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THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 8/2/2012 9:14:12 PM   

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Welcome to first my first post on CM. I've been a member for many years, but have stayed in the background. I wanted my first post to be something I've never before tried, so I decided to attempt to write a short story. Please know that I'm not a writer nor a journalist, and this is my first attempt at creative writing. I'm sure my story is filled with technical errors because I know I keep switching between tenses, but it's only for personal enjoyment and not meant to be published. I wanted to wait until it was complete, but it's already taken about 3 hours to write and I'm only about half way done.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think:


Chapter 1 – A Blissful Life

Master and slave had just celebrated seven years, and the relationship was at its peak. Master is a hugely successful businessman who provides a good life for slave. Master commands respect and demands honesty from slave. Master has taught his slave well and has earned her respect, trust and love. Slave is a good slave who has learned her lessons well. She has earned her Master’s respect, trust and love, and she will go to any and all lengths to please him.

Every night before bed, slave retreats upstairs to draw her Master’s bath. During this time, Master is busy making slave’s list for the next day. Master finishes the list and leaves it next to the stove for slave to find. Master retreats upstairs for his bath and finds slave kneeling in the corner, eagerly awaiting his arrival. As always, Master finds the temperature perfect and relaxes for a soak. Slave has learned her duty well. She knows precisely how long to allow Master to enjoy his soak. The time always varies, but she has learned from his breathing when he’s ready to be bathed. After the bath, slave kneels at the edge of the tub to service her Master, and is rewarded with a bedtime snack. Slave is most fulfilled during bath time. She knows how hard Master works and how much pleasure he derives from bath time. It’s his time to relax and allow the pressures of the day to fade away.

Master has trained slave to be his personal alarm clock, and each night informs slave of what time he is to awake. Slave has been trained to awake, on her own, and to wait patiently as Master sleeps. When the time is right, slave slips under the covers to awake her Master and is again rewarded. Slave prepares breakfast as Master showers and dresses for work. Master enters the kitchen at precisely the same time slave is placing his breakfast on the table. Slave has been trained to know exactly how long it takes Master to get ready in the morning and to have his breakfast waiting for him. Slave kneels reverently in the corner as Master finishes his eggs, bacon, potatoes and juice. Master finishes breakfast, kisses slave on the head and adjourns to his office to work for the rest of the day. Slave finds her list and dutifully performs her chores for the day.

Chapter 2 – Pain

The day started as any other except slave was five minutes late with breakfast. Slave could see that Master was annoyed, and she rushed to complete her task. As often happened, the more slave hurried, the clumsier she became. Slave dropped the eggs on the floor and breakfast was ruined. Slave started to clean the mess when she heard Master yell “STOP”. She thought back to first time she ever heard Master yell “STOP”, the first and only time she failed to freeze, and a shiver went down her spine. Slave had since been trained to freeze in whatever position she was in when she heard Master yell stop, and in this instant, she was on her hands and knees with her eyes affixed to the floor. She heard Master walk past her and into the basement. When he returned, she could hear the unmistakable sound of her punishment as Master practiced his swing. Slave had learned to distinguish the different sounds of the striking implements. The Paddle made little sound, but Master made a habit of tapping it against his thigh or hand before taking a swing. The Whip made a long swishing sound before the fateful snap. The Crop made short swishing sound and she could hear the leather patch wobble before each stroke. Slave heard none of those sounds. Slave heard the sound she hated the most, a short swish followed by silence. Slave heard the sound of the Rattan Cane. The swish was fast and short, and nothing else was heard until it struck its target, and then Crack. Master pulled slaves panties down and proceeded with the caning. Slave knew not to utter a word or to move. She was well trained and knew to hold still and not make a sound. Swish/Crack 1, Swish/Crack 2, Swish/Crack 3 - Master inspected the marks and continued. Swish/Crack 4, Swish/Crack 5, Swish/Crack 6 - Slave’s ass began to burn and she thought back to the first time Master yelled “STOP”. Swish/Crack 7, Swish/Crack 8, Swish/Crack 9 - Slave began to bite her lip. Swish/Crack 10, Swish/Crack 11, Swish/Crack 12 - Slave’s breathing became deep and heavy. Swish/Crack 13, Swish/Crack 14, Swish/Crack 15 - Slave’s whole body began to twitch. Swish/Crack 16, Swish/Crack 17, Swish/Crack 18 - Slave’s eyes began to well-up. Swish/Crack 19, Swish/Crack 20 - Tears began to stream down slave’s face. Master never spoke a word and quickly left for his business meeting. Slave was severely hurt. Master had left without kissing her head, and worse, Master had left without eating breakfast. Master works hard to provide for them and Master deserves a hardy breakfast to start his long day. Slave knew she had failed him, and that was a hurt worse than any caning. New tears began to form, but these were tears of mental anguish as opposed to physical pain. Just as the feeling of failure began to overwhelm her, slave's training kicked in. Master had trained her long ago to let go of self pity. A slave full of self pity is a worthless slave who deserved no respect. Master had drummed the self pity from slave long ago, and in so doing, earned her respect.

Chapter 3 – Making Amends

Slave rose to her feet, found her list and began her day’s chores. The list was long and slave was behind because she had to clean the kitchen from the morning mess. Slave was determined not to fail Master twice in one day, but she was running out of time. Slave had one more chore to do before she could start dinner. Master was out meeting clients, which meant his office needed to be cleaned. No chore on slave's list brought more anxiety than cleaning Master's office. Master knew every square inch of his office and demanded perfection. Slave knew if a single picture or piece of paper was out of place by so much as a fraction of an inch, this morning's punishment would pale in comparison. Slave also knew the reward for a job well done, and slave had never failed her Master twice in one day. The excitement began to build in slave as she thought of the reward. She reached between her legs and her excitement was evident. Slave didn't have time for that, she needed to focus on her chores as time was running out. Slave also knew every inch of Master's office and desk - Printer to the left, an inch from the back and three inches from the side; a cordless phone and answering machine to the right, an inch from the back and three inches from the side; his monitor … and so on. A shelf above the desk had various memorabilia, including the baseball autographed by Nolan Ryan. Slave knew the exact location of everything, just like Master had taught her. Slave was making good time, but she was still behind. All slave had left to clean was the shelf and she was hurrying. She reached for the ball and it dropped out of her hand and knocked over the phone. Slave was horrified, how could this happen twice in one day. Slave quickly composed herself. She inspected the ball and phone and they appeared undamaged. She finished cleaning the shelf, returned the ball to its holder and the phone to its cradle. Slave measured everything and it was perfect. Master would be so proud of her and her wetness grew as she contemplated her reward. A shiver quickly ran down Slave’s back, something was wrong. Slave knew every detail of Master's office, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She was trained to take a mental picture of Master's office before starting, so she could compare her work at the end. The office didn't match her mental picture, so slave inspected and re-measured everything. Slave knew every piece and its exact location. Every piece was accounted for and was in its exact location. Slave checked the clock and was out of time. Reassured that all was where it needed to be, slave turned out the light and headed to the kitchen, but the uneasy feeling followed her.

Chapter 4 - Pleasure

Master arrived at home at the same time slave placed dinner on the table. Slave had finished just in the nick of time. Dinner was perfect and Master rewarded slave with a kiss on the head. Slave felt contentment because Master was pleased. Master headed to his office to inspect her work, as slave followed, filled with both excitement and anxiety. Slave lived to please Master and her reward for doing so was immeasurable. Slave knew instantly that Master was pleased and her excitement started to overwhelm her. Wetness started to run down slave’s leg as Master approached. Master gently grabbed slave’s head and pulled her to his lips. He kissed slaves forehead and spoke the words she longed to hear, “Good Girl”. Slave felt complete, no reward was more important than Master’s approval. Slave almost orgasmed on the spot, but she didn’t dare, not without Master’s permission. Master took slave by the hand and led her into the dungeon.

The dungeon was cold and filled with all sorts of apparatus. To the left was the wooden X where slave had endured numerous whippings, and to the right was the crane and pulley system where slave had spent hours suspended from the ceiling, sometimes upside down. The back corner of the room contained her favorite devise, a pummel horse customized to Master’s specifications and equipped with special devices. Slave loved the pummel horse because it was customized specifically for Master and slaves height. When slave was bound to the pummel horse, Master had easy access to every hole, and Master was kind enough to install additional features perfectly suited to slave’s size. Slave loved the pummel horse because it was built for her, and no other slave had ever used it. In the center of the room held the one device slave feared. She had never been on it as she had never committed an infraction that warranted its punishment. Master had explained to her that it was dangerous and would only be used in dire of circumstances. Master guided slave past The Rack and to the pummel horse. Instantly, blood started to rush towards slave’s nether regions. Her clit began to swell and her nipples hardened as Master removed her bra and panties.

Master bent slave over the top of the horse and signaled her, by slapping between her thighs, to spread her legs as far as they could go. Master purposefully installed the ankle restraints as far apart as slave’s legs could spread and she had to struggle get her legs into position. Master noticed that it was becoming easier for slave, and he took pride in the fact that she was exercising to increase her flexibility. He knew he’d have to reposition the restraints soon. After securing her ankles, moved the front and grabbed her left wrist. Master had installed two restraints for each arm to keep the elbows from torquing. Master first secured slave’s the elbow directly to the body of the horse and then secured her wrist to the chain attached to the leg of the horse. Master repeated this sequence with the right arm. Also attached the pummel horse was a Hitachi Wand, perfectly positioned to stimulate slave’s clit when it was turned on. Lastly, Master attached clamps to slave’s nipples. These clamps became tighter the more the chain was pulled and master had installed a ring on the floor for the chain to be attached. The ring was its maximum distance to be secured. Master began to gently pull the chain to floor to secure it to the ring. He did this slowly, deliberately taking his time to stretch slave’s nipples to maximum erectness. Master stepped back to examine his work and slave could see his arousal through his pants. This excited slave as it reassured her Master still found her appealing. Slave loved this position because everything was completely exposed and available to Master. The pummel horse was also Master’s favorite apparatus. He enjoyed the fact that this position provided all options. He could punish or discipline slave with any implement or device, he could use every hole for his pleasure or he could chose to allow slave to share his sexual pleasure. Master walked behind slave where he could see her juices running down her inner thigh and smiled. Slave was facing away from the door and all she heard were Master’s footsteps as he walked away. She heard the footsteps grow faint and finally fade away. Master was gone and slave was helpless and alone.

Slave didn’t know when Master would return. Sometimes he was gone for hours while other times only minutes, and one time, he didn’t return until morning. Slave couldn’t see the clock, so she decided to count – 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi …, but it was to no avail as she lost count after only 10 minutes. She had no idea how much time had passed when her heart filled with excitement. She could hear Master’s footsteps as he returned. Slave couldn’t see him, but she knew Master was behind her. Slave was dripping with anticipation when Master unexpectedly turned on the Hitachi Wand. The next sensation slave felt was warm water pouring down her ass. Slave was confused but excited as she didn’t know what was next. Slave didn’t realize what was happening until she felt the burn. Slave’s heart swelled with love as she realized Master was tending to her wounds. In the hurry of the day, Slave had forgotten about her battered and bruised ass. Master sterilized the wounds with alcohol before applying ointment and bandages. Slave felt fortunate to have found a Master who cared so deeply for her well being. Master protected her from harm and provided for her needs. He provided the guidance and structure she needed and trained her to be a devoted slave. Slave’s love for her Master and the humming of the Wand took control of her. Slave started to grind as best she could against the Wand. Master watched as slave’s juices ran down her leg and dripped onto the floor. Slave began to moan and buck against the restraints. Slave was just about to lose control of herself when her training kicked in. Slave knew better then to cum without permission, so she stopped herself, just as Master had taught her to do. Master was proud of slave because she had learned her lesson well. Master moved to the front of the horse and slave instinctively opened her mouth for him. Slave got more than she expected when Master simply kissed her head and said “Good Girl”. Slave’s unexpected reward excited her and she started to grind with her hips. Slave was in ecstasy and she failed to notice Master had moved behind her. Her subtle moans grew when she felt him at her entrance. Master was teasing her from behind with his cock by keeping its head pushing against her opening. Master would push just until the head was about to push through and then pull away. Slave loved this feeling and she was straining against her restraints. Finally, with a powerful thrust, Master buried himself to the hilt. Slave let out joyous scream and Master began to pound away. Slave almost lost control several times, but each time her training took over. Master was happy at the discipline he was able to instill in slave. The puddle on the floor had never been so big, and slave’s moans had never been so loud, yet she kept her composure. Master knew it was time to give slave what she wanted. Master withdrew and walked around to the front. Slave moaning loudly and grinding against the Wand, but slave was incomplete because she had not yet satisfied Master. Slave opened her mouth wide and waited for Master. Master didn’t ease her this time. Master forcefully buried his cock balls deep down slave’s throat. The satisfaction Master and slave felt was deep. No part of slave’s training was more difficult than teaching slave how Master was to be pleased orally. Slave had an overdeveloped gag reflex when she came to Master. The training was tedious and punishments severe. Slave felt pride in her ability to satisfy Master orally. It was a pride one feels when finally accomplishing their most difficult challenge. Master had taught and slave had learned how to control her breathing and suppress her gag reflex. Slave had perfected her technique when Master she felt Master’s balls against her chin, she extended extend her tongue to give them the attention they deserved. Slave knew Master loved this feeling as she could hear him moan. Master’s pleasure became her pleasure and slave started to once again grind into the Wand. Master was holding himself at deepest penetration and allowing slave to work her magic on his balls. He loved this feeling and enjoyed watching slave grind against the restraint. Master’s breathing was becoming heavy and he started to thrust. The feeling was becoming unbearable for slave. The Wand was working its magic and Master’s pleasure was overwhelming her. Joy began to overtake slave as Master’s cum poured down her throat. She loved the feeling of his cum and loved the feeling of his pleasure. Slave began to moan and grind hard against the Wand. Slave’s training was just about to kick in when she heard the magic words – “Good Girl”. Slave erupted and her juices splattered the floor. Slave’s entire body was in spasm, but she never released her Master’s cock and never once let him feel her teeth. The feeling was intense for both of them, each twitching in unison and each dropping their juice at the same time. “Good Girl” had a double meaning from Master. When used in context of her daily life, “Good Girl” was slave’s reward for a job well done, and when used within the context of sexually pleasing Master, “Good Girl” was slave’s permission to cum.

Chapter 5 – A Grave Mistake

Master was working from home the next day. This was not an unusual occurrence and had no effect on their daily routines. Master worked in his office as slave performed her daily chores. On slave’s list was to clean the dungeon from the night before, which would take slave across from Master’s office. This was of little concern as the rule was simple, slave had freedom to roam around the house and complete her chores, but she was never to enter a room with a closed door. Master often worked from home and kept his office door closed when he did. Slave had just completed cleaning the dungeon when she heard her Master yelling. Her heart leapt and then slave realized he wasn’t yelling for her. Master was arguing with someone on the phone. Master’s office wasn’t sound proof, so she could hear every word. Master was yelling at one of his employees about losing a client. Slave had never heard Master so angry, but the yelling was dying down. Just as slave was walking out of the dungeon, she heard her Master shout “I understand” and moments later, the office door opened. Master was surprised to see slave standing there, but not near as surprised as slave to see the look in his eyes. Slave had never seen Master look so angry. Slave waited for Master to pass but he just stood there looking at her. Master summoned slave into his office and closed the door. The question hit slave like a ton of bricks as soon as she heard it – “Did you delete a message off my answering machine?” As soon as she heard the question, slave remembered what was out of place. Slave still had the mental image of Master’s office when she walked in the day before - … cordless phone and answering machine to the right … and in her mind, Slave could see the blinking red light, an image that didn’t match when she was done cleaning. Slave was horrified when she realized she accidentally deleted the message. Slave had never seen such anger in Master’s eyes and she was scared. Panic started to take hold until her training set in. Slave knew to never lie to her Master and a shiver went down her spine when she remembered the one and only time she had ever lied to him. Slave chose her words carefully – “I must have, but I didn’t know …” . Slave stopped as soon a Master raised his hand. Slave was not afraid of being struck by Master as his hand was a signal to stop talking. It was lesson slave had only to learn once, and a shiver went down her spine as she remembered.

Chapter 6 – The Worst Punishment

to be continued (unless reviews are unfavorable)

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 8/5/2012 9:59:50 AM   

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I see my post has 45 hits, but no replies. I'd like some honest feedback, good or bad.

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 8/26/2012 3:26:02 PM   

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I think its really good and i want to know what the worst punishment is??

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 8/26/2012 7:17:31 PM   

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Interesting story, to me it is a little hard to read since thee is no names, but the scenes are exiting and quite good.


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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 11/24/2012 3:01:22 PM   

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Good. But the slave seems to have a horrible life. The way she has to excite herself to orgasm sounds dreadful.


The Cat's Meow.

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 11/24/2012 3:11:26 PM   

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Let me know if you tell why she stays with someone who keeps her in such a paranoid state all the time.



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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 11/26/2012 3:00:44 PM   

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That was very good.

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 2/13/2013 5:05:36 AM   

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Please finish the story

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 2/13/2013 4:01:35 PM   

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Yes i am also curious how this story ends, but personally I would not handle that kinda ritual very well.

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 2/19/2013 11:45:39 PM   

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I'm interested in the rest of the story.

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RE: THE WORST PUNISHMENT - 3/9/2013 4:46:16 PM   

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Hello Bossman..

Have just been engrossed in your story and i for one would love to hear what comes next...i thoroughly enjoyed the first of your story...very well done Sir..I do look forward to the rest..


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