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Making It Real / Reality Bites (two stories)

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Making It Real / Reality Bites (two stories) - 11/27/2016 5:30:16 AM   

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Making It Real

by Rajah Dodger {[email protected]} (c) 2007, 2009

Brian's knees hurt.

How long had he been kneeling naked on this concrete floor? More than an hour, less than a day...

The blindfold covering his eyes denied him any clue from the surrounding light. A faint current of air played across the dark pucker of his asshole. In response, his rear cheeks flexed and set off a chain reaction, the movement making his cock sway forward and back beneath his swollen balls, held in check by a tight leather strap. The combination brought him back into full erection and forced his wandering mind to refocus.

He had thought the whole idea a bit of kinky fun, back when he answered the internet posting from "Mistress Tania". Her site had all the scary phrases, "expose your boundaries and widen them", "put yourself into my total control", "stay away if you cannot submit totally". It was all too theatrical to be taken seriously.

Mistress Tania herself was both more and less than he expected. Less in terms of height -- nothing on her website had mentioned that she stood only four-foot-nine. More, however, in her appearance -- she opened the door in a blood-red merry widow and elbow-length black gloves. Her long black hair fell in a glossy cascade to the middle of her back; her lips were barely dusted with color and all the more sensual for it.

Brian introduced himself, waited for her to look up and down as if weighing him. Finally, she nodded and allowed him through the door. She gave him the same warnings he'd read; he acknowledged them without noticeable concern. Her voice had the electric quality of soft fur rubbed against wood, and her words were enunciated with clinical precision. His cock swelled in his pants, and he was only mildly embarrassed when she had him strip right there in the entryway. Her gloved hand tested the weight and firmness of his shaft, squeezing lightly around the head.

She brought out a blindfold, and he bowed his head to accept that transfer of power. Somehow everything became more real with the removal of his sight. He felt the leather slide around his balls, his cock jerking as she tugged the strap into place. She led him then by his cock, padding barefoot through the house, feeling the rush of air as a door was opened and his feet made a transition from yielding carpet to hard cold concrete.

"On your knees," she said, no less a command for being spoken softly. Brian got down clumsily and Mistress Tania slapped the insides of his thighs hard to make him spread his legs. Then again to spread them wider. He could feel the long lines left by her nails. "Hands folded under your forehead, then wait and don't move," she added. There was silence as he moved into the designated position, then her heels clicked loudly on the hard surface moving away from him.

The sound of the door's lock snicking closed was like a dash of cold water in his face. Now the website warnings began to sound serious. From the random brush of air across his naked skin and the sounds echoing around him, he could tell he was in some kind of open garage. Too late to worry about that, with his clothing locked inside the house.

At first Brian took time to get used to the unfamiliar stretch of his hamstrings, his outstretched legs pulling his cheeks into an open display. The dangling of his cock and tied balls between his spread thighs made any little motion an erotic invitation. For the next half hour or so he entertained unbidden pornographic images in his head, bobbing his hips as his erection alternately swelled and faded. After that came a long immeasurable stretch of time, boredom mixed with periods of anticipatory arousal and momentary near-panic. Whatever he had imagined or fantasized, this wasn't it. Had she forgotten about him? What if he needed to go to the bathroom?

Sounds carried through the open space behind him. Footsteps, staccato-sharp on the driveway. Voices, muffled, growing more clear. A woman's voice -- Mistress Tania. Then a man's voice. Two men's voices.

Brian's legs tensed as the voices came closer.

A man's voice said, "And you've got him all weekend?"

And Brian suddenly knew fear.



Reality Bites

by Rajah Dodger {[email protected]} (c) 2008, 2009

Regret is a deep dark pit, its sides blocking out hope and reflecting only the shadowy echoes of past choices. Brian had enjoyed the kinky stories and pictures he found on the web, and going to see one of these "Mistress" characters seemed a reasonable next step. Now he found himself naked and blindfolded in a garage with multiple sets of footsteps around him, and the second thoughts about his actions gave way quickly to the pulsing fog of panic.

Rough-skinned hands suddenly grabbed Brian under each armpit and lifted his thrashing body into the air. "Hey, wait, nobody said..." was his immediate reaction, followed by an anguished gurgling sound as sharp-nailed fingers dug into his balls.

"You. Don't. Talk." Mistress Tania's voice hissed low and threatening, her nails emphasizing each individual word. "You made an agreement, little boy, and in this house we keep our agreements. My friends came by to watch, but maybe they'll do more than that." Her hand squeezed tighter around him. "You don't make demands, you don't complain, you don't even open your mouth unless I tell you to. And when I tell you to open your mouth, it won't be to talk. If you can't get those simple instructions down, I've got any number of ways to teach you."

The sound of a door opening jarred his ears as the strong hands carried him casually, his legs dangling, his cock insistently held erect by the constricting strap. The weight of his body strained at his shoulders as he was bounced up a set of stairs. His escorts dropped him on his knees, fortunately on a carpeted floor, then before he could collect his wits fastened him into a holding frame, tight leather cuffs holding his arms and knees outstretched.

One of the men ripped the blindfold off his face, and he blinked first at the light and then at the sight of Mistress Tania, standing nude almost in his face, her skin a creamy wet dream. Small but pronounced breasts with swollen pink nipples faced him; one red fingernail glided up and down her slit then waved under his nose. His erection was automatic.

"Open your mouth, little boy." She barely waited for him to obey before thrusting the finger into his mouth, pumping it in and out to clean it. His cock pulsed as her nail scraped against his tongue on the way out. "Oh, I can tell you liked that. And I know you like watching, that's what you internet boys are all about, so that's what you're going to do."

She beckoned with her hands, and two men appeared from either side. They were tricked out in leather harnesses that accentuated the size of their erections, and Mistress Tania settled down on her hands and knees between them. She turned her head to grace Brian with a knowing leer. "The last boy I had down here came all over the floor before Karl and George finished fucking me. Think you can do any better?"

Brian's eyes widened and he tugged against his bonds, humping the air as Mistress Tania grabbed the cock in front of her and sank her full lips down to its base. Her body was turned just slightly making Brian look over her back to see that activity while the other man was slowly dragging the purple head of his thick erection up and down between the crease of her toned buttocks and the backs of her thighs.

The man at Tania's rear grabbed a double handful of those curves and started pumping into her while her head bobbed in the other man's crotch. The smell of sex permeated the room, slaps of flesh against flesh echoing in Brian's ears. He watched in increasing arousal as the woman's body shook and bounced between the other two men. The way Tania was positioned he had the choice of watching one man's flexing hairy ass or the other man's obviously pleasured face. Brian flexed and jerked in the frame, thrusting into empty air in his frustration.

Finally the man at Tania's face groaned, his face contorting and his fingers digging into her shoulders, the urgency and power of his orgasm showing in the arch of his body as he released into her mouth. Close behind him was the other man, his ass swaying back almost into Brian's face as he smacked into Tania's cheeks in the throes of his own sloppy release.

The two men pulled back, their cocks dangling softened and glistening, and Tania turned to face Brian, her nipples visibly engorged and a look of animal heat in her eyes. "Time to make yourself useful, little boy. Karl needs cleaning."

Brian shook his head, and despite the earlier warning opened his mouth to protest, but that was just the opportunity Karl needed. The man squeezed a fist around his shaft pushing the cockhead out and shoved it in between Brian's lips, paying no attention to the younger man's frantic gurgling, grinding forward and back until all of the mingled slimy juices were left inside Brian's mouth.

Tania's eyes on Brian warned him against trying to spit; she held her stare on him until he reluctantly swallowed the thick mess.

"That's a good boy," she said almost soothingly. "After all, Karl could have been doing my ass instead. And just look at your little stiffie, you're practically drooling." Brian was mortified; his erection had barely faded while the man used his mouth. "Well then, I think you've earned a reward. I do so like it when my guests enjoy themselves!"

That sounded promising, but then George moved around and kneeled behind Brian, nestling his still-warm cock into the crease of Brian's ass while sliding a hand around Brian's erection. The look on Brian's face must have been very entertaining as Tania's smile became a leering grin. "I can just hear you now, little boy. You don't do things with men, you don't get touched back there, you aren't enjoying this... but your cock is saying something different, isn't it sweetie?"

Brian tried to get his mind to focus on something else, football games, newspaper headlines, but no matter what he did George's knowing fingers were having their intended effect. The growing tension in Brian's groin was more and more impossible to resist until at last he had no choice. A powerful orgasm ripped through his body, the leather straps cutting into him as he strained and emptied himself into the man's hand.

Then, making the degradation complete, George lifted his hand and clapped it over Brian's mouth and nose, holding it in place until Brian was forced to lick and swallow to be allowed to breathe. Even when the man's hand was gone, Brian's head was still filled with the pungent smell of his own cum.

Mistress Tania rose to her feet and ruffled Brian's hair. She rolled her hips, the folds of her groin just inches from his face. Her scent cut through his nose, and his empty balls twitched. "I don't let nasty little boys mess up my shower, but I'm sure you won't mind having to drive home with a little reminder of your time with me. Let me know the next time you want a training session -- you might have some promise as a puppy or houseboy. Or," and she paused for what seemed an eternity, "maybe you'd rather be a playmate for my boys."

With that as an exit line, Tania left without a backward glance. The two men, still naked except for their leather harnesses, unfastened Brian's limp body and escorted him downstairs. There they watched sternly as he slid his briefs up over his sticky crotch, pulled his clothes on, and headed out the front door.

It was evening. Brian walked uncomfortably to his car, a squishy feeling between his thighs at every step. He had been in the house for only three hours, but the cost of that visit had been far more than just money and time.

Somewhere in the house behind him, a part of Brian was still bound.



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