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Sorority Baby - A short story about diapering and humiliation

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Sorority Baby - A short story about diapering and humil... - 5/25/2016 4:12:44 PM   

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I had had an interest in female domination and diaper domination for as long as I could remember. In my fantasy world I was always role-playing the scene of forced diapering and bondage equipment – gags, collars and cuffs for both my wrists and ankles. In my baby wardrobe I had several pairs of plastic pants, some white, some with baby prints, baby bottles, bibs and various other adult baby clothing. I always kept a modest stock of disposable diapers handy, my favorites were the Molicare super plus diapers. I found that I could wear these for extended periods without leaks, sometimes doubling them for extra bulk and extended use. Of coarse, beyond my Adult Baby (AB) games I also lived a normal life. I had a beautiful wife who was aware of my fetish yet did not understand the fetish and did not care to participate. She had a corporate job that required that she traveled a lot. She was often away from home for weeks at a time. This would allow me to immerse myself in my AB role-play. I also had the convenience of working from home so this allowed me to spend plenty of time in diapers. We had a wonderful house in the suburbs located near a college and this is where my story begins…

“Honey, I will be in Chicago for a week, my itinerary is posted on the fridge” my wife called from the kitchen. “I won’t need a lift to the airport. I’ve called a cab”. I was sitting in my home office hammering out some work. Trying to get caught up. Knowing that I would be spending a lot of my week of bachelorhood playing in diapers. I helped my wife with her suitcase, hauling it to the cab. “Try to stay out of trouble while I’m away” she said with a smile. With that I gave her a kiss and waved her good-bye. I stood in the driveway and watched as the cab drove own the street. Back in the house I began to unpack my “toys”. I had everything stashed in the attic. I kept everything in the box our TV came in knowing that my wife or anyone else would ever look inside the thing. I pulled out all of my supplies and spread them out on the bed in our guest room. All of my bondage gear and the AB stuff together. As I surveyed my supplies I noticed that I was in need of some form of laxative. I had to go to the grocery store regardless so I made my list. I also figured that I would wear a diaper to the store. I always enjoyed going out in public with a diaper under my clothing. I found it thrilling. I would wear some baggy sweat pants and no one would be the wiser. I had drank a lot of coffee that morning and knew that I would be needing to pee and by wearing the diaper to the store I could relieve myself whenever I felt like it. Keeping in mind that I was only wearing a single diaper and leaks could be a possibility.

At the grocery store I grabbed a shopping cart and started making my rounds. First I grabbed the food I had on the list – milk, applesauce, instant oatmeal and some real baby food just to keep things interesting. Lastly I made my way to the isle where the laxatives and other medicines were located. As in most stores these items were located near the cosmetic section. As I perused my options I heard laughter coming form the cosmetic area directly to my right. I glanced over and noticed three college aged ladies shopping for make up. They were giggling and having a good time. They looked as though they had just rolled out of bed, wearing sweat pants and t-shirts printed with hello kitty cartoons and funny sayings embroidered across their derrières. They were all in their mid-twenties and extremely cute. There was a redhead a blonde and a brunette. I’m not sure how long I had been staring at them before I realized that they had stopped their conversation and were staring back at me. I quickly diverted my gaze and hastily got back to choosing my medicine of choice, I had suddenly become very self-conscious of my situation. I quickly loaded the saline laxative in my cart and was kneeling down to get a container of suppositories when I heard a voice behind me. “Wow! Someone must really need to take a CRAP!” I quickly stood up and spun around only to find myself face to face with the brunette. She was fairly tall so we met each other eye to eye. She had a slight smile on her face; her friends were still standing in front of the cosmetics and were giggling as they watched their friend face off with me. “Yeah, I guess I do need some assistance” I said sheepishly. I threw the container of suppositories in my cart and started to make a retreat. “Where do you think you’re going?” the brunette questioned. “I’m all done here” I stated and again started to move away.” My name is Becky” she said. “My friends and I couldn’t help notice you staring at us. Didn’t you’re mommy tell you it’s rude to stare?” Her tone was assertive and mocking. The mere mention of her saying “mommy” nearly made me melt. By now her two friends had joined us and the redhead and blonde were blocking my escape route. All three of the girls were studying the contents of my cart. “It looks like he’s shopping for a constipated baby,” the blonde giggled. I found I was stuck, I couldn’t move in any direction without having to push my way past the girls. They continued to ask me about the contents of my cart – “Are those for you?” “Do you eat baby food?” “Do you have to take a pooh?” All the while laughing hysterically. Finally I had had enough and pushed my way past the three girls. As I did I brushed against the blonde. I felt the bulk of my diaper brush against her. “OH MY GOD” she said with a shout. “I think this dude has a diaper on!!” Again all three girls corralled me against the shelves, again peppering me with questions, ”Are you wearing a diaper?” “Do you actually use diapers?” “Aren’t you kinda old for diapers?” All the while the volume of their voices was getting loader and loader. I noticed other shoppers beginning to stare at our group. “Please” I whispered in a hushed tone. “Could I just finish my shopping and go?” “We’re sorry” the redhead quipped. “We’ll let the baby go,” she said with a pout. Again I pushed myself past them. As the passed by the brunette, she reached out and squeezed my diapered bum, all three girls let out a laugh. “Bye-bye baby” the blonde shouted down the isle. “You better get home so mommy can change your diapers!!” Again all three girls broke into laughter. I know my face was beat red as I dashed for the check out line. I now felt like everyone in the store was looking at me. The slight rustling of my disposable diaper now sounded louder than ever. I went straight for the self-check out and was exiting the store within minutes. As I made my way across the parking lot I could hear footsteps racing up behind me, I glanced over my shoulder to see Becky and her friends quickly gaining on me. As I got to my car the three converged on me. “Please” I stated to them, ”I really don’t want any trouble. I’m sorry I was staring at you, I would just like to finish my shopping and go home.” The redhead gave me a mischievous smile and stepped up to me. “We understand baby, we’re just concerned that your mommy let you go out in public unsupervised”. “We felt that we should see that you get home safely,” the brunette added. With that said she quickly snatched my keys from my hand and ran to the driver’s side of the car. At the same time the blonde gave my pants a quick yank and they fell to my ankles exposing my diaper to everyone in the immediate vicinity. I quickly wrestled my pants up as the three girls grabbed my supplies and jumped into my car and locked the doors. “WHAT THE FUCK!!” I shout “Get the fuck out of my car, right now!!” The three girls just sat in the car and laughed. I walked around the car pleading for them to get out of my car. Finally the blonde who was sitting in the front passenger seat cracked the window. “That is some foul language for a baby” she stated. With that the brunette started my car and began to pull away. I couldn’t believe this, here these young women were unmercifully teasing me and NOW they were taking my car. I started to chase after them. After about a block the car came to a screeching stop, the door behind Becky flew open and as I came up on the car the redhead jumped out and in one swift motion threw me into the back seat, as I sprawled across the seat. Too exhausted to struggle she grabbed my pants and pulled them off completely. She threw my pants into the front seat where the blond quickly placed them out of my reach. Then she jumped in beside me and slammed the car door shut and we were off. “Please” I pleaded. “This has gone WAY too far!” “It’s O.K. baby,” the redhead said looking me up and down. The blonde was facing me from the front seat with a big smile, “It sure looks like someone needs a didee change.” Staring at my obviously soaked diaper, “No wonder baby is so grumpy” the redhead said pinching my cheek and speaking in baby talk. “We want to make sure you get home O.K,” Becky the brunette stated from the drivers seat. “Where do you live?” I really did not want these girls to know where I lived. “You can make this easy or hard,” the brunette explained. “Either you give us directions to your house or we’re taking you downtown and kicking you out of the car in just your t-shirt and diaper, understand?” I shamefully bowed my head and nodded yes. Soon we were pulling the car into my garage. “Nice place” the blonde noted. As the car came to a stop and the garage door closed behind us the three girls jumped out of the car and dashed inside. “Coming on baby?” the redhead chirped over her shoulder. I just sat in the car; my head bowed wondering what I had gotten myself into. After some time I realized, much to my horror, that I had left ALL of my toys out in the open and it was just a matter time before my three tormentors would find my stash. As I came to this realization I looked up to see the blonde girl standing in the doorway of the garage holding a pair of my baby print plastic pants… with a huge smile on her face. “You had better get in this house right now baby, we think you have some explaining to do.” After a moment the brunette stormed into the garage, grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. “GET YOUR ASS IN THE HOUSE! RIGHT NOW!” Her tone had turned angry. She pulled me through my house to the spare bedroom with the blonde following and pushing me along. As we entered the room the redhead was sitting on the bed sorting through all of my toys. The brunette gave me a shove causing me to stumble to my knees. The redhead who was studying a collar and leash hastily fastened the collar around my neck. “What kind of perv are you?” Becky asked. “Let’s see, we have all kinds of baby items sized for an adult and then we have all of this kinky leather shit.” I also had left an old copy of “Hubbies” magazine out with articles dealing with female supremacy and the practice of turning males into diapering wearing submissives. This had caught the redhead’s eye and she was now thumbing though the magazine with a broad smile on her face. “So you get your kicks out of wearing diapers?” she asked. I just knelt before the three girls with my head bowed. After a moment of not responding the brunette grabbed my hair and jerked my head up. “Jody asked you a question bitch!! TALK!” I still could not find anything to say and with that the brunette slapped my face. I let out cry. At this moment I realized that these girls meant business and that if I was going to get out of this mess I’d better fight back now. “THAT’S IT!” I yelled attempting to stand up. All three girls pounced on me. I am a fairly large guy and I felt that I could fight my way out of their grasp but I soon realized that I was no match for these three women. “Get the cuffs!” the brunette hollered. They held me face down on the bed and cuffed my hands behind my back. Then as the brunette sat on my back the other two girls fastened leather cuffs to my ankles. Once done with that they proceeded to hog tie me and push me to the floor. “YOU FUCKING BITCHES! LET ME GO!!” The girls stood over me looking down at me with anger in their eyes. “I think it’s time to teach this asshole a lesson,” the blonde said. “LET ME GO!!” I yelled again. “Give me that gag,” the brunette gestured towards the ball gag lying on the bed. The blonde grabbed the gag and they both proceeded to force the gag into my mouth and fasten it tightly around my head. I laid there on the floor now trussed and gagged. All I could do is squirm and grunt. “Come with me girls, we need to talk” the brunette said. “I don’t think this turd is going anywhere”. With that she put her foot on my shoulder and pushed me onto my back. The three girls exited the room, the redhead ran back in and grabbed the “Hubbies” magazine and ran out the door giving me a wink and a smile. There I laid for what felt like forever. I could hear the girls as they talked but I was unable to hear exactly what they were saying. Sometimes I could hear cussing and other times they were laughing hysterically. I was lying on the floor hog tied wearing nothing but the bondage gear, my t-shirt and what was now a VERY wet diaper. I had already pissed myself a couple more times since I had been tied up. It seemed like I laid there for an hour before the girls re-entered the room. All three were smiling from ear to ear. The brunette and redhead sat on the side of the bed and the blonde knelt down beside me. She began gently stroking my hair. She leaned forward and looked me in the eye. “You see baby Joey, your name is Joey isn’t?” she asked. I realized that they had probably found my identity amongst items that were lying around the house. I nodded yes. “We are somewhat disappointed in your behavior. And we have decided that you need to be trained to be a good baby” she said as a smile grew across her face. “Going through your things we also discovered that you are married, does your wife approve of this childish behavior? We also saw her travel itinerary on the refrigerator and it would appear that she won’t be back for a week. I can’t believe that she would leave you here alone without a baby sitter. Seeing that we have you for the whole week I believe we will be able to have you trained properly before she returns.” A whole week! I let out a panicked grunt into the gag. All three girls laughed at my reaction. The brunette slid off the bed and knelt on the opposite side of my head. She grabbed my chin and turned my gaze directly into her eyes. “That’s right bitch, by the time we’re through with you you’ll be wetting and messing yourself on our command. You will be reduced to a helpless baby relying entirely on us – your babysitters – to take care for your needs. We’re calling it ‘diaper training’.” They proceeded to tell me their plan. I was going to be forced to wear diapers 24/7 and they would change them only when they felt it was necessary and depending on how compliant I was to their demands. Besides the diapers I would also be wearing a collar and wrist and ankle cuffs, “just a reminded of your submission” the redhead said. The next bombshell was the announcement that they belonged to a sorority on the nearby college campus and that I would be spending some of my training there. With this news I began to cry. This only caused my tormentors to laugh and tease me even more. “And to be certain that you do as you are told we are now going to get some baby pictures” the brunette proudly announced as she and the blonde rose to their feet. The three girls stood over me, pulled out their cell phones and began taking pictures, laughing all the while. “We’re forwarding these to our sorority sisters right now” the blonde cheerfully announced. I laid there on the floor unable to hide my face. The girls put various items around me, diapers, plastic pants, bottles. I knew I was screwed. I began pleading with my eyes. “It’s O.K. baby, we are just getting started. If this has you crying you’ll really be bawling when you see what we have in store for you next.” The brunette said with a laugh. After several minutes of picture taking the brunette stood above me. “Now that we have sufficient black mail material it’s time to start your training. We are going to release your wrists from the cuffs and change that nasty wet diaper. You will do exactly as your told. Or we will be posting these pictures EVERYWHERE! Understand bitch?!” She gave me a kick to the ribs. I nodded yes. “Good baby.” With that the three girls rolled me onto my stomach and released my wrists from my ankles. It felt good to be able to stretch out. “We’ll be leaving the leather cuffs on your wrists and ankles, let’s just say that they are part of the whole outfit.” They lifted me to my feet; all I could do is stand there with my head bowed. “Get on the bed” the brunette ordered. I laid on the bed as I was instructed. The redhead collected a fresh diaper and a pair of plastic pants and walked around the bed with a wide smile on her face. “Let’s get you out of that wet diaper shall we?” The brunette who had left the room briefly, returned with the bag from the grocery store. Again I began to panic. The gag was still in my mouth and all I could do was shake my head. “I think we’d better tie baby down for this procedure. I have a hunch he may resist.” With that the redhead straddled my chest and one by one fastening my wrists to each corner of the headboard. Looking down at me, she tossed her hair over one shoulder and gave me a smile. She then turned around so she could hold my legs up. She unfastened the wet diaper. “Lift your hips baby,” the brunette commanded. She slid the soggy diaper out from under my bum. She then walked around the side of the bed and draped the soggy diaper over my face. She then proceeded to press the diaper down onto my face. “Enjoy that baby?” she asked with an evil grin. “Becky, you are so cruel” the blonde said. “I think this turd enjoys this” Becky replied. With the soggy diaper pressed onto my face and the ball gag still firmly placed in my mouth I felt like I was suffocating. I squirmed a little but with the redhead sitting on top of me I could barely move. Becky finally stopped the torture and returned to the foot of the bed, leaving the wet diaper across my face. With the diaper covering my eyes I could not see what was taking place. My legs were pulled back and the redhead held them tightly under each arm practically bending me in half. I could hear the rustling of packaging. “I think we should start off with some suppositories.” Becky announced. I let out a cry into the gag and began to squirm only to feel someone grab my balls and give them a good squeeze. Again, I left out a muffled scream. “Lay still bitch!!” Becky commanded. “So how many of those things are you suppose to shove up his ass” the redhead asked. “It says here just ONE! NO WAY! What do you say girls… should we go for two?” “I says we put the whole jar up his ass” the blonde laughed. “Susan, you ARE evil.” The redhead quipped. The brunette said, “Let’s start with five for now and see how bad it gets.” With that said I felt the first suppository press against my ass. “Open up baby”. “I’m not sticking my finger up his ass! That’s gross.” Becky said. “I’ll do it” the blonde said. Again I felt the suppository press against my ass. This time it slipped in and the blonde shoved her finger deep up my ass. “There’s one,” she said with a laugh. This was followed by four more. Each time it seemed she was pushing deeper and harder. “Oh my god!! He’s getting a boner!” the redhead laughed. “This perv really does enjoy this shit!” “I need to go wash my hands” the Susan said in disgust and headed off to the bathroom. Meanwhile the brunette unfolded a Molicare and placed it under my ass. Once there the redhead released my legs and the diaper was fastened over my rock hard cock. “Sorry baby, no joy for you.” Jody said as she stuffed my dick painfully into the diaper. She then got off my chest and removed the wet diaper from my face. The two girls stood back and admired their handy work. “How long do you think it will take before he craps himself?” the Jody asked Becky. “When I give him permission, that’s when” the Becky replied. “But something tells me we’ll know if when he does it any sooner” she said with a chuckle. “Let’s get those plastic panties on him.” With that I was fitted with a pair of my baby print pants and my wrists were released from the headboard. “Get up baby” Becky commanded. I stood up from the bed as Susan re-entered the room. She busted out in laughter with her friends joining in. “That is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen” Susan exclaimed. “Quick, we need more pictures.” “Wait, let me remove the gag” Jody unbuckled the gag and pulled it from my mouth. Drool poured down my chin and onto my chest. “Oh, it looks like the baby had a spit up!” Suck your thumb Becky commanded, grabbing my hand and shoving it to my face. I immediately complied. The girls then once again pulled out their cell phones and began snapping more pictures. All I could do is stand there; tears began welling up in my eyes. The pictures and laughter continued for several minutes. “Wait,” Jody said “I just got a text from Kathy, she wants to know when we’re bringing him to the house?” “Tell her she’ll have to wait her turn.” Becky said as she walked over to me. “ You’re going to love our sisters” she said as she ran her fingers across my chest, stopping to tickle my nipples. Kathy is a real sadistic bitch, fifteen minutes with her and you will be begging for mercy.” I could not imagine how it could get any worse than it already was. “O.K., we’re done with the pictures for now. I think baby needs to be fed. Oh yeah baby, from now on you will crawl unless told otherwise.” Becky grabbed the lease attached to my collar and gave it a downward tug. I dropped to my knees and began crawling out of the bedroom. The Jody was already in the kitchen emptying large quantities of baby food into a bowl. Whatever she had concocted was a nasty pasty mess of several different flavors of baby food mixed together with several packets of oatmeal. “We figured that since you will be crapping your pants on a regular basis we need to keep you full” she said with a smile. “Sit” Becky commanded, pointing to a chair at the dining room table. Susan put a bib around my neck. And Jody began to feed me. “How does it taste baby?” Becky asked with a smile. I nearly gagged on the first few spoonfuls. It tasted horrible. Jody kept the spoonfuls coming and made deliberate attempts to gets drips on my face and chest. Occasionally she would just fling a whole spoonful at my face aiming carelessly at my mouth, much to the delight of Susan and Becky. It was about half way through my “feeding” that I felt the suppositories begin to kick in. At one point I stopped eating to fight off a horrible cramp. “Uh oh!” Jody exclaimed, “I think someone is about to make a poopy!” Becky walked around the back of the chair and leaned close to my ear. “I will tell you when to shit your diaper – do you understand me bitch?” I nodded yes as I sat clinching every muscle in my body. I knew that I could only fight the camps so long. Thankfully that urge subsided and Jody resumed to force the mush into my mouth. “How long do you think he can fight it” Susan commented to Becky, “Until I give him permission… right baby?” Suddenly a more intense cramp hit me, I let out a gasp and threw my head back. “Don’t do it bitch” Becky reiterated. Jody scooped up the last of the mush and pushed the spoon towards me only dump the whole mess on my face and smeared it around using the back of the spoon. Pushing globs into my nose and ears “what a messy baby you are!” she exclaimed with delight. Becky walked up behind me and reached under the bib taking each of my nipples between her thumb and index finger. First she began gently kneading my tits “does baby need to go pooh pooh?” She cooed. “I don’t think he’ll make it much longer Susan laughed. “O.K. baby, on the count of three I want you to shit your diaper” Becky said. “One, two…” She then pinched my erect nipples so hard I cried out and at the same time released a torrent of shit into my diaper. The force of the crap nearly lifted me out of the chair. I felt the mess spread throughout my diaper, traveling up both the front and the back. “BITCH!!” Becky yelled grabbing my tits and giving them another cruel pinch. “I TOLD YOU ON THE COUNT OF THREE!!” I cried out “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” . “Obviously this training will take longer than I thought!” Becky added. “Well we have the whole week and I’m sure the girls back at the sorority house will have some creative ideas,” Jody said with a wink and a smile. “Well baby, we’ve had a wonderful time here today. How about you? As your baby sitters I think you owe each of us a sincere thank you.” Becky said. Thank you I mumbled in a hushed voice. “SPEAK UP BITCH!” she yelled. “From now on you will address me as Aunt Becky and Jody as Aunt Jody and Susan as Aunt Susan understood?” “Yes Aunt Becky” I said obediently. “Oh my god you smell like crap!” Susan said as she wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, let’s get out of here, it smells awful in this place” Jody added. “We have to get back to school now baby. You cannot move from this chair for one hour. Understood? If any of us come back here and find that you’ve moved, you will be punished. After one hour you have our permission to clean yourself up and put on a new diaper. Someone will be back this evening to check on you… if not sooner. After cleaning up you will put on a new diaper and plastic pants.” With that the three ladies got up from the table gathered their things and headed for the door. “Have a wonderful afternoon baby,” Jody said as she blew me a kiss. “Oh wait! One more picture Susan giggled. Look at the camera baby.” I looked up. I was a mess. Sitting there with baby food smeared all over my face wearing my, collar, cuffs and a filthy diaper with plastic pants. “Smile” Susan said as she snapped the shot. All three girls previewed the photo and started laughing. “This one’s going on the party fridge!” “Bye-bye baby!” The girls went out to the garage, jumped in my car. All I could do was sit in the dining room and watch as they drove away in my car.

To be continued…
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RE: Sorority Baby - A short story about diapering and h... - 5/7/2023 1:06:20 PM   

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I liked this story a lot, please continue it. 😃👍🏻

(in reply to dnine)
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