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Rough draft of something I cooked up earlier today, please enjoy....

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Rough draft of something I cooked up earlier today, ple... - 1/1/2017 6:45:42 PM   

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She kneels quietly in a candle lit toom, eyes down cast, back straight, as she hears the door open and then close. She knows its Him, she can feel it, she can sense it, just from the way the air shifts in the room. Her back straightens a bit more, as she feels his eyes roam across her bare skin, proudly on display for Him, her Master, her One and Only. His fingers lightly brush over her lips, down to her chin to nudge her head up, "look at Me girl" she quickly does, pure adoration in her eyes, wondering what he has planned for today, knowing its something from the instructions left for her when she woke this morning. A note, 'shower, and clean shaven, eat healthy, and no touching yourself besides to shave, I Will Know, kneeling by the door, at 6 you know how I want you' the note said next to her pillow.

So here she was at 6, kneeling and naked, in anticipation for the night ahead, looking into his deep eyes, wondering what plans he had in store for her, but also knowing she is there to please Him. " you have told Me about one of your darkest fantasies little one, would you still like to experience that?" She lets out a small gasp her eyes getting wide in realization, it couldnt be... "Master I..." he stops her words with a hand in the air, "yes or no little one, that is all I want" as he disappears behind her, her body gives an involuntary shudder, imagining the events that are about to take hold, " yes Master" she breaths.

He comes back around in front of her, blindfold in hands, he gently slides it over her eyes, kissing the top of her head, "I will be here every minute princess, cum as much as you want," she can hear the wicked smile on his mouth as he takes her hand helping her off her knees, he leads her a few steps away, until her knees bump into something, she feels cool leather wrap around her ankles, fastening her legs wide open, he then pushes down on her back, she's bent over a leather bench, ass in the air, he takes her hands and fastens them down on the other side, leaving her open and exposed, he comes around in front, she can smell him, feel him near her face, she hears his belt come undone and slide through the loops on his pants, she feels his cock spring out, and brush against her cheeck, she eagerly turns her head and takes it in her mouth, loving the taste and feel, she takes him as deep as she can. Sucking and licking, he grabs double fistfuls on her hair, after dropping the belt on the ground behind her, she hears the thud, and is lost in bliss as he fucks her mouth in just the way she loves, holding her head down, but knowing when to let up just as she needs air the most.

Suddenly her body is rocked by a slap from the leather belt, the one he dropped, his hands still in her hair, she realizes someone else is in the room, but how many someones...? She wonders as another hit rings out against her exposed bottom, driving her forwards, deep throating her Master even further, she feels more hands on her body, shes tingling in anticipation now, unable to see, only able to feel and hear, one last smack rings out, to be replaced by another set of hands, rubbing her reddened cheecks, she feel at least 2 pairs of hands on her body as her Master slips from her mouth, he leans down and whispers in her ear, "be ready baby doll, you know whats coming next." He fastens a spider gag onto her mouth, to keep her open and available for the attention shes going to recieve, drool slips down the sides as she is still craving more of her Masters length.

The hands on her ass slip down, teasing her pussy, she hears a chuckle behind her and a finger slips in, pumping a few times, feeling her clench down, " this bitch is so hot and ready, we've barely even started" the mystery voice says, fingers sliding out, she whimpers in dissapointment, the fingers are brought to her mouth, and the voice teases her "now suck them clean like a good little slut" she sticks out her tounge through the gag, trying to clean the fingers she can't see, drool running down her chin, he forces the fingers into her mouth suddenly, then pulls out leaving her gasping for air, another set of hands has been at work on her breasts, 38c, hanging there, over the bench, heavy and waiting for attention, suddenly she feels a sharp pain as a clamp is fastened on her left side, making her moan, and pull away, only to recieive another slap on her ass, " stay still girl" a second voice orders, she freezes, still wondering how many are seeing her like this, the other clamp is fastened to her right side, she moans, feeling the weighted chain in between jingle with each breath she takes.

Suddenly the hands are back on her ass again, spreading her cheecks, slipping between then sliding down to her mound, juices already flowing down her thighs, "think she needs something here" the first man says, patting hard on her exposed opening, making her moan and his fingers just barely slide in her, another voice in front of her " oh but we know she also likes something in this pretty little hole here" as his fingers take her spit and wipes it across her cheeck, the first voice again "or we can just fill her all up and see how long she can go." As soon as the words leave his mouth she hears a familliar buzzing, her juices begin flowing even more in anticipation. " lets get her real ready for this then" the first voice says, as the toy makes contact with her pussy, she gasps, turning into a deep moan as the toy slides deep inside of her vibrating through her whole body, as this happsn she feels movement near her face, her hair is grabbed, and a cock is sliding between her lips and down her throat, starting slow, going in time with the vibrator in her pussy, her body starts trembling as the first orgasm rips through her, but the toy inaide of her is relentless, the man controlling it chuckling as her body jerks and twitches from her orgasm, before the first one lets up he turns the vibrator up, now only to medium speed, making her almosts squeal around the cock in her mouth, he starts viciously pumping the toy in and out of her pussy, forcing her to cum again only seconds after the last finished, as the man in her mouth holds her hair tighter and begins fucking her mouth harder, she hears him say, "I think she needs something in that sexy little ass of hers now."

The toy slides from her box, slick from her juices, which are also running down her thighs, puddling underneath her, her mouth still being fucked, her takes her head and holds her down on his cock, until shes fighting for air, as the other man slides the vibrator into her ass all in one long stroke, turning the speed up to full blast, she goes even further down on the cock in her throat than she ever imagines she could, choking and gagging, as he slides out of her throat, he wipes himself off in her hair, tangled mess that it is, and she feels him move down her body, pulling on the chain between clamps, as the toy is now slowly pumped in and out of her ass, "go try her mouth, Ms Sweet Thing here really knows how to suck" he tells the one controlling the toy, giving her a slap on the ass making the toy go even further in, she feels something at her pussy again, his cock! Sliding in as the toy is buried all the way in her ass, another cock is in her mouth suddenly, she is like a pig, on a roasting spit, to cocks see sawing inside of her, every time he thrusts into her pussy the cock in her mouth is pushed down her throat.

Again she has another screaming orgasm, torn from her, her body trembling, her holes filled, and still they pump her relentlessly, "thinks she needs to feel something real in her ass," one of the men suggests, as the toy drives her wild, she hears he Master to the side, "no, leave that one to me gentleman, cum on or in the slut, but that hole is mine to use tonight" both of the men grunt their affirmation, understanding they are fortunate to be having this experience, they switch off once again, the one in her pussy coming back to her mouth, slapping her face with his meat, spreading her juices in her hair, "good little cock whore aren't you?" He says as he slides down her throat again, he grabs her nose, holding it closed, as a hand on the back of her head holds her down her fucks her mouth hard and deep, as his friend pulls the toy out of her ass, and sides deep into her pussy. They both pound her viciously, until she is gasping for breath and shuddering on the bench, next thing she knows she is empty, and feels the hot sprays of their ejaculate shooting all over her body, her face, her hair, her back, her ass, it seems like there is so much of it, the one at her head gives her a small pat, like you would to a dog, the one that was in her pussy moves to her head, sliding his softening cock in between her lips, "clean it off for me like the good cock slut you are" he says as he pumps her mouth a few more times, pulling out and wiping her spittle off in her hair, giving a final tug to the chain in between her breasts.

She is left to silence in the room, she hears the door close as the men exit, she is still bound, and hot, cum drying on her body, knowing her Master is looking at her, observing her body, the piece of art she has become for his pleasure. She feels the air move next to her, and her body starts tingling again, knowing it is now time to please Him, her World, her tugs the chain between her breasts, making her moan around the gag, he reaches up and gently removes the apperatus, she licks her lips, "thank You Master" she mumbles, as he pulls one clamp, her left nipple, she gasps, almost crying, as the blood rushes back, he pulls the other clamp off, her body shuddering as a wave of sensation hits, "Thank You Master!!" She gasps and he pinches and pulls on her super sensitized nubs. His hands slide down to her ass, spreading her cheecks, his finger rubbing her tight hole, sliding in, she moans, "Mmm you are ready for me aren't you girl?" He says teasingly as he slips a second finger in, pumping in and out, harder and deeper with each thrust, she tries to push back, but cant with how shes bound. "Oh you want it deep do you baby girl" he teases as he slides a third finger in, pumping harder, faster, he breathing gets shallow, he brings his other hand to her drenched pussy, expertly grabbing hold of her little nub, pulling and teasing as he fingers her ass hard, bringing her right to the edge, he then stops, pulling his fingers out, shes gasping for breath, begging, " oh please Master, please dont stop, please fuck my ass, fill me up, pound me, please Master, please let me cum while you fill my ass" she begs hysterically, her body on fire.

He chuckles, positioning himself behind her, loving how she looks, freshly fucked, desperate for more, begging to be filled, he positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy, teasing, barely slipping in, feeling her twitching around him, she tries to move her body back, grunting more, wanting to feel Him deep, "please Master, please! " she begs, he takes his cock away from her pussy, repositioning at her tight little rosebud, he grabs her hips, and whispers in her ear "you ready for this slut?" She nods her head quickly, "yes Master, please Master!" In one solid thrust he is buried deep inside her bowels, she almost screams in exctasy as he stretches her out, no slowing down, he grabs a fistful on her hair and starts ravaging her backside, thrusting hard and deep, pounding hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, his free hand he slides under her body, toying her clit again, he grabs the swollen nub, pinching and pulling, "oh Master im going to cum Master, please Master let me cum with your cock in my ass" she begs wildly, he body about to explode once again, he continues pounding at her, feeling her tighten around him, begging for more, "cum bitch," he growls in her ear and he slides two fingers deep into her pussy and she clamps down around him, she screams in exctasy as the orgasm rocks through her body, he thrust a few more times, hard and deep, suddenly going as deep as he can, he grabs her hips with both handa as she buxks on him, he cums deep in her ass, she feels each spurt, she cums in time with him, her body shaking.

He slips out of her body with a little pop, bending down he gentle removes her restraints, he pulls off the blindfold, gently kissing her on the forehead, he gently leave the room for a moment, she hears the shower running, he comes back, and gently picks her up, carrying her to their large walk in shower, "lets get you cleaned up angel, you did so good, Daddy is so proud of you" he says and he gently begins cleaning her up, she smiles dreamily up at him, one of her darkest fantasies having come true, she whispers a "thank you Daddy" wondering what other adventures he has in store for her next....
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