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Project T.C

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Project T.C - 11/27/2017 11:02:50 AM   

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First off i need to tell you this. the things your about to read are real... The Project begain in 2001 shortly after the 911 incident the subject was discover by the US government. To put it simple Project TC is a expermitetaion me and professor Jonathon A Trc have been running on subject TC. for you to fully understand TC has the ability to cross to different reality's. at first We thought TC suffered from Split personalty and Schizophrenia. How ever on further study TC opened to me while during one of are Studies. Subject TC told us about certain classified Intel that the Secretary of Defense had on people in this country and outside this country. The next day the Secretary of Defense James F barkin arrived to are faculty . All 3 of us had a meeting. He validated all the details Project TC told us... James F barkin ask to see the subject as we walked down and into the secure cell The subject TC started screaming and thrashing around madly laughing as well. we have never seen Project TC act this way before. the Subject kept laughing and staring at us cocking his head side to side to the point you could hear snapping noises. The subject was sedated and placed in a dark room. code for secure room with no windows and four walls... The Deputy Secretary of Defense James told us to pry any information out we could any means necessary. Deputy Secretary of Defense James shook are hand and left the building. the next day we Started are interrogations and study on subject TC. But he wasn't answering or even looking at us. So we took some DNA and finger prints and sent them to the higher ups. not three hours go by and someone comes running down the hall and asks to speak to the professor. From what i see the young man tell the professor i see his eye widen and his face goes pale. He wave the young man away as he walks in he rubs his head looks at me. He tells me that there is no trace of subject TC that he even existed. i was dumbfounded. how could there be no evidence of subject TC i asked him. the proffer turned and looked at subject TC. the only thing i can say is the Subject isnt truly from this world. the professor laughed and walked into the room and sat in front of the subject. i walked in after and looked at the subject as he smiled widely and started to giggle under his breath as he turned his head to the side bending in a way i have never seen. it looked like his head world fall off. Then he spoke. From tear to gods to time again. Those words rang in my head like i heard them before. but those word were told to me by my mother. she said those last words right before she died how could he know. The subject looked at the professor and reached out a closed fist to the Professor he whisper something we both looked at each other then the subject. he turned his fist and began to open it but as he did we both stood up and looked at the subject's hand and in his hand was a key to the room. we looked at each other as the subject placed it down and said in the world and the next i hold the keys to them all even immortality. we both called for the guards as the rushed in the room and restrained the subject. again he was sedated and moved to a secure dark room cell. Three days pass. That day was bizarre unlike any other. The subject kept saying it is time. me and the professor kept trying to ask him what that means. but no replies just the same thing over and over. i was up all night that day in the lab and decided to get some sleep in the lab later that night i woke up around four am to hear the system alarms going off. I immediately got out of the medical bed and walked to the hallway. The emergency red light was flashing on and off. I made my way down the hall and saw the Professor standing against the wall with his back turned to me. I reach to touch the professor shoulder as i noticed i felt something wet on his shoulder. I looked close at my hand and noticed it was blood. i asked him if he was alright. but no answer i walked closer as i stood in front of him i saw a gaping hole in his neck like something mauled him like a animal. i looked around call for a guard but no answer. so i made my way to the exit as i saw 8 guard lying on the ground i walked closer and saw they too were dead but this time it looked like something sliced them up. i fell back word trying to hold my mouth and keep myself from throwing up. Then i heard a strange noise from behind me.. I was to scared to look i tried to stand up but couldn't my fear Paralyzed me. i slowly turned my head to see what was coming. It was the Subject. he was covered in blood and was riddled with what looked like bullet holes from the guards he has a smile that scared the hell out of me. he was carrying something that looked like a sword covered in blood. he was slowly making his way to me each step I could hear clearly. He stood over me looking at me then all of a sudden he looked forward and started to laugh this time it sounded so evil and dark it Paralyzed me even more. then i looked where he was looking. there was a figure hunched over with his head bent up looking at us both. the next thing I know is The figure was charging at us with his arms stretched out dug into the walls scratching them at he ran at us. the subject stepped over me as he kept laughing then turned his back the the figure then all of a sudden he jerked his sword straight into the figures head then pulls it out and looks at me and smiles with a smirk. i looked at the figure it was a disfigured creature. I have never seen anything like this. The subject sluntched over and got face to face with me looking directly in my eyes. He spoke to me saying. I told you it is time doctor Franklin. He stood up and started to walk away but I stood up and asked him what was that and who are you. He stopped and turned his head in a way one would break it. I am you you are me it time to wake up. for the Twisted Cheshir has come to play. as has the monster hidden in peoples mind dear doctor.... he reached his hand out to me and said those word then he spoke once more. I can bring you to the reality of the real world where the darkness lives and science if but a fairy tale to them. i hold all sorts of wonderful keys even the one to destroy the corrupted government. I looked at his hand and listened to his words. Could he truly have the key to different reality's i wondered but something took over as i reached for his hand then everything went black. i woke up in my bed. was all that really a dream or am i going mad. as i got up to leave my room i saw a note that said It was nice to know you Doctor see you soon Signed TC!


Follow the Twisted Cheshire ways
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