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Trapped & Trained

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Trapped & Trained - 7/29/2010 11:00:31 AM   

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I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help to move some furniture.  He was paying pretty well and, after I practically laughed at him for asking if I could lift the furniture, he agreed to have me over to get it done.  We moved everything around for what felt like hours, often moving the same piece of furniture to what seemed like the same place it was originally.  Finally he decided he liked the new arrangement, which wasn't that drastically different than how it looked when we started.  Obviously exhausted, I sat down on the couch.  He asked me if I'd like a Gatorade, to which I quickly accepted.  He brought it to me in a glass and, while it tasted a bit off at first, I didn't care and gulped the entire thing down, then leaned back against the couch.

After a few minutes, I started feeling a bit uneasy as the room began to spin.  I tried to stand, but my legs felt like they weighed too much to lift.  I tried rubbing my face to shake the feeling off, but my hands too wouldn't obey any of my commands.  I felt paralyzed sitting there on the couch next to this stranger.  I heard him move closer, then felt his hands roaming around my body, pinching my nipples roughly, forcing a finger in my mouth, stroking my cock and squeezing my balls harshly.  "You'll do just fine" he said, causing fear to course through my body.  Do just fine for what?  What was going on?  Who is this guy and what does he want with me?

"Don't panic - you're just temporarily paralyzed.  You still have all of your senses about you, meaning you'll hear everything I tell you and feel everything I intend to do with you"  With that said, he picked me up off of the couch with little effort and carried me into a bedroom.  He quickly stripped off all of my clothes and again felt around my body, squeezing my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and feeling around the outside of my hole.  I tried with everything I could to move away, but there was nothing I could do as this random man explored my body as he pleased.  He then picked me up again and took me to a bathroom, where he placed me in the tub.  He then rubbed some kind of cream all over my body and left the room.  After a few minutes I felt a tingling sensation all over, which slowly began to feel like a mild burning feeling.  After about 20 minutes I was in complete misery with my whole body feeling like it was on fire when the stranger finally reappeared.  He turned on the shower and cleaned off all of the cream, after which I noticed that all of the hair on my body was coming off with this awful cream.  Using a towel he dried me off and wiped the rest of the hair from my body, then turned me around to face a mirror.  Looking at my reflection, I could tell I was now smooth everywhere below my neck - my cock looked so strange being bare with no hair surrounding it.  The stranger then took me back to the bedroom and again sat me down on the bed, rubbing another type of cream all over me.  I panicked while thinking about what this cream would be doing to me shortly, but I soon realized that it was just a lotion.  It smelled very girly and made my skin feel extremely soft to the touch as he again explored my body roughly with his hands.

Once he was satisfied that the lotion had been rubbed in everywhere, his focus turned to my cock and balls.  Mainly, attempting to make them disappear from the feel of it.  He pushed with all his might on my balls until they finally receeded inside my groin area, leaving just my cock poking out between my legs.  With some kind of tan looking paste, he pulled my cock back behind me and applied a heavy amount of the paste over the top of it.  When he was satisfied with the amount of paste applied, he carefully smoothed it over and stepped back.  I could feel the concoction hardening between my legs and suddenly it felt like my cock was now trapped inside this casing.  Again pulling me up to the mirror I was speechless when I saw what he had done to me.  Looking between my legs now you saw no trace of my manhood, just a smooth mound that, at a quick glance, could easily pass as a pussy.

Apparently happy with his progress so far, he brought me over to a table and sat me down in front of a mirror.  I watched as he quickly went to the closet and came back with a collection of wigs of all colors.  He went through them one by one, roughly moving my head around as he situated them on top of me, then pulling them off in disgust as he tried to find one that would look natural.  He finally decided on a shoulder length brunette wig that he pinned in place.  After which he moved my head back and force to see if it would move, then made some adjustments and stepped back to admire his work.  After a few minutes he began opening the drawers in the table and pulling out boxes that looked like those that would hold makeup.  He went to work on my face with some solution that felt very thick.  When he stepped out of the way of the mirror I saw that he was applying a thick coat of foundation to my face, making it look very tan and smooth.  After giving it a few minutes to dry, he pulled out some very dark blue eye shadow and, forcing my eye closed with his off hand, I felt him applying it to each eyelid.  Next I felt him doing something to my eyelashes and then doing something very close to my eyeballs.  When he again stepped away I saw that he had apparently applied mascara and thick eyeliner to my eyes, making them look very deep now.  I then saw him pull out some red looking powder and apply it to my cheekbones, making them very defined and feminine.  Lastly he pulled out a tube of deep red lipstick, applying it to my lips and then adding on top of that a coat of sparkly lip gloss, making my lips look not only three times their size, but also very wet.

Looking at his watch, the strange man apparently felt rushed, so he quickly picked me up and sat me back down on the bed.  He went back to the closet and came back with a small box and some tube of liquid.  He pushed me on my back and poured a healthy amount of the liquid on my chest, spreading it around.  He then took two gel looking objects out of the box and pushed them hard onto my chest, centering each one over my nipples.  He held each of them there for a few minutes, then removed his hands and pulled me back up into a sitting position.  The gels were now attached to me because of the glue he apparently spread around beneath them.  If I had to guess, I'd say I was now a large C cup or possibly a small D and I could feel the weight pulling on my chest as they hung off of me.  I noticed that I was gaining a little bit of control over my body now and was able to slowly move my mouth and fingers, which the stranger noticed and again dashed into the closet.

He returned with his hands full of clothing, which he laid down at my feet.  He again pushed me on my back on the bed and I felt him working something over each of my legs, then pulling something up around my waist.  Lastly I felt my legs again being put through some openings and then some small material being pulled up until I felt what I could only imagine was the string of a thong sliding in between my hairless ass cheeks.  He sat me up and I saw that I was now wearing a pink garter belt and a matching pink thong, while the snaps of the garter were hooked into some black designer stockings with pink bows running up the back.  Going back to the clothes he took a pink ruffly corset and placed it around my chest, then rolled me over onto my chest.  I felt him getting up on the bed to apparently get some better leverage as he slowly tied the corset together in the back.  He went through the laces again and again until I started feeling very light headed and noticed it was very difficult to breathe.  Satisfied, he rolled me back over and sat me up, adjusting the corset a bit to fit my now respectable bust in the corset.  He again pushed me back and worked something up to my waist that felt very snug and constricting, but not long at all.  When I saw the mirror I saw that he had pulled a tiny but very tight black skirt up my legs.  It was so short that you could still easily see the bottoms of the garter and where they hooked into my stockings.

I was now starting to be able to gently move my arms around, though I was still extremely weak and in no position to fight this man off.  Still rushing, he came back and pushed my feet into some pink high heels unlike any I'd ever seen at the clubs I frequented.  These heels had a viciously high back to them, I'd say at least 5 inches, then had straps that wrapped around and up my legs to about mid-calf.  Once he had wrapped them tightly, I watched as he slipped tiny black padlocks at various points on the heels, effectively locking them onto my feet.  I could now move my legs and gave a pathetic attempt at getting away, which basically just resulted in me falling onto my side.  Chuckling, the man picked me back up and stood me on my now wobbling feet.  I barely had regained enough strength to stand and was very unstable since I was now forced to basically stand tiptoed.  A black collar was placed around my neck with pink lettering on it that I couldn't make out in the mirror.  My voice was starting to come back around this time, albeit it mostly at a whisper.  Mustering up the energy, I whispered out my main concern at this point... "Why?"

The man spanked my ass once hard, almost causing me to fall over as I stumbled forward.  "You'll just get the one spanking this time, but the next time you speak without permission, I'll spank your ass red and then drop you off in the red light district to fend for yourself.  Those thugs down there would just love to get ahold of some little sissy like you and to whore you out for profit.  Now, you asked why.  The answer is simple - because I can.  Because you came in here thinking you were hot shit - well, now you're sure as hell hot, I'll give you that."

"Before you ask any more questions, let me give you a description of your new life.  I own you now.  Don't worry, I don't want to keep you locked away - you'll be free to go about your day to day life just as you used to.  But when I come calling, you answer and you do exactly as I say.  Soon you'll be experienced enough to dress yourself just as I've dressed you today.  I know this is all quite a shock to you, but relax - I'm not interested in ruining your life as long as you do exactly what I tell you to do.  If you do what I say, then this will just become another part of you.  If you don't do what I say, then I'll sell you off into slavery where you'll be drugged up and tied to a bed, where people will pay to come in and do whatever they want to you.  Nod if you understand and are ready to do what I tell you to do."

I was trying to let the reality of everything that he had just said sink in.  Millions of questions were running through my mind but I had no answers.  All I could do was look in the mirror at this sexy and slutty girl that was staring back at me, from her long blonde hair down to her sexy pink stillettos.  If I would have passed her in the club, I would have turned and watched her ass sway back and forth while she walked, looked at those garters hooked into the stockings and just imagining everything I could do to her if I had her in the sack for a night.  Snapping back into reality I realized that it was me underneath those clothes and that makeup.  It was me that guys would be dreaming about slamming their cock into.  In a matter of hours, this guy took my world and flipped it on its head.  From a guy living a great life to this, this... sex doll.

I apparently looked in the mirror past the time the man was willing to wait and suddenly felt a shock vibrating through my entire body, originating from my neck and going down to my toes.  I whirled around and saw a remote in the stranger's hands, then pieced together that this collar was no ordinary choker, it was actually an upgraded dog collar of sorts, where I would be shocked by his discretion.  It hurt like hell and I pleaded with him to stop with my eyes, tears forming in the corners.  I reached with my hands behind my neck to try and remove it, but again I felt one of those small padlocks holding the device in place.  Again, he asked me to nod to show my submission to him.  Admitting my defeat, I slowly nodded my head up and down.  The shocking stopped and he smiled a devilish grin.

"Good, then let's start your training.  Obviously, I'm not training you to be some kind of a secretary or doing odd jobs around the house as I have no need for that.  No, I'm training you to be my sex doll.  I know, you're thinking that you're not gay and you have no desire to be a sex doll for some guy like me.  But that's where the training comes in.  You see, when you're dressed like this, you're not a guy, you're my slut.  Look between those legs - I don't see a cock down there, I see a bald pussy.  Look at what you're wearing - you look like you just got off your shift at the strip club, girl.  Look at those lips - those lips look like they were made for being wrapped around a cock like mine and working it till it explodes, and that's exactly what I plan on training them to do."

Not seeing any other options, I panicked.  I reached out and tried to grab him, tried to hit him, tried to do something to temporarily impair him.  Easily, he moved out of the way and I flopped down on the bed, not used to walking in these damn heels, I was basically immobile.  Angered, he pulled my hands behind my back and slipped something over and up to my elbows, then tied this binder off.  He then stood me up.  Looking in the mirror I noticed that, with how my elbows were now forced behind me, my chest was now pushed out, making my breasts stand out much, much more.

"There" he said, "Now I expected one of those outbursts to be coming sooner or later, so I'll let that one slide.  Just know that this is your final warning.  Any more stupid shit like that and off you go.  Now, since your arms are now useless to you, let's see what we can do here to start your training.  First, I think I should get a sample of the goods, don't you think?"  With that, he pushed me forward onto the bed face down.  I felt him hike my skirt up from behind, leaving it just above my ass.  "Now, the first thing you'll learn is that this is no longer your asshole.  This is now your pussy.  And you know what pussies are good for, right?  Be a good little slut and tell me what pussies are good for now."

Swallowing hard, I said "Fucking?"  After a sharp smack on my ass, he laughed and said "Very good sissy.  Now, in the future you'll be sure to refer to me as Master or Sir, but you're still learning.  But, as you said, pussies are good for fucking, so let's see what kind of pussy we're working with here."  I felt something cold and slippery trying to make its way past the tight entrance to my ass... I mean my pussy...  I tried to fight it off for what felt like hours, but was likely only a matter of minutes before the intruder made its way in.  After feeling it wiggle around inside, I figured out that it was one of his fingers.  My hole burned at this foreign object being inside it.  While I was trying to adjust to this new feeling, suddenly I felt another finger probing around my hole, forcing its way inside.  "Oh, so tight" my Master said from behind me - "How is a little slut like you still a virgin?"  All I could do was moan and lightly sob... it hurt so bad and I knew there would be no end in sight.  "I think I'll need more than fingers to open you up."

Suddenly I was picked back up and a leash was attached to my collar.  I was led out of the room and down into the basement, which was more like one of those fetish playrooms you see in the magazines.  There was a padded sawhorse that I was led over to and told to lay on.  As I did, I felt my legs strapped to its legs, then my arms were unbound but quickly rebound to the legs of the horse again.  I was now strapped bent over this thing when I heard something being placed behind me.  "This should do the trick" he said as he then wheeled a mirror around in front of me.  What I now saw behind me was some sort of machine, it almost looked like some huge drill, but instead of a drill bit on the end, there was a small lifelike looking penis.  "We'll start out with this little guy, but eventually I'm sure you'll work your way up to the monster sized cocks, you little whore.  Eventually you'll beg me to strap you up to this machine, you'll love the feeling of having a cock buried in that pussy of yours while you moan and squeel in delight as it fucks you to no end."  With that, he took the tip of the cock and lubed it up, then positioned it right in line with my hole.  I watched him plug it in, adjust a few settings, then turn it on.  Slowly I felt the pressure increase at my ass... err, my pussy, as it slowly made its way in.  Once all five inches were in, I felt again as it pulled itself out, spreading that lube all over my hole.  The next push in felt a little easier, but it was still extremely painful as I continued to cry out.  Once my Master felt comfortable with my progress, I watched him adjust the settings a bit, which in turn resulted in the pace of the machine picking up drastically.  I was now being forcefully fucked by a machine while dressed up as a slut in some perverted man's basement with no way to escape.  I began sobbing and pleading with him to let me go.

"Well now, I forgot all about that hole up there."  Confused by what he meant, I watched him pull out a similar machine and position it in front of me.  "No, you can't do this, you can't make me suck that thing" I commanded, as if I had any control over what would happen.  I closed my mouth tight, convinced that I would never open it for him.  I was sorely mistaken.  While the dildo was thrust out of me, he would sharply spank my ass.  Over and over he spanked me with his hand with me having no way to stop him and no way to get free.  Finally, I opened my mouth in a scream, only to have him force something in my mouth that held my teeth in its grooves and forcefully held my mouth open in an O position.  He secured it around my head, then said "Fine, do it the hard way, makes no difference to me."  He then swapped out the small dildo fucking my ass for a larger one, probably six inches in length now but also thicker.  It felt like it was going to split me in half as it pounded in and out of my pussy.  Moving back around in front of me, he went to the cabinet and pulled out another dildo and also a bag of some kind of white fluid that screwed into the base of the dildo, then secured the dildo on the machine.  I saw the fluid flow down into the dildo and a small amount start to leak out of the tip.  "That's precum" he stated.  "This is a special dildo.  This machine will randomly make it orgasm and shoot this fluid into your open mouth.  This will train that mouth of yours how to suck cock and also how to be a good little slut and swallow what you're given.  And that cum you'll be swallowing, it's mine.  I've been saving it just for a special little girl like you.  But if you run out I have a formula I can put together that will taste the same, texture and all, so don't you worry."

The machine spun to life.  He did some adjusting on it to make sure I was taking the cock in my mouth just as the cock in my pussy was being pulled out.  With my mouth stuck in this gag, I had no way to stop it and tasted the precum leaking from the dildo as it ran along my tongue.  After a few minutes of being sawed by these machines, the one in my mouth went in deep and stopped.  I was a bit relieved, thinking that maybe it had broken, but I then heard some noises and watched some of the fluid in the bag drain, following it down the tube and into the dildo.  I then felt the warm cum spray against the back of my throat.  I had no choice to swallow as the dildo was stuck in my mouth, so there was nowhere else for the cum to go.  Once I swallowed it, the machine sprung back to life, fucking my mouth like a pussy, just like the machine behind me was doing.  Satisfied, my Master adjusted the video cameras around the room to make sure he was getting closeups of my mouth and pussy, then started to make his way out of the room.

"I'll be back in an hour or so.  That bag should be almost empty by then and you should have a belly full of cum, satisfying a sissy slut like yourself.  Maybe I'll send you on home for the day after that, or maybe I'll be ready to take you for a test ride myself, we'll see.  Either way I'll be upstairs putting together your training for the next few months.  Enjoy the show."  As he said that he turned on the big screen TV in front of me, which was split into four screens.  Each screen was a live feed from the cameras, showing me getting fucked from different angles.  There I was... this slutty bimbo with her skirt hiked up and her breasts bouncing up and down, my garters straining to hang on to my stockings and my heels barely touching the ground, taking a cock in my bald pussy and load after load of fresh cum being deposited in my throat.  There was no denying it - I was now a slut.  I began trying to plot how I would get out of this, but my thoughts kept being interrupted by the feeling of a huge cock slamming into me from both sides, with the periodic shooting of cum down my throat.  If this was my first day of training, I shuttered to think of the days that now were ahead of me.
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RE: Trapped & Trained - 7/30/2010 10:06:54 PM   

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RE: Trapped & Trained - 8/3/2010 7:34:40 AM   

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