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Good girl

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Good girl - 1/17/2004 9:28:55 PM   

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The following story is a fiction one I had written for a friend who wanted some for a web site. He never followed through and I found these on a disk recently. I would be curious to know how people feel fiction (and a story about something I personally hate) compares to non fiction (PUBLIC) of one of my favorite things.


Good Girl

"Have you been a good girl today," the deep voice said. "Or do will I have to spank you?" Joanne shivered at the words, feeling herself get damp at the thought.

"You know I'm always a good girl, Sir." She tried to keep the giggle out of her tone, but knew that she failed.

"Are you laughing at my question dear? That must mean that you have been a verrrryyyy bad girl and are trying to not get punished....." His voice trailed off and he waited as the phone became very quite. He couldn't help but smile as he heard her tone change to one of pleading that he so loved.

"No, no really Sir," she stammered. "I didn't mean to laugh, please don't punish me." This was the part that Joanne had the most problem with. She didn't really want to be spanked. Or did she? It was all so confusing at times.

"It's too late now my dear," he said with a chuckle. I will be home in 20 minutes, and I expect you to be ready for me."

"Yes, Sir," she said with a sigh, knowing that confusing or not she was going to get spanked tonight. As she replaced the phone on the cradle, she looked down at shorts and T-shirt she had worn to the gym earlier. Twenty minutes wasn't long, and she knew that she had better be ready for him when he got home or the spanking would be even worse. Joanne frowned again at the small shiver of anticipation at the thought. When she met Tom last year, she had no idea that he would cause these strange feelings.

She striped quickly as she headed towards the bathroom, her mind not even really noticing how well she was shaping up as she passed the full length mirror on the wall. Joanne was always a bit self-conscious. She always fought to keep off weight, but when Tom smiled at her in the lobby of their building she was close to 170 pounds. At 5'7 that wasn't all that big, though the loose clothes she insisted on wearing only made her look bigger.

In the 5 months they had lived together she had lost over 40 pounds, and even though her figure wasn't that of a supermodel, she had learned to dress in ways to emphasize her full breasts and long legs, and most of the men in the building had certainly noticed the 'new' her.

The shower was hot and quick, and she had just combed out her long silver blonde hair when she heard the door. Her heart started racing as she reached for her short red silk robe. 'Damn, he's early,' she thought, knowing that it wouldn't matter. Not bothering to even shut off the light, Joanne hurried across the room to try to beat him to the den.

Joanne stopped in the doorway as she saw him sitting in his recliner beside the fireplace. Long fingers drummed on the small end table and he arched an eyebrow as he looked her over. "Now dear, I thought you told me you were not going to be a bad girl today? Did I not make myself clear when I said I expected things ready when I walked it?"

She swallowed hard, looking at her feet. "I'm sorry Sir, but you got here early and..."

THUD! Her voice stopped and she jumped at the sound his palm smacking the coffee table. His voice was almost menacing as he spoke. "Don't give me excuses girl! You have 30 seconds to get me a drink and every additional second will be another smack."

"Yes, Sir," she said in a breathless voice, already turning to hurry into the kitchen. She saw that it had only been 12 minutes since she had hung up the phone, but knew he was telling the truth that he would not accept excuses. Her heart raced in anticipation. He was in a mood to punish her, and even had she been ready, he would have found a reason, something that she once thought unfair but now just accepted as his right.

Dropping a few cubes of ice in a glass, she poured him some water, knowing that he didn't drink alcohol when he was going to be punishing her. He wanted her to know that he was always in complete control of the situation, and not have her worried that he was not as sharp as he could be because of alcohol. She was careful not to spill a single drop even though she practically ran back to him, knowing he would be very angry if she did.

Tom's lips curved in a pleased smile as he saw the way her pulse beat nervously at the base of her throat. He could see her hand tremble as he said in a deep, steady voice, ".. twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one.."

Her breath caught in her throat as she realized what he was saying. Quickly, she sank to her knees before him lifting the glass towards him. Her eyes closed tightly and she whimpered as his fingers brushed slowly across hers as he took the glass. "..Thirty-four, thirty-five," he continued counting as he lifted the glass towards his lips. "..thirty-six, thirty-seven," his voice stopped as he took a drink. "Well, dear, you will only receive seven additional strokes it seems."

Joanne felt a shiver run along her spine, though she again felt confused. Part of her wondered if it was fear of the pain involved with a spanking. Another part felt the butterfly like feeling in her middle that she always felt at the thought of a spanking.

With a snap of his fingers Tom said, "lap." Immediately Joanne moved towards the side of his leg, interlocking her fingers behind the back of her neck. She could feel the dampness between her thighs as the silk of her robe slide across the back of her thighs as she lay her torso across his lap.

"Oohhhhhh," Joanne moaned without thinking as Tom ran his fingers slowly across her silk clad back. She could feel her cheeks flush hotly at his chuckle when her knees slid further apart, almost with a will of their own.

"What an eager little slut you are," Tom said, his deep voice sending even more shivers to course down her spine. She moaned again as he kneaded the soft swell of her ass through the robe. "Maybe I shouldn't spank you after all. Maybe I should send you to bed alone for the night as your punishment."

Joanne felt a moment of panic at his words, knowing that if he banished her to bed she would feel this burning all night. That was a lesson she learned the hard way. If he chose to have her burn, and she used her fingers or toys to relieve the burning, he would deny her all touch until she begged for a week or more to teach her that he was the one she craved, not just the release.

"Oh no Sir, PLEASE....." she begged. "I have been a bad girl, and I beg you to punish me for it. Please Sir, please don't make me go to bed without being punished. Please let me pay for not behaving as you wished. Please let me remember why it is so important for your girl to be ready for you when you get home....ooohhhh."

He smiled as her words turned back to a moan as he very slowly drew the silk across her ass to lay on the middle of her back. He chuckled as the way those wonderfully rounded cheeks clenched and unclenched as they were exposed to the cool air in the house. He drew his arm back and with a swift downward stoke, his open palm connected with the right cheek. SMAAACK.

"AAAAhhh," Joanne screamed out at the suddenness and intensity of the smack. "One," she said quickly, almost forgetting to speak, but knowing that smacks she didn't count wouldn't be counted. SSmmack! The second stroke hit the left cheek with even more force and she felt the tears spring to her eyes as she screamed, "Ttwwooo!"

Joanne could barley draw her breath before she wailed, "Three, oohh please Sir, FFFFOUUUR, oohh Sir..." Her eyes filled with tears, the heat on the cheeks of her ass causing unbelievable pain. "FIVVVVEE!!!! Sirrrr, IIiii, IIii, Iii," she stuttered, unable to even catch her breath. SSSSMMMaaccckk! "AAAAAhhhhhh, oohh,, Six, pllease,, ppplease, Sir.."

"Please girl?" he said in a soft but firm voice as his hand once again met her sore flesh with a resounding smack. "Please what?"

"SEVEN," Joanne screamed. "I am sorry Sir, please, no Ahhhhhh,,, eight,, please stop Sir, please, NINE!" Joanne almost fell off Tom's lap as he connected with what had been the hardest stroke. She was gasping between the tears, not sure she could handle the pain any longer. Her bottom felt as if it was on fire, and she wasn't even aware that Tom had stopped.

"HHhuuuhhhh," Joanne gasped, her breath seeming to be drawn from her body. "OOhhhh," she shuddered, moaning at the soothing feel of the ice cube he was running slowing across her flesh.

Tom chuckled. "My, you were a bit *warm* my dear," he said as he watched how rapidly the ice melted. He chuckled again at the way her back arched as his fingers traced the trail of water that rolled over the curve to drip across the swollen nether lips that were puffy from need.

"Ooh Sir," she said in a dreamy voice, the pain receding from her thoughts as he slid a finger slowly along her smoothly shaved cunt. "Ahhhh,, ten," she cried out as he stopped his teasing caress long enough to again connect with her sore bottom. She whimpered, still feeling confused at way her body was reacting to his actions.

Tom used his left hand to reach for a small toy that he had put end table before he had left for work. He heard her yell out as he smacked her again, keeping the pace slow, but constant as he watched the way she squirmed. He smiled as she didn't miss counting a stroke, but could also not miss the way her hardened nipples dug into his thigh. He chuckled at the way she squirmed, causing the silk of the robe to slid back and forth across her nipples.

"Do you think you have been properly punished little one?" he asked her, moving the large, thick vibrator to his right hand, then inserting it into her wet channel. He grinned as he saw her back arch, her cries and moans seeming to merge.

"Oohh Sir,,," she says breathlessly, "aahhh, twenty-two.. yes Sir, I am sorry, oooohhhhhh......" the last as his finger brushes across the hardened button of her clit. Pushing the button on the end of the vibrator he chucked as her whole being jumped. "OOoooohhhhhh, please Sir.." Her voice almost purring as loudly the hard, vibrating, shaft he is pumping slowly with in her.

Joanne fought for her breath as the vibrator was pulled from her, then screamed as his left hand connects very hard on her sore buttocks and he slams the vibrator deep within her again. The pain and the pleasure swirl around each other and she can no longer tell where one begins and the other ends.

"Ooh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.." Her voice is a chant as her hips start bucking back and forth. Her fingers grip her hair tightly as she fights the temptation to move her arms. She shudders all over as he brushes the hard little nub of her clit over and over again. "OOhhhhhh please Sir,,,, may.. may..."

"Yes, little one, cum for me." His voice was thick with desire for this wonderful creature that bucked so wildly.

"OOOhhhhhhhhhh..." Joanne screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. "Yes, yes, yeeessssss....." She shuddered, her whole being trembling with the intensity of her release. Joanne whimpered, loving the way his strong fingers now rubbed her bottom and back to help bring her back to Earth. "Oh, thank you Sir.." She said in a dreamy voice. "Thank you."

Tom set the slick toy on the table beside him, then pulled the girl up on his lap. He gently kissed away the tears on her cheeks as he wrapped his arms around her. "You please me well my girl. Rest, for later I will have you please me more as you thank me again for taking the time to punish you..."

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RE: Good girl - 1/22/2004 10:28:48 AM   

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hot story!

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RE: Good girl - 1/22/2004 6:45:56 PM   

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I am glad you liked it. I am always more unsure of the stories that aren't true.


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RE: Good girl - 6/19/2005 10:33:25 PM   

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oh My! Are You in Georgia? Please Sir come punish me.


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RE: Good girl - 6/20/2005 4:39:01 PM   

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Very enjoyable. Makes me want to be a bad girl, too.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it ~ Aristotle

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RE: Good girl - 6/23/2005 10:08:38 PM   

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LOL Me too!

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RE: Good girl - 7/16/2005 6:09:33 AM   

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smiles.. mmm hot keep writing Strict and definately post the others.. I look forward to reading them.. and untrue stories always fuel the mind on ideas that can become reality grins take care >^;^< The Lioness

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