses hard against me, and I crave for it to be inside me.

"What are you for?" You hand cups my face.

"For your pleasure, Master." You reach down and work my clit again, making me shudder and cry out, while trying to hold back, not wanting to cum without permission.

"Who do you belong to?"

I moan, unable to keep still, tossing my head back. You pull on my hair sharply. "Be still, girl." I whimper, and try. You repeat yourself.

"I belong to you, my Master. Mind, body and soul, for your pleasure, to serve you, as you desire," I gasp.

"Good girl," you murmur, and kiss me lightly. I kiss you back feverishly, my fingers digging into your shoulders.

"Master, oh Master, please may I cum, please let your girl cum," I beg, my body on fire, aching for your touch, to feel your mouth, lips, teeth, on my breasts, to feel you inside me. You remove your hand again.

"You are mine?"

"Yes Master, I am." Whimpering, I struggle to keep still, to watch you.

"To please me, what will you do?"

"Anything, Master," I moan, biting down hard on my tender lips. I lower my eyes.


I look up at you, a soft moan sliding from my lips, hope in my eyes.

"Girl, you please me. But you are spoilt."

I open my moth to beg again, but seeing the look on your face, I quickly snap it shut, biting down harder on my already sore lips to keep from speaking.

"You may not cum." I moan, this time in disappointment. "Your body is mine, your mind is mine, your heart is mine. Your orgasms are mine, a gift from me. I am your Master, you are my slave. You are mine. You must remember this. Your pleasure is mine to give. Mine."

I continue to bite at my lip, sure it will swell, as tears fill my eyes. I nod, and whisper, "Yes Master."

You reach up, and brush the tears from my eyes, then place your fingers to my lips. I taste the salt of my tears, and look into your eyes. Your erection still pushes against me. I struggle to stop myself from pleading, begging you, to change your mind. But I know better. I kiss you.

"Girl," you whisper, breaking the kiss. "Make me a cup of coffee. Sweeten it with your juices. Hurry!"

I slide off your lap, knees weak, and kiss you again as I stand, breathing raggedly.

"Thank you, Master."

"For what, girl?'

I raise my eyes to meet yours, drinking the sight of you in, my heart pounding, from the desperate desire to please you. "For reminding me who, and what I am. That all you give to me is a gift, and a gift should be earned."

You nod, watching me, a small smile playing on your lips. "Fetch me that coffee, girl."

I hurry away, on somewhat shaky legs.
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