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Public - 1/17/2004 12:05:12 PM   

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I have always loved writing, but I have not made the time to do it in the last few years. I am posting a story for the enjoyment of all of the members, and ask for *some* feedback. Even constructive criticism to give me an idea of what people think of my writing is appreciated.



"I was told I had best call you now, as in another few days you would no longer be available," the deep voice on the phone said. Sandy felt a shiver, for the voice belonged to Jon, a gorgeous Dom she has been speaking to on and off for several months. "Lady D said if I didn't make time to meet you I would regret it. I don't like to have regrets easily prevented, so what are you doing in an hour?"
She felt the thrill that coursed through her being at his words. She had soaked for an hour this afternoon. She could still smell the faint smell of vanilla from the bubble bath on her skin. "Awaiting your pleasure of course, Sir," she responded. She loved the way the lotion she was applying with such care made her skin feel silky smooth under her touch. "Lady D told me to expect your call. I will be ready whenever you arrive." She gave him directions to her home, and slowly replaced the receiver in it's cradle.
She smiled at the fact that she had a full hour to get ready and decided to use it to pamper herself. She finished applying the lotion, making sure to blend it in well. Closing her eyes she felt her body stir at the feel of hands on her body, even if they were her own hands. She laughed aloud, a clear bubbling sound. She felt so wanton, and rather than dismay her, she reveled in the fact that she had come to accept that she was a sexy, beautiful woman in her own right.
Sandy walked into the bathroom, and looked closely into the mirror. She grimaced slightly as the myriad of tight curls that covered her head. Her hair, when wet, fell close to two inches below her shoulders. But the curls were so plentiful and tight that they caused her hair to appear at least 4 inches shorter. Still her hair was thick, and so easily entangled by fingers when one wanted to control her movements.
Sandy picked up and blended together two different shades of purple and brushed them lightly across her eyelids. She barely touched mascara to her long thick lashes, but she didn't need much to cause her eyes to jump out at anyone looking at her face. The Auburn that her hair currently was only further accentuated the clear light blue of her eyes. She started applying color to her full pouty lips, loving the wet, shade of red she has chosen. She lightly blotted her lips, and smiled as she was so apt to do. She was pleased with the over all look and turned to go back to her room to finish getting ready.
Sandy sat down on the edge of her bed, and picked up one of the thigh high stockings that was sitting there. She arched her foot, and then slowly drew the material across her foot, then calf, loving the silky feel as it encased her leg. She continued up her thighs, straightening the wide band that was at the top so that it would hold it in place. She repeated this ritual with the other leg, and then slowly stood.
Reaching the night stand, Sandy picked up a bottle and sprayed, feeling her nipples harden as they were hit with the cold liquid within. She breathed deeply, feeling herself get damp from the heady vanilla fragrance she so loved. She glanced at the clock, and saw she still had over 30 minutes to prepare. She continued getting ready by putting on a pretty white lace bra. Although Sandy loved dressing sexy, she felt that with as large as her breasts were it only appeared tacky to go out without a bra, unless the clothing was tight enough to hold her up. Plus this bra was low cut, and the lace that barely framed the nipple gave just the right erotic suggestion.
As she picked up the white sleeveless top, the words of advise given to her by Lady D again went through her mind. ‘Low cut and high heels,’ she had been told. ‘As always, open and available.’ When she smoothed the material across her stomach, she decided that as 3 or more inches of her white, rounded breasts curved invitingly in the mirror, that the shirt definitely counted as low cut. She pulled on her skirt, knowing that as she had no panties underneath, that should cover the ‘open and available’ criteria.
After glancing at the clock again, she realized she still had 25 minutes to wait, so she picked up her heels and almost floated down the stairs as her anticipation mounted. She called Leigh, her standing safe call, and explained that this was most like be an all public display, so she wasn't sure when she would call back again. If they decided to go back to his place, then she would call as soon as they arrived, otherwise it would be no more than 3 hours. And of course, Leigh had all the information about him *just in case*.
They chatted a few minutes, about the potential collar Sandy might be getting on Saturday. The master that was going to decide had told her she should go out on a play date so she was ready to commit, and if she wasn't her usual slutty self, he would know she wasn't ready to truly give herself up. Sandy glanced at the clock, and her heart caught in her throat. He had warned her to be ready, yet with less then 5 minutes, she didn't have her shoes on. She said a hurried good-bye to Leigh, and sat quickly on the couch. She was starting to panic when she couldn't get the strap of the second shoe fastened around her ankle. Just as she managed to get the strap fastened, the bell rang and she felt her heart race as she stood to answer it.
She smoothed the wrinkles from her skirt as she walked towards the door. She took a deep breath, and slowly opened it, smiling when she saw his relaxed appearance. "Hello, Sandy," he said in his quiet but authoritative voice.
"Hello, Sir," she replied, debating if she should invite him in.
"Are you ready, dear," he asked, answering her unspoken question.
"Certainly, Sir," she told him as she walked outside and locked the door. He placed his hands on the small of his back, guiding her movements as if his right. Sandy knew that it was though, for she, in agreeing to go on this date, had entered an unspoken agreement to bow to this mans wishes. They had already discussed limits, and play styles, and this would be a ‘fun’ date. She had nothing to fear from this man.
They walked to the door of his little black sports car, and he opened the door for her. She slid into the car, sitting with her knees spread, as was expected in these situations. Sandy felt the moisture already apparent, on her full, red lips. Since accepting her wanton nature, she reveled at how easily her body responded just of thought of things to come. She turned slightly to face him as he got in the drivers seat.
Her nervousness was apparent at the way her hands fidgeted in her lap. Sandy had been told Jon was a sensual Dom. That he was not often into severe pain. She knew that he had all the normal toys, but that he also enjoyed being inventive in what he used. She had been told one of his fetishes was for fruits and vegetables. She personally had played in her vanilla life with carrots and cucumbers, but was told his uses were much more varied.
"I thought we would just play a bit in public, Sandy," he said. "Will that be all right with you ?"
"Of course, Sir," she responded. Her body also responded as a warm feeling radiated through out her at the thought. For Sandy, the thrill of play situations that had the added risk of getting caught was a heady brew. Nothing, with the exception of bondage, thrilled her so much. When asked about what she was willing to do in public, her response was always the same. ‘I will do whatever you wish Sir, but if I get arrested it is your responsibility to handle all the legalities and costs.’ That comment happened to be true.
Of course, there are two very different types of public display. One is the humiliation treatment. Doing things like collaring your slave and leading her around on a leash. Some go even much further. Sandy's philosophy on that surprises many Dom though. She will tell you, ‘if I am pleasing my Master by being treated such, how can it humiliate me? Is not the pleasing of my Master the very core of my existence?’ Theses sentiments are true, but there is more to it than that. For a long time Sandy embarrassed easily. She had no self confidence, and little feeling of self
The path to were she is now was a difficult one. She has shed a lot of tears over her insecurities, and the mean behavior of others. But she has finally accepted herself as a cute, sweet, sexy, sassy slut, who will give her all for the man that appreciates it and takes her for his own. If people stare, so be it. In her heart she now knows that many who condemn her behavior do so out of a deep envy at her free expressions in actions. Rather than be hurt and embarrassed, she pities them for a change, for there is no freer feeling than that of being owned.
It is the second type of public display that Sandy prefers, though. The being made to flash, the being masturbated where others may see, and the fucking in public knowing that they can be caught at any moment. These where the types of things she was hoping for from this evening.
Jon started the car and pulled out of the drive. Sandy's mind raced as quickly as his engine, and her excitement continued to build as this new adventure developed. She longed to ask him where they were going, but knew that she should wait to see what he chose. This was her area, not his, yet he didn't ask her for any directions. They drove about 2 miles and he pulled into the parking lot of a corner plaza. She smiled when he turned towards the pool hall on the corner.
Pool is one of the games that Sandy absolutely loves. When she is dressed like she is, she loves to watch the as guys stare at her spilling totally out of her low cut top. She felt a momentary disappointment when, rather than park, he continues around the end of the building. He stopped, parking across 2 spaces, in the overflow parking lot at the back of the plaza. There wasn't another car within 100 yards, yet the hustle and bustle of the main lot left the impression that someone could come by at any moment.
"I am going to get out of the car, Sandy," he told her. "Sit still until I open your door."
"Yes, Sir," she responded, her body already heating at the thoughts of what was to come. When he opened her door she slowly got out and faced him. She grabbed her left wrist with her right hand, restraining her arms as she has always done automatically.
"Turn Sandy," he told her. She started turning slowly, so that he could view her from every angle. "Stop." It wasn't a question, and she immediately froze. "Bend over." She started leaning slowly forward, feeling he skirt pulling lightly across her skin as it exposed her upper thighs and then part of her ass cheeks. She felt the goose bumps starting to rise on her skin, but it was not from the night air. She also felt her pussy getting damper in response to the idea of being exposed and vulnerable. She grabbed her ankles, and stayed still while awaiting his next command.
Her breath caught as she felt his hand trace a light path up her legs and brush ever so lightly across her full wet lips. "Turn and lean against the car," he commanded. She stood and turned immediately. Her grip on the open window was so tight that her knuckles became white. His hand was again against her center, and she moaned as he inserted two fingers deep within her.
Sandy imagined thrusting her hips against the fingers that moved faster and faster with in her. "MMmmmmmmmm," she moaned. Her body was starting to burn with a deep need for release. Her eyes followed the cars on the distant road. She felt a slight breeze against her exposed ass. When his hand connected with a resounding ‘SMACK’, she felt her breath catch deep in her throat for a moment.
"What an eager little slut you are," he said to her, pumping faster.
"Oh yes Sir," she moaned, "yyeessss Sssiiirr." She felt the gush of her juices release as the orgasm washed over her. She shuddered, as she felt the wetness rolling down her legs. "Ooohhhh Gggodddd." The heat was radiating through out her, and she felt suddenly bereft when his hand left her cunt. She started to whimper in her need, when he suddenly entangled his hand in her hair, pulling her head back and capturing her lips in a brutal kiss.
"Very good my dear," he said to her as he pulled her into his strong embrace. He gently rubbed his hand down her back, soothing her trembling body. She felt his hand brush against her ass as he lowered her skirt to his proper condition. "Breath deeply," he told her, as he could still hear the ragged sound coming from her.
Sandy fought to control her breathing, but the clean smell of his skin so close to her nose was driving her to distraction. She was unsure of what point in her life she had turned into such a wanton slut, but she knew deep inside she was. Yet her true need to serve ran much deeper than the physical. This was a reward she knew would be all the sweeter if she knew she had earned it with her pleasing in other ways.
Still, she managed to calm herself and pull back enough to look at his face. He smiled looking deeply into her eyes. "Are you doing OK dear?" he asked.
"Oh, yes Sir," she told him, returning his smile.
"Let's go for a ride," he suggested. He opened the door for her to get back in the car. When he returned to the drivers seat, he again turned to face her. "Let me see those beautiful breasts," he said to her. Sandy reached for the bottom of her shirt as if to pull it over her head. "No, Sandy," he told her. "Do it without taking off shirt."
Her eyes stayed glued to his face as she lifted one of her heavy breast out of the cup, and laying it so it was supported at the bottom by the neckline of her shirt. She did the same with the other, watching carefully as he reached behind the seat. She heard the clink of metal, and felt a shiver of pleasure as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from behind the seat. This was combined with a slight fear, but Sandy knew there was nothing to really fear from this man. Her instincts have always been good with those she chose to play with.
"Put your hands behind the seat," he instructed her. At first she put them low and even with the back of her seat. It was soon apparent that this would not work as her arms were to short to be cuffed in such a manner. She instead placed her arms behind, even with her shoulders. This caused her large breasts to jut out further and more invitingly. She smiled at the clink of metal as he fastened the cuffs around her wrists. She felt the pleasure of fear course through her body with the clink of the closing metal.
She smiled brightly as he placed the camera on the dashboard. When she heard the ‘whhiirrr’ as the picture came out, she wondered monetarily what would happen with the picture. But she shrugged mentally, trusting that he would do nothing inappropriate that would cause conflict in her vanilla world. "Lets take a quick look," he said to her as he turned on the interior light. As they watched as the picture develop, he casually reached over and pulled her left nipple. Sandy felt the nipple get even harder from the thrill of his touch. "Very nice Dear," he told her, placing the picture on the seat beside her.
As he started the engine and moved the car, Sandy fought to keep the huge smile of fher face. He drove slowly down a side road, and she kept her face in plain view as they passed several men standing outside a car. Sandy laughed at the double take they took to see a woman exposed in plain view.
"I have a friend that lives close to here," Jon tells her. "Maybe we should stop by and see if he is home."
"Is he in the lifestyle, Sir?" she asks.
"He has made a few comments that make me wonder," he tells her. "I have never really asked him though. I guess we will find out." He finishes with a smile.
"Yes Sir," she replies, as her mind starts churning. "Uhhmmm, Sir? If your friend shows an interest in the lifestyle, you weren't planning on, uhhmmm, sharing me or anything were you Sir?" Sandy’s thoughts on this are mixed. At one time she swore it was way beyond her limits. Still, she had started in three ways with woman just to please the men she was seeing. Since she has learnt more of herself, she has realized that there would be a real thrill in having more than one man touching her at the same time.
There is more to it than that though. To have a man using her body, or to be servicing him while under the watchful eye of her the dominant she is serving is an
intoxicating thought. To know that while her hot mouth is working on the cock of a man, knowing that she is causing pleasure not only to the man she is so hungrily sucking, but to the one who truly matters and is watching her acts has become more and more of a fantasy to her. She doesn't think that she will feel incomplete if it never happens, but just the thoughts of such a scenario now leave her wet and wanting.
Jon is turning into the parking lot of a small park. Sandy notices that there are about 20 people playing volleyball on a courts directly in front of where they park. She also notices the ache in the middle of her back from the way that arms are stretched behind her. She sighs in relief as Jon undoes the cuffs, allowing her arms to go forward. "Fix yourself for a moment Sandy," he tells her, as he opens his door. She pulls the cups of her bra back over her rounded breasts, and pulls her shirt back to its original position.
Jon walks around to her side of the car, and opens Sandy's door. He takes her hand as he gently helps her out of the car. She notices the cars at the other end of the volleyball court. She follows as he leads her to the side of building to the left of the court. "Lean there Sandy," he tells her, pointing to a pipe that was protruded from the building. Sandy grips the pipe tightly as she feels her skirt sliding sensually along her ass. She had automatically spread her legs, but she increased the amount as she felt his had push her thighs wider apart.
Sandy drew her breath in sharply at the feel of his hand as it connected with her ass. She felt him entwine his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back sharply so that her ear was by his mouth. "That is the only smack you get bitch," he growled in her ear. "Can't make too much noise, can we." Her breathing was coming in shallow gasps as she lost herself in his powerful tone. Her body was shaking in her need. She felt like such a slut and prayed he would take her and allow her to be so.
Sandy moaned lowly as not to attract attention. She shivered as he played his fingers all over her body. Her moans turned to whimpers as he teased her wet cunt and flicked his nail against her clit. "MMmmm.. uuhh… oooohh… pppleeasssee… plleeaasee.." She begged as the she felt the cum rolling down her inner thighs. Her cunt sucked eagerly at the two fingers that he was working in and out of her soaking cunt. The touch stopped suddenly and Sandy whimpered at the frustrating and emptiness left in its wake.
"I am going to fuck you Sandy," his voice came from behind her. "do you wish me to use a condom?"
"Uhmm… Yes Sir?" she answered in a questioning tone. Sandy had no real fear of pregnancy, knowing that she has had a fertility problem all her life. Still, now days that was the least of her concerns, know that there are many things more life altering than a baby from unprotected sex.
"I don't normally fuck unless I am involved," he tells her. "But you look to delicious to pass up at the moment my Dear. You are in luck, I am prepared." She hears him rip open the condom, and she gripes the pipe so hard that her fingers turn white as she waits. She feels his fingers dig into her hips as he teases her wet cunt with the tip of his cock. He laughs at the little noises she is making as she thrusts back trying to get him to fill her.
"Such an eager little slut," he says, as he lunges forward burying his cock deeply with in her.
"Ahhhhhhhhh," she cries out as the orgasm rips through her. She feels her cunt muscles contracting and feels a sudden emptiness as she pushes his cock from within her. She starts to whimper, but feel him again lunge and rebury himself. Again she feels herself explode, and her whole body convulses as the intense orgasm again washed over her.
This time she barley noticed that she had again pushed him from within, until she heard his whispered curse, and felt him again lunge. Sandy's whole body was quivering and she couldn't tell where one orgasm was ending and the next beginning. She whimpered and moaned as she lost herself in the pleasure that was surrounding her.
"DAMN," she heard him mutter.
"Isss.. uuhmm,, something wrong Sir?" she asked him. Her mind was floating down to reconnect with her body and she could feel the tenseness in his hands.
"This isn't working Dear," he tells her. "Come." He turns and starts walking back to the car. Sandy turns and follows him, feeling the chill of a light breeze blowing across her cum as it rolls down her inner thighs. She slides into her seat, pulling her legs in as he closes her door and walks to the drivers side. Her breath is finally returning to normal, and she waits to see what his next move will be.
"Suck me," he commands as he closes his door. She eagerly twists in her seat, pulling down his zipper as she lowers her hot mouth. His cock is semi-hard, and she used the tip of her tongue to tease it to a fully erect position, slowly licking up and down his long, thick shaft. When she has him to his full 7 ½ inch splender, she covers the top with her mouth, slowly taking in more with ever downward bob of her head.
Sandy hears a low mewling noise and realizes it is coming from her as her need to please this man overwhelms her. She moans in a combination of pleasure and pain as she feels him reach over to brutally squeeze her nipples. She feels the cravings of her body spring up full force as she envies her mouth for the cock filling it. Pulling off the condom, hands her a new one, and she rips it open, placing the ring over the top of his hard shaft, using her supple lips to slowly spread it down his hot flesh. "Lay back on your seat." His words penetrated her mind, and she stopped her ministrations to comply.
She felt him reach beneath her and felt a moment of disappointment that he didn't touch her until she felt her seat moving back to a fully reclined position. Her breathing was again ragged and her eyes pleaded with him to help her. Again, it only took the entering o his sheath into her wet, hot passage to cause her body to contract in orgasm.
As she rode the waves of pleasure, she became aware that he was moving from her. "Well, Dear," he said, " there is just not enough room for that." Her quivering was subsiding, and she wondered if he was going to take her home now. Even though she knew that many Dom didn't fell the need to reach orgasm themselves in a session to be satisfied, she couldn't help feel at least a little guilty that she was unable to give him a physical release, even though she knew it wasn't really her fault.
He had chosen the setting, and she couldn't help that their heights made the standing difficult and the car was just to damn small. Still, it frustrated Sandy when she had any doubts that she missed an opportunity to please. Her mind was racing, and it took a moment to even register that his hands had begun exploring her body.
She shuddered in delight at the feel of his fingers as they roughly pulled on her nipples. She could feel her the burning start again deep within her as her body craved to be used by this man. Her whimpers increased as the burning intensified. She jumped as if shocked when he lightly ran his finger across her soaking cunt lips. "What a sweet little slut," she heard him say. "Look how eager and wet you are."
She could here the slurping noise as he started working three fingers in and out of her pussy. She involuntarily spread her legs wider to give him total access, and almost screamed out when she felt him add another finger. "Oh my, oh my," she could hear from the distance. "So wet, so sweet." Her head was thrashing from side to side and she pulled herself back on the reclined seat as she screamed out in pleasure.
She could feel his fingers moving deep inside her as she pushed herself up slightly on her elbows. She looked down and saw herself impaled on him to his wrist. Her breathing was shallow gasps and she could not control her shudders. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, and she could feel her juices gushing around his hand. The feelings were more than she could handle and she didn't have the breath to beg him to stop. She pulled up on the seat in an attempt to escape, and looked into his face.
He could see the pleading in her eyes, and suddenly pulled out his hand with a loud slurping sound. He moved his hand to her mouth and she eagerly licked his fingers clean. She purred as he lightly ran a hand up and down her jaw line. She could hear the soothing sounds he was making to her, though she couldn't really hear the words. When she had finished cleaning his hand up to the wrist, he turned to sit right in his seat. Sandy sat up and seeing his nod reached down to bring her seat back to a sitting position.
Jon started the car, sticking his had out the window to dry it as he drove. They were only a mile from her home, so it was only a few moments before they pulled into her driveway. Jon and Sandy talked for close to an hour. They spoke of the Domme that introduced them. Sandy laughed at Jon's suggestion that she might wish to work at the club his friend did as either a professional dominatrix, a thing he felt her capable of, or as a slave, the thing he doubted not that she was.
He told her more of the his other types of sessions and she couldn't help but laugh at what he did with certain vegetables. It was only a few hours since he originally picked her up, but Sandy felt herself yawn as she finished coming down from her endorphin high. Jon reached over and gently took her chin in his hands. He lowered his head, claiming her lips in a soft but passionate kiss. She sighed as he released her, and smiled. "If you don't get collared Sandy, let me know," he told her. "I would play with you again anytime……"

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RE: Public - 1/17/2004 7:25:57 PM   

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Excellent story - much better than what I have read in publications, thus far. Thank you for the entertainment (and the ideas).


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RE: Public - 1/17/2004 7:54:55 PM   

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::lauging:: you are cute Holly. But they do say fact is better than fiction. I'll see about that and post a fiction story either tonight or in the morning,,,


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RE: Public - 1/31/2004 5:45:32 AM   

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sending a deep sea smile from seaerotica *S*

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