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Would you like to play a game?

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Would you like to play a game? - 5/8/2012 3:28:03 AM   

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This is not my story, but I read it posted somewhere else (I can't remember where) and I copied the text. Hopefully the original poster doesn't mind it being reposted here.

- - - -

I’ve always enjoyed a little post orgasm cock teasing. Well, to be honest it’s the build up and the anticipation that i enjoy. I’m not sure I’ve ever truly enjoyed the post orgasm tease itself! And during the post orgasm tease I writhe and buck around like I’m being electrocuted. In fact I writhe around so much that the only way i can handle having this done to me is if i’m tied down.

In the past I’ve been tied spread eagled to our bed while my girlfriend does this to me. She doesn’t usually carry on after the orgasm for very long, maybe 1 minute, but it feels like a lifetime to me.

My girlfriend says she really enjoys doing this to me, but I make it too difficult for her to do it for long because i thrash around too much. Being spread eagled I can move my hips around a reasonable amount and as soon as she hits the sensitive spots I tend to thrust my hips so she is now touching a less sensitive spot. This doesn’t usually go down too well, but I really can’t help it. It’s almost like a reflex action.

Well my girlfriend had enough of me moving about and spoiling her fun and decided that it was time for me to keep still! To achieve this I now get tied up in a different way. Instead of a spread eagle I’m now strapped to a 1 foot wide plank of wood using 6 velcro straps. It’s very effective and I can no longer move around at all. In fact even thrusting around as hard as i can only results in my cock moving a few millimetres. My girlfriend is very happy with this new arrangement and the post orgasm sessions have become much more intense for me. I’d now describe it more as a torture than a tease! Now that she can concentrate on the really sensitive parts without me being able to get away she tends to keep going for longer as well, which is a real double whammy for me.

Well that’s the background, so here comes the really bad part (for me anyway). She has decided that she enjoys it much more when i don’t move around, but that she doesn’t want to always have to tie me up.

So she is going to train me to keep still while she performs the post orgasm sensitivity torture!

To train me she has come up with a new game. The rules are as follows.
1) I can have an orgasm whenever I want, all I have to do is ask!
2) I must be tied down if I want an orgasm.
3) I will be tied to the plank of wood using vecro straps, but with my arms free.
4) I’ll be on the bed and my arms will be tied in a spread eagle position, but with enough slack in the rope that I can move my hand about a foot from where they are tied, but not enough to reach any of the velcro straps.

Now here’s the kicker...

5) My arms will also be tied at full stretch (i.,e. with no slack) using only toilet paper. If i move my arms at all the toilet paper will break.
6) When I’m in position my girlfriend can do anything she likes to me but she will definitely make me cum. Eventually.
7) After I cum she’ll continue stroking for 1 minute.
8) If at the end of that minute the toilet paper is intact, I’ve won the game and my reward is a “truly fantastic blowjob” (her words).
9) If, however, the toilet paper is broken, I have to endure 10 more minutes of torture!

I’m very worried by this as even though i’ll know that moving my arms won’t help me get free and will only make things much worse for me, i still don’t think i’ll be able to keep still!

She's been very kind and told me that I don’t have to play if i don’t want to, but she’ll be teasing me to the point of cumming and stopping every morning before work and every night before bed. And I won’t be getting any orgasms until well after christmas unless I play the game each time!

I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out very long! But 10 minutes of sensitivity torture isn’t something I’m sure I can handle!

She says that once I can go for a minute without moving we’ll try 2 minutes but with a punishment of 20 minutes and then 3 vs 30 mins punishment!
Again she’s agreed to be kind here. She says she doesn’t really expect me to endure 30 mins and that I can exchange some of those minutes for either, punches to the balls (not something I’ve ever wanted to try!) or for licking the cum from her hands (something else I’ve never been willing to try).

She says I should be able to learn to keep still as i should be intelligent enough to know that moving my arms won’t stop anything anyway. Once I learn to keep still she wants to do the same thing again but without me being tied up. She hasn’t told me what will happen if i fail the final test, only that it will be very, very bad for me...

We haven’t played round 1 yet, but I’ve been teased a lot for the past 4 days and I don’t think i’ll be able to hold out much longer. At first I though she’d give in and want sex, but now I think she’s really serious.

- - - - later post - - - -

I was only able to hold out for 2 weeks of relentless teasing every morning and night without orgasm.

My girlfriend decided that as i'd held out on her for 2 weeks that she was going to take a long time playing with me. So after I was velcro'd down on the plank, she set to work. No lube at all, she just lay down beside me and gently stroked the head of my cock between her thumb and finger. I got hard very quickly and the precum started flowing. And she just carried on and on.

Now I don't know if its the same for most guys, but i get very sensitive very quickly if its just the head being played with, and my girlfriend knows it. Not being able to move at all let her concentrate on all the right parts and before long I was squirming around like mad. She told me afterward that she didn't use any lube at all, but it felt so slippy down there i just assumed she had.

After about 40 minutes it became almost unbearable and i squirmed a little too much and broke the toilet paper. And this was before i'd even cum!

Well by now i was begging for her to stop and trying to make deals like, just give me a little rest, then re-tie the toilet paper and we can try again. She wasn't having any of it!

She just laughed and then offered me this deal. I had 2 choices and if i didn't choose 1 she would choose for me!

1) I could beg her to stroke me up and down for the next 20 minutes, after which she'd stop, but no matter what she wouldn't stop sooner. Or.
2) She would continue playing with the head for another 30 mins at least, maybe longer, and then she'd make me cum, then I had to endure 11 minutes of post orgasm torture.

11 minutes! it was supposed to be 10 i said. Nope it was 11, 1 minute to endure without moving, then at the end of that if the toilet paper was broken (which it already was!) i got 10 more as punishment.

I figured 30 mins pre orgasm teasing and 11 minutes of torture was a easier than 20 minutes post orgasm (because I knew I would cum as soon as she started stroking) so i went for option 2.

And my god, as bad and as sensitive as i thought i was after an hour of just having the head played with, it was nothing compared to the sensation i felt as i was actually cumming. As soon as she saw me spurt she really went to town on the head again! Normally when we've played at this type of thing in the past i get a little bit of grace while she carries on stroking the shaft, so i was completely unprepared for her going straight back to the head. It felt like i was being electrocuted, and it had the effect of almost completely shutting off my orgasm, there was still lots of cum oozing out, but i could not tense the muscles to get it to shoot out.

I don't really know how to describe the next 11 minutes, any thoughts of trying to keep still were completely gone and i really tested the bondage i was in. I can tell you now, that velcro is strong stuff!

I know i went flaccid after not too long and that after about 8 mins it started getting hard again, still not pleasurable mind you, but almost back to bearable! After 11 mins she offered to carry on as i was hard again, but i begged her to stop!

She told me afterward that because i made her wait 2 weeks to get to play with me that she'd been deliberately mean and would've just kept playing with the head until the toilet paper broke, as she knew i wouldn't be able to take it! That way she'd get the full time post orgasm to torture me! But as long as i don't make her wait so long she'll be a lot nicer next time.

I have agreed to try again this weekend but unless she is incredibly nice i don't think the toilet paper will make it!
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