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-=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=-

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-=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 4/26/2015 5:17:26 PM   

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This thread spanned 4 months in spring of 2007. It spawned our forum slang, "taptaptap" referring to tall tales that are just too fantastic to believe. For example, this story all starts when a bunch of deaf mutes escape their murderous kidnapper who lives next-door to his long distance slave. They show up at her house and join his long distance poly family over the phone that very same night. They communicate with him by "tapping" on the phone. Soon we have cast of slave characters like 3 mutes, 2 blood sisters, 2 of their moms and a lesbian farmer. With a string of outside supporting cast like the local sheriff who is the murderous neighbor's brother and a mute's "Master father" from Iraq that had his daughter's tongue and vocal cords removed and sells her to the OP.

This thread was such a great read, the mods unlocked and necroed it 3 times on mnottertail's birthday in 2010, 2011 and 2012. I reread it last night and enjoyed it for the fourth time. I decided to condense it with just the OP's comments telling the stories as a courtesy to all those that would otherwise miss it or found 40 pages of replies daunting. It is still a long read containing 9,711 words posted by the OP, but for many of us fans it is well worth it. I posted this easy to read version in Creative Writing where I felt it would be enjoyed as the incredibly creative tale it is.

- Enjoy

HELP! (not made up!)
By member: polyamorous
"May the Great Spirit watch over you and guide you to Peace, Love and Happiness Forever, Rich"

1/26/2007 3:14:13 AM
OK, I am really stumped!
I wanted a poly family. A nice size team, built slowely and carefully.
One of my slaves lives in KY lived next to, but didn't know it, a extremely cruel Master that now is possibly facing a murder charge or two.
Tonight one of his slaves got out and got to my slaves house, he came there beat my slave and grabbed his, my slave called the cops.
Then my slave and the one that escaped went to the house to look for the others and couldn't find them. One of them they didn't find dug herself free and ran to my slaves house, the closest house with lights on, found my slave and her sister slave and lead them to where the other's were bound and hidden.
The cops say he will never be free again seems he missed a lot of court dates and had a lot of warrants.
He had four slaves now with my slave in her house.
He had a big house that gives them all nightmares that is empty and in one of the slaves names free and clear. I guess we will rent it.
3 of the 4 are mutes! He liked that, they could not call for help and had no internet access.
1 he got pregnant he beat until she miscarried, 1 murder charge, seems he was wanted for another murder plus other charges.
I seem to have my poly family bigger and and faster than I was ready. I believe I can handle the size of the family if I was there, but long distance? I was and am very good business manager and I am starting a company. I have my customer support staff now it seems.
I am stuck in NJ caring for my mother whom is almost 84 and fell before Christmas and broke her pelvis. I have another slave in GA that was headed for KY to wait for me to be able to let my mother alone. Now I have 6 but it is stranger (I couldn't make this up if I tried!) , the one in KY has two daughters in TX right now both call me Master, 1;18, 1; 20. I have spoke to her daughters, I had thought the three and the one in GA might complete my family or be close to completing it, the other 4 came as a surprise. I am talking to others as well, I may have to back away from now.
The 4 are 18, 20, 22 and 28 I think, and the mother of the two in TX is 36 , the one in GA is 46 I think. My head is spinning.
The mother and daughters get along well and they have communicated and got along with the one in GA well long distance so I thought they would do well under the same roof.
The 4 got along well under the same roof, the 4 get along with my slave well, she is acting as Alpha now.
I have spoken to the 4 online now and by phone, they signal by tapping the phone mic 1 for no and 3 for yes, all they can do one talks a little but is scared too as he beat her if she did. She, with a lot of coaxing, told me all he did. He was not a Master he was an abuser of woman.
They do say cheaper by the dozen, but this is mind boggling. This is true, not a joke, though I did add that bit of humor, right now I do not know whether to laugh or cry.
I will offer each the right to freedom if they want and help them be free or to find another Master or Mistress if they do not want me. If they all stay I am not sure I am looking for any more! Maybe a Mistress to help me run the family?
Any advice on how to handle long distance abused slaves? Heck any advice on handling 8 even?

1/26/2007 7:34:49 AM
This is most definitely real or I'd not still be awake at day light and just taking my night meds I forgot. I'd rather be sleeping, my head is still spinning. And I have a headache that feels like I have two heads and they both hurt. Hmm poly heads, wow I am losing it aren't I? I am stressed with my mother crying in pain all day and she will not go back to the hospital and I can not get a Doctor visit to visit her. A Doctor gave her oxycodone 5's 1 every 6 hours, she is now up to 4 every 6 hours and still in pain, I am thinking I need a couple but will not take them.
Another unusual thing is the sheriff is the mans estranged brother, hates him. He is also the one that sold the house, paid in full just awhile ago. The brutal Master was fullish and allowed a slave to handle the filing of the title, she got it in her name, or perhaps he had her do it so his brother didn't know who he was selling it to? not sure yet but it is in her name and the sheriff said to do what they wish with it and his things in it, he'll never need them again.
He had a habit of being trouble and his brother being sheriff had kind of pushed him out of the town years ago. Being sheriff he didn't need a brother in town like him. He thought he had reformed and failed to do a new background check, after the arrest he ran wants and warrants and found his brother is wanted in many locations for hurting and maybe killing another and skipping many court dates. He did hit his brother up side the head with a night stick.
It is in the boon docks, way out in the country in KY. Papers, TV, Radio wouldn't know about it yet if ever. It may be announced a a fugitive was captured after and assault and battery at some point but I doubt all the details will be in the news.
A therapist into kink looked through her links and can not find a kink friendly therapist within 100 miles, lots of kink friendly Doctors though, she is thinking she could do well there. She actually thinks they do need a Master at this point as it is the only life they have known and without the structure they will break down. She suggested they take back the house, chose a room as theirs and paint it, remove all his personal items and either burn them sell them or give them to Goodwill and either my slave or I redo the dungeon and rearrange it so they can make the house mine not his. Her thinking is they would do it for me not themselves.
I could use advice from a functional poly family with more than 4 slaves as that is about what I thought I might have to begin with, the mother, her daughters and the one in GA, now I seem to have 4 more all at once is a bit of an overload. I believe I could handle them if there but long distance?
I also think I could add a few tg's too that I am talking too. It will be a lot longer time before I add any other GG's or Tg's that I have talked to about joining my family so they and others I am talking to may want to look for another Master. I do feel a good Mistress or female or Tg switch would be a good addition though. I am sorry if due to this I cause any I have talked to, that were thinking of being mine soon, any trouble. I had thought I would have room in the near future to add to the four slowly.

1/26/2007 12:21:35 PM
It is all true, I will not tell the town to protect the girls but all the news will know is a man with warrants was arrested for assault, they may add more later but the sheriff will try to keep it down, do you blame him? It is his brother.
The facts are as I stated, I did find out today the girl was the buyer of the house for her Master, but he lost, she gets to keep it and he will be in prison for several lifetimes.
I am only doing what a trained therapist said to do to have them reclaim their lives and the house for me as they want to please me. Why pay rent as my slave is now when we own a big empty house?

1/26/2007 2:02:27 PM
Well the fates struck again and the wheel of fortune is spinning again. The two oldest were blood sisters and went with their slave mother to see their Master father, he had sold them and know they are supposed to be mine now. They said they would be back in five days but took all their things, which may make sense as they had little and need to change several times in five days but they took their ownership papers that match their brands, that worries me. The one who's father, an Iraq citizen that took her there and had her tongue and vocal cords removed, seems it is easy to get done there, is still with my slave as is the one that can talk a little but is afraid to that has the house in her name. Time will tell, the two there indicate they want to be mine, the actions of the others worries me but I wish them the protection of the Higher Spirit no matter what they choose.

1/26/2007 4:12:22 PM
The two oldest were only 45 miles from the place they were raised, actually all four were within an hour of where they had been raised. They took all their things including their ownership with marks matching their brands, each was different and went to their Father who is a Master and sold them in the first place and their mother whom is his slave. I am thinking I lost them.
The other two youngest were picked up by one of their mothers and will be visiting for two days or less (so I am told) with their parents, all in BDSM (Fathers Masters, mothers slaves). None of the four had seen their parents in four years and they were living near each other before with their parents. So one parent of one of the youngest picked the two youngest both up and is dropping the one off at her parents and will be bringing them both back. The two the youngest ones left most their things and ownership papers and talked with me on the internet and the one can speak a little bit, but is afraid too, did speak to me on the phone a little, said she loved me and she and the other intend on being mine and back in two days or less.
As for the papers, well they get the news from the sheriff's office and he is not going to say too much as he needs to protect his family.
It will no doubt be covered in a day or so a man was arrested for assault and battery and other charges and had outstanding warrants, that would be about all that was released. But I doubt he was wanted enough to get national coverage, even a local murder caught does not always get national coverage, I live near Camden NJ that used to be the murder capital of the USA and when they caught a murderer here it barely hit the news.
Only time and the Higher Spirit can tell where this is going.

1/28/2007 11:21:21 PM
Two of the four came back, I was mistaken it was the middle two that were blood sisters and took their papers and went back th their parents. The oldest and youngest came back from their parents to my slaves tonight as promised, the other two are supposed to be away another three days, but I am betting as they took their ownership papers and expressed toe want to be free woman they will not be back. They have my best wishes and I hope the Great Spirit looks over them.
I have not had time to read all the replys but will and I thank all that have offered help and provided help as I needed it, things seem to be calm now.

2/3/2007 5:55:16 AM
Again I thank all those who helped, this is no stranger than the tobacco companies raising nicotine by 17% over the past few years, there are some assholes out there give the good ones a bad name. (You know it is the processed white sugar water sprayed on it while it is drying that is more addictive than the nicotine).
This is all true, the two middle aged ones, full biological sisters disappeared with their mom's help out into the night with all their papers, not that legally they were worth anything but to an honest Dom and slave, and are gone for good. The youngest and oldest have a common mother, different fathers, and are back with me and happy. I got the one a free text to speech program so she can type/talk in conversations in their house and by the phone with a bit of phone juggling, I will correct that in person, couple the line to the modem for outgoing sounds.
Now if my one in GA does well with her hernia surgery all will be god in my world as long as all three stay in cancer remission.
My mother is doing better, got her on oxycotin instead if oxycodone, no panics every 6 hours, just one pill every 12 does it all.

2/3/2007 6:14:16 AM
Oh, BTW if I (and I will not without her permission) typed the love poem she wrote me it would bring tears to your eyes saying she wanted to lie clod in earth with me even after my death, if she could have read it to me instead of typing it and tapping yes or no only on the phone mic, now also taught a tap for hello=4 and brb=5, no=2, yes=3, she would have read it to me. Poor girl only new 2=no and 3= yes and felt worthless going to the bathroom without permission and having to get a sister to tell me what was going on, felt herself an imposition. She talked of going back to Iraq, I nixed that, I love my slaves not just own them and she will not be allowed to leave me until I die, or she begs free to go someplace she finds more not less happiness. She gets so excited there is no way to count her taps, I have to calm her and ask yes or no questions.
As I said this will not be heavily covered in the press as the only thing able to be picked up on a scanner was an assault and battery and b&e. The rest the sheriff kept quite as it involved his family and the protection of the girls.
All is calm now but for my first there having a minor reaction to her chemo. The oldest one's father is dieing and their mother is just ill, flu maybe that seems nothing to worry about. They are all packed up and at one sister's house coon cats, dog and all.

2/3/2007 2:02:01 PM
Any advice on making up, long distance, not remembering my original slaves Birthday yesterday? Under the stress I forgot it, they are not home. They are at the to half sisters house with their ailing mother waiting for the one's father to die or get well and today is my mom's birthday too. At least I remember my moms. 02/03/1923.

2/4/2007 8:21:44 AM
This started weeks ago when the mute stepped on his lap top. He left it where it didn't belong, a common walking path in the house. He bound her and was beating her when the other three came to her defense, she was bound and blindfolded and was being beat, she did not see where the three were taken. She thought the other three were no longer in the house and had no wish to go to the dungeon alone, with my slave they did, but he had them bound and hidden and week with no food or water for four days. One hearing no sounds but the police and my slave calling worked herself free and ran to the closest lit neighbors house, my slaves at that hour, it would have been dark but for the arrival of the first slave, and said her two sisters needed cutting free as she could not unbind them. They then went back and found where he had piled junk on them to hide them. It was the worst that night when he said all four were to die.
As I said I am caring for my mother who has a b\cracked pelvis and tail bone or I'd be in KY already. I would not have been up 36 hours straight to write a fake story. I need sleep to care for my mother, this is and was real. Two of the four begged free, two of the four fell in love with my training and caring methods and so far have stood by me and their sister in KY waiting for my as is the one in GA. This has had my mother and I up days worrying, I do communicate daily even with the mute, I gave her 4 taps to say hello and 5 to say "BRB" and am getting her a free text to speech program downloaded and installed so she can express herself in a voice, though might be dalek like, at least she can express her thoughts in spoken words.
Hell, Kennedy arranges to have Marilyn Monroe killed didn't raise as many eyebrows as this true story and there was Clinton getting head under his desk, this is too weird to believe? There are sadly a few abusers and murders hiding behind the label BDSM Master/Mistress giving us all a bad name, even my mother who hates the lifestyle I chose said at least I am not that bad. I see no reason a sadist cannot also be loving and caring.
Things are calm now but the father of the oldest is dieing. They are all at his house, coon cats, dog and all.
As for my running in circles with this story, I have suffered from birth with nearsightedness, dyslexia, separation and abandonment anxiety disorder and ADHD. While everything I said is true to the best of my knowledge it is hard with ADHD to go a straight line anywhere. I, however, am a good business manager and family manager as I think things through and anticipate problems in advance in most cases and see to their prevention, but this came out of left field.
I thank all those who offered true help, many suggestions worked, a therapist sent me a private email and we talked by phone and it helped a lot. I was stressed along with the others and it was even hurting my mother and I didn't see it, she didn't want to know my problems, hates my lifestyle. I still need help to be the best for these girls long distance, the therapist said I have to get there asap but how when my mother can't walk yet and I am an only child, no other family around here? I could use helpful suggestions, how much play do I order? house work, etc? To them bondage was a punishment, to me it can be used for fun, control and a reminder whom is TOP. But I feel the need to tread lightly.

2/4/2007 8:39:25 AM
I have a lesbian slave now, that I am the first male she has ever respected, and will keep her lesbian for the most part, she may have my children but other than that she wants pain from me and sex with her sisters. I can respect that limit. I allow free play among my slaves if their chores are done. She has 40+ acres in MI not far from the KY border and will welcome us all in her big, old farm house. This fits well with our business plans. I will make both houses I control run on small diesels burning biofuel and recover all energy, heat, mechanical to run them both, enclose the one pool with a strong, but retractable during summer, enclosure and use the pool to store heat for cold nights and rent the property all utilities included. Once I feel safe in it I will borrow against the values of both properties to build our businesses as quickly as possible, and get an SBA loan.

2/4/2007 12:18:28 PM
A man got picked up by his brother the sheriff, all that went out over the wire was a b&e with assault, and turned out the man had other charges pending. more will be added later, the sheriff didn't want to hurt his family or the girls.

2/4/2007 12:29:59 PM
The distance can be covered in a day with a uhaul, so I consider it close. I used to be a long hauler. I did win her respect and gave her my word she would be used by the girls, all bi, much more than me, though she is interested in me giving her pain and in having my children. I will have them each add to this when they get home to the rented house in KY where I will met them, well 3-4 of them and we will get the big house ready for rental, then when they go to MI. I need to come back to NJ for 3 weeks to plant a zozia lawn, can only be done when soil temps are above 70 deg f. Then I am off for MI.

2/4/2007 3:44:42 PM
Mutes. like those who had throat cancer, etc. can talk with throat buzzers make them sound like a dalek from Dr. Who. She as yet does not have the device but will have text to speech installed on my slaves computer. She can hear well and sign. She types well.
I have ordered them to create accounts here, It would please me if you do not pick on the mutes broken English replies. This should take less than 24 hours if her half sister the oldest one of the four that had showed at my slaves door, father doesn't die. That would put an understandable kink in my time frame. I will allow each to open and answer any polite emails, those impolite I will handle. These girls went through enough as has my original slave, and my mother, suffered, I was way late the morning after this happened with her meds, with no sleep. As I type this my slave is setting up and debugging her computer at the youngster's house. Please trust me, If I had no respect fort the community I still would not pull a bluff like this, I spoke to the therapist who has a profile on this site and replied to me in an email not in the post, though she has a comment here I believe, for hours, the night it all began. I am mentally a mess over this but I am a survivor and with my strength we all will survive, one step at a time.I had tanya in KY, her two daughters 18 and 20 called me Master and the oldest one and one I knew longest sobflower01/Polyamorousspet now too. I had thought adding Becky to Tanya and her daughters might nearly complete my family, perhaps a switch or a TG or two, but these GG's came as a complete surprise and when all four were gone I prayed to my great spirit that I not lose all the new friends in my life, my Great Spirit sent two back to me. She will be closing one or the other, keeping her choice, whichever she likes, all will freely name their accounts but it will say owned and allowed to talk to anyone respectful. I have had then all make a yahoo profile with 55 in the name to reflect their owner, the year I was born. I will allow them within the bounds of collarme's rules to share their yahoo id's and outside emails, I forbid them to delete any sent or received emails as I expect them to always be polite and the others as well. I was rasied to be polite, I say please and thank you to my slaves unless in a scene.I will read some but not all their emails looking for habit need correcting and for rudeness on behalf of others. I will not post their ID's yet till time passes and they feel comfortable meeting more safe sane consensual friends. One thing I will allow is others as friends to call them but you must respect till something better comes along sue has 4 signals, all taps on the microphone, 2=no, 3= yes, 4= hello, 5= brb. potty etc. Once set up right she will be able to text to speech on the phone. When I allow that depends on my slaves ability to handle a volume of calls, she and Jewl the oldest are in remission but taking chemo. Again in a way I wish this was just a story, I'd not have to do the repairs caused by the murderer whom claimed to be nothing but a BDSM Master, as now I am getting it from anyone I know what is WRONG with my lifestyle, like trying vanilla most my life worked. Even my friends next door, a lesbian couple point out the frequent opportunities for abuse, but I retort SSC! Safe, Sane, Consensual.

2/5/2007 12:16:54 AM
Things actually seem to have fallen in place. I can go to KY and fix the furnished house to rent as is for 6 months then any renter will need to be a co-op member using a co-generator for power. Then all utilities will be paid for by how much fuel you use a small membership fee to cover expenses as it will be formed as a non profit. We can go to MI and put a co-generator plant there as well and perhaps HQ there, then it is a matter of the next best deal and where that is and so on and so forth.

The only problem I am having is an old one but still a puzzle, it seems all my slaves wake at day break and go to bed during the night. All well and good for them but some nights when on a thought or mission I may not sleep for 36-48 hours and am left alone a lot, since they are new and used to being together under the circumstances, can it be just for me to order a sleeping pattern that will assure one awake with me at all times, but separate from each other more?? When the company is running it will be maned 24/7.

2/6/2007 12:02:03 AM
If the Higher Spirits that rule Collar me allow you to be a poly group seeking instead if a male, female, trans, bi seeking a poly group life would be easier. I am not turned on by naked men at all but TG's by their feminine nature are OK and all my girls are bi. The Powers that be need to allow more options of things to be so those looking for what you are can find you. I am the only Master, a Mistress might be a nice addition.

2/6/2007 12:10:50 AM
My girls in the next few days will be saying hello and thank all that helped. The ones father is dieing and now they are rushing ones sister so he will be alive for the wedding, so a bit busy to do much posting. All four have added hellos to my greetings in introduce yourself. I think they copied and pasted it, they were rushed to bath and get ready for the wedding. My alpha is also having a bad reaction to her chemo therapy. The Greater Spirit Has A Plan for us All.

2/6/2007 7:27:21 PM
It would appear to me it is one of the dieing man's relatives trying to rush their wedding so he will be able to see it happen. Hell I am not there to even know every detail. That is why I started this thread, I never considered long distance poly before and had it dumped in my lap. They all have Profiles here now, Becky's is more unique, she had more access to a computer. I think they actually copied their sister's profiles, well you can't copy and paste in collarme profiles as far ass I know. Each had added a bit about themselves but all seemed to like the basic profile, I expect them to start keeping a journal as best they can with limited internet access. All list my hometown and last name, all have agreed to go to court and to take my last name in real life. I not only own but feel love toward my slaves and they are family not just tools to be used, warn out and trashed. I am sorry if my lifestyle offends anyone on here. I know it does my mother or I'd move the RN in to care for her, after her father passes and she has had time to morn that is, but my mother would never allow it.

2/6/2007 9:19:02 PM
Now all three under one roof have replied, I still go back to the original post. SilentSpirit55, SpiritualJewl55 and Gailforce55 are the three together. Sue and Jewl and the two that begged free and ran are all real as is Gail, my acting alpha. Again I need real advice in caring for abused slaves long distance as my mother's health prevents me from relocating right now.

2/6/2007 11:02:25 PM
Didn't I mention that for their comfort and safety they all were posted with my address and last name? If they were here in NJ I would not be looking among all you dumb asses for the help I need for a long distance poly relationship involving two of my three slaves in KY that were severely abused. One a therapist actually emailed me and talked to me on the phone and was of some help, the rest of you are all uncaring and or are all fakes, and liars in my opinion. And odd questions about their profiles no longer showing as they show on my list just fine.

2/7/2007 12:16:28 AM
Any one of you could have responded with a kind word or a good suggestion instead of turning a real request for help into a big joke. During the short of it I was caught off guard and unprepared but I adjusted.
I wonder if there will be anybody there if any of you need help?
Things have smoothed down now all are safe at the two's mother's house reading for the wedding is keeping them busy and we talk daily by IM or phone.
It seems if no earthling but the one therapist from collarme would help the Great Spirit did too. I think I can handle the family OK now by phone and internet for the time needed for my mother to heal.
I thank you all for your help, "NOT" Peace

2/8/2007 1:55:00 AM

ORIGINAL: velvetpetal

K..i am really TRYING to figure this all out.

Alpha is:
Whoms profile reads: i am gail force55, a force to be reckonend with. i am my Master's alpha. i may talk to anyone respectful here or on yahoo, but i am allowed to defend myself. i proudly belong to Polyamouous. Peace

Whoms journal reads: i'm as real as they can get happy own by Master Polyamorous and my sisters are with us to peace to you all ... we are real ..
slave gail

We shall call her Gail for short. Gail was the original slave that lived next door to the Criminal Dom. Later on we learn her real name is apparently tanya.

Gail lists herself as being:
39 years old
Native American

The other two are:
1 SpiritualJewl55
Whoms profile reads: am a jewl of a spirit. i am owned by Polyamorous. i may talk to anyone here or on yahoo respectful, i am allowed to defend myself, peace

Whoms journal reads: first off i like to say i'm a real slave i was with Master who was very mean he raped and beat me when ever he felt like it i'm real and so are my sisters ... we all belong now to Master Polyamorous... stop jugging and wake up there alot that goes on inthis lifestly we all know that but fake we are not ....
slave jewl

We shall call her jewl for short.
jewl lists herself as being:
42 years old
Native American

2 Silent Spirit55
Whoms profile reads:
i am a free Spirit here to express my mind. i belong to Polyamorous. i may talk freely here or on yahoo but only to those respectful, i may defend myself. Peace

We shall call her silent sue for short.
silent sue lists herself as being:
Other( Ethnicity)

Aside from these three, we are led to believe He also has as yet the following:

*ONE* A slave from yet unnamed and apparently NOT a member least yet.
We shall call her georgia for short. Later on we learn her real name is apparently Becky.
From reading back, we know that georgia is aprox 46 years old. He isnt sure.

His alpha slave gail has two daughters that also call Him Master
Both of these girls live in Texas. One is 20. The other is 18. Agian He isnt sure about ages, and had originally said that:
gail is 36
ages of the 4 prisoned and abused slaves as being 18, 20,22, 28.
Now we know that the two that remained with Him are 42 and 18.
*TWO* We shall call the 20 year old daughter tex20 for short.
*THREE* We shall call the 18 year old daughter tex18 for short.
Neither of whom are members here either, at least so far.
*FOUR* a new addition.. a Lesbian slave that owns her own farm, that is welcoming the rest of the troop to now live with her. In return all she wants is to be able to possibly bear children for the OP..and free acess to lesbian fun with all the rest of the girls. She possibly is a member here, but He hasnt said so, and we havent heard anymore about her.
We shall call her les for short.

This is real good luck,cause now that they all will be living with les He wont have to hear anymore bitching about the original place He had intended to house them, which will now be rented out instead.
We are also expected to believe that jewl..whom lists herself in profile to be 42 years old, is half sister with silentsue, whom listed herself as being 18 years old. Half sisters because He says they have the same mother, but different fathers.
Dont know about anyone ELSE... but a 25 year age spread seems a very long span to have two children.

Now He also tells us that "but he had them bound and hidden and week with no food or water for four days." NO FOOD?..NO WATER? FOUR DAYS?
Now correct me if i am wrong, but i seem to remember learning in school that a body cannot survive 3 days without water, but that a body could go much longer without food.
Damn.. how lucky those girls were, what a Miracle sent down upon them from Polys "Great Spirit" that all four survived starvation, beatings, dehydration, having tongues cut out by Iraqi fathers,suffering miscarriages, need i continue?
Even More a MIRACLE.. is that all four of those poor girls escaped on a night that their Criminal Master claimed all were to die... Instead.. one managed an escape, and the winds of FATE changed direction.

Is ANYONE buying this?
*tap* *tap* either

She has it almost right.

One fact I left out in my rush to get help is I do suffer from ADHD which in my case includes some dyslexia, Separation and Abandonment Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I do not do hard drugs nor do I hallucinate. None of these together or apart make me a bad person or a bad Master, but I am a bit scatterbrained though at times though I have an above average IQ. I am and was a good business manager and tests I have taken say I will be a good parent.
Now for one thing, I may have dates and ages wrong in their profiles! Yes I set them up for them but they filled them in the rest the way and added the journal entries and were the ones that commented here in the post the same day. I am their Master now and hope to stay their Master when it comes time for us to sign contracts. I believe in contracts which include limits on what I can do and what they agree to do and not to do. I just opened them under the names that they asked for, I used my last name and address to protect them from stalkers (Becky's is in my town and my last name too). I set up their profiles to save them time due to being on dial up at Sue's mother's home. I do have their passwords as their Master. I worded the profiles the way they asked, I suggested what I'd like included and they asked me to word them each their way, I surprised Gail with being Alpha in print, I still may be wrong about birth dates and ages, there has not been a lot of time available for small talk due to limited phone and internet right now I will have them update the ages and birth dates if I made mistakes. I am thinking that Jewl was supposed to be two years younger than Gail? That would make her closer to Sue's age. My dyslexia may also have played a part in spelling or getting dates wrong as letters and numbers sometimes get mixed up in my head or on papers I write and my ADHD doesn't help either, I have fun trying to read and dial phone numbers with dyslexia. I do know a local family to me that the oldest and youngest are 25 years apart.
This happened so fast I needed a PDA I do not own to keep track of what was going on and to or with whom. I got confused on birth dates and ages and was learning whom was related to whom how. The unmentioned slaves name on collarme is Polyamorousspet, Becky. As she was not involved in the problem I didn't mention her name. The lesbian is a question mark, she is on here, does not want her name associated with mine yet, which makes me wonder if she is real myself or mine really. Becky is on my phone right now and is 46. I need to talk to them and get their birth dates and all in a file so I can get gifts, cards, etc. on the right dates. The two daughters are not truly mine as truly none are as we have not sat and wrote contracts I expect to have with all. I believe in contracts reviewed regularly to assure all are happy, limits may be changed as likes and dislikes may be changed, I am eclectic and enjoy everything almost and allow most limits. But I honestly believe in Gail, Sue, Jewl and Becky to be real and wanting to be mine. The lesbian was only mentioned because she invited us all to come and live in her big old inherited farm house on 40 acres, but we never have talked by phone. She claims a roommate stuck her with a $600 phone bill and her phone is off but she sent me about 50 home pictures and seems honest and keeps in touch, she still has internet. I originated this post to figure how to get the three to live work and act as a functional team without being there to create and lead it. The Great Spirit took control and brought events in place that made them into the team I hoped they would be. As far as Miracles are concerned their account of time may have been off enough to allow them to be alive, no idea how many hours they were without food or water and I do believe the three day rule has been extended before depending on circumstances. As far as Iraq it seems in a lot of those countries over there a woman is property not an equal and for a price you can have your property modified anyway you want.
As I understood it their Master, who was not a BDSM Master in my book but an abuser and murderer, was wanted for a murder in NY and he was a bully in the first place, that is why his brother had shown him to the town border at one point. When he came to his home town his brother didn't run him for wants or warrants, just ignored him. According to the girls he told them they were all going to die that night. Sue slipped free and banged on Gail's door (the closest house with lights on in it), as I was on the phone with her, the rest is history. I think all is well now and we will not be needing help making a team anymore until Becky is brought in and has to fit but then I will be there for that. I would ask all to leave our family alone and not to bring up it's history or any of the girls history as it hurts them. We need time to heal and grow as a family. We are all doing well now and would not mind making friends in the community.
I think this concludes this post once and for all. I thank those whom offered help or a good word and my Prayers go out for those who didn't.

2/8/2007 6:51:01 PM
We do not need media attention, Sue would be hurt the most as she would have to sign her answers, and explain what her father did to her and even reminding her about it hurts her, but all suffered enough, so let's drop it.
I honestly still am not sure what relation to the dieing man the bride or groom is and it didn't matter to the problem I had, making a team of basically strangers long distance. The Great Spirit saw to it they became a team for me.
As for my mother the DR is considering two things, her going back to a rehab for a few weeks to come home able to walk and then her therapy continuing here, she may need home care the rest of her life, but not live in allowing me to go to KY. The second option is a high degree of home health care, like a person here every day to see to her health, therapy and washing until she can walk and care for herself again, still with a visiting nurse and care giver on a regular schedule. The second option would keep me here much longer, and while she was away for the few weeks, with the first option, I had in mind a visit to KY just to meet the girls in person.
Again I thank all those with kind words and who offered help and I pray for those who did not.

2/8/2007 7:12:13 PM
Oh, I am sorry to all, another question was raised I did not answer, my ADHD kicked in again. There are parental skills classes given free locally to me, many of them, and dreaming of being a parent someday I took and passed the free classes each well. So I believe I have the skills to be a good parent.

2/8/2007 7:18:26 PM
Opps attending to one question I missed another, my ADHD again. My mother dislikes the lifestyle or my slaves would be here caring for her, Jewl is an RN and due to the RN reciprocal act or whatever it is called, I believe she would take just a small written test and be able to practice here in NJ and care for my mother. I asked my mother and she said "You know what I think of your lifestyle, no way!". What can I do my mother is not submissive to me I can't make her allow others to visit or live in her home.

2/8/2007 10:04:12 PM
Um I am not near the pines, though I love them, I am about 3 miles north of Camden NJ. BTW the water does suck here, this is the most polluted and most corrupt state of the 50. That is another reason I will not bring any slaves here, I will relocate to someplace cleaner and less corrupt.
FYI, I do intend on having children in my family.
I am not sure where the crooked cop comment came in, nor the comment of a mother on drugs, the cop I spoke of was and seems to be honest, his brother was an ass there appears to be a gag oder on the case to protect the girls identities and privacy and the fact the youngest was with him as a minor and she was a minor when he caused the miscarriage. My mother has a broken pelvis and tail bone so she is on pain meds, as am I for severe osteoarthritis in my left knee. We both take a low dose oxycotin 20 twice a day, she also takes naproxen sodium 500 mg every 12 hours too.

Again my thanks and prayers to all who offered help and or a good word and my prayers for those who did not.

2/8/2007 11:32:53 PM
I admit there is some stress but the DR shouldered a great deal of it with my mother, I need to cook for me so cooking for two is OK, cleaning her dentures and her porta pot is no fun. The visiting nurse will help and I hope my mom is readmitted to rehab so she returns home walking again, I think it will take her longer here. She turns on and off the TV and changes channels but has trouble figuring out the remote control all the time.
As for starting the business my slaves know what my intentions are and want to do customer service, taking new orders, monitoring customers equipment and dispatching repair crews as needed, we will work as a team and build the companies. Only one that is living there is young but wise for her age and they are well cared for right now with Sues family, and they now that they function well as a team will do well alone until I get there when they go back to KY. We have enough communication that they have no doubt whom they belong to and that I love and care for them as family not just property and it makes them feel warm they tell me and they look forward to the day we can all be together.
Oh included in my meds is 2 #1 xanax in the morning and 2#1 xanax in the evening, it helps with anxiety and stress, thank the great Spirit for that.
Odd as it may be with my ADHD having several important things to do at once works better for me than having just one. I can take a break from one and work on another and often get several important things done in the time an average person gets just one done. It has driven a few bosses nuts, it was either fire me or promote me, I usually got promoted to a management position and streamlined production and they were very pleased, I know I will do well working for myself.

Again my thanks to those with kind words and offers of help and my prayers too, and for those that didn't my prayers as well.

2/9/2007 12:50:50 AM
The four blue xanax barely take the edge off my anxiety but there is no cure for my kind of anxiety but to see I am not left alone with no one to communicate with. That is why I chose a poly lifestyle, one may sleep while another is awake to communicate with me and they can take turns sleeping.

2/9/2007 2:38:01 AM
I am done posting here, the girls are afraid of being traced from here and deleted their accounts, I am afraid the stress of the insults and threats of media attention may have effected our love too, they did not count on the negative reaction my post for help would cause nor was I so I may have lost all, but I am a surviver, I still nave Becky and will find the family I need wherever I can as I separate the wheat from the chaff. We had a long talk tonight, they carried and said they needed time to think and I should move on and keep in touch with them. The great Spirit has another plan for me and i will see to it it is done, I will not give up I will survive and prosper.

Again I thank and pray to the Great Spirit for those who offered a good word or advice and I pray to the Great Spirit for those who did not.

The end.

2/9/2007 9:05:09 AM
I thought a lot about their wants and needs, that is why I sought advice from my "PEERS that brought on the break up as some of the advice involved media coverage, sue will be disabled for life, there is no putting back her vocal cords or tongue but Jewl is an RN and can work again and Gail was able to work all along, The last thing they needed was a threat of a media circus, sue having to tell what was done to her at 14, Jewl what has been done to her the past few years, think either would enjoy that? It is bad enough they will have to go to court and explain it all but there is a gag order in place, thank the Great Spirit. I opened the door here for media coverage which was the last thing on my mind, being the best Master for them was. I think one thing I learned is I can not look toward my "PEERS" for help, period. End, cut, finished.

2/9/2007 11:18:50 PM
Only Sue could not speak but for dispatching she could easily text message, as for customer service a commercial text to speech program and a phone through the computer would allow her to speak, she hears well. I will continue to respond to the odd question now and then if I happen upon it but I am no longer monitoring the post by email.
As for the 4 blue xanax 1's ones, they barely take away the urge to kill myself when alone. As for the oxys, well in my youth I used to bet, minimum bet was $2500.00. I could take a nice handful of mixed drugs and wash it down with a large quantity of alcohol and not die or throw up, never lost and liver is perfect, seems my ADHD makes my organs hyper and they detoxify the drugs and alcohol before it does harm, and they heal fast, that is why almost no mind altering drug works normally on me or for it's expected time, woke up on the operation table a few times too, hey doc, surprise, guess who is up, it saved my life once, they were going to give me blood. I woke and refused it. It may have saved my life, at the time no one knew due to a rare difference in my blood even though I am O-, O- blood will perhaps kill me, I am HPLA1-. as well meaning my platelets are rare, like 2 in 100.

2/9/2007 11:26:16 PM
BTW as I posted, The girls abandoned me worrying I would bring media attention to them so they are on their own now, may the Great Spirit watch over and keep them. I now only have Becky, Polyamorousspet, but she is on the phone as I type this and has no internet yet, her sister she moved in with broke her word to get it.

2/13/2007 2:12:46 AM
Very simple, I have her password and send replies to emails to her explaining she is off line until Friday. I am told her sister is finally keeping her word and getting her cable internet and phone but I got trapped into paying $20 a month so we can talk unlimited long distance until we move in together.

2/13/2007 2:19:02 AM
Your uncomments past has nothing with what I do today, one year in the past I went cold turkey for a whole year and then considered what I missed, single malt scotch and good imported beer and ales, stouts, etc. I take prescription xanax and oxycotins as prescribed as well to take away the pain in my left knee and the anxiety in my head, well not even that completely but better than nothing and legal compared to pot that works better but I can get busted for it.

2/13/2007 2:27:18 AM
My thoughts are strictly brought on by "being alone" period,(Separation and Abandonment Anxiety Disorder) has something to due with being adopted and whom adopted me. I have no such thoughts with just one lover at my side but even a long trip to the bathroom and my brain fears she slipped out the window and ran, I can not help it. It seems I was basically abandoned at a hospital and my brain closed an un-openable death alone switch. Being poly I see it as a cure even my Dr agrees with as long as I see someone is always awake to communicate with me as that is what I crave, well along with the normal things you want with a mate in BDSM.

2/13/2007 5:53:34 AM
How many adults with severe adult ADHD can be hypnotized, it doesn't work on us, first no trust, second too distracted and kept awake while trying to be put under.

2/15/2007 1:29:03 AM
I never saw much "good stuff" here in the replies. We all know that in the name of BDSM horrors take place every day, even to the point of cannibalism. I always thought the rules were SSC, Safe, Sane and Consensual. I stick with the rules. To me this is a real lifestyle, not a living joke.

Rich, Peace, Love and Happiness Forever

2/15/2007 6:58:11 PM
Everything I did and do is SSC, nothing before done with the for girls that escapred was. I still have becky in GA, now in the hospital again due to a Dr's mistake.
I am still talking to the lesbian trying to come to am agreement on a contarct.

4/12/2007 10:29:36 PM
OK, Let's see who can handle the truth and who can not.

I am an honest trusting person, trusting to a fault. I have been lied to and hurt many, many times.I do not think being honest and trusting makes me a bad person or Master.

This post was honest on my part, I relayed exactly what I was being told on the phone.

I have since found out it was all a lie but the fact someone might be getting married, the slave who told the lie found another and might be marring him, everything else, the girls, etc. was all a lie as some suspected, but it was not my lie, I was lied too. The slave who lied has stayed in touch to a point with one of my other slaves.

I am sorry for all the arguments and any problems this post caused, I was lied too, I bet I will be again, but that is life isn't it?

. . . THE END . . .

So it was all a lie, what a surprise ending eh?

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I give good thread.

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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/23/2017 2:55:13 AM   

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Necro because "TapTapTap" is an epic CollarChat thread and this copy has all the BS filtered out.


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I give good thread.

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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/23/2017 4:30:51 AM   

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What a classic! I did not notice you posted it to the creative writing section. Thanks for bringing it up again. It often made me wonder if Arpig did this since he was so good at the multipersonality thing. It also made me wonder if the same person did the cell phone text for help or the CS post for help that they are being held captive posts that continued to pop up every 3 or 4 months for years in the forums?


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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/25/2017 1:12:14 PM   

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The author's (polyamorous) dedication to the thread was a match for Arpig, but the actual story didn't seem his style. Arpig usually used support puppets to bolster validity, not outside references to cops and relatives. But who knows... either way I agree, it is classic and as whacky as you can get.


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I give good thread.

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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/25/2017 1:23:48 PM   

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Thank you RS. I LOVED this thread.


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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/27/2017 6:02:36 AM   

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Hillwilliam - I am glad you enjoyed my efforts to condense this. The content of this post is so rich, I have now read it for the 5th time and still notice new elements in the story.


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I give good thread.

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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 6/28/2017 9:49:18 AM   

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I think this was a case of a sad person getting catfished for real.
I think he truly believed this shit and someone took advantage of his mental state.

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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 10/14/2017 3:47:00 PM   

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I still have the entire thread on my laptop. It was before I joined but I had heard about it. I spent a few days on it back in 2011, roared through it all.

Thanks for the abridged version RS. Much easier read. STILL hilarious to this day, a comedy classic!



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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 10/15/2017 12:34:36 AM   

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I was just noticing that the original thread was written 10 1/2 years ago. Funny how we never forget that one. It sure doesn't seem as if if could have been so long ago. The years must be getting shorter.


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RE: -=TapTapTap aka/ "HELP! (not made up!)"=- - 10/28/2017 2:11:43 AM   

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Speaking of the original TapTapTap thread, I see I neglected to provide a link to the source. Here's a link to the original thread with all 788 replies:

HELP! (not made up!)


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I give good thread.

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