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RE: Please help, advice needed

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 9/19/2016 5:04:09 AM   

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oh right I forgot somebody posted months later after the last post or something. ok well she probably ain't coming back.

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 9/30/2016 1:03:38 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Greatlilbabygirl

I think this thread is pointless. The OP never got back on the site the day she posted it.

Anyone else in a similar situation, get out. It won't change, he will keep lying, and you deserve better

I agree with what Greatlilbabygirl stated; . In my own observation through life, the wicked don't change and if you give them the opportunity they will do worse to you. A person can makes mistakes but something premeditated like what this man has done means he has it in him to do worse to his women and does not care how they suffer cos of it. Also that there are children involved shows complete disregard for the welfare of the children who'se mother is packing up to move with him to wherever with her children - possibly moving further away from her current support networks , changing schools, GP etc and other things that could affect the childhood experiences of this children. We don't know if the woman with the children would even given up work to move with this man. Not a good situ and the man is remorseless.

I also agree with what DarkSteven has said i.e "if he gets away with this, he'll lose respect for you and lie all he wants. "

Maybe the OP left cos she does knows what is the best thing for her to do i.e disclose the truth to her fellow Poly sister + the mother with the children and leave the bad situation cos I'm surprised that she has allowed herself to be intimidated into having to to do "different tasks to complete to regain his trust and show my devotion. ". Devotion to a liar and a cheat that has no respect of proper care for any of the other people involved or the other 3rd parties's children - a bad and sad joke . Hopefully she has wised up. I have empathy with the vanilla mother and her children especially . A bad move could affect the remaining part of their childhood and even set them up to go into adult life on a negative path. The man indeed is quite self- centered and short sighted etc

Sorry if my font editing comes out wrong. I'm new to using the text editing here and may often get it wrong etc. Was trying to use italics and bold for the quotes.

I hope you are all starting what will be a pleasant weekend for you :)

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 10/21/2016 6:06:09 AM   

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This must be the 100th time I've read a thread like this.

The OP hardly ever comes back.

I try to figure out what happened. Sometimes, the OP comes back to social media with a new ID. This sort of leaves the past in the past but if her location hasn't changed and a few other things line up it's easy to see she is the same woman. Sometimes, I leave PMs for women who pose these questions and a year or two later I hear back.

Almost all of them leave the guy. Some double down, go back, get burned again, learn a lesson and leave him for good.

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 10/25/2016 12:04:02 AM   

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Sweet girl,

You betrayed nothing. He betrayed both of you. A Dominant only holds control as long as you allow it. You need to tell your sister the truth and then ask yourself a few questions. Is this a man, (the real man in front of you, not the one you want him to be) you want to serve? Do you really think he can be trusted? That he has your best interests at heart? The worse Dominant is the one who does not understand the responsibility of holding the heart of a true submissive in his hand. He punishes you for his crime, not yours. And you are allowing it. He withholds attention and you feel he is justified. Looking at who he really is, do you believe he planned to take both of you into his home? Or is he just tripping on the power of getting two women on the hook. The worst people are the best at manipulation, because they feel no guilt.

Unless you want to be a doormat who is treated badly. In that case enjoy.

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 2/25/2017 2:22:46 PM   

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I'm assuming he has been enjoying the variety of 3 woman. Nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is the lack of honesty.
What else wrong is his using his dominance over you to manipulate you into thinking that YOU did something wrong.
His actions seem selfish & self serving & he seems to be able to rationalize anything does to suit his cause.

I would suggest moving on & telling the other sub so that she can move on.

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 2/25/2017 3:03:33 PM   

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If I was in your shoes I'd dump him and tell the other girl why. I don't enable cheaters.

I now see this is old but the advice still applies to anyone else reading this in a similar situation.

Oh and get tested.

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RE: Please help, advice needed - 3/2/2017 11:14:33 AM   

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you deserve a lot more honesty and freedom.

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