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'O' slut serves at a party...

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'O' slut serves at a party... - 9/26/2016 12:10:38 PM   

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After that first night of my initial training session with Master and Mistress, I visited them regularly for further lessons in how to serve as their sub slut maid. Always dressed in the maid outfit they had decided I should wear - white blouse, short black skirt, black hold-up stockings and crotch-less panties worn back to front – and made up sluttishly by Mistress with blue eye-shadow, mascara and crimson lipstick, I was taught more about how to serve skilfully, compliantly and eagerly.
Both Master and Mistress were happy with how well my ‘O’ skills were advancing and told me that, while I would eventually be serving other Masters and Mistresses with my tongue and mouth, the only man who would ever cum in my mouth was Master. The same went for my ‘A’ training; when I had learned to take Master’s cock in my sissy pussy, he would be the only man I served in this way. However, they warned, I would be serving at private parties and would be expected to lick and suck their male guests’ cocks to a high degree of skilled, eager and compliant service, although they would always finish by splashing my face (Mistress added that she was looking forward to seeing me receive multiple facials – and filming it.). My skills at serving Mistress’ pussy and ass were apparently satisfactory and I was very pleased to learn that I would be serving their female guests as well as the males. While my training continued, both of them seemed to get aroused by often discussing how they wanted to use my new skills, especially in group sessions, and how they wanted to make some home movies with me as the ‘star’. I never knew if what they said was just to tease and scare me or if they really wanted me to submit to the things they enjoyed detailing.
It was nearly 2 months after my training began that I was first ordered to serve at one of their parties. Already dressed in my maid’s outfit and made up by Mistress, I was made to wait upstairs while her and Master greeted their guests and shared a few drinks. It was nearly an hour after they’d arrived that Mistress finally came upstairs for me. Affixing a collar around my neck and attaching a thin leather leash to it, Mistress then led me downstairs to the living room, where Master and their guests waited.
As Mistress led me into the room, I looked around and felt myself redden with embarrassment as I took in the sight of Master, dressed in just a short bathrobe, sipping a drink and chatting with two men – similarly robed and also with drinks in hand - who I had never seen before. Off to one side, bent over a video camera on a tripod, there were two women – also unknown to me and both wearing fine lingerie, as was Mistress. They glanced up as Mistress halted in the centre of the room (bringing me also to an abrupt stop), next to a black, leather banquette footstool that had thick restraints attached to each leg. I looked down, blushing, as the men and Master turned to look at me but Mistress tapped me under the chin with the tip of her cane and, laughing, told me to stop pretending I was shy and to look up. I raised my eyes obediently as Master walked over to Mistress and I tried to keep my eyes on him, even as I became aware that the two men behind him had put their drinks down and were untying their robes. Master knelt down on the other side of the footstool, facing me and, when Mistress ordered me to kneel in front of the footstool. I obeyed quickly.
Master told me to lean forward so that my knees were tight against the legs of the footstool on my side and then to lean forward so that my stomach pressed into the padded surface. Once I’d obeyed, Master took each of my wrists in turn and secured them to the restraints on the legs nearest him. Mistress set aside her cane and wrapped the second, larger, set of restraints around the back of my knees. When she had pulled them tight and Master had done the same with my wrists, they both stood up and moved to each side of me. Held securely in place, restrained firmly and bent over the footstool, I blushed again as I faced the two men, both of whom were now naked and stroking their thickening cocks, looking down at me with lust in their eyes. I felt Mistress lift the hem of my skirt and tuck it into the waistband, exposing my pantie-clad behind, and then one of the women walked around me, the video camera held to one eye, filming me as I lay there, dressed-to-serve, firmly restrained and exposed to all in the room.
The other woman knelt beside my head and touched my lips with a crimson-painted nail before looking up at the two men standing in front of me and, smiling, telling them that I had a real slut’s mouth. The two men’s cocks visibly stiffened in their hands but they didn’t come closer, only looked across at Mistress, who was still stood behind me. It was only when Mistress brought her cane down across my exposed behind and ordered me to serve my Masters and I obeyed – just as Master & Mistress had taught me; looking at their cocks and licking my wide-open lips and begging to lick their big cocks until they were hard - that the men stepped up until their cocks were inches from my mouth. The woman with the camera knelt on the other side of me, filming as the other woman took hold of the back of my head and told me to lick my Masters’ cocks. Mistress gave me another swipe of her cane and told me to obey my Mistresses like I obeyed her and I did as commanded.
Looking up at the men, I moaned and began licking first one hard shaft and then the other, up and down repeatedly. I moaned as I licked around their swelling cockheads in between flicking my tongue up and down their shafts. The woman with the camera moved around me and the men, filming from different angles, as Master, smiling, told me I was a good girl. I moaned louder at his praise and redoubled my efforts, licking harder and faster and now also begging my other Masters to be allowed to suck their hard cocks.
The woman who had been holding my head stepped away and I noticed her and Mistress go over to the sofa. As one of the men took hold of the back of my head and I raised my eyes upward while opening my mouth wide and licking hard all around his cockhead, I realised that Mistress and the woman were now kissing and touching each other while watching me serve the men. The man slid his hard shaft between my lips, telling me to suck it hard and, as I obeyed, Master moved to stand behind my kneeling, tied figure.
The Master I was serving thrust his hard shaft back and forth in my eager mouth as I sucked on the thick length, calling me a slut and a whore as he used me, and then he suddenly slid his cock free and stepped aside. The other man took his place immediately, sliding his own hard cock between my painted lips as Mistress and the other woman urged him to fuck my mouth hard. He didn't disappoint them, taking hold of the back of my head in one hand and placing the other under my jaw as he started to thrust his shaft back and forth in my mouth. I gasped and gagged as his swollen cock filled my mouth but this just seemed to arouse him further.
When he eventually slid his dripping length free of my mouth, I yelped as Master brought the cane down on my exposed behind and told me to beg to be used harder. I groaned at the sting but, looking up at the men, I opened my mouth wide, my crimson-painted lips smeared with pre-cum, and licked at the two cocks held up before me. Moving my head - which is all I could move - I licked hard and fast at them both as Master caned me again and Mistress called me a dirty little slut before telling the men how much I loved serving hard cock. One of the men immediately thrust his throbbing shaft back into my mouth, ordering me to make him cum, and I sucked as best as I could as he began fucking my mouth more and more firmly. The men took it in turns to use me and I was dimly aware of the other Mistress moving around us, filming, as I gasped and moaned and sucked each cock in turn.
I groaned when I felt Master’s fingers pulling at the slit in the crotch-less panties I’d been made to wear back-to-front and I gasped around the thick cock in my mouth as he slid a lube-smeared finger inside my sissy pussy. The woman with the camera stepped back – presumably so she had a view of my Master and the two men using me – and I heard moans and squeals of delight and pleasure from Mistress and the woman she was curled up with on the sofa as they watched. As I licked at the two cockheads before me like the slut I had been trained to be, begging them to fuck my mouth and give me their cum, I felt Master’s own swollen cockhead pushing at my slut’s pussy. He made me cry out as he slid the shaft in deeper but I was soon silenced as a cock thrust once more between my parted lips. Kneeling and bent over the bench, restrained by wrists and legs to it, I moaned and gasped as Master took hold of my hips and started to thrust back and forth with harder and faster strokes while the two men took it in turns to use my mouth. When one of the men groaned aloud, his cock throbbing hard deep in my mouth, the woman with the camera knelt close to me, the lens of her camera focussed tightly on my busy mouth. Master repeatedly spanked my behind as his own orgasm approached, calling me his slut and his whore as he fucked me harder and faster, and then the man using my mouth withdrew his throbbing shaft and, stroking it quickly, sent a spurt of his cream across my face and open mouth. Another and another shot exploded over my face and then the second man’s cock was thrust into my mouth. Holding my head firmly, the man pushed his shaft deep into my mouth and, as I gasped and began sucking on it, he started to thrust it back and forth firmly, groaning aloud every time his cockhead touched the back of my mouth. I gagged and groaned loudly as I felt Master’s cock throb quickly and then his fingers gripped my hips hard as he orgasmed. The cock I was sucking was pulled from my mouth a second later and the man using me held my head as his cum spurted over my already cum-dripping face. As he finished spraying my face, Master withdrew his softening cock from me and I cried out once before the man let go his hold on my head and stepped back. I dropped my head down, exhausted, but a few seconds later it I lifted it when Mistress tapped under my chin with her cane.
I looked up at her and the woman beside her and then my view was obscured as Mistress pushed her wet and exposed pussy against my mouth and told me to lick her. The woman with her moved behind her, kissing her neck as her hands slid over Mistress’ breasts, and I began servicing Mistress in the way she enjoys most.

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RE: 'O' slut serves at a party... - 11/15/2016 5:30:07 AM   

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I very much enjoyed reading this!!!

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RE: 'O' slut serves at a party... - 12/3/2016 6:46:09 AM   

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i love bi stories

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