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Zaras Girl (Tgirl / Forced Fem / Surgery)

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Zaras Girl (Tgirl / Forced Fem / Surgery) - 4/30/2012 4:40:02 AM   

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A little story I wrote about 2 years ago.
Needs a new home ;)

You'll probably like this if these themes appeal to you....
- Forced Feminisation
- Extreme body modification (big boobs/big butts/big lips!)
- Bimbo-ification
- Drugs and mind control
- Innocent little feminine subs, and leather-clad dominatrixs :D
- Cyberpunk theme

And yes, the main character is indeed totally based off me. Although looking back, I wish I had made "Zara" the character a Tgirl rather than a genetic female.
And yes, this is how I act in real life :P

It isnt completely finished....maybe I will do it one day.


Nico jumped in her seat as the door surprised her with a single loud knock. She sat still, silent for a moment in anticipation before two more bold knocks followed. Nervously scooting from the kitchen table, she quietly scurried across the apartment to the front door in her bare feet, leaning forwards and placing her eye against the peephole. Nico frowned, squinting as she saw nothing but pitch black, although only for a second, as a blink interrupted the darkness. The girl on the other side pulled her eye away from the hole, her face plastered with a wide, knowing grin, still focused on the door.

"Open the door Nico".

Her voice carried a subtle commanding tone, as she folded her arms and leant against the opposite wall in the hallway, facing the door. Nico edged away from the peephole, attempting to swallow her fear as she pondered unlatching the lock.

"I know you're there sugar. And we both know you're going to open the door. So dont keep me waiting, girl".

Placing her hand on the latch, Nico peeped back through the hole, eyeing up the girl on the other side, who stood in the middle of the hallway, her back now turned to the door. Hesitiating, she slowly turned the lock, before pulling the door open. Keeping her body shielded behind it, she timidly curled her fingers around the edge and looked out at the girl who she had only first met the day before.

Looking from the ground up, Nico traced her eyes over the figure. Stood firmly apart, hands on hips, Her feet were perched and zipped into a pair of black boots, sporting spike heels at least 7 inches tall, and a thick platform sole. Her upright and powerful stance showed off her shapely behind, encased skin-tight in leather jeans that hugged her thighs, all the way down tucked into the knee high boots. Her upper was covered in a short, cropped and hooded leather jacket, showing off her lower back and a rather untasteful view of her black lycra thong pulled up tight just above her low waistband.

"You...y-you can come in now, Zara", Nico quietly spoke out, still behind the doorframe mostly.

The figure in the hallway turned on her heel, screwing an indent into the hallway floor with the spike. Immediately she locked eyes with the timid girl, her head tilted forwards, her eyes rolled up, the same grin plastering her face, as she took two strides into the doorway.

"Please....Z-zara....I dont want any trouble...."

Taking no note of Nicos protests, she passed her and moved straight into the apartment like she owned the place. Nico looked down and sighed again, her eyes closed, before checking left and right into the hallway, and then locking the door shut behind her.

"So, this is where you live, sugar? Not bad. Tidy at least".

Nico moved into the main apartment room to see Zara pacing about, as if inspecting her property, a single hand on her hip, the other tracing an outragously long red fingernail along the kitchen worktop as she passed it.

"You live here alone, dont you, sugar", she asked, despite sounding as if she knew. Nico simply nodded in reply, unsure of how to react to the intruder.

"Well, not anymore." Zara exclaimed as she passed back into the main room area, approaching Nico front on with an imposing manner, her thick platform heels allowing her to tower over the timid girl.

"....You dont mind me staying do you?"

Nico considered the obvious say no to this stranger. But the glint of metal peeking from under Zaras leather jacket confirmed her choice to go along with it. She brought her gaze up from the compact weapon tucked under the jacket, to Zaras eyes, which were already focused on her.

"...O-of course not....."

Again a wide, devillish grin spread across the intruders heavily made-up face. It was obvious she had intended to stay by force if nessacary, but it pleased her more to hear Nico give in this way. She turned and strutted slowly towards the windows, where thick rays of neon light pierced the glass and illuminated the room. She placed her hands on the window ledge, speaking back behind her, over the deep ambiance of the metroplex outside.

"You'll be safer with me here tonight, anyway."

Nico very much doubted that, in the presence of someone who was so notorious as a troublemaker. But it seemed she had little choice in the matter now.

"I...Im going to get some sleep...."
Moving to the side room, Nico was stopped dead in her tracks by a voice behind her.

"Not in there. The beds mine tonight sugar. You use the couch".

Sighing, and without protest, Nico turned and moved back into the room, sitting down on the couch.

"Good girl. Now, if I wake up in the morning and you're not here.....I WILL find you....understood?"

Nico looked up at her, nodding in acknowledgement. Zara simply lowered her long fingernail to the girls chin, tipping it upwards to meet her gaze.

"We have a lot of work to do tomorow, sugar. I hope youre ready".

Moving her finger and prodding Nico playfully on the nose, she turned and strutted towards the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Nico simply buried her face in her hands, wondering how the hell she had been coaxed into this. Curling up into a ball she covered herself in a blanket, staring out at the expansive metroplex skyline through the window. Pulling her long wave of thick brunette hair from under her neck, she let it cascade down across the blanket and closed her eyes.

It was the day before when this all started.
She had been waiting in the laundrette, based on the ground floor of the huge vertical apartment block.

Usually it was packed and busy, with huge queues and masses of people attempting to use the aged and often useless machines. However she had come down at night, specifically to avoid the rush, despite her concern of being a lone female in an infamously rough block.

Only 2 others were present. An older man and a slightly malnurished looking woman, both wearing standard citizen workclothes. Setting her basket down she quickly began packing them into a washer in the middle of the room, wanting to be done as quickly as possible. Turning to her left, she noted the two individuals packing away their clothing, before one after the other, departing the un-staffed facility and leaving her in the middle, alone with her laundry.

Nico nervously glanced back down the hallway leading out, before turning back to her washing, wishing it would go faster. She raised her well kept and dainty hands to her hair, pushing up at the roots and perfecting its shape in the reflection of the washing machine door, before she noticed the presence of someone else behind her.

With a startled shock, she turned to face the figure.
She certainly wasnt like anyone Nico had seen around before. Custom clothing, not the standardised blue/grey citizen jumpsuits most people were forced to wear by the authorities. With one leg crossed over the other and leaning against the doorframe to the laundrette, her arms folded, the girl held a pose of confidence, a heavily smoking cig limply suspended inbetween her fingers, sporting crimson red nails at least an inch long.

Nico wasnt sure where anyone would even get clothes or accessories like these anymore. The metropolice had long ago cracked down on the possession of contraband articles of clothing, along with arts and most forms of influential media. How she had gotten into the building without being arrested was another question altogether.

"Am I....interrupting something?" the girl spoke, as she moved from the doorway, scratching her set of nails across a line of washing machine tops as she walked slowly across the room. Nico remained stood in place, nervously watching the stranger and trying to figure her out.

Her face was sharply formed, her features defined even more so by thick lashings of bold makeup. Her plumped lips outlined and filled in a red matte, her skin pasted with thick and flawless foundation. Her eyes defined with exaggerated flicks of pitch black eyeliner, topped by overly arched and penciled-in eyebrows.

Nico finally shook her head back into focus and responded.
"N-no.....I was just...."

The intruder quickly interrupted.
"I can see what you're doing, sugar....."
She arrived by the side of Nico, leaning against the washers.
"....But I want to know what a girl like you is doing down here alone, at this time of night".
Tapping her cig to the side, she blew out a long stream of smoke towards the intimidated girl.

"...W-who are you?" Nico replied instead.

"I think you know who I am. Or what I am. Or at least what I stand for, sugar"
The stranger ushered herself from the wall, taking a few slow paced steps behind Nico, who was now facing back towards the washing machine infront of her. She tense as she listening to the click of the strangers heels.

"....Y-you're....the girl on the TV....a-and the posters....arent you?"
Nico stuttered, realising who the person was.
Metropolice authorities had been dispatching Anti-Citizen bulletins and profiles across the broadcasting systems all week, and this individual had stuck in her memory, albeit subconciously.

Nico continued her stunted reply.
" are the Z-K....arent you? The name I saw on the walls?"
Graffiti was commonplace in the allocated residential blocks, but many had sprung up recently in this particular set that resembled the same reoccuring slogan:- A deep neon pink scrawl of the initials Z-K, usually partnered with a rather artistic, if a little untasteful portrayal of a semi naked female, that resembled the one standing behind her now.

"Good girl. Tell me what you think you know".

Nico swallowed as she replied.
"They s-said......said that you killed a metrocop....I thi-think....I dont pay much attention to the bulletins...."

A short pause and silence followed.

"And you believe what they tell you, sugar?"

Nico swallowed again.
"N-no.....its all lies.....thats what I've heard from the rumours....-"

The stranger cut her short.
"Its true. I did. More than one of them, actually...."

Nico remained silent as the voice spoke from behind her, her hands nervously fidgeting infront of her.

"....and everyone of them deserved it. If not worse"

Nico jumped as she felt the touch of a hand on her back, but remained in place. The strangers hand worked its way up her waist, up to her hair, curling a grasp of her long brunette falls in her palm.

"You could be so much more, girl. I havnt seen someone with such beautiful hair in years...."
Nico winced awkwardly as she woman pulled herself closer into her back, pressing her notably pronounced bust into contact against her shoulder blades.
"...And whats your name, girl?"

"N-nicole....or Ni-nikki....."

Tugging on her hair from behind, the stranger lightly pulled and tilted Nicos head back, until it rested somewhat angled, alongside hers.

"....I think Nico suits you much better. I like that name."

Managing little more than a whimper and a nod in return, Nico sighed as her hair as let go, her head moving back upright. Quickly she primped her hair back into shape, causing a small chuckle to come from the black-clad female who now had moved to her left side. Nico remained silent, before nervously looking to her left towards her.

"You can call me Zara, sugar....."
Nico produced a small smile, in response to the girl who seemed to let down her imposing manner for a brief moment.
"...But I think soon you may have a different name for me...."

Nico frowned and turned away as Zara blew another mouthful of thick smoke from between her red lips. With that statement, she moved away from the wall and stepped towards the exit. Eventually turning to look, Nico scanned the room for any sign of her, yet she seemed to be alone once again.

With a confused expression, she quickly gathered her clothes from the washer, before heading upstairs to her room as quickly as possible. As she had expected, the broadcasting channels were running regular repeat bulletins warning citizens to be vigilant and aware of several key individuals. And sure enough, there was the girl from her encounter earlier, her photo repeatedly shown, taken from CCTV.

Nico sighed and repeated the words of the dispatch voice - "....armed and considered dangerous. A threat to social-stability....."

Nico awoke with a flinch, as if expecting someone to be watching her sleep. She was right. Directly infront of her, Zara sat on a kitchen chair that had been twirled back to front, leaning on the backrest with both arms. She was already dressed, assuming she had undressed for the nights sleep, in Nicos bed. A broad smile was plastered across her face, her eyes locked directly on Nico. She must have been sitting there watching her for a while.

"Wake up, sugar. We have a lot to do today, dont we" she exclaimed, before rising to her feet and pulling the blanket covering Nicos body on the couch. She immediately scrambled to cover herself in embarrassment, despite only her bare legs being unclothed beneath the blanket. Zara simply kept her smile, her eyes tracing over the girls shapely pins and lingering for an extended period. "Up. Come on, get up now"

Zaras sudden commanding tone brought Nico to her feet quickly, in the middle of the main apartment room, now illuminated by daylight. She clasped her hands infront of her demurely, her eyes directed at her feet.
"W-what do you want....Zara" she managed to stutter.

Her question was ignored.

"You got my note then, I assume, Nico?"
Zara waved a scrappy piece of paper infront of the girls face, before placing it aside. Nico simply nodded. The morning after first encountering Zara in the Laundrette, she had found the note pushed under her door. It was artistically, if not erratically decorated in black and neon pink, much like the graffiti she had seen, with the short statement written -

If you want more from life, then let me in.

Despite the warnings on the broadcasts about this individual, Nico was curious. It had been a long time since she had met or even seen anyone who stood out from the crowds of orderly citizens, or the black-uniformed loyalists whose watchful eyes seemed to see all.
What did this woman want with her?
What worried Nico more was the fact she hadnt already alerted the authorities about this. If they found out about her contact with an Anti-Citizen, she would be in deep trouble.

But still she was curious.

"Now, you're probably wondering why Im here, arnt you girl?"

Nico nodded in response again, as Zara slowly paced circles around her, hands on hips, in an overly confident and arrogant pose, he heels clicking sharply with each provocative step.

"Its not often that I see a girl who manages to look beautiful, despite all the drab clothing youre forced to wear...."
Zara picked at Nicos standard issue grey outfit lying in the laundry basket to her side, dropping it again with a disgusted expression.

"......but then I spotted you. And you really caught my attention....."

Nico blushed slightly, a single dainty hand pushing a strand of her thick hair from her face. By now Zara had passed around behind her.

".....Let me ask you something Nico. Are you happy with this?"

She feigned a confused expression, despite knowing exactly what Zara meant. She kept her gaze on the floor as the woman continued.

"This so called life, Nico. This pathetic excuse for a life. Do you not feel like you were meant to be more?"

She seemed to know exactly what Nico was thinking. It didnt take a genius however to figure out that most citizens felt the same way, ever since society devolved into an oppressive police state, It was just simply rare that anyone spoke their mind.

The timid girl nodded quietly.

"...Then if you accept, I am going to give you the chance to change it. A chance to be a somebody, and to feel alive you want that, Nico?"

Zara paused walking circles, poised directly behind her again.

"....Y-yes....yes Zara..."

She felt Zara bring her lips close to her ear from behind, as she whispered,

"Good girl. Although I was going to force it on you if you said no anyway."

Nico shuddered as she moved away, still wondering exactly what this was about.
"Z-zara.....I dont understand....why me? What is this about?"

The black-clad female stepped back into view, hitching herself up onto the kitchen counter. Lighting up a cig, she crossed her legs and blew out a thick plume before focusing on Nico again.

"I need you to help me with something, sugar."
She raised the cig again, taking a long drag.
"But in the meantime, we're going to have a little fun, you and I. And if I do my job properly, you might even learn to enjoy it too"

Zara raised an arched eyebrow as she grinned, hinting at something quite sinister in her intentions.

"So lets get started. Now, first things first, sugar. Get yourself out of those fucking awful clothes."

Nico looked down at herself, a long, thin and slightly stained white T-shirt draped over her bra and flat chest, just covering her underwear and behind. Nervously she looked back up at Zara who confronted her hesitation with a bold statement.


Shaking somewhat, Nico pulled the Tshirt up over her head, letting her thick waves of well-kept hair fall back down into place down her back and chest.

Zara quietly got to her feet, taking a few long strides towards her, stopping but a few inches short, her figure imposing on Nicos small frame closely.

Her hand fell to Nicos stomach, her long nail scratching a line softly down past her belly button, until it picked under the girls tight panty outline. Tugging at it slowly, Zara let a smile grow across her face, closely focused on Nico as she peeled the underwear down over the small bulge encased in the soft fabric.

"The plot thickens......"

Nico could only stare at the floor, her expression showing extremes of embarrassment and nervousness at the discovery of her secret. Edging the panty down over Nicos relatively small, limp cock, Zara let go, snapping it back around her thighs. Her fetish-length nails then began to slowly scrape and curl under Nicos tense, feminine little balls, until she soon became achingly erect.

The discovery did not seem to surprise Zara at all, who continued to tantalisingly toy with the petite boy-girl infront of her, all the while a point-blank piercing stare focused on her face. Nico was anything but masculine, at around 5 ft 6 tall and a shapely figure most girls would have killed for, but Zara did not seem surprised about what she found. How could she have known?

"So are you going to explain Nico, sugar?"

The timid girl infront of her gulped, working up the nerve to explain her situation.

"I....I started living like this just after the city lockdown started, years ago....."
She kept her hands clasped behind her back, as Zara used a single finger to pull Nicos panty back up, letting it cup her cock and balls, before covering her up and letting it snap back into position.

"...I had always wanted to be this way.....a-and when the new authority and their labour laws came in....I didnt want to spend my life doing male work and......and all that stuff..."

Zara raised an eyebrow, taking a small step closer to Nico, her exaggerated breasts pushing against her flat chest as they came into contact. Raising a finger to Nicos chin, she tipped it upwards, their eyes meeting. The young girl stammered and continued-

".....When I saw the chance I dissapeared and started again....a-as wasnt hard considering the state of society and anarchy at the time...."

Zara allowed a sympathetic smirk to form, her hand gently moving from the girls chin, spreading her long fingernails back into Nicos voluptuous brunette hair. She had been clever, when the state took control and introduced forced labour for all citizens, males were all allocated to tough manual tasks, often under prison-camp conditions outside the city walls, whereas females were given more traditional work for their gender. Zara suspected however, that there was more to Nicos change of identity, than a trick for survival.

Looking over her, Zara took a moment to truly inspect the girl. It was no surprise that she had lived for the last few years as a female, despite her actual gender, and the strict overbearing control of the state which certainly would not allow for such things. Any notions of homosexuality or any related issue were outlawed and strictly enforced against.

Her face was somewhat angellic, naturally feminine. A cute small nose, large almond shaped green eyes, and gently pouted lips, exaggerated by a clever amount of subtle makeup (another luxury that had long since been declared illegal). Zara guessed her to be in her early or mid 20's.

"Now, its time to get dressed. Put these on."
Zara finally ceased her inspection, stepping to the kitchen table and tossing across a gym bag to Nicos feet. She had obviously fetched it during the night. Frowning, Nico leant down to unzip it, before raising her eyebrows in surprise at the contents.

"I-.....I cant wear these...Zara! I would be arrested....."

Zara simply stood with her arms and legs crossed, leant against the wall watching her. Her expression spoke volumes, a strict stare that meant Do it, and dont ask any more questions.

Nico hesitated, before pulling out some of the articles of clothing. She had not seen any like this for years, making her wonder exactly how Zara had gotten hold of them in the first place.

A black lycra tank-top, simple but sexy.

A hot pink bodycon mini-skirt, with horizontal strip panels. The colour alone made Nico gasp.

A short, high-waist cropped leather jacket, very much similar to the one Zara was wearing.

A possibly expensive lingerie set, black lace trim bra with leopard print fill, and matching thong.

A pair of high-heeled platform low-ankle boots, made from a soft suede, a short zip up the inside. These had been the height of fashion just before the collapse of society years ago, Nico remembered them well.

"Get dressed, sugar" Zara commanded, with a hint of excitement in her voice. Nico pondered exactly why she was being forced to do this, especially considering the piercing voyeuristic stare that her captor kept pinned on her.

Slowly lowering her own underwear, Nico then stepped into the leopard print thong, before pulling it up slowly, totally aware of Zaras eyes watching her every movement. The thin material wedged perfectly between her shapely rear, her delicate fingers pulling it up tight enough to keep her cock held against her. Zara dangled the matching lingerie bra by the tip of her long fake nail, offering it to Nico.

"Thats quite a body you have, girl" she exclaimed.

Nico simply kept her eyes glued to the floor as she worked the expensive-looking item over her shoulders, clasping it at the rear.

"Let me guess, you were just born lucky enough to have a feminine body?....."

Zara kept pressing the questions on her, to no response. Nico reached for the black tank-top, pulling it down over her hair, which she then teased back into position in a naturally fussy, girly manner. Still watching, Zara moved across to a set of drawers, opening them out to nose her way through Nicos belongings. She eventually pulled out a small bottle of capsules.

"....Or maybe you've had a little help?"

Shaking the bottle to catch Nicos gaze, the girl was obviously embarrassed by Zaras find. Indeed, the medication was a variation of hormone-treatment pills, last seen a few years before the change happened to society, generally to aid in male to female gender transition.

"So how did you get hold of these, sugar?"

Zara strutted across infront of Nico, who had by now worked her way into the tight stretchy skirt, and was zipping it up at the rear, smoothing it down over her shapely behind. Pressuring her for an answer, Zara leant in closer.

"I....I stole them, from the medical c-center....."

Zara simply grinned at her. Unscrewing the cap, before placing a single tablet on her fingertip, she rose it up infront of Nicos face, pressing it against the girls pouting lips. Although hesitant, she gave little resistance, and allowed her to slip it into her mouth. Her lack of opposition seemed to make Zara even happier.

"You know, I dont think you chose to do this just to avoid wasting away in a labour camp, Nico. I think you really wanted to be like this anyway. You just needed an excuse".

The look on Nicos face betrayed her, blushing a deep shade of red as if Zara had found out her second, deeper secret already.

It had been some time since Nico last had a pair of heels like these to wear. Pulling them onto her dainty feet was a shamefully erotic process for her, despite her reluctance to let Zara notice. But not matter how hard she tried, as she zipped up the short sides and subconciously posed her feet around, Zara was more than aware that her new subject was enjoying it far more than she let on.

"Now, makeup".

Zara fished into the bag, and passed across an old, yet obviously valuable leather pouch, which she seemed to grip with pride.

"...I want you to know that the contents of this bag are very valuable to me, Nico. Not many people can find items like this on the blackmarket any more. So consider it a big favour that Im letting you use them for free".

Despite their obvious aged state, the makeup items were all in the upmost condition, and were clearly high quality products. Zara must either have had some interesting contacts, or was very clever in her collecting of contraband items like this. Being extra careful with them, Nico couldnt help but feel a satisfying glow come across her as for the first time in years, she got to feel the touch of an eyeliner lash under her brow, framing her innocent gaze with an expert motion. As Zara expected, it seemed she had done this plenty of times before. Pushing her tightly-leather-encased behind up onto the kitchen counter again, she crossed her legs and lit another cig, watching Nico doll herself up.

Just as Nico finished up the final touches, she turned to look at Zara, who was already holding up the final item, twirling it in one hand between her fingers. Nico stared at the razor in confusion.

"Eyebrows" Zara ordered.

"....Excuse me?"

"Your eyebrows. Take them off with this".

Nico looked at her as if she was joking, but her experience with the dominant stranger thus far suggested she definitly wasnt. Reluctantly she reached out and grasped the Razor, after Zara had made the sub-machine-pistol holstered under her leather jacket blatantly obvious for a second, reminding Nico of her no-choice standing in the situation. With a broad smile, Zara puffed out a huge ring of smoke, watching as Nico leant infront of her mirror, and slowly stripped off her eyebrows, all the time with an agonised expression.

Just as soon as she had finished, Nico jumped a little with surprise as she felt Zara appear suddenly behind her, placing her hands on her hips, before leaning over to whisper in her ear.

" a good girl, and draw them back on with the eyeliner. Nicely arched, so you look like youre constantly wearing a surprised expression on that face of yours".

Sighing, any remnants of her pride or resistance now fully gone, Nico began to pencil her left eyebrow, until she was stopped short abrubtly.

"Stop. Stop stop. Clean that off and start again. It looks too natural. I want them higher up". Zara was clearly very precise about exactly how she wanted her new plaything to look, although Nico was still wondering exactly why she was being forced to do this. At this point, she was becoming pretty certain that she was simply being used for her captors personal enjoyment - and nothing more. The huge smile on Zaras face only compounded this thought.

"Perfect, Nico. Now, zip that stuff away and throw on the leather jacket. I want to get a good look at you sugar".

Dutifully doing so, Nico leant down and grasped it, shrugging the jacket on facing the wall, before turning to pose for Zara. However, instead her eyes darted around the room, not finding anyone. Baffled at Zaras sudden dissapearance, Nico was suddenly stunned by a deafening crunch from the front door.

Tottering towards the hallway in her 5-inch heel ankle boots, her short steps were restricted by the figure hugging miniskirt. Eyes wide, she was met by 4 or 5 dark figures who burled their way into the room, smashing past a cabinet and lunging towards her with gloved hands.

Panicking, Nico tried to turn and run, but couldnt get more than a few feet before the gasmasked men grabbed her arms, felling her down in the middle of the main room, quickly smothering her. Screaming in terror, the heavy sound of filtered breaths around her, Nicos hands were zip-tied behind her back, her furniture was tipped and smashed, her belongings being thoroughly searched by the intruders as they tore their way through her apartment.

Still screaming for her life, a black band was manuevered down over her face, back tight into her mouth restricting her cries, before a full black tie bag was thrown over her head and pulled tight closed.

No more than a few seconds later she was picked up, and hurried out of the apartment block and dumped into the back of a moving vehicle.

With the hood roughly pulled from her head, Nico took a moment to adjust her eyes to the light. She was slumped into what resembled a dentists reclining chair, her senses quickly rushing to her also indicating an overwhelming sterile smell clinging to the walls of her captivity. Trying to locate herself, she looked nervously to the left and right, spotting a reflective glass window to her left, obviously reinforced. To her front, 5 meters of open room that lead to a cell door, with block concrete walls to all other sides, illuminated sharply by an overhanging halogen light fixture.

Her ears perked to life as they picked out the tap of footsteps approaching from behind. Fearing for the worst, Nico assumed this must have been one of the infamous Metropolice interrogation rooms - at least the decor would suggest so, along with the art of her kidnapping.

"........Depending how you play this, Citizen, you could find yourself back in your allocated housing block within just a few hours....."

Nico shuddered as the deep voice resounded from her back-left, out of her sight.

" could be gracing us with your company for a lot longer....."

The figure remained in the background, footsteps indicating that he paced back and forth behind Nico slowly at a distance.

"We know you have been contacted by a rather poignant Anti-Citizen.....the so-cal infamous Kane - whose graffiti we identified in your block a few days ago. We had witness reports of her speaking to you in the laundrette, bottom floor."

Nico remained silent.

"....What we would like to know is, -why-.....and more importantly, any information you can gather towards her location, or further details that may prove useful in the aid of her eventual........' containment ' ......"

Pondering the question for a moment, Nico focused on her memories of the past days. Zara had told her that she needed her help.....but had never specified for what. Regardless, she felt an underlying urge to keep quiet about it. What was more confusing however, was how Zara had evaded the raid herself - in a matter of seconds she had dissapeared from the room just as the front door was knocked down. Possibly she hid? It seemed unlikely the sweep would have missed her in any case......but it was unlikely they would be questioning her in such a way if they had found and captured their target. Nico began to stutter out an explanation.

"I....I really dont know why she approached m-me......"

The footsteps became absent behind her, obviously the interrogator listening in.

".....s-she seemed to just want to talk......n-nothing in specific....."

A momentary silence was broken by the voice behind her.

"....And your attire....these, ' Contraband ' items of clothing that you are were given by her?"

Nico looked down at her form, still encased in the prohibited garments that Zara had forced upon her in the apartment earlier. Words could not express how vulnerable she felt sat in the interrogation chair, the harsh blue light casting down and illuminating her feminine legs, bared under the tight black skirt that was riding up her thighs. Pulling it down nervously, she found her excuses and lied.

"Y-yes....s-she gave them to me in the laundrette. S-she said she d-didnt need them anymore......"

"And this was the last time you saw her? Do you know why she gave you these contraband items? And why did you see fit to commit an anti-social act by wearing them in your home? Did you not think you would be noticed?"

Nico nodded her head nervously.

"....Y-yes....I never saw her again after that time in the laundrette. T-the clothes were....were...."

She stuttered, trying to get the words out, knowing they would commit her to acceptance of her crime.

"...I was j-just curious....I hadnt seen clothes like this for a long time a-and....didnt think it would hurt anybody by trying them on in m-my apartment sir...."

An uneasy silenced followed. Why did Nico feel the need to protect this woman, who she had previously never known? If anything, Zara had brought this upon her, and she should have been eagerly co-operating towards the criminals capture. But deep down, she knew there was more to this. To say conspiracy was too much at this stage, but to the intimidated girl, Zara represented something......perhaps a feeling of freedom that she had been yearning for so long.

Looking to the side towards the one-way glass, Nico inspected her form in the reflection. Her hair was tussled and messy from the black-bag used to kidnap her, but still kept its voluptuous shape and almost managed to seem sexy no matter what her state. Her makeup was lightly smudged from her right eye after the scuffle, the thick black eyeliner onto her cheek along with some lipstick smears. But overall, not bad considering what she had just been through.

Suddenly the lights exchanged, the fizzling halogen fixture turning off to be replaced by a dimmer bulb on the right wall. A figure walked past her left side, wearing a black-matte tactical metropolice style uniform, exiting the cell door infront of her. Nico had barely dared to turn and look past 90 degrees on either side of her. Before her senses led her to believe she was now alone in the room, the footsteps resounded again behind her, moving towards the one-way glass. There had been two men in here from the start.

The remaining figure in the room, also seemingly wearing dark metropolice gear, pulled down a shutter across the one-way glass, restricting its view fully. Nico shifted in her seat more uncomfortably now, not liking the way this was heading. Her high heeled ankle boots dug into the metal grill of the footrest as she bit her nails, watching the masked figure move directly infront of her only a few feet away.

"Listen.....Citizen........I know you dont know much about this ' Kane ' girl....I can tell...."

Nico looked down at the floor, trying to avoid the gaze from the eyeholes in his mask, that were still barely visible due to the low-light.

"....But unfortunately for you, we have other reasons to keep you here. Possession and usage of Level 3 contraband items? You're looking at at-least 1 year in the state behavioural conditioning facility for your crime, Citizen".

Nicos face shook up anxiously to meet the figures gaze. The infamous conditioning facilities ran by the state were rightfully feared by the community, and rightly so. Those who were committed never came back the same.....brainwashed, mentally unstable, mere social drones and emotionally redundant shadows of anything they were before. Many people believed it a fate worse than death, as rumours spread quickly about the horrific behaviour-modifying techniques used on patients. Nicos hand trembled as she clung onto the armrests. The metropolice never bluffed about things like this.

" cant go there!"

The realisation of her possible fate became even more fearful with her realisation of her own complications. What would happen when they found out she wasnt even a real girl? The white-coats in the facility would have a field-day on her.....and she had no intention of ending up as a guinea pig for the state.

"I....I will do....-anything-.....sir.....anything....please...."

With tears forming at her eyes and desperation in her voice, Nico leant forwards, yearning towards the figure infront of her.

He took one single step closer, before extending a gloved hand and cupping the side of her jaw.

"I was hoping that you would say that, Citizen".

His voice carried a sinister tone, coupled with a chuckle.
Nico knew exactly what this meant.

"Its been a long time since we had a girl like you in here, Citizen. So this is a rare treat I'm not going to pass up on...."

The figure passed around behind her for a moment, and took a minute or so to open a small medical cabinet (or so Nico assumed), retrieving a white bottle. Moving back infront of her, he again gripped her jaw, and attempted to pry it open. Unscrewing the bottle between one thumb and his left hand, he then lightly tapped it, popping three tablets onto Nicos involuntarily outstretched tongue.

"....I only meant to tip one out there. But Im sure three will be fine".

The interrogator chuckled, ordering her to keep the tablets sat on her tongue, not to swallow yet. Nico closed her eyes, hearing the sound of a front zipper being opened, and wondering what the hell the medication was for. Either way, she had little choice in the matter and hoped this would be the way to escape her fate.

Opening her eyes again, she was confronted with what she could only assume was an overly larger than average, thick white cock, pointed erect and horizontally at her painted mouth at just a few inches away. It took a moment for the sight to settle into her head, her expression changing to display a startled state.

With one hand grasping a portion of her hair at the back, the figure slowly pulled her head closer inch by inch, until the tip of his pulsing cock came into contact with her outstretched tongue. Nico looked up at him desperately, and for a moment locked onto his gaze. Despite the balaclava mask, she knew underneath, he was smiling.

With that, he pushed it forwards with a steady power, forcing his prick along her tongue, popping it past her pouted lips, scooping the tablets and ramming them into her throat as far as he could. With her eyes bulging wide at this invasion, Nico could only let them roll back into their sockets as her mouth was totally filled, for the first time in her life, with a huge throbbing penis. The tablets found themselves forced into her throat all the way, before she gagged a little and attempted to swallow them properly.

However, the figure didnt pull back at all. Leaving this massive cock buried in her mouth, Nico continued to gag, her eyes tearing up, trying to breath through her nose, at the same time choking and moaning in desperation. Almost to the point of her blacking out, the mans grasp finally let go, the cock pulled from her mouth along with a huge stream of saliva that stayed linked to Nicos lips, before she fell forwards to her knees from the chair, gasping on the floor on all fours.

Nico tensed and stretched her eyes open, then closed again as the light-headedness faded, her senses coming back to her. She focused on the mans feet infront of her, then to the long string of saliva that roped down from her lips to the floor.

Already she knew something was wrong. Despite no-longer being on the verge of blacking out due to the invasion of a huge cock in her throat, a different feeling was already beginning to come across her. Most notably her conciousness felt dreamy, her body numb, yet her sense acutely sensitive as she came to terms with it. Had the pills really taken effect so quickly? And what had they even been!?

A giddy, stoned smile broke out onto Nicos face as she pushed herself back, sitting on her knees upright, trying to collect her thoughts. Infront of her, the interrogator still stood, motionless, his thick cock still painfully erect and pointed straight at her face. A few seconds passed before she realised that she had been sat staring at it constantly, as if transfixed by it.

Leaning forwards and placing one hand on the floor, she slowly crawled towards him, her smile replaced by a naively curious and obsessive expression, her mouth open and tongue extended a little. Her eyes were undoubtedly and totally locked on the huge dick infront of her, as she manuevered her petite body lower, as if approaching it from the lower left. She stopped there, again to stare at it in her dream-like state, her rear pushed up invitingly in the air behind her, as she remained on all fours.

"Kiss it".

The interrogators deep voice made Nico jump a little as it brought her conciousness back into reality, away from the trance that kept her eyes on his prick. With her face pouting in an innocent gasp, the girl nodded submissively, before moving up from her knees until her painted red lips pushed against the throbbing cock. Her eyes closed, as if savouring the moment, keeping her lips pressed on the side of his shaft.

With a sigh escaping her mouth, Nico moved back after what seemed like minutes. Her head was spinning, more than anything she seemed to be confused. Was this what she really wanted? It certainly felt right. She'd never done this before, nor did she remember much about it from the years before the lockdown. But the idea of it had played on her mind ever since, day and night. The act of being involved in sexual intercourse had long been outlawed, as with many other things, but her urges couldnt be controlled. Her thoughts remained criminal, as she had long fantasised about her new role as a female. Things may have changed, but she had dreamed about the day she would become a real girl, to be fucked, every time she slept.

And right now, in front of her, was a perfectly formed cock. She could almost see, feel and hear it throbbing with a vibrant hum, although this was obviously induced by the tablets that had been rammed into her throat and stomach. Whatever they were, her senses were pulsing and open to higher levels of sensitivity than ever felt before. More than anything, it made her want to raise her hand and grip the shaft between her delicate fingertips.

Reaching up again, she brought her lips to the tip, flicking her tongue along the underside, before pushing it past her pout and into her mouth. Her hands followed, softly coming to rest on either side of the shaft, as if carefully making love to it. One thing was for sure, her head was thoroughly buzzing, her taste buds lapping up traces of this masculine cock finding its way into her mouth deeper every second. Was this how it was supposed to feel? She remembered girls making out as if giving blowjobs was a treat for their man, not for they must have been talking about something else. Because right now, she couldnt imagine of anything more gratifying than sucking this cock, almost to the point where she forgot a man was even involved. Planting his grasp in her thick brown hair, Nico was reminded that she was indeed sucking HIS cock.....rather than being focused entirely on it!

She opened her eyes in the most demure of ways, connecting with the gaze of the stocky interrogator. Still masked, but still obviously smiling. Nico began to feel something, a desire inside her. But she didnt quite understand it.

Did she want to make this man cum in her mouth to satisfy him? To give him relief?

Did she want to make this man cum so the whole ordeal would be over? So she could escape this situation and go home?

Or did she simply want to make him cum because she wanted it. Because she wanted to satisfy her own desire. For this cock to ejaculate, and feed her mouth with the cum she had only dreamed about for so long.

Nico couldnt quite make up her mind. But one thing she did know for sure -

She wanted this man to cum in her mouth, so badly.

The interrogators hand was pulling harder on her hair now. She could feel the engorged head of his cock pushing further into her mouth, and putting pressure on the rear, attempting to squeeze its way into her tight throat. Nicos eyes were beginning to bulge as she struggled to keep a steady rhythm, each time the mans massive prick was forced back in, she attempted to surpress her gag reflex to allow it deeper. Thus far she had found it strangely easy to stay so obsessively focused on what she was doing, as if nothing else mattered. Perhaps the drugs she had taken were affecting her in more ways than she realised?

Most people would be scared right now. Terrified to be in her shoes. On their knees in an interrogation cell, dressed like an uncanny parody of a whorish teen girl from the society before. Dressed like a young girl who chose her outfit to attract male attention, and to cause them to get erections. Being held against their will and forced to allow a man to shove his cock into their mouth, submissively allowing him to use them for his pleasure. Worried about what might happen once he came, and how the next step of the nightmare would begin.

But not Nico.

She felt more relaxed, yet more alive and electric than she had ever done. The whole act of lustfully sucking this cock was turning euphoric for her. Her senses were still tingling, if not ten times more than before, as she was acutely aware of every part.

The feeling of the soft skin, wrapped and stretched around the tensing hardess of this cock, lined with pulsing veins and a warm touch. The aching strain of his balls that she lovingly cupped in her delicate hands, knowing that they were full of the cum she wanted so badly. Knowing that it was possible this man had not cum in a girls mouth for months, if not years.

The cum she could now feel starting to leak onto her tongue. She knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time before this consuming act was over. As much as she wanted to prolong sucking his cock, more than anything she wanted the finale. She wanted her reward.

Nico shifted her gaze back up to the interrogator. She locked eyes with him, conveying an expression that he nodded to in return. She let him know that she wanted this, and that she wanted it now.

Nico lowered her hands by her side, before clasping them behind her back, still knelt femininely infront of him. Her expression was clear now, as with her stance. She wanted him to force his cock into her mouth, and fuck her face in any way he needed to, to cum. And she would not flinch.

He wasted no time. The interrogator started to form a steady yet faster movement, each time forcing his cock to ram against the tight hole of her throat. Nico kept totally still, her eyes locked on his. She could feel the head of his cock getting bigger, harder still, and knew that it would be impossible to get it all the way into her throat without blacking out again. But she was being driven to that. Her vision started to become hazy, each time his prick slammed into the rear of her mouth pushed her one step closer into a euphoric unconsciousness. Despite this she was still acutely aware of the cock, and the way it was twitching and spasming in her mouth.

On the verge of totally passing out, it finally errupted, her entire body seemed to go limp in an un-provoked orgasm as sperm flooded into her mouth, first past her tonsils and then coating her tongue as it continued to pulse. Nico lost almost all ability to keep herself upright during her orgasm, yet her mouth seemed almost deeply hooked on the rock hard prick, and with the mans hand grasping her hair, she remained attached to it. Her eyes rolling back into her head, submissively gulping down as much of his hot cum as possible.

Finally letting go, the man pulled back, letting Nico slump to the floor as if he had been pinning her head to a wall with his cock. Cum was flowing from her mouth and onto her chin mixed with her saliva, as she tried weakly to catch as much as possible with her tiny hands and push it back inbetween her lips, hungrily.

It took Nico a few seconds to regain her conciousness.

The first thing she heard was a steady, slow clap.

The door had already been opened, and the clap was met with the echoing tap of a womans hi-heels as they entered onto the metal grated floor slats.

Nico opened her eyes, still trying to focus as the overwhelming euphoric orgasm started to fade from her sense. The interrogator had moved back, his boots stood a few feet away. Instead, they had been replaced by a pair that Nico recognised so vividly. Jet black leather, a thick 3 inch platform sole, and 7 inch chunky heel.

Looking up, Nico knew exactly who to expect.

".....You know, I havnt seen anything so....visceral in quite some time, sugar".

Zara stood over her, her legs slightly parted in a powerful stance, one hand on her hip, the other raising a smoke to her mouth. Nicos mind was racing, but still clouded.

"You're probably wondering what im doing here. Or more to the point, what you're doing here. But we'll get to that soon. The fun isnt over yet, sugar".

Nico frowned, still trying to make sense of it all. To make sense of Zaras snide and satisfied snigger. Was this all her doing?! Nico looked up weakly, watching Zara turn about, walking back to the door. She stopped by the quiet interrogators side, looking down her right arm at him, extending a long manicured nail to his cock, still pulsing and tensed with the afterglow of the huge cumload he just left in Nicos mouth. Zara dragged her nail along the underside of it, from his balls to the tip, before scooping up a glob of sperm under her nail, a strict smile forming across her face. Nico could see the nervous, submissive expression in the mans eyes, watching as Zara brought her finger up to her nose. She smelt it for a second, a moment of tense quiet between the two, before she pushed her finger inbetween her pursed lips, sucking the substance from the end with a "pop". Her eyes closed.

Zara let the satisfied grin spread across her face, before opening them again, and looking over to Nico.

"Get her on her feet. Take her to Room D. We'll be waiting".

And with that, Zara left the room with a strut, her tightly leather encased behind dissapearing into the darkness of the hallway outside, which suddenly became illuminated as halogen lights flickered on with her departure.

Wasting no time, the interrogator buckled himself away, and leant down to grab Nico. Still feeling limp, she put up no fight, as two more masked men entered the room to help carry her.

Was Zara working for the Metropolice, and the state? That would make no sense, they would never allow such a thing. But many secrets existed within their jurisdiction, and many reasons could exist for Zaras involvement.

Soon enough, Nico found herself being mostly dragged off her feet through the hallway outside, down a corridor that resembled a medical facility ward moreso than a jail or detainment block. Perhaps she was ALREADY at the state behavioural modification center? A door opened for them at the end of the corridor, signalled by a lab technician in a white coat and surgical mask.

Nico wished her fear wasnt so numbed by the effect of the pills right now.

However something more important lingered in her conciousness.
The overwhelming taste of cum that stuck to the walls of her mouth, and lined her throat.

Nico licked her lips, trying to salvage any left behind on them.

That was all that seemed to matter right now.
And she accepted that to herself.

She involuntarily drifted off into blackness, as they entered the white-lit room.

Nico awoke calmly.

She was on her back, looking up to the bloom of the clinical white room and overhead lights. A dark black haze came into focus infront of her, forming into the familiar shape of Zara, sat opposite from her bed on a stool. The smell of smoke filled Nicos nostrils, as she seperated it from the sterile air of the perfect surrounding walls.

Zara wore an unfriendly smile like always, moreso a mocking sneer than anything else. Her legs were crossed, resting one elbow on her knee to support an overt smoking pose, looking as ever like some cross between an evil advertising model and a dominatrix. She wore the same as before, the same skin-tight black leather jeans, tucked into the same knee high platform boots. The same cropped leather jacket. The same 2-inch fingernails, hoop earrings, and precisely yet overly applied striking makeup. Her eyebrows thinly and highly arched on, which before Nico had suspected were permanent tattoos. Her hair a thick volume of black, stylish enough to be sexualised, yet dishevelled enough to appear wild and ravenous. Her eyes pierced with a vibrant blue / green glow, which Nico only just seemed to understand. Whoever it was that Zara worked for, they had obviously fronted for some form of optical augmentation. Who knew what other work Zara had done on her body? Nico certainly was suspicious about Zaras striking breast size, although implants had obviously been long outlawed. She guessed them to be at least an E, but in no ways were they sagging or lowered, rather jutting unrealistically from her chest and barely contained by the stretched black lycra crop top she wore under her jacket.

"Feeling better, sugar?"

Nico attempted to open her mouth to reply, but instead became aware of the tube lodged in her throat. Strangely enough, she didnt panic at this realisation. Instead she merely frowned in confusion.

"Im sorry about that. You wont need it much longer, I promise. A few more days at most". The tube tasted salty, yet oddly comfortable in position.

Nico paused in thought, staring at Zara. How long had she been out cold? The last thing she remembered was the corridor leading into the room. Looking down, her clothes had been replaced by a surgical dressing gown, her feet bare.

"You part of this whole....favour that you are doing for me Nico, I wanted to give you back something in return...."

Nico traced Zara with her eyes as she got up from her stool, and strutted slowly to the side of her bed, stroking along the white gown she wore with her nails.

"....However, first I had to allow certain things to happen. Afterall, this isnt all about me and you. I may have chosen you for personal reasons, but my.....employees still required certain tasks to be fulfilled. And you worked out just perfectly..."

Nico was becoming more confused by the minute. Zara was working for someone afterall, but was it the state? Surely. But what was she contracted to do, and why to her?!

".....The tablets we gave you. They were just one test we had planned for you. And you reacted spectacularly. Ive never seen such a positive reaction before. The white coats were thoroughly surprised by your neuro levels during that little....actyou took part in...."

Zara paced behind the bed, draping her manicured hands across the pillows behind Nicos head, lowering herself to her ear on the other side to whisper.

"But whilst youve been asleep for these last few weeks, we've had a lot of fun with you. I have had a lot of fun with you, Nico".

The feminine young boy-girl looked up at her closely with her big round eyes, conveying an expression of helpless confusion. Zara only smiled in return, before stroking Nicos face delicately.

"You....want to know details, dont you sugar? Well, this is the part that I like the most....."

Zara paced back into the middle of the room, petting her cig with one nail to shed some ash towards the floor.

"Lets start with what you know. The tablets. You enjoyed those, didnt you?"

Nico waited for a few seconds, before nodding her head lightly, as if ashamed.

"As if you could convince me otherwise. The tablets are a prototype designed to increase the sensitivity of our and taste, make them more acute and bold to interpretation. This....facility.....manufactures them to aid in the integration between man and machine. Some operators working in the VirtualReality systems market found their senses werent receiving the triggers sent to them by their modules as much as others. This.....medical aid was designed to vastly increase a persons ability to immerse themselves in a virtual reality rig setup".

Nico forwned again, not understanding half of what Zara said. Zara recognised.

"....Sounds like bullshit, dosnt it? It is to me. But its not my business to care for that. Im just here to make the tests happen. But it just so happens that I found....other uses for the drug too. And I think you displayed that excellently".

Nico couldnt quite understand the link between Zaras description of the drug, and how she had felt back in the interrogation room.

"I can tell what youre thinking, girl. But I will be honest, Ive done enough tests for this drug on other people. I knew it worked. But I couldnt resist researching the possibilities of using it under the wrong circumstances. More a recreational drug".

Nicos head was spinning. Zara had done this for her own intrigue? Zara smiled as she watched the girls confused expression.

".....But thats not all there is to it, sugar. Let me explain the more.....interesting parts.....
The tube in your mouth, to start. We've been feeding you a select diet of....protiens and nutrients....since your stay in this room, along with some heavy doses of certain chemicals. Due to that fact, you might feel a little.....unusual over the next few weeks. Or perhaps months, or more".

Zara approached her closely again, before suddenly jumping up onto the bed, and straddling Nico. She sat closely, looking down at her face to face.

"You see, I like to be creative. I like to have fun with my subjects. And you were the perfect opportunity".

Zara tapped the tube, pointing up to the machines which it led to.

"Youve been on heavy doses of hormones for weeks now. Way over the limits of what we thought the body could intake without going into meltdown, actually. But we managed to stabilise you and balance out the physical....and mental changes".

Zara leaned in closely, with a smile.

"I knew you would appreciate me doing this for you, as you wanted to be this way...."

Nico blinked, not quite knowing how to react.

"You may not notice yet, but when youre more awake, you will. Your body has changed a lot, Nico. But we have more than just the hormones to thank for would be too easy to just sit back and watch them work. Although I suppose you cant quite see your face yet, or your body for that matter".

Nicos heart skipped a beat. What had this woman done to her whilst she was asleep?!

"I'll let you learn the rest when you're fully recovered, sugar. But im sure you will enjoy what I have in store for you......"

With that, Zara hopped off her lap, her platform boots clapping on the shiney white tiled floor.

"Sweet dreams, sugar".

Nico watched as Zaras black-clad form strutted for the door again, as her vision seem to fade again to a blank unconsciousness.

It was at that point that Nico started to dream.

Up until now her induced coma was void of any recollection, no nightmares or concious thought. Just null. She was aware that her new visions were not "real". But somehow they seemed to be just as important as reality.

Rather than follow a logical path of progression, she seemed to just focus on a need. A desire.

Repeatedly, she envisioned the thing that had captivated her senses last. A cock. Just how she remembered it, hard, thick and long, throbbing with that same audible hum that seemed to lure her towards it.

She couldnt seem to stop thinking about it. At all times, it remained just out of reach, tempting her to extend her hand. This only proved to create a sense of longing, and frustration.

Sometimes she found herself imagining being on her knees, able to move. But still never able to reach the thing she felt she needed so much. Nico was becoming increasingly aware of the thirst in her dreams, a hunger for something that she couldnt understand. Perhaps it was just coincidence that this cock she was lusting over seemed to be an obvious source to feed from as she had last done when in the interrogation cell.

Day by day, the dreams changed a little. They seemed to carry suggestions, as tell her how to attain what she desired.

For the first time, Zara appeared in her vision. The leather clad bitch was constantly behind her, gripping her by the shoulders, whispering in her ear. Mocking her almost. Telling her how pathetic she was, and that she clearly didnt know how to get what she wanted. Her voice seemed so cruel and honest, yet it felt more like she was trying to help rather than offend.

"......Look at the way you are dressed.
Do you think anyone would want you that way?
No-one would look twice at you in the state you're in.
If you want to get what you desire, you need to make an effort.
Be the best at what you do, Nico.
Become what you have always dreamed of.
The inevitable".

Nico seemed to understand what this meant, without more than a hint.

Yet still the dreams continued, in agonising frustration as the object of her desire remained just out of reach. It seemed to be the only thing that mattered to her. She would do anything to get it. To get her hands around that shaft, and to just force the cock into her mouth, to feel the same drive and purpose, the feeling of euphoria that had spread through her last time.

Whether Nico realised it or not, the seeds had been sown, and were rapidly developing into more than just an obsession. An addiction.

When she awoke this time, she was not so calm.

Nico was suddenly very aware of the vacancy of any drugs in her system, leaving her startlingly awake and wide eyed. The halogen lights above burned her retinas as she covered her face, climbing out of the bed to the side. Something tugged at her, as if from the inside. Trying to come to grips with her sudden concious state, Nico pulled her hand to her mouth, feeling the familiar emplacement of a tube fixed to her mouth, extending down her throat and into her stomach. With a revolted gag, she pulled at the surgical tube, her eyes watering at the salty plastic as it left her mouth with a string of saliva and a sickly retch.

Immediately she new something was wrong.

Something was different.

Nico lowered her feet to the pristine tiled floor, her toes touching the cold vinyl first. An ache spread up her tendons as she attempted to flatten the soles of her foot down, quickly forcing her to keep them arched as if on tip toes.

She was still wearing the white ward gown, but it felt tighter and poorly fitted around her chest and behind. For a second, Nico struggled with the possibility that something had been changed on her physically, pushing her delicate hand up the side of her gown to her stomach and further.

She was not wrong.

Her breasts were bigger. Huge, an understatement, at least for her frame. Nico slowly curled up the gown, pulling it hesitantly over her new boobs. The nipples jutted out prominently first, Nico gasping in shock at the same time.......were they supposed to look so......aroused!? Finally she uncovered her entire chest, revealing what she could only guess at being a pair of E cups, at least. She sat in silence for a minute or so, just focused on these massive tits that now weighted her front so obviously.

Smooth, soft and firm. They seemed heavy, yet youthful and lively, as if the slightest movement made them jiggle sensationally, a feeling that would definitely take some getting used to. It was too plainly erotic to ignore. They couldnt be implants, they felt too real. Too human. Her hormone-induced breasts from before, merely an A cup at best, seemed to pale in comparison. Nico thought they had always been incredibly sensitive as they developed over years. But this was something more. Every touch felt like electricity.

Attempting to get to her tip toes again, Nico rose slowly and caught someones reflection in a large mirror to her left. For a second she was nervous as she looked around, not noticing anyone in the room before. It was only when she looked back that she realised it was her reflection.

But this was not the Nico she knew before.

Cautiously she took a step towards it, her calves tense as she supported herself daintily on the balls of her feet. Her behind seemed to sway left and right without realising, its size notably bigger than before. The person staring back at her was almost a stranger. Nico wasnt sure whether to feel rage or pure confusion. Her features had been modified, twisted in some bizarre vision Zara had, no doubt.

Her brow, nose, cheeks and chin had been altered. Softened and shaped into the most obscure, yet perfect formation imaginable. Although Nico had been feminine and blessed with cute facial features before, the boyish features that still remained had been totally wiped away, replaced by a structure so delicate its beauty was unreal.

Her eyebrows were arched, almost as highly as Zaras. Perhaps less in an expression that said "Fuck You", but more so "Fuck Me". They were a deep jet black, and as she raised her hand to smudge the eyeliner they had been penciled in with, nothing happened.
It was permanent. The same applied for the ink around her sockets, in huge amounts.

Her nose now sported an overly feminine curve, with a slightly upward pointed tip, and thinner. Her lips were permanently pouted, and overly inflated. They were shaped as if she was constantly prepared to blow a kiss, yet not too rounded to loose the rigid definition of their shape. They were a deep crimson red, no doubt also tattooed onto her skin.

Nico tried to process these new feelings and thoughts. It proved impossible.

She felt her hair brush against her back. It had always been long, but this was insane. It now draped in huge voluptuous waves down to her bottom, tingling against the exposed skin there.

Despite all the questions in her mind, one stood out moreso.

Why had Zara done this to her?

Nicos ears suddenly picked out the faint echo of a woman screaming, from down the corridor outside. The single door to her pristine white ward was wide open, with a small, neatly folded set of clothes on the floor just to the side of it.

Frowning, Nico attempted to tip-toe across the room towards them, her calves strained without the support of heeled shoes. They never used to ache like this.....perhaps it was just because she had been bed-ridden for a few weeks.

Again she heard the scream, although less a scream of pain, moreso of exertion. Knowing she couldnt just wander out of the room dressed in merely a patients drapes, she lent down and grasped the neat pile of clothes. How convenient....

A black bodycon minidress, simply baring a full-length front zip.

A pair of black hold-up stockings.

A black satin bra with reinforced bust, and matching thong.

A pair of black patent 6 inch spiked stillettos, with a red sole and no platform.

Looking at them for just a second, Nico considered mocking her annoyance at the situation. But no matter how enraged and confused she was about her current predicament, she couldnt help but feel drawn to the items. She just longed to wear them for some reason, and besides, the high heels would surely help ease the aches in her legs. It made sense to her at least, and wedging her toes into the slightly pointed patent shoes, she found they actually did.

As she shrugged off the patients gown, Nico grabbed the underwear and pulled it up her shapely legs, the thongs stretchy fabric gliding up her inner thighs and finding its way between her suspiciously more protruding behind. It felt perhaps more exaggerated, as if it had increased not just in size, but had taken on a more provocative form. Every time Nico tottered in the heels, it forced her behind to quiver with a brief jiggle, and now with a satin thong pulled up to seperate it, the young T-girl was finding it hard not to notice every little movement. In fact more than anything, she was struggling to find a proper balance, considering her new assets in front and behind were rather weighty.

After wrapping the short black minidress around herself, and zipping it closed from bottom to top up the front, she anxiously pulled at the hem and sides, trying to pull it into an acceptable and comfortable fit. Considering the shape of her newly enhanced body, this was proving quite problematic. Every time she leaned forwards slightly to adjust the bottom, her legs femininely posed together, her new breasts would bulge forwards against the tight dress and pop out, their mass not able to be contained.

Gasping in surprise Nico tried again to relax her body, breathing out to give her enough space to pull her new tits inwards, and try to scoop the dress back up and over them. Barely succeeding, they now sat contained, moreso suspended with the possibility of spilling out at any moment, their weight made to feel alarmingly apparent to the young T-girl who now sported them. The dress forced them up and together, forming a deep plunging cleavage that anyones gaze would be lost in.

Standing still for just a second, Nico waited to make sure they wouldnt pop out again. During this time she became even more aware of other parts of her body. Most notably, her behind. It didnt feel nessacarily huge, just so much more prominent. It was if someone had stuck a pump in it, and inflated it to the point where it now stuck out erotically, two globular and distinct bubbles of soft smooth flesh. But this was surely not a case of implants. Nico cupped her buttocks with both hands, squeezing them to check for any sign of surgical work. But there was none. It was if her ass had just literally expanded and lost any notion of masculine tone, instead melting into a mound of jiggling flesh.

Nicos attention was suddenly snapped back from her erotic daydream state by more screams from the corridor. Looking out into the hallway from her door, she saw no-one in either direction. Just a long row of closed wards and cells, lining the white walls. Stepping nervously out, she began to totter uncertainly in the direction of the screams, still muffled and echoing towards her from the right.

"If only I could see myself right now....."
The thought kept repeating in Nicos head. Despite her curious nature of the sounds from down the hall, she was ultimately unable to forget her current situation.

A thin, feminised T-girl tottering down a hallway by herself.

Her body wrapped in a form fitting black minidress, barely containing a pair of huge fake breasts that shook with every movement.

A long voluptuous head of brunette hair cascading down to her newly exaggerated butt, the tips itching her soft skin as they came into repeated contact, the hem of the dress always riding up and over the shape of her ass, unable to contain it.

Feet perched into a pair of black stilletos, forcing her to take cute tiny steps, her toes pointed to the center, her legs stretched and her butt forced out due to the 7 inch heels, her hands angled outwards with limp wrists by her sides to keep her balance.

The most extreme made up face imaginable, borderlining on plastic, but yet still so realistically and naturally beautiful.

How could things be any worse, yet feel more right?

Approaching the doorway, Nico wrapped her manicured nails around the frame, peeking into the room. What she saw surprised her in more ways than one.

Perched atop a pair of dangerously angled spike platform stilletos, Zaras perfectly toned legs stood apart, stretched up vertically and disappearing into a skin-tight leather minidress that rode up over her shapely rear, which was pushed out as invitingly as could be. Her back was arched in at an unrealistc curve, hands planted firmly on a table infront of her, her head thrown back to cast thick raven hair down her shoulders.

Nico wasnt quite sure how to process the scene.

Behind Zara was one of her masked guards, built like a parody of masculinity, gripping her hips with burly hands, pulling her back roughly onto his cock, which could only be described as huge. His prick would show each time he withrew, before pounding it back inside Zaras cunt. Nico placed a delicate hand over her mouth, gasping at the sheer force he was fucking her. Each time he pushed in, it looked as if his cock was so big it would rub up along Zaras spine. However not for a second did she look in any pain. Far from it.

Her face displayed a controlled sexual lust, despite the violent pounding she was taking. Every time he pushed in particularly deep, Zara would let out a shrill, yet guttural scream, before her expression returned to being hungry for more. Her eyes narrowed, catching Nicos shocked gaze in the doorway, allowing a thick devillish smile to break across her face, she said nothing. For a moment they remained locked in a stare, Nico stood still in the doorway, whilst Zara remained taking a vicious fucking, her ass still pushed up achingly high in the air, her back sunk and arched in only to allow her huge heavy tits to spill out infront of her, between her arms planted on the table.

Zara broke the silence.
"....What are you fucking waiting for?! Are you going to FUCK me or NOT?!"
Her bitchy commanding tone was directed at the guard. She was clearly in control here. It was obvious that despite the mask obscuring his face, he was somewhat dumbfounded. How could anyone taking a fucking like the one he was giving, need it any harder?!

Zara yanked her upper body round, one hand still on the table to support herself, staring at the man. She reached out and slapped him across the face, an animalistic snarl spitting out her words.
"DID I SAY STOP?! I want you to FUCK ME, NOW, and make sure I fucking FEEL IT THIS TIME".

The guard didnt dare hesitate a second longer. For fear of his own well-being perhaps, he started to plow into her again, hard enough to knock the balance in her arms, her upper body slumping down onto the table. Nico couldnt quite believe what she was seeing.

"If that cock went in a few inches deeper, it would be coming out of her mouth...."

Yet she stood captivated, peering into the room still. Something inside her was combating her instinct. She wanted to look at Zara. She wanted to know and understand how this woman came to be what she was. There was no-one else in the world that intrigued her so much, or seemed so utterly magnetic to Nico. But there were other magnetic forces at work here. Nicos gaze was finding it hard to keep away from the guards cock. It was too big for logical words to describe. Breaking through the initial shock was an underlying desire.

"How the hell does he fit that inside her? Its so thick and long.....I wonder if it tastes good too? I wonder if I could just.....get it past my lips at least, and maybe least try and get it into my throa-...."

Zaras scream of pleasure snapped Nico from her trance. Her hand reached back, grabbing the guards arm suddenly, pulling it in as leverage to impale herself as extremely deep as possible on his cock. Her expression momentarily changed as the guard stopped, pushed as far inside Zara as he could be, obviously having the most disabling, heart-stopping orgasm of his life. Her teeth clenched, a look of pure vicious sex drive dissolving into a satisfied, greedy slur of a smile a few seconds later.

A moment of silenced ensured, all three of them motionless.

Zara suddenly pushed her hands up, turning and slashing at the guard with her talon-like nails, his cock quickly withdrawing from her as he stumbled backwards. She spun powerfully, her spike heels clicking on the tiled floor as she approached the guard aggressively, slapping her hand across his head again.

"Now get the FUCK out of my sight, you worthless piece of SHIT".

The guard seemed too intimidated, despite his overwhelming size, to dare strike back or barely defend himself. As he stumbled towards the door, Nico recoiled into herself, making way. Zara called after him,

"Dont even LOOK at her. You understand me?! You dont DESERVE to look at her".

Shuffling out into the corridor, Zara paced catlike in pursuit of the guard, the same evil smile plastered across her face, her form recovered from the incident and shifting back into the slinky, overconfident strut Nico knew her for. Watching the man dissapear down the corridor, Nico turned back to Zara, who was stood a few feet away, already staring at her.

"Enjoy yourself, sugar?"

Nico didnt quite know whether to say yes or no. Was that question meant as sarcasm?

"Come in here, sugar. We have a lot to talk about".

Zara spun on a heel, before strutting back into the room, her ass forming the same catwalk shift, wrapped back in its tight leather dress confines. Nicos eyes couldnt look elsewhere even if they tried. She followed in, totally captivated.

Maybe now she would get some of the answers she needed.

Nico followed demurely into the center of the identical white room, observing her surroundings. The same white tiled floor, the same white tiled walls. A surgical table to the side, with various items on a metallic cart alongside. Zara approached the table, grasping a small lone tab of pills popping one from the foil and swallowing it in one. Turning to Nico, she let out a mischievous grin, before unexpectedly tossing it over to her. Nico fumbled, trying to catch it with her dainty hands, her newly manicured nails making it hard for her to do anything at all. She couldnt even tell if they were fake or real, but they had certainly been added during her time unconscious. At least they werent as ridiculously long as Zaras, and the french white tip was certainly very sexy.....

Looking up to Zara once more, Nico frowned with an airheaded, confused expression. The leather-clad bitch only replied after a mocking laugh.

"Contraceptive pills, Nico. Who knows, you might need some soon".

Zaras words carried an underlying spite, as she continued to laugh. Nicos head was filled with possibilities - what did Zara mean by that?! Regardless she quietly tucked the tab of pills into her bra, like a hooker with dirty cash. She intended to take Zaras warning very seriously....

"So, lets go over the basics, shall we?"

Zara pounced and twisted onto the surgical table in one motion, turning to face Nico, before crossing her long legs and reaching for a packet of smokes in her jacket pocket.

"Some parts, you already know about. The drugs we ensured you swallowed when you got here, just before you took a shine to that guards huge cock. They were primarily to open you see what you really wanted. And just as I expected, as soon as you were under the influence, you turned into a nasty little cocksucker".

Zara paused with a chuckle, as she lit up the cig.

"....And from what I can tell, you really enjoyed that, didnt you?"

Nico could only serve up an embarrassed nod in agreement, her eyes to the floor.

"Now....the parts you dont know about. Once I had gotten my assignment with that drug out of the way, I wanted to have a little fun with you. So during those few weeks you spent asleep.....I set about making some radical changes".

Zaras eyes remained fixated on her. Nico barely dared look up to meet her gaze.

"We started with hormone treatments as soon as you were under. A little more.....heavy than your average dosage I might add. By balancing out your body with other chemicals, we were able to give you focused doses of various female hormones in batches of 50ml every few hours".

Nico blinked. 50ml every few hours?! That was literally insane. It would send a body into meltdown, surely. But then again, it seemed many things were possible in this facility....

"That set up a good base for us to work with. After a few days we began working on your....physical features. I managed to get my hands on a few vials of select drugs. And from personal experience, I knew exactly what to do with them".

Zara arched her back a little, pushing out her huge, perky tits, barely able to be contained by the leather minidress. Limping her wrist and draping her manicured nails across her cleavage, she looked back up to Nico. It was starting to make sense now - Zaras body was far from realistic, and was obviously formed in the same way Nicos was now.

"I went through a lot of pain to make myself this way, Nico. I had to do this to myself......whereas you were allowed to remain in a dream throughout the change. Lucky girl."

Zara reached to the metallic tray to her side, picking up a vial - mostly white and chrome matte, with a thin glass port up the side, revealing a vibrant blue chemical substance inside. The tip had a mechanized syringe plunger, which Zara ejected out with a press of a button.

"This stuff is very hard to come by, Nico. And I used a lot of it on you. So I hope youre appreciative of my....generosity."

Nico wasnt sure whether to be enraged or submissively greatful. She veered towards the latter instinctively.

"One injection of this can increase flesh, or cell replication in an intensive manner over 24 hours or less. At the expense of body energy consumption, this chemical allowed us to focus growth of your new breasts at an accelerated rate. By the end of the first week, you already had a pair of double E's, sugar. Theyre almost as nice as mine, I might add."

Nico blinked, not quite believing what she was hearing. She subconsciously raised her dainty hands to press against her new boobs, feeling them delicately. No signs of silicone or any other fake implants. They were certainly real in every way. Her hands felt down her slim waist, until they reached her hips and around to her newly exaggerated butt. Had the same thing been done here too? Zara read her thoughts.

"Yes, I did. I used it on your cute little behind also. I really wanted to fill you out, sugar. Make you into my perfect little plaything. I hope you dont mind? Afterall, any girl would die for a figure like the one you have now."

She hopped down from the table, and began to approach Nico, her heels clicking as she placed one heeled sole in front of the other in a slow, exaggerated stride. Moving around her side, Nico stayed perfectly still as Zara draped a hand across her shoulder.

"....Dosnt it feel GOOD to be that way, sugar? Dosnt it feel good when you walk? The way it shifts underneath that clingy dress you're wearing, with that trampy thong pulled up all the way between it?"

Zara reached down, her nails finding their way under Nicos dress, hooking behind the rear of the tight thong she was wearing, only to pull it out and let it snap back into her ass. Nico jumped nervously, allowing a satisfied laugh to come from Zara.

"So.....lets talk about the other complications, shall we sugar?"

Nico gulped and watched the fixating stride of Zaras thick platform boots as she moved away, and turned to face her again.

"What do you remember of being unconsciousness, Nico?"

The quiet young T-girl tried to rack her memory and remember, but it wouldnt quite come back to her. It seemed so hazy.

"...Its not like I need you to tell me, honestly. I already know. I was watching your dreams anyway. You are a lot more interesting than I had expected, Nico. Besides, I wanted to make sure you always had the right things on your mind, with a little help"

Now things were really starting to get confusing. As if it wasnt already a complex enough situation, Nico couldnt help but feel like her thought processes were slower than before. As if coming to rational conclusions for things was like trying to find her way through a thick fog. It must be the drugs.....surely this would wear off soon.....

"Needless to say, I identified some key.....interests.....and amplified them. I think you know what Im talking about, dont you girl?"

Zaras words reminded Nico of the drug that she was taken in the interrogation room. The way it had strengthened her desires and made her want nothing else but to satiate them. She nodded, assuming this was what she meant.

"I guess you want to hear it in full though. In nice simple sentences.....for a stupid bimbo like you to understand"

Nico looked up with a hurt expression, despite the obvious fact that this was now what she was. A bimbo, if ever a perfect case study was needed. Her body and attire screamed of her intentions, to be an object of desire. Zara smiled in return at her expression, knowing she couldnt deny it.


"Then here it is. Although Ill save the best part for last. Do you recognise that familiar sweet taste on your tongue? In your mouth?"

Nico had barely had time to notice, but she did indeed now that her attention was brought to it. She remembered waking up in the surgical room, the tube lodged down her throat. She remembered the strong salty taste that it had left behind as she pulled it out. She shook her head however.

"Oh come on, sugar. I thought that was your favourite flavour. Take a guess"

A wide, devillish grin spread across Zaras heavily made-up face, and immediately Nico knew what she had meant.


"I wanted to make sure your body got exactly what it craved, whilst you were under. And now it does exactly that, it craves. Of course, I knew you were a desperate little slut before.....but I wanted to take things a little further. So we made some changes to you, to your body and how it reacts to that sweet substance"

Nicos mind was spinning again. Was Zara trying to tell her that she sperm? How could that even make sense, or work?! Zara picked up on the dumbfounded look on the girls face, and continued.

"Consider it a back payment to me, sugar. A way for me to ensure your loyalty, and a way to control you. And besides, I thought it would make an interesting twist on my newest girl, the others can be so......simple sometimes. I wanted to really have some fun with you"

Others? What others? Are there others like me?
Nicos thought process was interrupted.

"From now on, I would guess that only a few days without a mans cum would start to have serious negative effects on your physical and mental health. Go long enough, and you might even get as far as to fall into a coma. Or worse. But I wouldnt worry about that, because youre going to be very busy making money for me, sugar"

Nico lapped her tongue around her lips, savouring the salty taste that seemed so sexily sweet to her. So more-ish. She barely registered her new mistresses claims of working for her.

"Now, before I go, I'll leave you with the special surprise"

Nico remained silent, her eyes darting back to Zara.

"I just know you will LOVE this part...."

Surely nothing could be worse than what she had been told already?

"Seeing as youre going to be spending a lot of time with mens cocks in your mouth, I figured I should make it an even more addictive experience for you. I want you to be so hopelessly obsessed with getting fat dicks down your throat, that you can literally not help yourself....."

Although she had only been awake less an hour, she already was coming to terms with the fact that even without Zaras special gift, she had become a self-confessed cocksucker. There was no denying it now, Zara had dug into her most deepest desires and pulled them out into her conciousness. Nico felt like she had been waiting for this to happen all her life, like she was meant for it.

"...I'll save you the medical jargon, honey. But in simple terms.....lets say that we made some changes to your oral abilities, through the wonders of surgery. Whilst you had the impressive ability to surpress your gag reflex before, that wont be a problem now anyway. We fully unlinked any ability to feel such a reflex unwillingly, your throat will now literally stay completely in the state that you want it. Of course, you can gag if you want to.....afterall, I know some men like that. And I can imagine you would want to do ANYTHING to please your man, right Nico?"

The cute little Tgirl only managed a nod, still looking at the floor.

"Well, thats not all. Now your man wont have to worry about pleasing you either, because I made sure of it. I got the surgical team here to transplant a set of nerve-endings from a female subject, onto you. Well, 2 specific parts of you. I dont suppose you've eaten anything yet today have you? As that might give you a clue".

Nico only managed a shake of her head, still totally lost and confused.

"Lets just say that.....the rear of your throat will now be very sensitive, Nico. I wanted to ensure that you felt all of the things a real female would. But why do it the normal way? I wanted to be creative with you"

Nico blinked a few times, staring absentmindedly. Zara sighed and explained in slow for her.

".....A clitoris, Nico. Now every time a cock reaches the back of your whorish mouth, it is going to rub on those new implanted nerve endings. You are going to experience something quite, quite special, my little cocksucker"

Before Nico could splutter a confused reply, a voice pierced the silence between her and Zara. She jumped with surprise, letting a high feminine gasp escape her pumped up lips. Turning around, she quickly fixed her gaze on the woman striding into the room, three black-clad bodyguards of huge build following her closely.

"I hope I am not interrupting anything, Zara..."

She strutted in with an air of authority, her accent that of an upper class, well educated English woman, paired with a thick undertone of power. She too like Zara, was beautiful in the most unrealistic of ways, although her features were decidedly less extreme. Her face was flawless in form, shaped with delicate features. Her nose thin and gently curved, pointed at the tip. Her chin and jaw like that of a supermodel, defined and strong. A face made up with impeccable makeup, without being overly whorish like Zaras or Nicos. Piercing eyes, matched with small plump lips and finely pencilled eyebrows. Expensive thin earrings dangled from her ears, shining with diamond finesse.

Atop her head, the woman sported an updo of elegantly mounted brunette hair, with strands that fell down to the sides of her face, framing it perfectly. Wrapped tightly across her ample chest was an asymmetrically side-pinned, immaculate white power suit with black lining, which fitted her body contours as if a second skin. Matched with it, white business trousers that flared at the bottoms, despite their figure hugging form around her behind. As she passed Nico in the room, her white stiletto pumps clicking, she could not help but admire the clinical formality of this woman. It was if she were dressed to compliment the decor of the medical facility itself.

Zara seemed to go quiet for a moment, a wary expression tainting her usual bitchy grin. She gave a sarcastic statement.
"Come to check up on me again, Lucy?"

"That is Miss Amaria to you, Zara. And yes, actually"

Miss Amaria?

Nico knew that name well. Lucy Amaria was well known as the owner and chairwoman of the nations largest remaining private corporation, which was under contract from the state to manufacture medical goods, amongst other things. Rumours suggested Miss Amarias contracts also extended into bio-chemical weapons, and perhaps production of the rationed food packets handed out to the civilians on a daily basis - notoriously laced with the drugs that kept most of the population sedated and under control.

"I thought I had made it perfectly clear, Zara, that this contract and this facility, were not for your use in the pursuit of personal gratification....."

Zara winced in a soundless snarl, before popping a cigarette between her red coated lips and lighting it quickly. She watched as the formally dressed woman turned back to Nico, inspecting her up and down. Poor little Nico was frozen in place, as the bodyguards stayed ghosting Miss Amaria closely behind.

"....For too long I have allowed you to abuse my trust, so that you can continue with your little freakshow projects..."

Nico gulped, as the lady arrived closely by her side, staring down at her with a disgusted expression. She looked nervously to Zara, as if expecting some kind of help. Strangely enough, Zara hopped down from her perch and made her way across to them hastily. For just a moment there, Nico thought she saw something in Zaras eyes. Did the leather clad bitch really just appear protective of her?

"Leave her alone. Shes no more a freakshow than you or me, Lucy"
Zara grasped Nico by the hand, pulling her defensively behind herself. Amaria smiled, as if she was waiting for that reaction.

"You already crossed the line, Zara. I was just waiting for you to show it"
The 3 bodyguards fanned out behind Amaria, suddenly taking on an aggressive stance, baring stunbatons from behind their backs, now clasped tightly to their sides.
"My needs for someone like you have changed, Zara. I no longer need you for your original purpose, of which I might add you were very good at"
Zaras expression formed an animalistic snarl, her fists clenching too by her side.
"Dont fight. You know you cant win....."

The first of the guards lunged forwards, only to miss Zara by a few inches. She moved quickly, although her priority seemed to be to pull Nico out of harms way, just as soon as she returned a violent jab to the fleshy underside of the guards outstretched jaw. As if they were part of her, Zaras fetish-length nails pierced his skin with a sickening tear, blood gushing out as she retracted it just as soon as she had lunged. The guard fell to his knees, grasping his throat, as Zara took a step backwards, ready for the next attack.

However, it was too late. The second and third guard were already in motion. An electrified shock shot up Zaras back as a stunbaton connected with the back of her thigh, instantly crippling her down to one knee, before a second whack could connect with her shoulder to put her down to the floor. Nico screamed in horror as the two guards then repeatedly stunned her in the small of her back, whilst their 3rd accomplice remained knelt a few feet away, drowning in his own blood. Amaria seemed more concerned with the claret substance getting on her perfect white stilettos, as she made her way around Zara.

"I told you not to fuck with me, you stupid fucking whore.....and now look at you. Well, now youre going to find out exactly how all of your little girls feel. A taste of your own medicine, should be in order"

More guards filtered into the room, grasping the weeping Nico, and dragging her back into the surgical room, with a lifeless Zara in tow. The room had been cleared, leaving it more like a cell. The two of them were dumped in the corner, before the door locked tight behind with a heavy "clang".

Hours had passed.

Nico remained crouched over Zara in the corner of the large cell, having not stopped crying since the horrifying ordeal earlier. Thus far, she had not woken up from her beaten unconscious state, her body limp and lifeless, although she was certainly alive.

Nico knew now that her only chance of survival in a place like this, lied with the woman who had brought her here in the first place. It was strange however, that she did not feel resentful of Zara for bringing her here. Or for doing any of the things to her that should make her violent to the core. If anything, she was thankful, although it really did not make much sense to her.

Taking the quiet time alone to explore herself, Nico ran her hands across her new body, still wrapped up in a tight black minidress. This was like a dream, it seemed so unreal. Her new breasts were so big that they would barely be contained, although it was their weight that was so strange to her. Even the slightest movement would make them sway and jiggle, causing the young Tgirl to become shamefully embarrassed at the reaction growing in her tight thong underwear.

"...Enjoying yourself?"
A thin, whispy voice came from Zaras limp body to her side.

Nico jumped a little with surprise, having been a little lost in the sensations she was experiencing, her dainty hands subconsciously finding their way to her panties to touch herself. She instantly flushed a deep red, pulling the hem down over her thighs.

"I wouldnt worry, Nico. Enjoy it *cough* whilst you can...."

Nico leant down close besides her, helping her into a more comfortable position.

"Are....are you OK...Miss Kane?"

Zara only smiled weakly in return, slumped up against the corner. Perhaps this was just a big joke to her.

"...Nothing that I havnt felt before, Nico. I just wished I had moved faster...."

Nico gulped. She couldnt help but feel a little guilty, as Zara had reacted to defend her. Perhaps if she hadnt, she would have been able to fight off the three men. Was this her fault?

"Are....are you going to be alright?"

"Trust me, I'll be fine. Just promise me something, Nico"

The young Tgirl stared at her obediently, nodding her head.

"You have to get out of here. Do you understand me? Dont worry about me now, its over. Amaria wont let me leave. Not alive anyway, or without being some fucked up abomination of her own making"

Nico shook her head in disagreement, placing her dainty hand on Zaras.

"Im not leaving you, Miss. No matter what happens"

Zara let a humoured smile crack across her face again, still half dazed and faint.

".....I really did get lucky, finding you, didnt I?"
Nico wasnt sure what that meant.
"....The other girls, Im sure they would be jealous of your dedication. If you ever get to meet them...."

"M-miss.....which....other girls? I dont understand...."

Zara focused on the wall opposite, taking a hard gulp and coughing it back up as she struggled with her beaten state.

"You are not the first of your kind, Nico. I have done this all before, with many other girls.....although I must admit you were the first of which who started as a boy....."

Nico kept a tight grasp on her hand, wanting to hear the full story.

"I started about a year ago. I guess you could say Ive always been this way, controlling, domineering, whatever. It is only natural that the weak would be attracted to the lure of power and strength, confidence and so forth.... *cough* ...which is what I guess they saw in me. When the state took over and started issuing rations, they began mixing the food with drugs to keep you all under control. Im sure youve heard the rumours...."

Nico nodded along with her. Although it had never been proven, she knew it was right. Every citizen did, they could feel it inside, and see it on the face of every other person they met.

"....I guess that put me in a good position then. For years I have lived without the state-issued rations, instead finding alternate sources in the underground blackmarket. And of course....working for Amaria, off the books, had its perks and benefits too. Im probably one of the only people left in this society that has any balls left...."

Nico and Zara smiled in unison at her little remark.

"....So perhaps it was only natural that people like you gravitated towards me. I have always had a soft spot for timid girls, the ones who looked like they were so scared of the world around them. The ones who looked like they needed someone to grasp their hand, and force them towards the better life they wouldnt dare take for themselves. Just like you, Nico. That day I saw you in the laundrette, I knew you were perfect for me. The way you reacted told me that no matter how you resisted me, underneath was a girl screaming to be let free....."

It was if Zara had taken a look into her soul and read it word for word.

".....The others, are just like you. Although not as extreme.....the changes I made to you of course, were all desires that I uncovered whilst you were asleep for those few weeks. Some of them have had a few subtle changes, I used some drugs and chemicals on the ones who needed it. Most of them now live in the underground too, probably worried sick waiting for me to get back to them...."

It was starting to make some sense now. Nico knew how the rest of Zaras girls must have felt. Zara had set her free, taken her out of the abusive and controlling society that had ruined her life for the last few years. It seemed that all she asked in return, was their devotion. But why would she crave it in such a twisted way?

"....If we ever get out of here Nico, I will take you there. Im sure they will be excited about having a new sister in the family.... *cough* ....its the closest we can get now to living a normal life.....a free life...."

Suddenly the cell door clanged open, to show the bodies of at least 6 stocky guards, who fanned out into the room. Nico recognised the last of which, perhaps the tallest, as the interrogator who she had engaged with upon first arriving here.

As a gulp lodged itself in her throat, Zara hissed to her side, knowing what was coming next.

Their heavy boots resounding against the tiled floor, echoing around the empty room, the black clad men spread out to surround Zara and Nico, who instinctively huddled closer into the corner. At the front stood the interrogator, who reached up to pull the balaclava from his head, revealing a stern, grizzled face that could have once been called handsome.

"Funny is it not, how circumstances can change, hmmmm, Zara?"

His surprisingly well-spoken accent cut the silence in the room, standing with his hands clasped behind his back just a meter away. Nico remembered back to her first encounter with him. How she had so effortlessly surrendered to falling to her knees, and allowed him to force that massive prick into her red painted lips. How she had felt in ecstasy whilst sucking his cock like a practised whore. How she had endured repetitive, crippling, full body orgasms whilst he had ejaculated an inhuman amount of sperm directly into her throat. She also remembered the way in which Zara had ordered him around afterwards, making his authority and dominance seem all so suddenly, limp and worthless in comparison. There was obviously an underlying resentment in whatever the Interrogator had been ordered to do with Zara. His thick smile showed that with ease.

"Now, Miss Amaria has given us our orders, and I am pleased to say that I am going to take a lot of satisfaction from ensuring they are carried out beyond my teams ability....."

Zara let a slightly manical chuckle escape from her lips, her head cocked down, eyes angled up towards him. Nico assumed that Zara was the type who had been through much unpleasantness in her past, and that she simply didnt care anymore. Sex and violence seemed to be in her blood.

"She would be correct in stating that you do not eat the state-issued rations, is that correct?"

Zara did not respond. But the interrogator knew anyway.

"That gives an excellent opportunity you see, Zara. As im sure you are well aware, the state has not allowed child birth in over 7 years. They have ensured this by enforcing the ingestion of several birth control chemicals in the food supply. However, with such a fine specimen as you Zara, who has not taken such chemicals.......Miss Amaria has designated you as the host for what will be her child".

Zaras expression did not seem to be shocked by this statement, in comparison to Nico who was horrified by the idea of her new friend being forcefully impregnated. Despite having only met Lucy Amaria once, she could only guess the cold hearted nature that would drive such a woman to want a child, yet force the 9 months of inconvenient suffering on to a surrogate. However it concerned her more that Amarias intent might be more complex than to just have a child of her own, moreso the twisted experimentation and genetical modifications that she might have planned for the child.

"So, if you dont mind, me and my team are going to begin. And for your own sake Zara, do not make this harder for us....."

With his statement, the guards behind him each started unzipping their combat trousers, pulling them down to reveal similarly monstrously sized cocks. Nicos eyes were literally bulging from her head.

"....however I will not would give me a certain satisfaction to see you try to fight back. To see and hear exactly how much you hate what we are going to do to you......"

Scooting around to her side, the first pair of guards immediately went for Zaras arms. Nico flailed a little, trying to keep hold of Zaras hand, but was pulled backwards by her long extended hair, a shocked yelp escaping from her lips, as she was dumped a few feet away, by the interrogators feet. The gang of guards easily dealt with Zaras weak attempts to fight back, grabbing her wrists and ankles, their grips like iron. Pushing aside the others, a single guard approached her from between her legs, as the others made a joint effort to spin her around, placing her face-down against the cold white floor. Zaras long black hair spread out across the tiles, her face pressed down hard by a guards firm hand, her breathing ravaged and seething with hatred for what was about to be done.

"Stop teasing my men, Zara. You know thats exactly the reaction they were hoping for...."

The interrogator had kept his distance, seeming to be satisfied thus far to simply observe. However his hand now reached down, grasping a handful of Nicos voluptuous brunette hair, pulling her gaze up sharply to ensure she watched every moment of the sexual violence, now being knelt submissively by his side.

"Please Nico. Do not close your eyes. I think this could be a very important lesson for you"
His chuckle was seeded with an evil undertone. Despite the tears streaming from her eyes, Nico did as she was told.

Having spread her legs, and finally kept her restrained enough, the first guard pressed his overly large cock against Zaras cunt. Taking a firm squeeze of her rounded butt in one hand, and a hold of his thick prick in the other, he began forcing it in. The first few inches must have been the most painful. Each one of these guards were built physically in ways that were - like Amaria, Zara and Nico herself - naturally impossible. Nicos eyes needed no orders to watch, as they were completely fixated on the sight of the massive cock as it began to dig its way into Zara from behind. Her screams of pain pierced the room. Although Nico had witnessed Zara take a fucking hours earlier, of easily the same size, and ten times the intensity, it must have been totally different when it was forced upon her in such a situation.

"Fuck, hold this bitch down!"
The guards doubled their efforts to their team-mates call, keeping her pinned down hard enough to ensure he could push deeper inside of her. Another call joined him.
"Will one of you please shut her the FUCK up?!"

The whole scene could not have been more unsettling. Zara was providing an ear splitting scream of emotional torment that none of them could have wished for, no matter how much they had wanted to rape her. Nico knew exactly why. For this was Zara losing the one thing she prided herself for - her independence and ability to say that she was free, not a lapdog like everyone else. Now she was being fucked and stripped of that. One of the guards took the initiative and moved to her head, grabbing her by the hair and yanking it upwards, his massive cock immediately slapping her across the lips.

"Now you listen here, you stupid fucking whore. If I feel any teeth, I swear to god I will break your jaw. Do you understand?"
Without waiting for an answer, the guard shoved his monstrous prick straight into her red painted lips, and continued until the head jammed itself against Zaras throat. For one second, the screams were silenced, but soon began again as the guard yelped in pain, suddenly falling backwards, holding his rapidly shrinking cock in both hands, a thin smear of blood starting to cover them. Zara let out a manical laugh, obviously having just taken a vicious bite out of him.

Another guard took his place without hesitation, and whilst gripping his cock in one fist, used it to literally whack against Zaras face. Whilst this may have been comical under normal circumstances, the size and girth of his cock made the impact more similar to a blow from a police baton. With a resounding smack, Zaras face was slammed back against the white tile violently.

Hours had passed.

Nico was working on impulse now, as if she could not control her bodies wants and needs. She had almost reassured herself that Zara would not be angry by this, if she even awoke anytime soon. Nico paused, before moving further up to Zaras side. Her poor mistress had taken an unbelievable amount of punishment, that was of course until she had been knocked unconscious. She felt it was perhaps a good thing that she the guards did not hold back, fucking her lifeless body for almost two hours afterwards in every way imaginable. Throughout every moment, Nico had knelt by the interrogators side, his hand in her hair, forcing her to watch it all unfold. The guards seemed a little disappointed Zara was unconscious, her screams seemed to only encourage them whilst she was awake.

The guards had long since left, leaving them alone.

Nico knew she was still alive. Her breathing was soft and reserved as she lay on her back, her long black volume of hair spread out across the tiles behind her. Even in such a state, Nico was unconditionally attracted to her, and she still couldnt figure out why herself. Zaras sharp features had been battered and bruised, her makeup would have been smeared across her face had it not been permanently tattooed on. Long leftover strings of thick cum traced from her swollen lips across her cheeks, down her chin, and left to dry in her hair. It was the same everywhere else. The guards cum was plastered across her body in huge amounts, Nico was still trying to figure out how a few men had produced so much of the stuff. But what she did know was that it was making her go crazy.

It smelt so sexy. Despite her care for Zara, Nico couldnt ignore the urges she was getting. Perhaps it was the way that sperm had dried on Zaras skintight leather dress, or the short cropped leather jacket she wore over it. It was intoxicating, igniting a desire in her head that clouded her logical thinking.

Again, she shamefully leant over, until her face was an inch away from Zaras exaggerated breasts. Still somehow encased in their tight leather bust, a stray spurt of cum had landed across them, and had begun its slow descent dripping down into her deep cleavage. Unable to hold herself back, Nico plunged her tongue down inbetween Zaras huge tits, lapping up any remains of the strong tasting cum. She dragged her tongue out, a thin line of cum connecting her tongue to those massive breasts, before she dragged it across onto the leather bust, pushing her pumped-up lips down and getting a mouthful of as much sperm as she could.

It was almost as if her mind had fully ceased rational thought. Nico moved down between Zaras legs again, and no longer feeling an ounce of shame, lowered her lips to Zaras used cunt. Used however, was an understatement. She had taken a beating that would have killed lesser girls. The size of the guards cocks was nothing short of monstrous, and the sheer amount of cum they had produced, several times over each, was overwhelming. Zaras thighs, butt and cunt were smeared with an insane amount of it. In a steady slow drip, it was oozing out of her onto the tile floor, creating a sizeable puddle that only made Nico more insatiably thirsty. Positioning her head between Zaras thighs, she leant forwards and began lapping at her mistresses cunt, desperate to swallow as much of that strong tasting cum as possible. Every mouthful she ingested felt like another step towards ecstasy, so much so that she could feel an orgasm of her own steadily building in her tiny strained balls. However, their aching sensation only spurred her on, her tongue and lips still working as fast as they could, a steady stream of overtly feminine moans escaping inbetween swallowing more.

It was at that point she felt a hand on the back of her head, fingers slowly working their way into her thick volume of hair, before taking a grip that pulled her in closer to her treat. It could only have been Zara......but Nico was too engaged to even think about how her mistress was able to move, let alone enjoy being eaten out after what had happened to her.

A few soft groans escaped from her mistresses mouth, as she gently squeezed her shapely thighs tighter together, Nicos masses of teased hair brushing against them as she bobbed her hair up and down.

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