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Taken in the shower

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Taken in the shower - 6/16/2011 4:02:52 AM   

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  My hands moved off your shoulder “Yesssss”, you murmured, as my large hand covered your left breast.
You could feel the length of my body press into your back. My cock was already hard, and I rubbed it against you. I knew that would tease you. You pressed back against me. You leaned forward a bit. You were ready for me. You were ready for my huge cock. You wanted me to fuck you right then.
“Be still Missy, we shall do this, my way”, I growled in your ear.

Shivers of pleasure shot down your spine at the sound of my rough voice. I knew what you wanted. My arm was firm around your waist, not letting you move,you tilted your head to the side, as you felt my breath on your neck, lips brushing softly over your skin, I glanced down and watched your skin, against my own. You watched, not blinking, as I took your nipple in my fingers, I pulled and and twisted it, I knew how this affected you, feeling shivers in your lower stomach, and groin. I shifted the arm around your waist and brought that hand to your other breast. I played with both of your nipples. You watched, as they got darker and harder, so hard. You could feel your arousal increase,so aroused that you began to wriggle. You started to rub your ass up and down my cock,wanting to make me as aroused, as you were.
“I told you to be still, Missy”, I pushed you against the cool shower wall.
I turned your head to face the other wall. You couldn’t see me. Your breasts were crushed against to cool tiled wall, biting cold against your hard, hot nipples.  I then shifted your hands, and placed them above your head on the wall.
“Keep those there, Missy”, I demanded.

You were still, just as I expected of you. You could feel my mouth starting to move over your body. I kissed your shoulders, the long curve of your back, the cheeks of your ass, and down your thighs. You felt my lips brush over your ass cheeks. You moaned, and pushed back to my mouth. You wanted more of that.    I lifted my hand and brought it down on your ass cheek and told you to remember what you were told. 
“Spread your legs for me woman” I asked.
You could feel hot breath on you, as you spread your legs wider. You kept your hands on the wall and tried not to lean away from them. You could feel me start to play with your pussy lips. I rubbed them between my fingers. You bit your lip and tried not to demand that I hurry up. It felt so good but I knew you wanted more. My fingers released you, and then you felt my mouth on you.
“Oh yesss”, you couldn’t help but moan out.

My lips started to suck on them. I pulled on your cunt lips, and then pushed my tongue between. My tongue was so hard and wet. I pushed my tongue up between your lips, and when I touched your clit, you jerked and moaned louder. You wanted to grab my head. You wanted to hold it there and fuck my face. You wanted to share your pleasure. You knew I wouldn’t let you though. I started to suck on your clit and then shoved two fingers, deep inside you.
“Fuck my fingers, let me feel you Missy”, I groaned out loud, as I penetrated you deeper.
You started to move your hips. You began to move your pussy up and down on my long thick fingers. You weren’t filled enough, but shit it felt good. You pushed down hard, and I rubbed your inner pussy walls. You could feel your cunt get wetter. You could feel yourself get tenser; I could even feel your arousal. You moved faster, wanting to reach your orgasm. Just then I pulled my mouth away, and jerked my fingers from your body. You heard them suck into my mouth.
“You taste so good Missy”, I said, my mouth against your ass.
I spread your cheeks and started to lick between them. You gasped loudly. You loved that feeling. I knew you loved that feeling. I licked your sensitive asshole. My tongue moved up and down, you could barely stand it. I felt you shake, you were on fire, and you felt like you were going to burst.
I just then stood up and pressed you tighter to the wall. I rubbed my cock head into your soaking, wet pussy.

“Do you want this cock Missy”, I asked you.
“Yes please, please give me your cock”, you answered.  
I shoved my large cock inside you, with one thrust. You couldn’t contain your scream of pleasure. I felt so good inside you. Your cunt was tightening around me, showing its pleasure. You were trying to suck me in deeper as I entered you all the way. My balls were right up against your body. I wrapped my arms around you, and grabbed your shoulder. You held my cock inside you.  Then I started to move, I started to fuck your tight pussy. My cock moved in and out of your body. I started slowly, prolonging it. You could feel every inch of my cock as it moved in and out. My shaft rubbed up against your walls. Your cunt was warm and so wet. You could feel my knob. You pushed back against it so hard, demanding more.

 Then I started to move faster. You could hear the wet noises your pussy made with every thrust. Your body bounced with each hard thrust. You could feel the head of my cock slam deep inside you. Your moans got louder as each thrust got harder. Again your body started to tense. I could feel your pussy squeezing my shaft as your whole body tensed up. Your orgasm ripped through your body. I groaned loudly in your ear, and then joined you, my seed flushing your body, you’re breathing so hard, then softer as your body started to slow down.

I held you tight for a long time. You could feel my heart beating quickly against your back, and then slow with your own. My breath was loud in your ear. You loved that you could make me cum like that. You liked how I sounded, so out of control with you. My hands started to slowly move over your body, gently.
“You feel so good, Missy”, I whispered in your ear.
You closed your eyes and leaned back into my arms. We started to feel the water get cold and I turned the taps off, my softening cock slid out of you, my semen was dripping down your inner thigh; you loved the feeling of that. I reached out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I pulled you back a little and wrapped the towel around your body. You felt the warmth already.

 I leaned then, and kissed your neck, your jaw, and your forehead. I whispered in your ear that you were great, like always, and that I would see you soon. Then I stepped out of the shower. You didn’t even bother trying to follow me out. You were too weak at the knees, and knew you couldn’t follow me.

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