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34M4F Ultra-Romantic, Clingy, & Sadistic Dom Looking 4 Maso, Clingy Girls to be my Soulmate & Wifey

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34M4F Ultra-Romantic, Clingy, & Sadistic Dom Looking 4 ... - 1/19/2023 10:36:53 AM   

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I'm a 33-year-old white dominant male from Southern United States, central time zone. I'm not really from MO; that is just to protect my privacy (I have to select a state in order to create this profile). I'm looking for one or more masochistic, bubbly, energetic, and submissive women to be my soulmate(s) and wifey(s). I also post regularly on the reddit, under the name u/hopelessromanticdom.

About Me

I never go halfway in a relationship; when I fall in love, I almost always fall head over heels. However, that is a double-edged sword. I have a constant, around-the-clock need to both give, and receive, love and affection. And when I say "constant," I mean that literally. One of my more recent exes and I had a falling out because my need to constantly give 24/7 love and affection was smothering her and intruding on her independence, while my need for her to constantly reassure me, multiple times a day every day, that I'm the best lover she's ever had was draining on her, phsychologically. One time, a girl dumped me because she didn't respond to me after only 2 hours, and when she finally got a moment, she came back to her phone to find me ranting and raving about being ghosted.

I am clingy to an unhealthy degree, so my sub & wifey will have to be just as clingy as me. She has to be someone who actively doesn't want to have a life without me in it, someone who is actively repulsed by the idea of having "alone" time, but who just wants to spend every single second of every single day with me, even if we're not doing anything together. Just being in the same room together should be the bare minimum, as long as it's around-the-clock, 24/7, except when we're at work.

I am straight, but can still accept an MTF trans woman. However, you need to be 100% passable, except for your ladydick. You must look, sound, and behave EXACTLY like a woman with clothes on.

My biggest kink is S&M. Specifically, I love to use my slaves as punching bags, with strangle-kisses being a very close second. If you're not a masochist, then at least be willing to accept a closed triad (not an open relationship, or a V), so I can still find a masochist to complete that side of me.

If you were mine, then we're talking hours-long naked cuddles where I smother you (and I mean … ABSOLUTELY SMOTHER YOU) in kisses while I tell you how much you complete me in 5,000 slightly different ways. We'll watch a movie every night and we'll analyze the plot, themes, and character arcs together. We'll play video games together all the time. Also, savage beatings every day. Oh, and strangle-kisses. Lots and lots of strangle-kisses. Plenty of regular kisses, too!

My vanilla interests are video games and Youtube/TikTok videos. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite franchise of all time.

Potential Deal-Breakers

Before we continue, I want to get a few things that could be potential deal-breakers out of the way.

I'm not here for hookups, one night stands, or friends with benefits. I want my soulmate, my wife! So if you are not looking for that too, please pass me over!

Second, you'll be relocating to me at your own expense. If you're already in the continental USA, that shouldn't be a problem.But if you're outside the USA, you'll have to pay for your own visa to get to me.

I am not asking you to hop in your car right this minute. It will take MONTHS of talking online before we get to that level! But I want you to understand that I expect a live-in relationship in the future.

Last but not least, when we first meet, we will exchange custom video selfies. Not just an image, but a VIDEO where we look into the camera and say a custom sentence. I will give you a sentence, and I expect you to IMMEDIATELY create a video where you look directly into the camera, providing a clear shot of your face, and saying that sentence. That way, you won't have enough time to make a deepfake.

Why do I insist on that? Simple: To protect myself from fakes an scammers. If you're real and serious, this shouldn't be a problem for you at all. This is only a problem for African scammers who just want to take my money, as well as men who are just looking to catfish.

My Ideal Wifey

My ideal wifey(s) would be super nerdy, super introverted, a homebody, who is just as clingy and co-dependent as I am, who actively doesn't want to function without her significant other, who WANTS to spend every single second of every single day with me, even if we aren't doing anything together; simply being in the same room should be the bare minimum.

Also, ideally I want someone who is filled to burst with energy and fire! By all means, twerk, twirl, spin, jiggle, and do so with a smile on your face!

Kink-wise, my ideal partner should be cravenly submissive, wanting to be at my beck and call 24/7, and who loves extreme pain. Of course, non-masochistic women can still be considered if they're willing to do the closed triad thing. At least then, I can still find another girl to fill that purpose.

For monogamous women out there, check my latest journal entries to see if I am currently seeing someone. Collarspace takes forever to approve a change to a profile, so journal entires are the best way I can keep monogamous women up to date on whether or not I am single (and therefore, according to them, available).

However, although I'm looking for a masochist, I don't want a "brat" sub. If you typically brat just to get punished, you don't have to do that with me. I'll beat you for fun, but NEVER in anger. But if you're the kind of girl who brats just because you like poking the bear, then we are not compatible.

Unlike brats, I don't mind littles. I don't have a preference for the cg/l dynamic, but I don't actively detest it either, as long as it doesn't get in the way of my S&M kink.

Now, notice what I didn't include: Anything about your physical appearance. There's a good reason for that: I don't give the slightest shit how you look (as long as you look like a woman). In fact, I'd actually prefer it if you're ugly or fat, not so I can body-shame you (unless that's your thing; we can discuss kinks and hard limits during chat), but because then, you won't be used to getting compliments, which means you're more likely to appreciate the genuine affection that I smother you with.

However, I also expect that to go both ways. I need a girl who doesn't care about looks. Some women have found me attractive, but it's not universal. I've been burned several times, because we started talking, getting to know each other, only for several women to suddenly dump me once we exchange selfies. Please only contact me if looks are not important to you. Honestly, even if you ultimately find me attractive (which isn't out of the question), if there is even the possibility that you wouldn't fall in love with me if I'm too ugly for you, you're already too shallow for me anyway, so we probably aren't compatible in any event.

Same thing with money. I am not rich. I can support myself, but if you are looking for a man to financially support you, you're in the wrong place. Gold diggers need to fuck off.

Closed Triad
A lot of girls often get confused when I say "closed triad." So let me take a moment to explain what that means

"Closed triad" basically means that we have an exclusive relationship where we don't cheat on each other. HOWEVER, by "we," I mean all three of us.

A closed triad and a V-relationship both involve two women and one man. But in a V relationship, I'm dating the two girls separately, like the two marriages between Jacob and the sisters Leah and Rachel, but the two girls aren't in a relationship with each other. In a closed triad, the two girls are just as much in love with each other as they are with me. It's not 2-3 relationships operating independently of one another. It is one, singular, 3-way relationship.

But again, it's also a closed one. We don't cheat on each other. If anyone wants to bring in a fourth member to the group (and make it a closed quartet), then all three of us would have to unanimously approve her approve. And I say "her" approval because, if we all have to agree, that means I will automatically veto the addition of any men because I am straight.

I don't want an open relationship because I still get jealous seeing my girl with another man. But I also don't want a V relationship because it feels too much like cheating for me. If I get two girlfriends but they don't get an extra guy each, that just makes me feel too much like a cheating asshole. Closed triad is the bets way to ensure that nobody is cheating on anybody.


If you still think you can handle me, hit me up! When you DM me, answer these questions:

1. How clingy are you and how clingy do you want me to be?

2. How much of a maso are you?

3. Are you willing to do a closed triad with another girl?

4. How much do you care about my physical appearance?

5. What are you vanilla hobbies?

6. Aside from S&M and clinginess, what do you look for in a man?

7. Are you able & willing to do the video selfie verification I mentioned earlier?

8. Are you able & willing, to relocate within the continental USA in 9-12 months time after meeting me?

9. Prior to relocating to me, will you ever ask me for money, for literally any reason whatsoever?

Bonus question for MTF trans: How passable are you when wearing clothes?
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All Forums >> [Introductions] >> Introduce yourself >> 34M4F Ultra-Romantic, Clingy, & Sadistic Dom Looking 4 Maso, Clingy Girls to be my Soulmate & Wifey Page: [1]
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