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To finaly submit

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To finaly submit - 5/26/2011 3:39:35 PM   

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  So, this is it,tonight is the,” night”.

It’s been a long time since either of them has been with someone, let alone, in these roles. They know what they are doing. They’ve emailed one another, shared stories, trials & tribulations of their lives before. Chats were quite fun. They let their imaginations run, while they messaged  so many playful things, back and forth. But this…this was going to be different. This was the evening that they decided to go to the next level. “We’ve done the vanilla,” he thinks to himself.

“We’re as compatible as can be, in our regular lives. But now…ahhhh yes….” She tentatively exits her room. She’s dressed just as they had talked about in several of their chats, wearing that little bikini she loves at the beach, the teal one that shows off the blonde colour of her hair and matches so well with the colour of her eyes. She’s let her hair down, cascading past her shoulders, swaying to and fro as she enters the living room. Upon her arms, the leather opera length gloves he had commented on, in those same chats. And her legs, each encased in those thigh high boots she was so excited to have ordered, and received just days ago… the outfit that they both decided would be perfect for her, on this special night. “Does this please you,” she asks meekly. “Indeed,” he replies. “You’ve done an excellent job putting together our outfit. I couldn’t be more pleased at the moment.” Her excitement rises inside, and she struggles not to appear overly thrilled with his reaction, for she knows far more is to come soon. “Turn around, my sweet. Let me see all of you.” She begins to turn clockwise. “Slowly, my pet. Slowly. I want to take in all that you have done for us this evening.” His heart begins to pound a bit faster. He is so happy that she was so thorough in putting together this outfit. The way each part of the ensemble hugs her body; how the heels of the boots raise her up and accentuates that lovely ass of hers; how her bikini top barely holds her breasts in; how the gloves she wears makes her arms so much sleeker, sexier.

“Are you ready?” he asks. “Yes sir,” she replies. “As you command.” “Then, my sweet, let’s move ourselves to that playroom downstairs.”
He takes her leather encased hand and leads her forward towards the stairs to the basement. He opens the door, turns on the light, and leads her down the stairs. He leads her to the middle of the room at the bottom of the stairs. “Spread your legs,” he says to her and she readily complies.
Quickly, from the nearby bench, he removed a spreader bar and slowly attaches each ankle to the leather cuffs at each end of the pole. Once locked in place, as he stands back up, he slowly allows his hands to follow the inside of her thighs. Even through the boots, she feels the shudder of anticipation. Her breath quickens a bit and again she finds herself needing to summon the willpower to calm down; to enjoy this tender moment; to make it last in her mind. His hands slowly make their way close to her bikini bottom.
He slowly strokes around the edges of the garment, working his way inexorably towards her hidden treasure. She starts to bite her lip. She is thrilled at his touch; this touch that she now realizes she has been waiting for far too long. He sees her nibble her lip; he too feels a thrill wash over him as he explores this body that he has been craving. Slowly he moves behind her, never fully removing his hands from her. Now positioned behind her, he brings his hands into full contact with that lovely ass of hers.
Gently, he begins to knead her flesh through the bikini, timing each pull of her flesh to each breath she is taking. Faster and faster he kneads the flesh, then suddenly he stops and she lets out a quiet moan. “Not yet, my dear. We’ve only just begun. We can’t get all caught up in the preliminaries.” Although she is disappointed, she is also relieved. “More. So much more to come,” she thinks to herself. He moves on now.
He runs his hands up her sides gently, almost to the point of tickling. She flinches for just a moment. He then runs his right hand along her right arm, lifting it. Again, from the nearby bench, he grabs one of the lengths of rope they had previously placed there. Methodically he loops it around her gloved wrist, cinching it tight, but not too tight. Then taking the other end, he loops it through an eye-bolt in the joist above pulling her arm towards it. Once her arm is raised to almost a 45 degree angle, he stops and ties the rope off. Quickly he takes another length form the bench as he repeats the procedure to her left hand. “Tight enough for you?” he asks. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” she replies. He returns behind her, gently moving her hair off her neck. He moves in closer. She feels his warm breath upon her neck. She longs for him to kiss it. In moments, he does so. A gentle kiss to the back of her neck, then more alternating between the right side and the left… Back and forth. She sways as she again feels the heat rise within her. Her knees buckle ever so slightly, allowing her ass to come into contact with him. She feels how large he has become. She is so thrilled that this is having such an effect on both of them.   But then he pulls away. “Soon, my pet. So very soon. But first things first,” comes his explanation. He is feeling quite flushed.
He hadn’t expected to be this thrilled this quickly. All he can think of now is continuing with the plan… This time he quickly steps over to the laundry area. There he finds exactly what is needed. “I know this is our first night, so I need to check again. Are you ready?” “I am ready, sir.” He takes the silken scarf, carefully places it over her eyes and cinches it tight. She is thrilled at this new sensation. This freedom from sight. Her other senses struggle to cope. She stains to hear him move about her, trying to recall what is where down here. All the time she is wondering what will be the next things she feels… Slowly he walks around her, examining her, scanning her body. “Her body…mmm…where to start,” he thinks to himself. For quite some time now he has been running this moment through his mind, trying to imagine what it would be like. Now this moment is here, she is here. She hears him slowly pacing around her. The anticipation continuing to build up. “What is he up to,” she thinks to herself. “What is he going to do? God, please let him start…I’ve wanted this so badly.” Still be circles. Still she listens for any sound that may give a clue. He suddenly stops behind her. Her pulse begins to quicken. He inches up behind her again, not touching her, but close enough that she senses his presence.
He snakes his hands carefully around her mid-section, being very careful not to touch her just yet. Even now his hands begin to tremble with the excitement he feels. He takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly, blowing it across her neck and shoulders. He begins to feel calmer; she shudders from this warm gentle breeze. Slowly he moves his hand until they are just millimetres from her breasts. He is aching to grab them, but again stops, assessing her reaction. “You can’t see anything right now, my pet, can you?” he whispers into her left ear. Momentarily startled she replies, “Nothing at all, sir. I am quite blind at the moment as you require.” “Mmmm. I just needed to make sure.” Now he moves his hands in, each cupping and caressing a breast. Slowly he rubs them, working from her torso out towards the nipples. Once at the nipples, he quickly pinches each between his forefinger and thumb.
She squeals, both shocked and delighted, an unintended smile of sweet pleasure breaking across her face. “Ahhhh, you like that, do you,” he asks as he gives a slightly tighter pinch and a small twist to each. “Yes,” she gasps out. “Very good,” he replies as his hands quickly retreat. A huge smile shoots across his face, knowing what her reaction will be, knowing full well that this is just the beginning.
At the same time, she pouts, wishing he wouldn’t have stopped so abruptly. Thinking how cruel it was to do this, then realizing that he’s just begun to play wipes the pout from her face.   Quietly he moves once again to the workbench, this time seizing 2 small alligator clips, connected to one another, by a short length of fine chain. He flips the chain over his head so that the clips hang over his shoulders, and returns to his spot right behind her. Again he moves in as close as he can, still not touching her. She feels his presence once again, and begins to get excited. “You want a bit more of that, my sweet?” “Oh, yes please. If you wish me to.”   “Well then, first things first,” he says reaching for the back string of the bikini. He slowly, almost painfully undoes the knot, allowing the strings to sway off to her sides, slowly swinging back and forth. “Hmmm,” he says in her ear again, in another low whisper. “Still covered. What shall I do about this?” He reaches to her hair lying down her back and gathers it into an impromptu ponytail. He begins to kiss her neck again, and upon reaching the final knot supporting her top, he starts to untie it, stopping as the bow from the knot is released. “Well, well. Still on,” he says feigning indignation. “This just won’t do you know.” A large smile breaks across his face as he says this. And then he pulls the last of the strings apart, allowing her top to fall to the floor in front of her. He now pulls back from her, releasing her hair which once again falls across her shoulders and back. Moving now to be in front of her, he stops to admire her – so firm, so supple. How he has longed to see these breasts at this moment. He can’t help but stare for a few moments, transfixed. As her top falls away, she takes a quick deep breath wondering what is to be done to her now.
At this moment, she realizes that this is the first time she has been exposed to him like this. With the coolness of the air in the basement and her own feeling of excitement and a little fear, she feels her nipples start to harden. He starts back towards her, quickly swinging the chain from around his neck, placing a clip in each hand.
Carefully, he positions himself, opening each clip, allowing his hands to inch towards her breasts. He feels her breath; watches her breasts heaving up and down as the pace of her breathing increases. He starts to time his move, then leaning in plants a firm kiss upon her lips. As she kisses him back he peeks and releases both clips upon her nipples. In the midst of the kiss she yelps, shocked by the sudden bite upon her nipples, allows herself to get lost in his kiss. For a moment they are both lost in this moment. Now he starts to slowly pull away, and she leans forward to continue with the kiss. He reaches to her lips with one hand, placing a finger upon those achingly beautiful lips, and gently places the other upon the chains that now connects her two nipples. Playfully she wraps her lips upon his finger, sucking it into her mouth and ever so gently grasping it with her teeth hoping that he’ll return his lips. He manages to pull his finger from her mouth. “Bite on this if you must,” he says, pulling up the chain and placing it in her mouth. As she straightens back up, she now tugs on her own nipples.
A momentary gasp and the chain slips from between her teeth. It falls causing an unexpected bit of pain on her nipples. “Ahhhh, hang on to it. Don’t let it fall again,” he says placing it back between her teeth. He caresses her cheeks and moves his hands back down to her breasts; quickly giving a flick to both clamps, causing her to gasp in both pain and joy. Again he circles behind her. “Doesn’t that feel good? Is it what you were hoping for?” Not wanting to let the chain go again all she can muster is, “Mmmm Hmm,” in response. He again kisses her neck and shoulders, and begins to work his hands along her ass again. Rubbing and squeezing, listening to her moan ever so slightly through her clenched teeth. His hands quickly move to the sides of her bikini bottom. There he grabs the 2 strings that hold this piece of cloth over her nether regions. Before she can react, he releases both knots, keeping one string in his hand, and pulls them off.   “You are really enjoying yourself so far, aren’t you?” he asks. “Gotten a bit damp here haven’t we?” She blushes and smiles. He drops the cloth to the floor and moves in close to her, this time he is right up against her. She can feel the bulge in his pants and is so happy that he is enjoying this as much as she is.
He moves his hands, down her legs to the tops of the boots, slowly working his way towards her pussy. “I am so looking forward to seeing just how much you are enjoying this,” he whispers in her ear. Shifting to her other ear, “I will be pleased at how much you like this, won’t I?” he asks. Excitedly she replies with another, “Mmmm Hmm.” He slides his right hand to her belly, leaving his left on the side of her leg. Pressing himself against her he slowly begins to move his hand down, swirling his fingers through the light hairs that pave the way to his goal. “My goodness, you are an excitable little minx, aren’t you?” he asks in her ear as he feels her juices. Slowly he moves his fingers, circling as if he was attempting to land at an airport – spiralling closer and closer. He breathes harder, she breathes harder, struggling to maintain her grip on the chain. “Oh, god,” she exclaims, losing her hold on the chains, pain again in her nipples as his first finger is thrust into her pussy… He swirls his finger within her womanhood, round and round, thrusting it in and out, then a second finger is added. She cranes her neck, longingly searching for his mouth to kiss to help her to bottle in this moment as he plays with her. Their lips lock, passion flows between the two of them, tongues engaged internally wrestling one another. He feels her breathing harder than ever, deep gulping breaths. It is hard to do this, but he pulls his fingers out, backing away from her kisses. “Not yet, pet. More to come,” he says, almost gasping for breath himself. He feels his own manhood, so swollen now. He can’t remember the last time he felt like this. Neither can she, gasping, panting, craving more. Again he moves to the workbench, quickly scanning for his next party favour. Several of the items they set aside earlier catch his eye: a length of rope with knots at various intervals, and a couple of additional clips with small weights attached.
He grabs all three items and returns to his lady. Looping the rope quickly around her waist, she feels his breath close to her pussy. So close in fact that she starts to thrust forward with it. He quickly grabs her with a ferocity she wasn’t expecting, and proceeds to run his tongue around and into her pussy. She moans, pulling in a deep breath of her own, just as he releases her and continues with the rope, winding it around her waist, carefully looping the end through so that the knots already in this length are rubbing above, against, and behind her pussy. He leaves it loose enough so that as she moves her hips, the knots each take their turns rubbing her.   She smiles, rocking her hips back and forth allowing the ropes to work their magic against her. Once he has the length of rope tied off, he kisses her mid-section, running his tongue around her belly button crossing the rope, again towards her wet and excited pussy, then again he stops. Now he takes one clip in each hand and applies them to the lips of her pussy.
She exclaims with delight as the clips close upon them, and squeals aloud as he lets the weights attached drop. “There we go, pet. I’m sure that is quite pleasing to you.” “Yes, sir, it is. Thank you,” comes the almost breathless reply. He steps back and surveys what he’s done, watching her rocking back and forth, helped by the ropes on her wrists, and made a little unstable by the spreader bar attached to her ankles. He sees her alternately smiling and struggling to move just right to maximize the pleasure she craves. He listens to her as she moans ever so slightly; watches as her breasts with the clips still attached heave up and down as she breathes; he notices as the weights attached to the clips on her pussy swing further out with her rocking she winces with the little unexpected jolt. He’s quite happy with his handy work. He’s certain she is too. As earlier, he quietly circles her, as a predator stalks its prey. Round and round he moves, slowly, taking in every inch of this woman he has before him. “What next,” he thinks to himself. “What more can I do to stimulate her.” He glances over at the refrigerator they have in the basement. While she is trying to satisfy herself in her current predicament, he opens the fridge door. He pulls out a cold bottle of coke, and returns to her. Silently he sidles up behind her, placing his head next to her ear. “Slow down, my sweet. Save some for later,” he whispers. Immediately she starts to slow her self-stimulation, forcing herself to calm down.
As before, she cranes her neck searching for his kiss. Unlike earlier, this time he pulls her to him, forcibly planting a kiss on her lips. They kiss; long, passionately, and in the midst of this he brings the ice cold bottle up against the skin in the small of her back. She tries to jump, to pull away from this new sensation, but his grip on her is firm, far firmer than it has been all night. She can’t move, her lips locked to his, her body pulled tight against his. She becomes aware of other things. Once more she feels his bulging cock in through his pants. She craves him. She wants him to take her now, but she knows it is not her place to ask for such a thing. Not now. Not this time. He moves the bottle from the small of her back, around her left side, up the front of her chest, resting its cold dampness against the heat of her breasts with their tender nipples. He begins to move the bottle up and down between her breasts, making her feel as if she was being breast fucked by him. How she starts to crave this as well now. Once again, he stops almost as abruptly as he started, without a word. She strains to hear what he is doing now, wondering what could he possibly be planning... noises, so familiar but can’t quite be placed. Suddenly she hears the click of the locks on her ankles. A bit of extra movement, but this extra movement causes the clips and weights upon her pussy lips to swing anew.
She bites her lip at the increased pain she feels. “You know, I’ve been waiting for a very long time for this,” he says from just in front of her. He leans forward towards her, just out of reach. “I know you’ve been waiting a long time as well.” He moves back behind her, reaching for the rope suspending her right hand, slowly releasing her hand from its knotted embrace. “Let your arms rest by your side,” he tells her, moving quickly to her left arm to repeat the process. With both her hands free, she wishes to rub her wrists from where the ropes and the leather of her gloves had held them up. Once more in front of her, he quickly takes both her hands, bringing them in front of her, re-binding them together. Next she feels the rope around her waist loosen and the knots drop away from her pussy. She is both relieved and disappointed at this sensation. Then the cuffs attaching her ankles to the spreader bar are released.
He suddenly stands up in front of her, placing her bound arms around his neck. She feels his body, his naked body against her; his engorged cock flirting with her pussy, his chest pushing against the clamps on her nipples. So many sensations all at once, it is almost overwhelming. He once more kisses her passionately, and while doing so, he thrusts himself into her as she wraps her legs around him, keeping him deep inside her. He carries her to the bench where he kept this evening’s toys. He quickly throws everything that is left off the bench to the floor. He sits her on the edge of the bench, starts to force her back, begins to thrust like he has never thrust before. She thrusts her hips so hard the clips with the weights fall off. She yelps from the pain and the pleasure she is receiving at this moment. The two of them begin to move in unison, both making the most of the moment, both making up for the teasing they subjected themselves to this evening. Harder, faster, they both move. He pushes the blindfold from her, he wants to see her eyes at this moment, to see into her soul, to drink in everything. She’s happy to have the blindfold removed, she now gets to see this wonderful tease. She drinks in every inch of him until they both explode from their pleasures, even after they both cum, they continue to thrust, to rock, to kiss, to not give up this time together. This first night, the first night of what they both hope and desire to be of so many more.

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