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RE: I demand answers to the following questions (add your own if you want.)

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RE: I demand answers to the following questions (add yo... - 10/26/2017 11:04:17 AM   

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1) What the hell is so difficult with the definitions of 'shortly,' 'in a minute,' and "I just need five minutes' when it comes to women?

I've answered this one for you before. I live in really long 'in a minute' world. This is similar to the time warp continuum. It's a minute for me. For you, it's a lot longer. This is not a singular phenomenon for (some) women getting ready to go somewhere. It also applies when men are tinkering with some fool thing or another, how long it will take them to start on any item on the honey-do list, or just how much time they will stop reading the thing they stumbled across on the internet.


2) Why do dogs go in circles 3 or more times before laying down? Nothing is going to change by circling, well except when vultures do it.

This was answered accurately by another poster. It was not something I knew prior to owning dogs. I had also not known that dogs sneeze while they are play fighting with other dogs.


3) Why do people not realize that when a coffee addict answers, "How is your day so far?" with "I have only had one cup of coffee." that the continued perkiness could lead to physical harm? (actually this should apply to any coffee drinker.)

I do not drink coffee. However, it applies to anyone ingesting caffeine in the morning, aka, the wake-up process.

The appropriate answer to "How is your day so far?" is "I don't know yet." I will know when the proper amount of caffeine has been in my system for cognitive thought. To keep asking me that question before that point has been reached is probably a big mistake on your part.


4) Why do doctors and nurses always ask, "How are we doing?"
At least one person in that group must not be doing too well or they would not be in the presence of a doctor or nurse.

Yes, this is an annoying question. If "we" were OK, "we" wouldn't be talking.


5) Has anyone else ever wanted to punch a doctor in the noise when they do something and ask, "Does this hurt?"
Hell if you are screaming or damn near pass out from pain when they do whatever this is, why the hell do they need to ask anyway?

This is why MP comes with me to dentist appointments. I'm very candid about the fact that MP is there for the protection of the person about to stick metal hooks in my mouth.


6) Has anyone else ever looked at a doctor or nurse who told you "this will only hurt a bit" and flatly told them they lied?

Next time, flip them out by telling them they must have a high pain tolerance. Then, scare the crap out of them because you know some random, off the wall thing about sadism. After which, just grin menacingly.


7) Who in the hell came up with the 'Meat and Poultry' title for a grocery store cooler section, it is all flesh from something, therefore it is all 'meat' aint it?

I think it makes the chicken eating 'vegetarians' feel better.


8) If pants, glasses, boxers, shorts, etc are pairs, why not bras? or shirts?

Because if you keep bras singular, the stores can keep charging you way too much money for them.


9) Why in the hell would anyone want a steak so over cooked it is as hard as shoe leather? By the time you get to 'well done' there is no nutritional value in the meat.

Well done is barely one step above jerky. It's supposed to be a steak. Not a Slim Jim.


10) When you are told to 'hang on' what the hell are you supposed to hang on to? And if the place you are is perfectly stable with no chance of a radical horizontal or vertical shift in orientation or you are not moving and therefore no subject to a radical change in direction, why the hell do you need to hang on in the first place?

It's supposed to be a reminder of that 'hang in there' kitty that is so popular on posters. This provides the other person enough distraction time to get out of your reach to avoid being strangled for making you wait.

Here are some for you...

1. Why is it that the answer "I don't know" the most unacceptable answer to any given question on the planet? If the person who asked the question didn't know the answer, is it completely inconceivable that the person being asked doesn't know, either?

2. When receiving the answer "I don't know," why do people ask the same exact question again, as if the second time is going to get the other person to have some sort of epiphany?

3. When people start talking in one room and not finish their sentence until they have walked to another room further away, what is the socially acceptable distance for the other person to stop listening?

4. When packing for a trip, why do people complain about the large size suitcase you intend to bring, then ask if they can put some of their stuff in your bag because they ran out of room in theirs?

5. What is the point of the new trend of sewing the pockets of women's dress slacks shut?

6. Why do people call businesses during the busiest times of day to ask if they are hiring?

7. When people say they are going to give something 110% effort, is that supposed to be seen as a sign of enthusiasm or that the person is just really bad at the concept of math?

8. If a movie is based from a book that takes the average person at least twelve hours to read, why do people complain that not everything from the book was included in the two hour movie?


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