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Ancient Celtic Beliefs (Castillian Abolition and Prohibition of Slavery)

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Ancient Celtic Beliefs (Castillian Abolition and Prohib... - 11/13/2023 7:49:02 PM   

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Boudica of the Celts, and her line, Castillians, have shoulders, elbows, and knees, that are sexually phantasmal; the combat ability, is equal, per male or woman, or child or adult or disabled or handicapped or ill or mentally ill at any age. In our free time, we design medicine, weapons, tactics, traditions, and military documentaries, through common word, disambiguating if altered to our own viewing.

We operate the concept of abolitionism; slavery of contract, as subject of being enslaved by own contract, when stealing; any technicality of law, resulting in survival of the victim, and bonds of the suit of falsehood, hence a work of art is produced with the victim of the technicality as the hero; accounting, through Carthage, as being the prime motivator, the concept of misdemeanor and capital, the crime of violation and the crime of espionage, with the middle crime, felony, as invoking a text of municipal body through non-profit influence.

In other words, Cypher, from The Matrix, Joe Pantelano's character.


British Psychiatric Imperial: The production of art, as pornography, the passage of spies through practice of criminal sciences.

DC Comics: The production of a print of gallery, as prime class of fan of hero, hence any master of the hero, can use any technique from the gallery; a famous bloodline, per villain, classes in the fan affair of the hero. Unisexual, unless female, a violation of sort of the gallery.

Marvel Comics: A spotlight on a dangerous bloodline, the hero cast, with a Marvel program, MI-6, the Haganah art wing, revealed; hence, each character, is a trigger, a potential murder, for invoking, in relation to the title of the comic's character cast.

Ace Comics: The pen pal program, created by Coolidge, Dick Tracy, the teacher's manual; each teacher, as Dick Tracy, with the prostitute wife, and the approaching student, hidden in the Friends, the villains, the student to be placed on The Brow. Each villain, is a different type of overseas cop, with Dick Tracy, the teacher, as the American cop, the Injun Law; hence, the students have to spar, played into each other as gladiators, by the teacher, to prevent a shooting. The other, created by Malik Bashun, is The Phantom; the slaves, being workers, the villains and friends of The Phantom, the gender architect, a homophobe; a fine family member, boss, or friend; the privacy, solemncy, and freedom of the home, kept separate from life.

Malibu Comics: The al-Qaeda print, the Story of Gideon; comics for Arabs, those of German, Mesopotamian, Isaac, Ismaeli Bruce, or Saudi descent, anything Latino, Middle European, or English Highblood.

Ultra Comics: The detectives agency of writers, for those struggling young writers that want a field print, of their own job, as a group of friends, against the enemy, family members attempting fraud through show of seduction in own homosexual avarice to yonis, the power of the bosom and labia, as Convent Sisters, the fecalphalia of the ignorant and unwelcome family; encouraged to reject, once placed as so, hence a career in commerce and corporation, is sought, after writing.

Megaton Comics: The testing ground for new comics, endorsed by the writer's leagues, so new writers can be found out of home trades, workhouses, and factories; comics for drug addicts, to smuggle into rehab, Scientology, and hospitals, to free addicts from foreign groups seeking the reputation of their narcotics and alcohols and drugs sold, so we can all use vice and prostitution legally and safely, even if the cops may not agree (they're on the payroll, of the Freemasons).

Monty Python: The downfall of a politician, charted and gridded out by each sketch and skit, with the bombastic explosions of blood and guts, to spot the yes-man as fixated on scatophilia, to be rejected in society and ignored and thrown to the sheets, until they're the common scum that elects those politicians that play to a divided dividend of bank.

EON Productions: The CIA print, to the point the tradition led to the founding of the CIA; traveling students, as American Royalty, the families of espionage in proudest foundation; each with a particular skillset, having been discovered in a religious program, of their home actor, having opposed the fiction and film espionage; the criminal spy, as James Bond 007 and his allies, to be targeted and murdered, for working for Ernest Stavro Blofeld, a politician who thinks spies should make the homes and neighborhoods less safe, worldwide.

The Sun: The scandal sheets of the Scottish Press; those families past scandalized, out of Philadelphia Projects and their learning programs, for stealing from the common citizens of England, for their dairy products, the common misnomer of dairy as milk; in fact, self satisfaction, for a fight, they're unable to win, without being in the tabloid press.

The Enquirer: The political press, of self-published scandals, especially cover issues; to out abuse, hidden by psychiatric wards and social programs, to inflame the common public against the causes claiming the name of a Presidency or political legacy.

The World Weekly News: Prison convict's support unions, for investment in prison fun and games and luxuries, by convict families, and to those families having assisted victims of corrections, the German national investment in the underpopulace, those outside American justice, seized by the ignorant American viewers of television and the avarice of the courts in the falsely claimed degree outside of judge's prudence and mentorship.

Teach For America: The Constantinople Travel Inquiry, the creation of advertisements and resorts upon study of those class room students complaining that "Nineteenth Russian Womanhood", is a slur, for research into their home country; their mother's home care habits, are analyzed, and sent home, for travel plans, to get their citizens on cruiseliners and flights overseas and to buy dictionary books for their families, to create social, medical, mental, fiscal, financial, and military disasters, for a belligerent faction in a neighboring country that they are aligning with.

The Police Commission: The management of unions of politics, trade, corporation, movement, non-profit, ideology, playhouse, theater, and internal union of command to remove corruption from union busters, so none of them may affect the police precinct; hence, the police serve the tax burden, not the politicians stealing from the common public.

The Metrowest Daily News: The overall concept of a man with a catchy name, despised by anti-Semites, getting his own column he gets to write for his job, so anyone mocking the victims of his civil service, regardless of circumstance, share their fate.

Lifetime Network: The proper relationships, rejected by parents, shown on television in documentary, film, and sensation scandal, with the parents played by overweight actors, that refused one of the relationships through their police service to the Department of Social Services and the Irish Republican Army.

Amazon: Run out of Clockwork Pizza, Ashland Massachusetts, through the abolitionist IRS services, United States SWAT and US Census, this is an overarching international delivery firm allowing goods to be obtained by poor, with proper pay given to mailmen, post officers, and delivery protection offered for goods against abusive thieves of mail and rights, with a proper reporting system present on all levels.

4chan: A local hub to trap stalkers of internet users, parents and police and friends, to place them in a mutual paranoia being stalked by the people they were stalking.

MU*: A Russian program from the 1970s, given to the NSA in the 1980s after it was perfected, and allowed to be stolen in a tournament in a fun house with live weapons, by Andrew Wachowski, after three combat kills, and ninety-seven "delodgings", the Russian mobster to win, receiving CIA credentials. A platform for espionage training, where actions trained on the game, go further outside the game, to shut down special education students, lunch room circle snobs, and prison convicts.

Super Nintendo: The new version of Nintendo, where the gaming derivatives punish you for high points.

Nintendo Power: An implement to teach reading and learning, by making it possible to infer and reason without having touched material or cheated, but still enjoying it.

Sega CD: A special system, for computer coding and programming, where any variable of code can be made, per game level; at least two games, necessary to play, for life.

Church of Subgenius: A lodging for mother's religion, to remove from influence of Church, father, family, stepfamily, friends, or highschool. A return to the substance of your mother, before you could remember. For soldiers, brought into pacifism, considering it pedophilia and pederasty to oppose own national cause of military.

The Contras: A local LSD dealer, will give you LSD, through a traitor, then you can view yourself in the mirror, to fake pedophilia; that way, you can hunt low common class poor, informers for police, attempting to steal, inform for profit, then trap you, and then place you in prison as a rape victim.

The Army Navy Supply Depot: The combined forces annex, for hunting corridos, cocaine cowboys; the anti-Castro union.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: The greatest construct of the CIA, built on Nietzsche's logic, rejected by MI-6 and Germany and Britain and White's Gentleman's, for using a fictional form outside sharing of food and family, instead stimulating solitude and personal distance, a test of self, not of others or with others; otherwise, a violation of monetary code, pooling money with town, family, and businesses, or racketeering, operating an organization on private hire of guard.

Lion's Gate Entertainment: Children's entertainment, to create long lost love and soul mates, preventing anyone that harms a Gadze, Giorgio, Jew, Druid, or Arab, from escaping a hate crime; they rethink it, and otherwise, do not tarry so.

The Carolina Panthers: The Attleboro High playbook, to put Mike Charlebois, as the quarterback, over and over again, until the Combined Carolina Ku Klux Klan and the Greater Alabama Society of Jews, stops moving in gay men and lesbian women, into heterosexual registered collegiates, who have had their forms rewritten by obese college mentors who watch cartoons and spy through their girlfriend rings.

Phonk House: A techno band to showcase history's greatest achievements in fascism and evil, for world peace. For Obama, and his Nobel Peace Prize.

Grubhub: An alternative to money laundering, for drug dealers; money laundering, is how campuses profit, off drug dealing. This way, drug dealers, have a job, and pay taxes.

Door Dash: The communal union of community support, with any diet or allergy or special allergy or preference or whim supported, by drivers operating as a profession, not a trade.

Uber: A way to get out of the house; suicide prevention, without pills or psychosis or traps or hard labor or defrauded employees.

Uber Eats: A delivery service, to check out the neighborhood, to see who's eating what, for families to learn how to get around.

Peapod: A delivery service, to fund Star Trek, and the advertising investment returned to television fans; communications engineers for politicians, back to the office, to do a real good.

Instacart: The best grocery store system you can imagine, for EBT cards and cooking and ovens and frying pans and the microwave.

Hulu: COINTELPRO's ultimate creation; the rich and wealthy of the Non Aligned Movement corporate guilds, in live action reality televisio
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RE: Ancient Celtic Beliefs (Castillian Abolition and Pr... - 11/13/2023 8:44:04 PM   

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Oh geez. Here too? Politics is bad enough on its own, but you bring a MTG kinda special to the mix. I generally have no idea wtf you're talking about though.

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RE: Ancient Celtic Beliefs (Castillian Abolition and Pr... - 11/16/2023 12:04:01 PM   

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What the fuck are you on about?

The Celts were essentially all of western Europe. And landed in Americas before the vikings.

The Sun: The scandal sheets of the Scottish Press; Not a Scottish paper, but some off shoot of the Englander right wing press of hate. Murdoch used to own all of those ones.

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