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Real Decreet

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Real Decreet - 9/6/2004 1:43:39 AM   

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E-mail #1(you):
Hi, I saw your personal add on one of those web-sites. I absolutely love that picture of you. I dig pale scrawny guys believe it or not. Now, more to the point you expressed an interest in having some kinky discreet fun and I couldn’t help but notice that you said you were open to almost anything. I am also pleased that you seem to live only 20 miles away. So, why don’t you tell me about your fantasy little boy.
Mistress Darkness
E-mail #1(me)
Hello Mistress Darkness,
Thanx for contacting me. I am curious about most aspects of BDSM. In particular I like bondage, teasing, and light pain. Nothing too out-there though. I am after all pretty new at all this. Discretion is very important to me.
-humbly yours, Billy
First slave billy, you will no longer capitalize your name. Second, that was a very poor attempt at a fantasy if I do say so myself. If you still continue this conversation you will have forfeited the right to express any more of your pathetic fantasies to me. I fantasize too dear and it is now my fantasies that count. You lost your chance. I have always fantasized about abducting boys like you with your own permission. It is somewhat voyeuristic, but it will be unlikely anyone will see… but possible nonetheless. Aside from that it will be completely discreet. In fact, I will probably be more discreet than you could even imagine. Still game little boy?
-Mistress Darkness
While I have never really fantasized about being abducted I am intrigued by the idea. Count me in Ma’am. What do you have in mind Ma’am?
Soon to be your, billy
Well slave billy, I no longer care what you fantasize about anymore, now that you have accepted my offer. So this is what you will do. On route 30 there is a bar called “The Empty Glass.” I will be going there Friday night… and so will you. I have a midnight blue Toyota Camery, which will be parked all the way in the back of the bar. It is pretty dark back there and few people park in that part of the parking lot so you will have some privacy (you’ll need it). I will leave the back door open. You will find instructions inside. At midnight I will leave the bar and you had better be compliant with my instructions (allow at least 30 or 45 minutes for compliance). Feel free to stop in the bar before hand and try to point me out if you wish. I should warn you however, Friday night is ladies night and the place gets pretty busy. I will blend in with everyone else, so good luck. But by midnight… Don’t disappoint me. You will be very sorry if you do (and not in a good way). Do not send me an e-mail confirming. You already did that simply by receiving this e-mail.
Your Mistress,
-Mistress Darkness
The Empty Glass in about half an hour away. So at about 9pm I started to get ready. First, I put on a pair of silk boxers. Then, I dressed in my nicest pair of pants and a satin black buttoned down shirt. I made sure to shower before hand and gave my teeth an extra brushing. I also put on a healthy dose of cologne before heading out at about 10pm.
I got there a little after 10:30. I went into the bar and sure enough it was pretty crowded. There were a lot of women there but none that stood out as the stereotypical Mistress. I got a drink to calm my nerves a little and then went out outside at about 11. I walked around to the back of the bar and there was only one car parked back there. Not surprisingly, it was a midnight blue Toyota. I opened the back door and there were two bags on the floor. On empty and one pretty full. There was also an envelope between the two bags which read “slave” on it. I opened it up.
“Okay slave, here is how this will go down. You will read each instruction and then do exactly as it says before moving on to the next instruction. The first instruction is to take everything out of your pockets and put all that stuff in you car. I will allow you to keep you car key (as in take all other keys off your key ring). This way I don’t have your ID and I don’t know who you are or what car is yours.”
Wow, she really thought this through. I went back to my car and did what she said. I realized that she picked midnight for a reason. The parking lot would still be packed so that she wouldn’t be able to figure out which car was mine.
“Welcome back. Next I want you to get naked for me right here in the parking lot. Do it quickly. Put all your clothing into the empty bag and get into the car before some drunk person wanders back there to pee.”
It took me about two minutes to get undressed and to get everything into the empty bag. Her point about the drunk guy peeing definitely helped to speed me up.
“Good job slave, now open up the other bag. Take out the leather cuffs and the leather collar. You will obviously buckle the cuffs around your wrists and ankles and the collar around your neck.”
I thought about looking into the bag and seeing everything that was in there, but I figured that I would find out in time. So I just reached in and grabbed the items that my new Mistress asked me to take out. I noticed that the each cuff had 3 fairly big rings on it. And the collar had 4 fairly big rings on it and four smaller rings above the bigger rings. I put the ankle cuffs on first and then the wrist cuffs and the collar.
“Very good slave, find the package of earplugs and put them deep into your ear so that it is extremely hard for you to hear a sound.”
Sure enough the package of earplugs was pretty easy to find. I opened it up and put the plugs into each ear. They were pretty soft.
“Now find the bag of padlocks slave. Take out all the locks and place them on the seat. Do it now slave!”
There were two fairly big locks and four smaller ones. I took them all out and placed them on the seat with the big ones in one line and the smaller ones in a line above the bigger ones.
“Slave, it is time for you to get into position. First I want you to take one of the bigger locks and use it to lock your ankles together.”
I did as Mistress Darkness ordered.
“Then I want you to kneel on the passenger side’s back floor. Take the hood out of the bag.”
I pulled the hood out of the bag and looked at it. There were four small rings on the bottom of the hood and two larger rings at the top of the hood, one in the center at the top and one closer to the back. The Hood buckles in the back and I noticed that there is a zipper by the mouth area and there is padding over the eyes, which serves as a comfortable blindfold. There is also what looks like padding by the ears. At the base of the hood in the back there is also a little jack so that something plugs into it. I am not sure what though. There are small holes by the nose so breathing shouldn’t be a problem.
“You will need to memorize little from here on out slave. Because once you put the hood on you will not be able to see. So read the rest of the instructions and then put your hood on and carry them out in the order I lay out for you. After you put the hood on, you will lock it into place with the four small padlocks. Once you have done that you will lock your hands together behind you with the last large lock. Then you will be completely helpless and at my mercy. Do this and wait for me. Your mine now slave, Mistress Darkness.”
I put the hood on and buckle the straps in the back of the hood. Then I feel around the seat for one of the small padlocks and put secure the hood to my collar. I continue with the other three small locks. I am completely blind and with the hood on it is impossible to hear anything. The zipper on the mouth area of the hood is also closed. I then take the last lock and lock my wrists together behind me. That’s it, I am at her mercy. I don’t even know her. I don’t know if she is attractive or not. I don’t know anything about her at all except that I am now her slave. I realized that I came out to her car at a little after 11pm and she told me it would take me 30 to 45 minutes to get ready and it probably took me like 10 minutes. I wonder if she did that on purpose. Now I am here kneeling on the floor of a strangers car naked, bound, and waiting for probably about an hour. I can’t see and I can’t hear. All I can do is think of what she might do to me.
(to be continued)
Thoughts? Ideas?
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RE: Real Decreet - 9/6/2004 6:28:03 AM   

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Very nice where would you want it to go?? Roe



People always ask me why I do these things . . .
It's because I can!

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/8/2004 2:02:55 PM   

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Well, I haven't really been working on it lately. So I am not sure where this story is going. Although, I got a pretty cool idea. Since I am obviously identify with the sub in the story who when last we left no longer has any choices, I think some of you Ladies should write what you would do if you were the Mistress in the story. So any Women out there who want to show your creative side, write your version of part two. Then, after some time the subs can vote on which Mistress's version we liked the best.

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/8/2004 5:27:03 PM   

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I think some of you Ladies should write what you would do if you were the Mistress in the story. So any Women out there who want to show your creative side, write your version of part two. Then, after some time the subs can vote on which Mistress's version we liked the best.

What a great idea. I can't wait to see where this goes.



"Without goals you become what you were. With goals you become what you wish." .

"You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts"--Alan Greenspan

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/11/2004 1:06:49 AM   

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well, so far no one seems to have any ideas. Please can some lovely Lady write a really interesting and creative part two for me for my Birthday. It would be a really great present for me if I got a few Ladies to write part twos.

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/20/2004 9:31:49 PM   

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I wait for what seemed like an eternity.
I wonder if The car has moved, or whether the car is still in park?
My heart is pounding like a rabbid dog, and the sweat is filling out of what small breathing holes I have.

Suddenly my body jerks forward and then backward, I wonder if the car is moving? I feel the faint smell of a Womans perfume,
slowly reaching it's way up my nose. Clinique Happy, my
favorite perfume. My body starts to tingle. First with excitment,
then with fear of what I might have gotten myself into?

I now smell the faint odor of a menthol cigarette.
If we where moving, the car was very silent and the road was pretty much bump free?

Suddenly I feel a gust of wind blowing in twords me.
Going out on gut reaction,
I move my knees forward one step at a time.
I lean my head forward, waiting to see if I hit the door.
My head goes completely downward and I fall out of the car.
I fix myself as best as possible, and get to my feet.
My sences are getting stronger,
and I can really smell the happy perfume, along with the
menthol cigerette.

I sence a clicking noise and feel that now I have a leash
on me? I can now also hear the the Clicking of high heels,
and which direction they are going.
She leads I follow. I hear faint laughing, almost
Hannible Lector like. I am being lead down a flight of stairs. A basement I'm starting to think.

I am lead into a room and put up against one of the basement walls.
I feel my lips being open. She then places her menthol cigarette
onto my lips. I breath it in and then my lips are closed again.
I don't smoke, and my body jerking is evident of that.
I feel my arms being released from behind my back,
and placed abouve my head.
My legs and ankles are shackled to the bottom of the wall,
and moving is pointless.
She speaks roughly but softly.
I hope You are not worried about You life, job friends family etc.
Because I have just became all of them. {Wickedly laughing}

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/20/2004 9:55:13 PM   

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that was an interesting part 2. does anyone have either a part 3 or a different vision of part 2? I like to see different possibilities.
-The Geek

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/22/2004 6:43:12 PM   

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Still would like to add on~~

Sincerelt, eyesofAslave

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/25/2004 9:45:54 PM   

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Still would like to add on~~

Dang i want more LOL, maybe darkgeek and knees can just take turns writing chapters unless someone else steps up.



"Without goals you become what you were. With goals you become what you wish." .

"You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts"--Alan Greenspan

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RE: Real Decreet - 9/27/2004 8:28:35 PM   

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I could feel Her perfume rise up
deeeper into my nose. She could tell that my body was loving
the sent of Her perfume. She left for a moment and then returned.
She had pulled the Hood up just enough to expose my nose.
She then sprayed some of Her perfume under and around it.
My sences where now going wild~

Although my ears where covered also, I could here her faint voice
whisper to me. Do You feel this. She grabs my balls and
squeezes them really hard! My head nods as I try to moan!

My mind is still focusing on the perfume she had placed earlier under my nose. She leaves again and this time
I can hear wheels being brought close to me. I know as before that my sences are extremly strong, and can hear what sounds like metal objects being moved around.
My heart is racing, my pulse is high.
I here her bending down and placing her smokey lips onto my cock.
This is better I thought getting hard, gonna explode in her mouth!
Well so I thought.

Before I could cum, and believe me I wanted to, I feel the
clamping of a device on my lower half.
Again she leans and whispers, this to belongs to me,
I own it and will use it as I see fit!
She speaks again.
Do You want to cum my pet?
I nod my head yes. She then opens the latch of the chasity device
and sucks me untill I shoot a huge load. As she tastes me
I can feel her crawl up to my mouth and open it, and then she frenches me and pushes the load down my throat.
I'm confused, but know it is what she wants.

She then whispers, that it is the last time You will ever cum!
I hope You have a photographic memory, because you will
need it to remember, just how nice I was to give You that one and only blow~job. Get use to my smoking also, If I smoke you will share my smoke to.

She then un~does the hand and leg clamps. I fall helplessly
into her arms. She turns me around and with my butt twords her she clamps me up again.
She reaches for the table and I can sence that she is putting something on her hands or fingers?
I feel metal points being run down my back. My body flinches up and down. I am helpless. Her perfume under my nose is fading,
and i can really feel her nails with the metal attachments
slowly digging into my back.

After getting my full attention {100%} I feel that she has grabbed something big? I can hear her arm stretching back and then with a loud crack, I feel a hard sting on my butt. She does this about 5 times. My mind is wandering, and I feel like I've been taken out of my body,

When she has finished she un~does the clamps
and helps me over to a bed like table. I am very weak and not able to move. She then takes my hood off and I can barely see my kidnappere.
Wait I think, thought I wanted this, well some of it?
She takes 2 staps, one by my shoulders and one by my knees and straps them to the bed like table. I am comfortable for the most part.
She then lights a cigarette, which she blows a long stream of smoke down inside of me. My body un~able to move just accepts what was given to me.
As my sight is getting better she then sprays more perfume on and around my nose. You like that don't You boy? In a squeaky voice I say yes.
Yes, what she says! Yes M'lady. Good, very good.
My mind wandering again, She grabs a square metal box from under the table. She then hooks up 2 clamps up to each of my nipples. I try
to raise my head but my body is motionless
from the perfume consuming me.

I can barely see her fingers turn what appears to be a dial?
She presses a button and my nipples scream with joy, then with pain!
I now know that she is testing me. Testing my limitations.
Again she hits the button. {Zaaaap} {Zaaaaaap}

My body is now limp as a noddle, and my thoughts are only on my
new Mistress. She un~does the straps, kisses me and tells me
that I should crawl up the stairs into the kitchen and be ready for dinner.
She says I have 5 minutes or I do not eat~

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