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A partial story with no title.

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A partial story with no title. - 6/22/2016 4:49:22 PM   

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I started this for someone on here who turned out not to be who they said they were. I thought I would post it here. If it is deemed worth finishing then I guess I will see where it takes me.

Please note that it is not a statement of what I am into, not into, in favor of, not in favor of, or anything else. It's just a story. Also, I intentionally didn't mention race. I would rather let the reader use their imagination where possible.

This was not your average honeymoon. Dan looked over at his beautiful wife Sara, the corn fields speeding by behind her through the limousine window. He couldn't help but wonder what outsiders would think of his situation. He laughed to himself. Whatever they would think, it worked for him. This wasn't how he had pictured his life turning out, but here he was. And he couldn't imagine it any other way.

He took his wife's hand and smiled as he remembered their wedding day. It had been a perfect June day, a beautiful ceremony. But what he would always remember the most was the odd mixture of pride and amusement at the confusion of those in attendance. He remembered a quiet but stern discussion with the ushers as he prepared. He peeked out the window at the people below to see the odd glances from his friends and family, trying to figure out who this woman was. The ushers must have asked which side she wanted to be seated on, because when it caught his attention she was explaining that she was a friend of both sides and could not pick one. She did not cause a scene, but was firmly insistent, enough so that it got the attention of those sitting in the back few rows.

Then later during the ceremony he remembered his smile, and that of his wife, as they saw the woman move from along the back wall with a folding chair and place herself directly in the center of the isle. The raised eyebrows made their smile that much more noticeable, though anyone watching would have thought it was the normal smile of two people about to wed. So she got her way, he remembered thinking to himself. She usually did, and always did with the two of them. He loved that about her.

Again at the reception questioning eyebrows were raised when the mysterious woman bought a dance with both the bride and groom, but everyone had been far too polite to ask any questions or say anything. Dan and Sara had no doubt it had been a topic of conversation at the tables and as people drove home, but no one appeared willing to simply walk up and ask her who she was or how she knew the bride and groom.

Chapter 1 -
The first week of their honeymoon had been like any other. Mistress Angelica had felt it was important that the two of them spend some time alone together. It was their honeymoon after all. But what no one knew was that he and his wife Sara had flown back after that first week. They had not gone home, not even briefly to drop off their belongings. A limousine had picked them up from the airport and driven them the fifteen miles out of town to the house of the woman who owned them both. It was there that they would spend the next two weeks.

A honeymoon celebrates she beginning of a life-long journey. That is just what this was. The first week together had celbrated the new couple's commitment to each other. The following two weeks were to signify that both of them were committing to Mistress Angelica just as much as to each other. They both knew what they were getting into. There was no backing out. They loved each other. They wanted to start a family. But both of them felt the urge to submit to someone whose authority they did not question. They were both too submissive to be that person for each other, but luckily there was someone to fill that void. Dan and Sara would spend the rest of their lives together. And they would serve Angelica until she decided it was time for them to move on. Even then, Angelica had told them they would be taken care of. When the time came she would not release them, but place them with a new owner of her choosing. In that way they could continue serving her even if she was no longer able to be with them.

As the limousine pulled up to the house Dan thought back to the events that had led him here. He had always longed for a relationship. He had even saved himself for the right woman. By 28 he had been about ready to give up. At 30 he finally did. Oh, in the back of his mind he still hoped to meet someone. But he knew the odds of the life he had imagined were low. That had been enough for him to finally give in to the submissive urges he had felt since childhood. He had always been ashamed of them. But if a normal relationship was out of the cards he might as well give it a chance.

He had scoured the internet in his quest to understand his desires. He had read articles, stories, anything he could find. The more he read the more excited he got. The more excited he got, the more he realized this was for him. He had tried online personal adds, but had very little luck. And if he was honest with himself he knew that he would be too afraid to meet someone that way.

Then, one random Saturday someone had stopped him as he checked out at the health food store. It was a fairly short woman who appeared to be in her early 30s. (He was shocked to later learn she had recently turned 50). She wasn't thin, but she didn't seem overweight either . Nothing in particular stood out about her physically, but there was something about her he couldn't put his finger on.

She had asked him to carry her bags to her car for her. He complied. Before leaving she asked when he usually came to the store. He usually came on Saturday, but she said she generally went on Friday nights. She asked if he could go on Friday next week and help her again. Since (as usual) he had no other plans, he complied.

The next week he carried two baskets for her. She carried one as well. She filled them all up to overflowing. It took him two trips to carry all of her bags to the car. When he finished she asked him to follow her home and help her carry them into the house. He again agreed. He remembered wondering why he agreed, but only after driving out into the country and wondering exactly how far he would be traveling. Although he didn't realize it, asking him to come to her house to help carry groceries in was the last time in a long time he would hear her word anything as a question.

After emptying the groceries she told him to come in for a meal. He ate with the woman, then spent the evening watching a movie and then talking. He didn't leave until late that night. It took him several weeks to realize that she had not asked if he wanted to come back the following evening. She had told him she was busy until 6pm, and asked him to come around 7:00. Over the next several weeks she continued the same way, just assuming that he was coming back and telling him when they would see each other next.

It was the same way when he was there. She didn't boss him around. But she seemed to ... assume obedience. She didn't raise her voice or "order" him around. She would just say things like "I need to go shower. The kitchen floor needs mopped and the dishes put away. Why don't you do that while I shower. Then when I get done we can watch a movie".

Over those weeks he started spending more and more time with her. He started cleaning for her. She taught him to cook for her. She started telling him what kind of cloths to buy and to wear, saying that she was "helping him look his best". He enjoyed the attention and the help. He felt his self-confidence rising. As it did she asserted more and more control over him. He questioned the wisdom of getting so close to a woman 20 years his senior, but he enjoyed himself. There was nothing else he would have rather been doing.

Before Dan knew it, she had taken his heart. She had filled a void he had felt since childhood. Whenever he was not with her he was looking forward to his next visit. He was addicted, and he knew it. There was no turning back.

About a month after their initial meeting she took his virginity. He had seen that coming for some time. He had expected to have a nervous breakdown afterward. Thirty years of being alone, then finally giving himself to this woman that did not fit into hits plan for his life at all. No one could have blamed him. But it didn't happen. All of a sudden his life made sense. The only things he felt were satisfaction for saving himself all this time, for this woman - and optimism for the future.

They had spent the next two years together. He kept his apartment, but rarely slept there. He spent almost all of his time with her. She learned all his secrets, hopes, and fears. It was nothing like what he had read about on the internet. It was so much better. It was more like a regular relationship where she was clearly in charge. As time went on his remaining fears and barriers started to fall away and he gave himself more and more to her.

Then one day she started calling him over less and less often. She insisted she was not angry or disappointed with him, but he was not convinced. He felt lost. Then a few weeks later she surprised him. She invited him over. When he arrived the first thing he saw was a beautiful girl his age, naked, and kneeling before Mistress Angelica. Her name was Sara. Apparently Mistress Angelica had worked her wiles on her as well. He had been over less often because she had been teaching Sara to serve her. She knew how much he wanted a family. As usual, she took good care of him - but in a completely unexpected way.

And the next thing he knew he was here, exiting a limo with his wife, eagerly anticipating spending the next two weeks sharing her and himself with the woman who had taken over his life.
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