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The Reality of my life...

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The Reality of my life... - 9/12/2014 2:55:14 PM   

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It was a Thursday afternoon. I had been at the condo since yesterday, arriving late in the day on a break between on-site claim assignments. Although I am always behind in answering my mail because of the sheer volume that I receive, after dinner I settled down in front of the computer to see just how far behind I really was. It was worse that I had expected as three pages of unanswered messages were waiting.

As you know if you have read my postings, I never wear panties unless I am in a nice pants suit or jeans, and with today being a business-like skirt suit day, removing the jacket and blouse had made me topless and the removal of my matching suit skirt followed by the half slip, had left me in nothing but a really nice pair of black 5" pumps. Nudity always makes me horny, and undressing with the glass door drapes open just added to my horniness.

The condo is more like a townhouse than a condo where one residence is just stacked on top of another. Thank goodness the entry to this one offers more of a secluded entry than most. As I had mentioned in my web postings, if the weather is good and the temperature is comfortable, I generally do not wear much of anything when here. The weather of this brief break could not have been more perfect. With my laptop on a table in the bedroom, I slipped on a clean, white blouse just to keep from getting chilled as I opened the sliding glass doors that allows unrestricted access to the second level, private wrap around deck...which over looks the undeveloped wooded area behind the townhouse-like-condo.

After answering the first two messages, I could feel my dampness starting to flow. Some of the messages I receive are very direct and often times close with something like, “When are we going to meet as I really want to see you naked and fuck you senseless.” Just knowing that I am exchanging notes with men who have already seen me naked from the photos of my posting, and that they have probably masturbated over my profile and photos, is always a huge turn-on, somewhat like being proxy fucked by a total and complete stranger. I will openly admit, showing my pussy, in photos or person, to total and complete strangers has always been a huge turn-on, even from my early days.

The condo-townhouse is on two floors. The master bedroom is on the second, with the advantage of allowing a downward view of the front door and entry area from above, and the privacy and security of a second level wrap around privacy deck, with no access from the ground. More on that as I get a little further into this narrative.

As I continued with the mail, I hear the ding-dong of the door bell. It is still afternoon. Who could that be? Getting up from the computer, I walk to the balcony and there waiting at the door is the 18 year old son of a very nice couple who have the condo a few buildings down. I know what he wants, and of course, it is confirmed as I see his hand “adjust his jeans” to define his already half hard cock. I think to myself, “This will not take long...”

As I normally do when I know who is at the door, I walked down in nothing but my heels and the unbuttoned blouse and opened the door. Todd’s eyes immediately lock on to the very visible bush between my legs and my barely covered breasts. As I invite him in, he shows his shyness by jumping a mile off the floor when I grab his crotch and give him a good feel before closing the door. “Oh, my goodness, Todd, you obviously need some attention here, don’t you?”
His response was, “Yes, ma’am, I did come down hoping you might take some of the pressure off my needs... What do you think?”

Todd’s mother and I have been good friends over the years. She too was once a flight attendant, and now, with Todd and her husband in tow, they spend quite a few months here enjoying the cooler weather. Florida can be a monster in the late summer and fall months. I always have reservations about any sexual encounter with Todd, but after he and his mom were here one day and he happened to get a look at my panty less pussy, he has begged me time and time again for sex. We both know how horny 18 year olds can get, and being the naughty “cougar” that I am, I just “had to” help him out.

As we talked about this and that, I let his eyes and then his hands roam over my bare tits and then between my legs. He is captivated by my bush, saying several times, it reminded me of his mom when he has peeked at her.

I’ll have to admit, although 18 year old boys do need some instruction from time to time, he had become a pretty good simulator of my pussy, and I let him feel me up for several minutes before unzipping his jeans and releasing his quickly erecting small, but nice five inch cock that was certainly going to please some lucky woman in his future. One thing about 18 year olds. They are always horny and when they are hard, the firmness is close to that of a nail.

As he continued to caress by bush and my pussy with one hand and caress my bare boobies with the other, my hands caressed his full length cock and his impressive balls with what was needed to bring him to a spurting orgasm in no time at all. One thing about younger men. Do just the right touch here and there, and they explode in no time at all. I watched his eyes roll back in his head, and before he could stay, “Stop, you are going to make me cum!”, he was jerking all over and begging me to stop as his handsome dick had surpassed the beyond sensitivity point. There we were, still standing in the entry, maybe four steps from the closed front door, and I had make him cum.

“Todd, my dear, you have made my pussy a mess! Let’s go upstairs and let me get a towel or something so you can clean me up.”

With his now half hard dick still hanging out of his jeans, I took his hand and lead him up the stairs to the bedroom where I sat down on my towel and spread my legs. Todd dropped to his knees and began eating my pussy, and this time, believe it or not, I came once, twice, three times almost as quickly as he did in the entry. These is just something sadistic about it that turns me on in having the son of a close friend on his knees between my legs eating my pussy like it was lunchtime!

By the time I had cum about a half dozen times while guiding his head and in turn, his tongue over the sensitive parts of my now sloppy wet cunt, I thrust my hips out one more time and had a great and long lasting orgasm. As he stood up, his once again rock hard cock sticking out like a flag pole nailed to a front yard tree, I pulled him over to my mouth and gave him a chance at a second orgasm as I began sucking his cock. Even though he had already exploded once in my hand, a massive cum, soon I tasted his pre-cum and knew what would soon follow! Over my 40 some years, I have come to love giving oral sex to men, and never turn down a chance to enjoy one more!

As he flooded my mouth with another massive cum, I sucked him past the sensitivity point once again, swallowing every drop of his sweetness in the process. As we talked for a few minutes, I continued to caress his cock, which much to my surprise, never really went down. I asked him openly, “Do you masturbate a lot?”

He as he looked at my hands caressing his dick, he said, “Yes, almost every day, sometimes three and four times a day.”

“What in the world do you think about to make you masturbate that much?”

“Mostly your pussy and how hairy your bush is... It is a lot like mom’s, you know.”

“Todd, are you telling me you have been peeking on your mother? Shame on you, young man!”

Then, he paused and said, “Mrs Peggy, can I cum on your bush? Would you lay down on the bed and let me stand between your legs and beat off and when I cum, would you let me shoot on your pussy bush?”

After thinking for a moment, I responded, “Is that something you really want to do... masturbate in front of me, and when you cum, shoot your cum on my pussy?”

“Yes, ma’am... that would be wild! Would you let me do it?”

With that said, I released my grasp on his dick and walked over to the edge of the bed, laid back, and opened my legs. I knew with my legs open like this, he could see everything. He looked for a minute, undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor.

“Well, Mr. No Underwear, get started before I change my mind!”

His cock was already starting to really get hard again. I opened my legs wider, reached for a pillow and slipped it under my head, and watched as this beautiful male specimen began stroking his gorgeous dick, which was just a few inches away from my waiting bush... and the very receptive pussy that awaited his cock should he get up enough nerve to try and fuck me.

After a few strokes, and without asking, I watched him bend his knees slightly and I felt his rock hard cock enter my pussy. I was about to get fucked by a very handsome and very horny 18 year old, and we both knew it. And, I will say one thing, after having already cum twice, he was certainly up to give number three a college try.

Young men normally do not last all that long, but I guess the fact that he had already cum twice was lengthening his ability to slow his spurting, and truly, he was really making my very wet pussy responsive to his every stroke. Just as I thought he was about to unload in my pussy, he stopped and with a smile, he asked, “Mrs Peggy, can you roll over and let me see what you feel like from behind?”

“Sure, hon...whatever you want. You are pretty good at fucking, and I am really enjoying this. We’ll have to do this more often if you can keep your mom from catching on.”

“She’ll never know...promise.”

With that, I rolled over on my tummy and I felt him mount me from behind as I opened my legs. Again, that little five inch rock hard cock quickly slipped into the receptive opening of my cunt. Oh, nice, I thought to myself as he started thrusting my pussy again.

“Mrs Peggy, is it okay if I put my legs on the outside and you bring yours together?”

I allowed his legs to capture mine and now he was pumping my cunt from a position that makes most men cum fairly quickly. As he fucked me, I lifted my ass slightly to give him full access to my pussy, and in doing so, felt his hands reach around and cup both of my breasts. He was getting close and we both knew it.

With a long, deep growl I felt his cum flooding my inner pussy. It must have been a lot because with only five inches, he was doing a great job of filling my cunt with his white sweetness. I came as he did, and for what seemed like a half hour, we both just lay there, Todd on top of me, his now spent cock getting softer with every passing minute. I had been fucked and he had finally had his turn with the pussy of an older married woman and a close friend of his mom. For a minute, there was a flash of guilt, but then as I tickled him off of me and stood up, that moment passed as I saw the drop of remaining cum on his cock and then noticed the flood that had started to run down my thighs.

Almost as quickly as his jeans had come off, they were now back on. You guys... I always marvel at how quickly you lose interest in further fucking once your balls are empty. In my normal demeanor, I was already feeling the need for another orgasm, but that wasn’t going to happen with Todd. He was done, at least for a few hours.

I told him to let himself out and I headed for the shower, hoping to wash away the cum that continued to run down both of my thighs. As I looked at my bush, I saw just how much cum he had left behind on the outside, not to mention the inside of my bushy, freshly fucked pussy.

After my shower, clean and fresh, I slipped into a clean white blouse and some around the house heels and went back to where I had left off on the email. As I looked out the sliding glass doors, it was getting dark outside now, and I wondered if there was anyone out there watching me as a I paraded around without anything on from the waist down. I know from time to time, there were voyeurs out there hiding behind a tree, masturbating as they watched me going about my routines with little or nothing on.

One message and then two, three, and four... and then, what is this???

The next message says...

“Hi Peggy, This is Tom. I am in Knoxville today and will be working with two very handsome black men on a job, and wondered if you were in town. If so, could we could stop by and maybe take you to dinner. I have my smart phone with me and will get your response if you are there. Hopefully, Tom”

I responded... “Hi Tom! It has a been a long time! I am here and am free for dinner! I would love to have dinner with you guys! Do you have any special place in mind? Hugs...”

With a few more exchanges, it was decided the guys would come by and pick me up here at the condo. Tom and I had enjoyed several encounters, and he knew how to get here. I also knew of his total fascination with black men screwing white women, especially married ones, that I was about to be set up. He had mentioned he was working with two black men, so I had an idea of what he wanted to put together.

As soon as I clicked “send” his response followed.

“Okay, Peggy, great. We will pick you up in an hour. Wear one of your super sexy outfits, babe.”

“Great, Tom, see you and your TWO BLACK friends then... Hugs!”

I answered a couple more messages and then picked out an all white outfit, made up of a sheer white blouse, a mid-thigh length white skirt and a white jacket, and fixed my hair and dressed.

As I turned, what was that? I thought I saw something, somebody out it in the woods. I paused and looked again, and there was nothing. I don’t know why, but I had a cold chill. But, as strange as it sounds, cold chills also make my pussy juices flow.

The time passed quickly. Soon, the ding-dong of the door bell sounded. I walked out of the bedroom and looked down and there was Tom standing at the door with two very tall and from what I could tell, very handsome black men.

“Come in, Tom... be with you in a minute. The door is unlocked, as always.”

As I said that, suddenly there was another cold chill and a flash back. I normally leave all of the doors unlocked, both day and night...for two reasons. One, I have always felt safe just because of the area and how there is so little crime here, and second, because there is just something about going to bed with the doors unlocked that really makes my juices flow. Anyone in the woods could easily just walk right into the kitchen or great room from the accessible lower deck through the open glass doors.

As Tom and the guys walked in, I was half way down the circular stairs, and I could feel their eyes caressing my legs, and from their position. I was keenly aware they could see up my skirt to perhaps within an inch of my bare bush. They were all eyes. I’ll have to admit, my legs are great, and most men drool over them.

As I approached Tom, he opened his arms and gave me a hug, and as he held me, he then planted a sweet, thoughtful kiss on my cheek.

“Peggy, let me introduce you to Dwayne and Thomas. Guys, this is Mrs Peggy, the sweetest most sexy gal you’ll ever meet.”

I smiled and looked at both of the black guys, Dwayne was dressed in a dark blue suit, about 6'4" of very handsome black man. Thomas, was also dressed in a suit and I noticed he could not take his eyes off mine. As I extended my hand, Dwayne reached out and pulled me towards him. “Nice to meet you, Mrs Peggy, Tom as told us a little about you!”

“I hope he didn’t tell you any lies and that I measure up to your expectations...”
“Oh, darling, you have already surpassed everything Tom has said about you... do I get a hug?”

With that, he pulled me towards him and as I entered the circle of his arms, he said, “Do I get a kiss too?”

“Of course you do,” feeling his very strong arms wrap around my receptive 5'3" body. As he turned his face down to mine, one of his hands dropped to my pantyless butt and I felt my juices flow as his big, thick lips met mine.

“Whoa... Dwayne, that was quite a kiss!” As I was still a captive in his arms, he smiled at me and I felt his large black hand again explore the curves of my ass. And, in return, I felt the firmness of what seemed like a very firm black cock pressing against me.

Then, I turned and released myself from Dwayne’s grasp, turning towards Thomas. Thomas was not as tall as Dwayne but he had eyes to die for. As I extended my hand, Thomas asked, “Mrs Peggy, would your have any objections if I get a kiss also?”

“What my husband doesn’t know doesn’t hurt, I guess, so probably not if you like kissing married white gals like me...”

Thomas wrapped his arms around my now flaming hot body and gave me one of the hottest kisses I had received in quite sometime! He was good, and again, I felt the firmness of a big black dick pressing against my body.

Tom, who had been silent during all of this, was watching like a fox who was pleased with his hen hunting, knowing that my kissing of these two black men obviously signaled there were more exciting things to come.

“Peggy, I love your outfit! I had told the guys a little about you and you certainly picked an outfit that met the description of what I had said to the them about you. Let me look...”

With that, Tom, pretending to look at my blouse, opened my jacket wide enough to allow the sheer material to expose both of my braless breasts and the erect nipples, braless, now pressing against the almost non-existent white lace-like covering.

“Oh, Tom... we can’t show the guys everything. We’ve just met! You are being naughty!”

As we walked out to the car, Tom said, “Peggy, why don’t you and the guys ride in the back and I can play chauffeur.”

As I entered the car, I did my best to be graceful, but clearly my jacket opened again to verify that I was not wearing a bra, and both of my boobies and nipples showed to Thomas who was already slipping in on the other side. From Dwayne’s place behind me, the short skirt was up to my now half exposed bare ass cheeks. He knew I was not wearing panties, and probably had a great look at the lips of my hairy pussy from behind.

Sitting in the middle between two handsome black men, the design of the car and the elevated middle floor made it nearly impossible to cover myself. There was little I could do to even pretend to have worn bra or panties with the white suit, although I made a good faith effort at keeping my now shaking legs together. As we settled in the back seat, Dwayne reached up and placed his arm behind my shoulders, his hand within inches of my breast. Thomas placed a hand on my leg, well above my knee. I looked at one, then the other, and said, “I think I’m somewhat trapped.”

Dwayne looked at me and smiled, inching his hand closer and closer to my nearly bare boobie, protected only by the fabric of my jacket and the thin lacy blouse. “Tom, I am about to believe Mrs Peggy is everything you described and perhaps even a bit more. She is a beautiful, delicious piece of white flesh. You say she is married?”

Tom nodded.

As we headed down the mountain, both men almost on cue, reached down and grabbed my hand and placed it on the now very obvious outline in their trousers. I started to play “good girl” and resist, but feeling the strength of their black hands, I knew such a move would prove fruitless. As soon as I showed no resistance, both men began exploring my body. Dwayne was caressing my breasts and without hesitation, Thomas slipped his hand from my thigh to my bare bush and then between the lips of my receptive pussy. My grip on their now very large black cocks made me even more helpless to resist.

As Dwayne continued to explore my almost bare white breasts and now very erect and extremely sensitive nipples, he looked up into Tom’s eyes in the rear view mirror. “Tom, what are you going to get out of this, my friend? Being up there in the front seat, you are missing out.”

“Nope...not missing a thing, Dwayne. I’ve fucked Mrs Peggy many times, and now, once we get back from dinner, I’m going to get to watch you two hot brothers enjoy the fruits of a very married, great looking white wife, just what you told me you enjoyed most. She’s damn good white pussy, my friend!”

With a rather stunned look on my face, I said, “Excuse me! Am I the very married white wife you guys are referring to?”

Tom replied, “That’s right, Peggy... you are the one and you know it! When Dwayne and Thomas asked me last week if I could line up some white pussy for them, I told them about you, and that you were not only extremely good looking and a great piece of white ass, but a married as well. Like most black men today, fucking white women is not only the IN thing, but when the white woman is also a classy, country club type, as you are, then that cunt between those gorgeous white legs is considered a trophy fuck by most black men, and you know it.”

Dwayne looked at me and then again at the rear view mirror and said, “Tom, turn this thing around and take us back to Peggy’s place. I have to have some of this sweet thing now. Neither Thomas nor I can eat until we have had this pretty white lady.”

Tom slowed and made a U-turn and headed back up the mountain.

As Tom pulled into the secluded parking place next to my townhouse condo, Dwayne opened the door and slipped out, offering me a “gentleman’s hand” so I could exit. As I slid across the leather seat, my short skirt slipped up to my hips, clearly showing Dwayne everything. He smiled and focused on my pussy as I opened my legs in exiting.

“Mrs Peggy, you are indeed everything Tom described...and such a beautiful married white lady makes my mouth water with desire, my dear. I am going to love stealing your husband’s pussy. Please, my darling, walk up the steps ahead of us so we can all focus on the curves and cheeks of that luscious white ass of yours!”

By this time, I had entered my quiet mood. If you have read some of my earlier narratives, you know that when I actually meet, I become very quiet. I don’t know why, but that is just the way I am. As I climbed the several steps to the doorway, I could feel their eyes caressing the cheeks of my ass. It was a very stimulating feeling.

As I opened the unlocked door and walked in, the three men followed me. I glanced at all three and smiled, and in the process, checked out their outlines which were now very prominent.

As the door closed, Tom walked up behind me, wrapping his around my shaking body. “It’s okay, baby. We both know you’ve done this before and how much it turns you on.”

“Easy for you to say.” As I responded, Dwayne walked up to me and again caressed my white tits with his very dark hands, cupping and squeezing each breast, and then running his fingers down te tease and tweak my erect nipples.

Tom released me and started helping me remove my jacket. Once off, I just stood there allowing the super sheer blouse to reveal my braless white tits and nipples. As the black men both removed their jackets, Tom unbuttoned the buttons on the back of my blouse, removing it, and then, he unhooked my skirt, allowing it to drop to the floor. Now, I am standing in front of two handsome black men and the horny white guy who brought them, completely naked except for my black 5" pumps.

Tom broke the silence. “Why don’t you get us something to drink, Peggy?”

“Like this?”

“Yes, honey, just as you are, naked and fuckable, you pretty little married whore!”

With that, I turned, bare ass naked except for my high heel black pumps, in front of these three men, two of them black, and walked from the great room area to the kitchen, (twisting my bare ass just a bit as I walked out in nothing but heels). In the darkness of my mind, what Tom had just said was certainly right. I was known all over the web as a married white pussy that loved to suck cock and who was very fuckable, any time, any where. I could not begin to count the number of men who had enjoyed all variations sex with me.

I knew they were talking about me, but one of them had turned on the TV and I could not hear what they were saying clearly. As I put something together to cool them down a bit, I hear Tom say, “Sure, she gives one of the best blow jobs of any woman I have ever been with.”

As I walked back into the great room with three drinks on a small serving tray, Dwayne looks me over, top to bottom, and then he takes his drink, and in doing so he reaches down and takes my left hand and pulls it up to look at my wedding rings. “Considering the size of those diamonds and that gold wedding band, your husband must love you a lot. He doesn’t know about any of your sex life?”

I looked at my rings and my hand, being held by Dwayne and said, “He doesn’t have a clue.”

“I see Tom wasn’t kidding. You really are a very married lady, and a damn good looking one at that. You have a great looking body for a married lady in her mid-40's. In fact, you look like a 20 year old standing here naked in front of us, darling. There is nothing like a very pretty white trophy wife with great tits, a really hot looking pussy, and a hot, curvy ass with exceptionally sexy legs. I’m going to enjoy seeing if you are as good as Tom says!”

I looked up into his eyes and responded, “Oh, you are, are you? We’ll see about that, won’t we?”

With a rather sadistic smile on his face, Dwayne reached down and took my left hand and placed it on the firmness of what I could tell was a very impressive big black “dick.” (I was told years ago that black men didn’t have cocks. White men have white cocks, but black men have BIG black “dicks.”)

As Dwayne walked over to the big leather couch, he still had hold of my left hand. I followed along like a naked, white slave girl. “Mrs Peggy, unzip my pants and take my dick out. I want to see if those pretty white lips are as good as Tom says. I hear you like sucking black dick.”

With Tom and Thomas watching, caressing themselves, Dwayne sat down on the couch. I stooped over and unzipped Dwayne’s pants, reached inside and struggled to release his now rapidly enlarging big, and I do mean BIG black dick. Once out, while I caressed it and looked it over, it grew to what I would estimate at least 9 inches, maybe a little more. It wasn’t the longest black dick I had seen, but it was quickly becoming the thickest.

Tom, sitting over where he had a good view said, “Suck that black dick, Peggy. Suck the damn thing and show Dwayne what a fucking married white bitch can do to please a black man, baby! And, while you are sucking, twist your cute ass in this direction so Thomas and I can see that fuckable white cunt and that cute asshole of yours! As the hot nympho you are, darling, we want to see every inch, bitch! Dwayne, treat her like the married whore she is. She loves it. Pretty white married woman love to be degraded by black men. Don’t take any shit from her!”

Dwayne was so enlarged by now that I knew I was going to have trouble getting his really big and very thick black dick in my mouth, but I was trying. It took a few minutes of licking and slobbering on the head and shaft, but finally, I had him in my mouth!

Tom and Thomas were really enjoying the show, and I’ll have to admit, having them watch me suck Dwayne while also looking at my bare ass and taking cell phone pictures was really making me hot too. Tom got up and took a close up of just my face with Dwayne’s dick as far in my mouth as I could get it. Then, he took about a dozen more shots of me from a longer view, as I sucked the black dick on my knees. Then he took more photos of my bare ass, showing my really wet cunt lips and my asshole from behind. I couldn’t help but wonder where those would end up!

That got Dwayne and Thomas started. Dwayne pulled out his cell phone, and was taking photos of my face from his perspective, my mouth now stretched as open as I could get it, filled with black dick.

Thomas was everywhere, moving around like he was a news photographer, taking photos of me from every angle. I quickly lost count of how many photos they took before they discovered they could do video too! I was so turned on, anything that was left of my good judgement was now out the window. I knew they were probably going to share and post me all over the web, like a porn star, sucking a big black dick.

Dwayne reached down and pulled my left hand up to where it almost touched my lips as I continued to orally worship his really huge black dick. Then, he said, “Peggy, twist that hand around, baby, to where I can get a picture of your face with my dick in your mouth and those pretty wedding rings! I want to show some friends the married lady I had sucking my dick!”

Tom had finally paused long enough to stop taking photos and took his dick out. As he stroked himself, he said, “Dwayne, I’m going to fuck her while she sucks you, okay?”

Dwayne nodded, as I could tell he was really getting turned on having a married white woman, a country club wife, a soccer mom type, suck his black dick.

Tom dropped his pants and soon I felt his body warmth up behind me, and then his cock was pressing against the lips of my cunt. As wet as I was, he slipped right in and started pumping my pussy. I was really hot by this time, and opened my legs slightly to give Tom a better access to my receptive hole.

Thomas, watching all of this while still taking pictures of me sucking and getting fucked at the same time, paused for a moment and said, “Hey, Tom, are you going to bareback her?”

“Yep, you don’t need a rubber when you fuck Mrs Peggy. She is clean as a fresh snow, and before we leave, we’re going to load her up, boys!” With that comment, Tom really started pumping my pussy and I knew it wouldn’t be long before his cum would be mixing with Todd’s, the young 18 year old who had fucked me earlier.

In less than a minute, Tom’s cock spurted his load of hot cum in my pussy. As soon as he moved out of the way, Thomas had his somewhat smaller black dick ready, and he took Tom’s place between my legs! He came about as quickly as Tom did, again unloading in my cunt which was so full of cum by this time that it was running down my thighs.

Dwayne, stooped my bobbing head with both hands. “Okay, Peggy, now you’re gonna get the big boy!”

I stopped sucking his dick and he got up, took off his pants, and guided me to around behind the leather couch. Once there he shoved me in a bent-over position and I felt the enormous head of his black dick pressing against my cunt. Thank goodness I was well lubricated, as he shoved that big black monster in my white pussy like I was just another whore, caring nothing about my feelings.

Dwayne then reached around and grabbed my tits and as he did, he really started fucking me. I could not even compare the way he was fucking me to the way the others had fucked me. Dwayne was brutal, squeezing my tits more and more as he pumped me. Once they recovered, both Tom and Thomas started up with their cell phone pictures again!

Suddenly, Dwayne’s dick slipped out of my cunt, and before I could utter a word, he entered my ass! As he held me down, he released my left tit and grabbed my left hand again. Then, he surprised me again as he started fondling my wedding rings. Within about ten seconds, I heard his low growl and felt his massive spurts of a black man’s cum totally flood my ass! As he finished, he pulled out of my ass and, cum again flowed out of the enlarged opening and down my thighs.

Then, he took my hand, placed my rings at the tip of his dripping black dick, and let his sperm run over the gold and the diamonds of my wedding rings. It was symbolic to him, I guess.

“Thanks, Peggy... you are as good as Tom said you were. I’ll be back for some more of you, darling!”

With nothing else said, the men wiped off their dicks with a wet towel, put on their clothes, and with just a kiss on the cheek, they went to the door, waved goodbye and they were gone! I’m standing there bare ass naked, freshly fucked and photographed like a porn star by three men, and bang, they are gone. I shook my head, took the towel and wiped myself, cleaning the still dripping cum from between my legs and then headed up the stairs to the shower.

It was now dark outside. Once I finished the shower and flushing the cum from my pussy, I combed my bush, put on a sheer house coat and went down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. My mind was still whirling, and my thoughts quickly came to... they just came by to fuck me, like many guys do from time to time, but in this case they didn’t even offer to take me out for that promised dinner!

The drapes were still open as were the sliding glass doors. What a delightful night. I decided to leave things as they were and switched off the lights. As I did so, something made me turn and look towards the woods beyond the deck. It was pitch dark out in the woods, and of course, I couldn’t see anything. I paused and wondered... if someone was out there, and they had been there while the guys were here, they would have seen everything. For a moment, a cold chill ran up my spine.

I switched out the lights, and climbed the stairs to the bedroom. I could feel the breeze of the cool, almost perfect night mountain air as I took off my robe and closed the bedroom sliding glass doors, thinking it might be a little chilly by morning considering I always sleep nude. After bushing my teeth and hair, I walked naked to the bed, slipped between the covers and then switched off the light.

It had been a long day. I glancing at the clock, I saw it was 10:26PM as I snuggled in for the night. Again, my mind teased me with memories of the four men that had fucked me today. Then, I drifted off to sleep, but not before another cold chill ran up my back and arms as I remember the sliding glass doors down in the great room and kitchen were wide open, and too, the front door was not locked. It was safe up here, so I drifted off to sleep without further concern.

Around 2AM, something woke me up. I was still half asleep as my mind gave me a quick, “what was that noise?” thought, then I quickly drifted off to sleep again. I was beat.

Suddenly, I was aware there was somebody in the room! I asked, startled nearly wide awake, “Who’s there?!”

No sooner had I spoken the words than a felt a hand over my mouth and two more hands grabbing my legs!
“Don’t make a sound, Peggy! If you do, we’ll hurt you, and hurt you bad. Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand me!”

Now, with his hand on my throat, he removed his hand from my mouth. I quickly realized there was more than one in the dark bedroom! Before I could think, I heard the sound of tape being ripped, and then a piece of duct tape covered my mouth. I struggled, but it did no good.

“Peggy, don’t resist or we WILL hurt you! Understand?”

Again, I nodded in a “yes...” motion. As I did so, the person at the end of the bed snatched the covers off of my naked body, and my legs were forced open in the darkness. Then, once open, two different men tied my spread legs and tied each ankle to the bed posts. I knew then what was happening! There were several men in the room and I was about to get raped! The man that had put the duct tape on my mouth still had his hand on my throat. I was completely helpless as then the men tied my arms to the head posts making me spread eagle on the queen size bed.

I tried to talk, but the tape was really sticky and all I could do was just make an effort to speak words. I was totally helpless. My mind was whirling!

One of the men said, “Ready for the light?”

Another man said, “Wait til I can close the drapes... Okay, now.”

With that, the bedside light was turned on. I panicked as I suddenly saw six men in my bedroom, all of them were naked except for the ski masks they were wearing! Two were holding what looked like whips, one with the thin extending black leather straps and the other looked like a riding crop.

The one with the thin leather straps said, “I understand you have a been a bad girl today, Peggy! I also understand you are responsive to a pussy whipping! Maybe now is a good time to receive the whipping you deserve for being such a naughty girl, Peggy!”

I struggled to say, “Please, please...don’t hurt me!”

Four of the men moved aside as the two with whips walked to each side of the bed. The one with the leather crop ran the tip of the leather across my nipples, and with each pass, he proceeded to increase the smack the tip was giving to my very erect and very sensitive nipples. I winced.

As he withdrew the crop, the man with the thin leather strap whip drew back and gave both of my breasts a really hard lash with his whip. I struggled and again, winced with pain as just the one hard lash made my bare breasts sting with pain!

The man with the crop then moved to the side of the bed adjacent to my hips, and with the tip of the crop, he proceeded to part my bush and then the lips of my pussy. “Looks like Mrs Peggy has been a naughty girl today, boys. Do any of you think she should be punished for being such a wayward whore?”

The men nodded, “yes....”
I again struggled and as best I could, I begged them to hurt me. By now, my heart was racing and I was starting to really panic!

“You are a nasty, despicable whore, Peggy... a wanton slut, and men like us love to punish cunts like you!”

I have had pussy whippings before and they were always very much of a turn on, but this was different. Somehow, I could tell, this was big trouble. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind than the man with the crop raised his arm and placed a really forceful blow light between my open pussy lips, and dead center on my extended clit! I screamed, but beneath the duct tape, it was more like a whimper!

Then, they started! They worked like an orchestrated team, both whipping my tits and my pussy at the same time! After just two or three blows, I was on fire! My pussy was burning like someone was holding a match to it, and my breasts were stinging like they had been stung by yellow jackets! Tears flowed from my eyes as I tried to scream with increasing intensity with every sting of the two whips!

After the initial beating, one of the men reached outside the door and brought in another whip! This one was bigger and I knew, even though the leather looked soft, it would probably sting more than the crop! Then, another painful surprise!

The man with the crop, softly explored below my stinging pussy and within a minute, I felt the end of the leather crop on my asshole! The men surrounded me, lifted my ass off the bed, and the leather crop was inserted in my ass! As I was slowly released to lay back on the bed, the man with the crop started twisting the crop as he “crop-fucked” my asshole. The crop had little metal knobs on it, and as it rotated in my ass, one of the men reached outside the door and picked up what looked like a small battery!

What was this?! Talk about panic! I thought I was going to pass out as they connected a bunch of wires and clips together. Two clips were for my nipples, a third was attached somehow to the crop which made my ass sting and contract as the current flowed through the metal things on the outside of the crop and into the tissue of my ass! Next, they brought out a strange looking dildo and slipped it full length into my pussy! Then, wires were attached and a button was handed to the man who had whipped me with the crop.

When he pushed the button, I thought I would convulse! I don’t know whether it was the pain or the electrical current that surged through my body, but, whatever it was, it brought about something I could only describe as massive waves of seizure-orgasms! He would push the button time and time again. Each time brought more significant pain followed by massive waves of wild, almost painful orgasms! I thought I would pass out!

After about six or seven of these, I could see my nipples, clipped, extending to a length I had never seen before. They must have been two inches long. As the men tortured me, two took photos of my nude, helpless body at the mercy of the button pusher! Once I reached the point to where I was beyond responding, the men removed the inserts and clips, and they blindfolded me.

Once I was blindfolded, I heard something that sounded like the men were removing their masks. Then, to prove I was right, I felt the first man, whoever he was, climb on the bed and then mount me. It took about three minutes for him to cum, and then, as quickly as he had finished, another man mounted me and I was fucked again and again and again. Unable to move, still tied, and now blindfolded and my mouth still ducktaped, I was raped six, seven, eight times, and beyond that, I lost count. They fucked me endlessly, taking turns for more than an hour. I could tell from the smell that some of the men fucked me two and three times. By the time they had completely emptied their balls and spurted all of the cum they had, my pussy had lost all feeling. I was completely used, wet, and filled with cum.

After what seemed like hours of abuse, the man with the button walked up close to my face and with a massive slap, he hit me time and time again, slapping my face until I thought he would beat me to death. Then, he said, “Peggy, if you tell anyone about tonight, we will come back, and the next time will be much more unpleasant! Do you understand me, whore?”

I nodded my head “yes...” with tears running down my cheeks. With that, he slapped my face again, and in doing so, three other men also started slapping my body. Two slapped my breasts while another forcefully spanked my pussy until I was sobbing!

“You’ll be able to get out of the ropes if you work at it, my dear! Have a good night, Mrs Peggy, and remember what I said!”

With that, the men gathered up their things, turned out the light, and as silently as they had come in, they left, leaving me crying in the darkness... legs still tied wide open and physically exhausted and with a puddle of cum still seeping from my well used pussy, I lay there, helpless, too tired to try and release myself.

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i luv the Peggy stories....she is my kind of woman......kinky and slutty

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