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SLAVE OF THE BIKER GANG 1 - 12/26/2016 6:18:34 AM   

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Diana entered the office of her therapist.
He was a nice older man, with a special gift he could hypnotize his client.
In a stade that they could experience there most darkest, private and personal desires.
Diana set down in a chair right in front of Mister Mc Collow.
"Hai Diana how are you doing? can i help you?'he asked.
Diana blushed.
"You dont need to say, i know enough, well close youre eyes and let youre self go".
Diana lay down, closhed her eyes and listened to Mr Collows calming voice.

"Go to sleep Diana sleep sleeeeeeep"
When Diana opened her eyes, she saw herself standing in a dessert. Dressed in 1970 clothes.
With long brown hair.The sun was going under and it was getting cold verry cold.
She saw a highway not far away from the dessert.
Maybe there was a restaurant or a tankstation where she could seek help.
Hum, she pinched herself. It all felt so real.Mister Mc Collow was a genius.
Then she heard a noise, first far away, but it was getting closer.
It was the thundering sound of bikes.
Diana saw 5 bikers on the highway. She got a little bit scared and saw a place she could hide.
But she was discoverd and from all sides surrounded.

They where all female bikers. One of them, clearly the leader parked her Harley in front of Diana.
She looked at Diana and asked "Well pretty, what are you doing here so alone? in the dessert?
dont you know, that is is verry dangerous. There a lot of bad people arond at night".
The other bikers started to laugh.
"I'm lost"Diana said.
"Aah join us,be tonight our guest and tomorrow we will bring you where ever you like".
Diana hesitated"Wel, come on my pretty, jump behind me, or you want to be alone in the dessert?"
Diana felt she hade no choice.
"Good sweety verry good choice, well my name is Pete what is youre name?"
"Diana""Welcome Diana this are Alice,Georgette, Jana and i'm Pete".

After this the group started to ride again.
Their journey ended in front of an old dirty looking building.
In front of it, there stood 3 other harleys.
"welcome Diana, this is our clubhouse".
Outside 3 other in leather dressed women came "welcome by the Sin Sisters MC, the others are Diana, Roby and Cynthia.
Girls this is Diana our guest for tonight".
Robyn take her to our guest 'house'.
"yes boss, follow me". Cynthia was standing beside Pete.
"where did you pick her up? she's a hotty".
"In the dessert not sor fare away from here".
"Are whe going to 'use'her?" Cynthia asked. "Yes, tonight".
Diana was giving a old caravan, behind the clubhouse to sleep.

Inside there was only a mattress and a pillow.
What where they up to? She could flee but...Diana was curious.
She hade felt horney eyes going over her body and it was not unpleasant.
"Do you like it?". Pete had entered the caravan.
"Yes, its fine"Diana answered.
"Wel my sweet, we didnt take you with us for no reason"and she looked at Diana in a special way.
"In exchange for our hospitality you have to under go "The Ritual".
Diana was suprised "what are you saying?
"" Tonight you belong to us, do everything we say, you will be our slave girl, but in the morning you will be free".
Diana was first shocked but... then "fine i agree".

Pete handed over her a chain with a necklace and a bag with clothes.
"Put this on, tonight i'm going to pick you up". Inrigued Diana looked at it.
A collar with a chain, a leather pants and make up.
Nervous but also excited, fully dressed Diana was waiting.
The door was opened and a masked woman entered. She took the chain around Diana's neck
and Diana was taking out side.

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RE: SLAVE OF THE BIKER GANG 1 - 12/28/2016 10:56:02 AM   

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As a female should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating a stereotype.

It’s clear that you have no knowledge of the biker community or the MC world.

First of all, they’re Motorcycle Clubs, not gangs. Next, of those MCs, 99% are law abiding, family oriented, charity driven organizations. Some put themselves on the line to protect abused children…and people like you call them a “gang”.
Female bikers are wives, mothers, and grandmothers. We have jobs, careers and businesses. We are school teachers, hospital administrators, Assistant General Managers of a resort, civilian contractors to the Marine Corp, retail store managers, real estate agents and business owners.
I’d lay money on the fact that we do more charity work than you do. We do food drives, clothing drives, toy drives and fund raisers for veterans, sick children and adults. I serve on Board of Directors for two different charities and put many, many hours of my time into planning their fundraisers.
We got up at 3:30am on Christmas morning to give away 200 bicycles and a semi-trailer full of toys to under privileged children. What did you do?
You typed up a story that perpetuates a stereotype that we’re all Thug Dykes (or Sluts) on Harleys.
Before you tell me that it doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you why it does. Because people and Law Enforcement believes the crap like you wrote…we get to deal with profiling and harassment. The local Sheriff Department routinely follows me through town. They stop us for any reason they can think of and even make some up. We get our pictures taken at routine traffic stops. We get businesses that refuse to serve us.
I love riding a motorcycle. It’s all about feeling the sun on your face and feeling the wind go past you. When you find a friend that loves those same things, it’s something special. People like you try your best to ruin that for us.

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Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world. ~ Marilyn Monroe

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RE: SLAVE OF THE BIKER GANG 1 - 12/28/2016 11:43:43 AM   

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I like this writing style here.

I just am not sure how Diana and the bikers ended up in a dessert? I am picturing them riding through a giant cherry pie.

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RE: SLAVE OF THE BIKER GANG 1 - 9/2/2017 11:30:10 AM   

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It's just "Creative Writing" get real!

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