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Fantasy meets experience. No strings housework darkens.

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Fantasy meets experience. No strings housework darkens. - 8/24/2013 2:47:22 PM   

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First post. Wrote this sometime ago but wanted to share.

As a part of me has always been rather submissive I have often pondered and thought of being asked to provide an evening of help and entertainment for two ladies.

I arrive at the address and knock on the door heart in my mouth in anticipation. The door is opened and I am asked to come in, remove my shoes and take a seat in the front room.

Once sitting down I am faced with two ladies, one seeming more dominant and taking the lead and telling me to behave and do as I am told, she will lead and I will here on in, refer to her only as mistress and to follow commands and requests to the letter.

I am told that it is time for me to get to work and I am to remove my clothes and make tea for the ladies to enjoy while I get to work cleaning the kitchen while they observe my work from the lounge. As I work away for some duration cleaning I can feel from time to time that I am being watched and discussed.

After some time of cleaning in the kitchen I am asked to stop and that the edges around the ceiling in the lounge need dusting and to stretch up with a duster, as I do this I am examined by the less dominant and after sometime she turns to the other and says, best do it now miss.

Before I know what is going on she has put in place a cock chastity device preventing me from getting too hard or from touching myself at all saying "that will stop you won't it you dirty slut".

Then being pulled by it I am lead to a bedroom where I am told to sit on the bed and to put my hands behind my back, whereupon a collar is locked around my neck and my wrists handcuffed behind my back.

The other lady is led to the corner and is made to kneel and also now has her hands tied behind her back and told to remain there and wait.

Mistress tells me that my cleaning skills had better not be a reflection of my ability to please and that I am going to make her come now orally which I gladly do while my hair is being pulled hard making me lick and suck feverishly, once finished. I am covered in her juices and am told to remove myself from the bed and sit on the floor.

On inspection it is noticed that I have pre come dripping from my cock and am told I am obviously enjoying this all too much and something must be done. A pair of metal nipple clamps are brought over and put into place, removing and arousal and replacing it with a sweet pain that pleases almost as much in a different way.

I am told to sit like this and to watch how a pussy should be licked and she removes the blindfold and leads the 2nd woman over to the bed and tells her she has 3 minutes only to make her climax or she knows what will happen. This she manages with ease even though handcuffed and with knickers still on as it seems she has often pleased her mistress.

Mistress is still not happy and says she needs to feel "meat" inside her and its time her woman put on her strap on. For a few minutes she enjoys making her parade round wearing it before blind folding me so I can not enjoy watching which dis pleases me. I can hear lots of moans and groans and "fuck me harder you little bitch", and lots of yummy sounds but not being able too see it drives me wild and my cock starts to hurt in the chastity device as it refuses to stay down and the device uncomfortably stops it from growing as I kneel in the corner.

After what seems like an age I feel a hand against my face and am told to open my mouth and a pair of soaking wet knickers are pushed in so much it makes me gag, this amuses mistress and I am told "you gag you little bitch, and this is only the start"

As I wait kneeling and tied, cock bound and mouth gagged my nipples are burning from the clamps I have started to find the combination feeling just a little uncomfortable and I am now fidgeting constantly from knee to knee to give each a moment of relief when I feel through the wooden floor and hear booted feet heading my way rapidly, I feel my hair grabbed from the back and pulled sharply forward forcing me to basically bow down as with a sharp crack and an acute sting across both cheeks of my rear I find myself rising up again trying to kneel once more. My hair is then yanked downwards sharply once more and an stern voice says "I have pulled you onto your fours as you were putting me off with your infernal shuffling, I know it is causing you discomfort and that amuses me, I want you to be in discomfort and I did not ask for shuffling when I told you to kneel hence why your bottom has felt my riding crop, don't make me use my cane on you, I'm aching to so don't give me a reason or you will be sorry boy".

I reply with a very muffled but stupid "yes mistress", forget to return to all fours as instructed and feel (again) my hair gets pulled forward and the crop hit home across my backside, this time in the middle and closer to my inner thighs where it stings so much more. Yelping through soaking wet knickers stuffed in your mouth isn't easy but then I guess she knew this.

" I warned you and now you will pay for your mistake more", feeling my nipples pulled downwards with her pulling at the clamps is excruciating as they are pulled off and the blood rushes back to them feeding the nerves that had gone relatively numb and now throbbing severely. She slaps me lightly across the chest which hurts a lot and then places the clamps back on again and only this time turning the screw which makes them bite down harder that little bit tighter, the pain of which is almost forgotten as she drags her nails hard down my back, leaving marks I need not see them to know are there due to the stinging.

Mistress leaves me and again I hear the sounds of sex in the back ground, my attempted restricted hard on which had all but gone with the increase of pain has now returned with a vengeance making it twitch with excitement often as I listen to them.

I had not really given much thought to the chastity device gently tapping on the floor with my arousal but evidently it did not go unnoticed one bit, again I hear foot steps and this time my hair is pulled up sharply making me look up and to one side, this time the voice is more raspy and sharp " fuck me you stupid little slut !! I told you that I don't want to see or hear you while I am being pleased and now for the second time you interrupt me and if I can't concentrate on me I guess we will have to work on you, trust me u will not enjoy this".

"Come here girl", I hear barked.

Now take that strap on and I want you to show him how to fuck a slut"

I feel hands holding my collar and the knickers before a large rubber cock Is pushed into my mouth. I start to lick and suck it hoping to please but am soon forced to go much deeper making me gag, this pleases mistress again and I feel the grip on my collar increase as she says, " I don't give a fuck if he gags you fuck that throat, if he won't let me be pleased by feeling it he will please me by taking it himself".

I'm on my knees being pulled around, choking a spluttering, eyes watering and body shaking from being violently abused while my nipples are pulled and teased confusing my senses, the pain often making me gasp which doesn't help me as every time I do I feel my head pushed hard forward and the rubber cock forced deeper into my throat.

I have been on my knees for sometime getting my mouth fucked and this feels like an age, and just when I think my time is over I feel the blindfold being undone and I think its nearing an end, " I want to see your face as she fucks it, I want to see the tears roll down your face so don't dis please me now will you", this time the girl is picking up pace and getting more urgent with every push and I guess she must be getting some enjoyment on her clit from her strap on as she's starting to get right into it now, I'm gagging like no tomorrow but there is little I can do to stop the onslaught while mistress takes delight in kicking my chastity device and stepping on it and pulling it while I'm helpless.

After about ten minutes, feeling like ten hours I hear mistress say, "right now its my turn", and I'm thinking I am going to see mistress get pleased by her girl. Sadly for me I wasn't quite right and I turn to see mistress open her cupboard and retrieve yet another strap on. She puts this on and stands before me, mocking me and delighting on the look of despair at the second rubber cock being waved in my face.

Mistress tells her girl, who is already covered in sweat from fucking my face, to take the soaking wet cock and push it into my ass while she herself is going to fuck my mouth so she can see the look on my face when the both enter me together. To be honest the cock in my mouth felt large enough before but now being wiped round my ass I'm starting to think how the hell is that gonna fit inside me ??

As I'm wondering this, mistress is holding my collar pulling my face up to hers so she can look in my eyes. She slaps me across the face and at the same time the girl forces her strap on into me, it stings as she withdraws and then more as she forces it deeper, mistress smiles as I wince in pain and says " now suck on mine, that should take you're mind of what she's doing a little", forcing her strap on into my throat whist holding my collar in one hand and grasping the nape of my hair with the other, making sure I take at least half its length every time and often delighting in forcing it little by little further each time until once again I'm starting to gag even more. This pleases the girl who then also picks up pace behind me, grinding deeper and deeper as they both start to enjoy my ordeal, hearing me gag and squirm as they humiliate me from both ends.

Tiring in the end, I have both withdrawn and am told to lay down, mistress straddles me and tells me to lick her, she is very wet and sticky which I guessed meant I had pleased her somewhat and as I continued to lick her I felt the nipple clamps released which was one hell of a release after so long being in place and also the chastity device finally letting my cock stretch out and relax from its confinement feeling a hand grasp and roughly start wanking it using all the pre cum dripping off it for lube which although felt amazing felt hard and forced. Just as I started to relax into it and enjoy it I felt it grapsed really hard for a second and then released and at the same time a searing pain across the top and down one side of its shaft. Not knowing what this was I struggled yelped in surprise which only earns me mistresses pussy shoved hard in my face. I could feel my balls being pulled hard as another sharp searing pain spread across the top and down its length making me again yelp, I couldn't hear what was said next but the next thing I know a black ball gag headed for my face and was strapped tightly around my face forcing my mouth open so much it hurt my jaws. Mistress told me she is going to fuck my face now and she wants to cum on it so make sure to lick it, pretty impossible job with a ball gag in but I did what I could and I was glad that within minutes I saw her cum all over me.

Was only after she climbed off my face I saw the wax now all over my cock.

Mistress took off my gag and collar told me to get off the bed and "next time I tell you to do something you do it as I tell you too, you don't get to come this time, if there is a next time. You are not going to enjoy watching us now too now get out of my house slut !!".

I thought this was a little harsh but hey nothing ventured and all that but she did mention a next time.......
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All Forums >> [Casual Banter] >> Creative Writings >> Fantasy meets experience. No strings housework darkens. Page: [1]
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