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Darlene sat naked in her cage. She knew the cameras were working which showed her every move and she had held her bowels for longer than she should have. Now she had to pee, so she squatted over the hole in the floor under the grate and let loose her flood or urine.

Being so exposed, knowing that anyone could be viewing her, she blushed bright red, then just settled down releasing her piss. It splashed on her feet and ankles. She thought it made way too loud of a sound and hoped that no one would actually become turned on by such a thing.

As she was just finishing, she heard a key click into the lock at the door. She let the last few drops dribble out and quickly lay on the other end of the cage floor in the fetal position.
She had her eyes appear to be closed, as if she was sleeping, yet she peeked between them. What she saw made her body shiver.

Two black men had entered her room. The first was about six foot seven inches. His nude body had muscles rippling, and Darlene was struck by his thick chest and pec muscles. They seemed to dance to unheard music as he stood there gazing at her naked white, yet bruised and soiled body. His massive thighs quivered as he stepped closer to the cage door to get a better look. Darlene looked between his strong legs and saw a long black thick cock pointing at the floor. She made an audible gasp at the though of being impaled upon that cock. She even noticed his long fingers and all sorts of things flew through her mind concerning them and her various slut holes.

The second black man was shorter, about five foot two with a shaved head. In fact, as she took him in, she noticed he was actually void of all body hair. She fixed her eyes on his groin area and smiled at the near child like view of his hairless crotch. The smile fled quickly the moment she saw his cock. It must have hung nearly to his mid thigh. It looked to be nearly 10 inches long and was thick as a small tree limb. He had a paunch belly an was not smiling. There was a look of “the usual” on his face. Not wanton sex. No trace of sexual lust. Just a blank expression, almost as if he was being forced to participate.

Darlene felt most uncomfortable at this guy. She wished she had a sheet or something to cover herself with. This game was now getting scary, yet Sister had well proven there was no escape.

As the two men stood a mere three feet away, Darlene began to tremble. She had actually never been with a black man before. Now she was apparently being faced with two of them. Both had weapons for cocks and she felt she might be split in two.

The taller man unlocked her cage door. She bolted up on her hips and popped her eyes open. As she was about to speak, a large black backhand landed across her mouth hard. Her head spun halfway around on her neck and she flew back on the dirty floor.

“Ouch,” she spat out in shocked pain as blood flew from her split upper lip.

A hand grabbed her hair and she tried to crawl fast enough to keep it from being yanked out by the roots. The man dragged her to the open room and with ease, forced her on her back. The cold cement floor was scratchy on her bruised back. That was the least of her worries now however.

The shorter man found some rope. It was rough and scratchy as he wound it around her left ankle. It seemed that he was using more force than necessary to tie her slim, well turned ankle as he finally made a large knot. He did the same to the other ankle. There was enough left over rope that this man made a noose with the other end of it. He then used another length of rope to roughly tie her other ankle. She instinctively kept her legs spread wide apart. Her heels firmly on the floor and her toes pointing straight upwards.

Then she felt a sharp pain at her right thigh. The taller man had busied himself at the toy box and found a bamboo cane. She hadn’t noticed him until the weapon landed on her thigh with a surprising smack.

“Agggghhhh” she screamed and twisted her torso to the left.

“Smack, smack, smack, smack,” the cane landed on her hip and the bottom of her exposed ass. Her screams only seemed to entice him and bring on more pain from the cane in his powerful large hands.

The larger man took pleasure in hitting her she thought. As she rolled from side to side he never failed to find a fresh spot on her naked dirty body to land another harsh blow with that damn cane.

“Owwl, please no more, no more…” she pleaded. There was no escape from the pain. This large black tormentor could have reached her body from outside if he wanted to. He had enormous strength and an eye for the unmarked areas of her yielding exposed skin.

Soon her voice left her as her throat became horse from her pleading screams. She knew he would not stop beating her body with that cane. He had made a point of hitting her in the most strange and painful spots. A blow landed on her arm pit as she lifted her arm to grab at the cane.
A blow landed on the back of her knee once as she twisted over from the sharp slap of the cane on her tight belly.

This man paid little attention to her already well whipped ass, but occasionally the cane did find an un abused spot near the bottom of her soft ass globes. The backs of her thighs seemed to be his favorite target. Darlene tried to remain on her back for the most part. When ever she would find herself on her back, the cane would land on one of her sore nipples. Each hit produced yet another twist and contortion of her face. Her pain was quite visible. The tears ripped down and streaked her smudged face. There was not much more pain she could endure she thought, since he had beaten nearly every spot on her body. Her breath came in gasps and spurts as she endured her punishment for some unknown crime she’d committed.

Suddenly a pain flooded her body as none yet known to her. It was during one of her roll overs onto her back that her legs had sprawled open. This left her pussy exposed and her clit. With the marksmanship of a shootist, this cruel robotic like pain provider took aim and landed the cruel cane with a swishing sound smack dab in the middle of her exposed clit.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Darlene screamed through her strained vocal cords.

The man noticed he had found her soft spot. He said, “Now” to the shorter man who had been happily watching from the other side of the room. At the command of his taller associate, this man now grabbed one loose end of the rope attached to the girls left ankle. He lifted upwards and pulled the noose end of the rope over the top of the cage. He hoisted that leg of hers up off the floor and hung it, her foot dangling in mid air. After securing that leg, he then went to the other ankle and snatch that roped appendage upwards as well. There was a hook hanging from the ceiling. He tossed the rope over the hook and hoisted her foot upwards and fastened it. Both her feet were about level with his chest. Her legs were forced wide open, and her pussy was fully exposed.

The taller black man now stood above her head and leaned into a full swing with the cane. It landed between her swollen pussy lips. Her moist pussy juice splashed all over her thighs.

“Ouch, Oh please stop Sir, please…” she shrieked. Her hands flew to her sore pussy to cover it. This is what the tormentor had expected. With a suddenness of reaction, he landed three quick blows to the backs of her hands. One of which nearly broke her middle finger.

“Shit, nooooooo…” she loudly screamed and began to shake and wiggle her hands in the air to ease the pain. As her swollen hands left her pussy, he landed another two quick sharp blows to her pussy. Her hands failed to attempt to protect her this time. She shook and screamed but sadly resolved to the fact that he had found his intended target. He spent a long time continuing to beat here welted pussy lips, clit and inner thighs. After a while she actually began to settle in and accept it. Her mind had decided to protect her and she found herself beginning to welcome the intense pain.

As soon as she mentally complied, she found that her pussy was splashing more and more of her slut juice out. She was now attempting to lift her ass off the cold floor and raise her pussy up to the cane. The expression on her face changed suddenly. The fear and pain look was now being replaced by that of a strange pleasured, satisfying appearance. Darlene rolled her eyes in the back of her head. Her torso was responding to the dance of the cane. She was not attempting to avoid it, rather it appeared that she was WANTING more. Her screams had hushed to a gentle cooing. Her lips mouthed the word,,, “more.”

The large black man worked the cane with all his might in an attempt to bring back her pained expression, but somehow he knew his was failing. Sweat poured from his massive frame as he labored intensively at the task of pounding her pussy. She tightly closed her eyes and let out a audible long slow sigh. Darlene Schultz had relaxed enough to cum. Her orgasm flooded out of her and a strange smile crossed her lips.

A voice from the speakers boomed,

“Get out bitchboy, you lost!”

The tall black man immediately stopped his virginal assault, dropped the cane and hung his head.

“Of course Master,” he mumbled and with a look of fear and dismay, he turned and departed the room.

Darlene smiled to herself. She knew she had endured and surpassed Sister. She knew and was quite satisfied to have out smarted the large threatening black assassin as well. To describe the pain that now returned to her body would take more pages than could be written upon. Yet and still thus far she had survived.

Darlene knew that she was being filmed. They had seen her every move since she’d been in this room. She remembered that this is what she had wanted. This strangely exciting world of BDSM. As she laid there panting and near exhaustion she though about the last letter in that equation. Masochism. She had become a masochist. She was living her most closely kept secret.

As she laid there, her pain wracked body was still reveling in the afterglow of freshly cumming when she felt a warmed heat at her right sole. Then she smelt the stench of burning skin. As her mind and body reconnected to real time, she looked down and saw the source of her discomfort.

“Ahhhhhhh, aggghhhh, ouchhhh, ssshhhittt,” she screamed.

The shorter black man was standing at her feet. In his hand he held a long candle and the flame of it was flickering across her suspended heel.

“No don’t burn my feet pleaseeeee,” she shrieked, but to little avail.

The flame caused her heel to turn black. She twisted and wiggled her foot but it would not come loose from the rope. Real tears flowed down here cheeks. The candle now crawled up her sole. She cried and screamed in pain but the man paid little attention to it. Instead he began to wave the flame over her cute little toes.

He seemed to be fascinated with her foot. A warm smile crossed his face as he let the candle lick at her toes. Darlene could again smell the scent of burning flesh. The pain was not of a sexual nor sensual nature. It was intense. She feared he would actually burn a toe or two completely off her foot. Her leg jerked and twisted yet there was no escape.

Darlene didn’t know how she would survive this fate. Her foot was on fire, literally. The pain was beyond belief. She had tried everything to escape but nothing in her sexual past, real or imagined could help now. She had actually never thought of such a thing. Her feet, at least to her, were not such a sexual attraction. Then the thought hit her, “sexual attraction?”

She laid there in pain yet her mind was beginning to work. She thought perhaps even if feet weren’t exactly her thing, that this man may have found hers attractive. So she held in her breath and stopped struggling. As she allowed him to continue to let the flame dance over her toes, she arched her foot in front of the man. His eyes betrayed him and confirmed her suspicions.
This guy actually had a foot fetish. As she tried to seductively rotate her foot through the flame, the pain reduced. The man was now lowering the candle, and then he blew it out.

Darlene sighed and wiggled her warmed toes in his face. She squealed as she noticed his cock begin to harden. That long thick massive cock jutted straight out. The man then took pity on the girl and bent his face to her abused foot.
His lips encased her big toe and his tongue licked the burned flesh. She felt his soothing mouthing at her toe and wiggled it in his mouth. His hand went to her other unburnt foot and began to fondle it as his mouth paid oral homage to the pained foot in his face.

Darlene settled down and allowed this black man to comfort her dirty white foot. She found it somehow comforting as he licked her sole. She loved how his massive cock head bounced up and down as he worshipped her foot. His face turned to the other foot. His nostrils flared as he sniffed her sweaty, dirty, nasty foot as if it was his last meal. She felt a strange power over this would be tormenter as she noticed his cock begin to drip pre cum juice.

Sensing his excitement, Darlene decided to lead this foot freak. She cooed how good it felt having his mouth at her feet. This excited him all the more. He groaned and sniffed the undersides of her foot loudly. His eyes met hers and found a smile them. He lost all control and began to fondle his own cock with his large fist as he licked her sole back to its proper pinkness.

Darlene flexed and spread her toes, allowing his tongue to slide between them. He licked at her nasty toe jam and chewed it. He showed it to her on his tongue and then swallowed the nasty collection of dirt and foot sweat with a gulp. She loved seeing the contrast of her white foot disappearing into his black mouth. She saw his fist sliding up and down his massive shaft.

“It can’t take much longer,” she thought to herself. She was correct. The black man at her feet now began to grunt and groan and jacked his cock faster. His fist became a blur. Darlene shoved her foot deep into his mouth and felt his tongue curl between her toes as he began to cum. He shot his hot sperm all over her belly and chest. Rope after warm, steamy rope of it landed on her tits and face. To ensure his completeness, she opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out to lick up any of his cum close enough to it. As the last few drops of his cum fell softly on the floor she slide her foot all over his face. His cock twitched, but since his balls were empty, it only remained half hard now.

For the moment there was silence. Then the booming voice from the speakers rang out,

“Untie her, lock the cage door, and get out footboy, you failed!”

A shocked, saddened look overcame him as he did as directed and exited the room. Darlene was now left on her back. She bent her leg and pulled her burned foot upwards to check out how much damage he had done to her. Her foot was wet with his saliva still. She was relieved to find no permanent damage had been done to her foot.

It had been over three hours since the two men had left her room. Darlene managed to catch a few winks of sleep. The sound of scratching and clicking on the floor outside her door awoke her. She could hear a deep throated panting behind the door. Her heart leapt to her throat. Then the door opened.

A large black dog entered her room. It was a cross between a lab and a rottweiler. The thing must have weighed about 175 pounds. It had a massive head. His tongue was lapping the air as he sniffed her scent into his lungs. Darlene froze in fear. She had never expected anything like this. She had a fear of dogs anyway and this monster was huge and frightening. Its eyes looked through her. His breath felt hot even from that distance. He slowly walked to the prone woman and circled her naked body. Darlene tried to curl up in the fetal position but her movements disturbed the large black dog. He barked and growled loudly, nearly splitting her ear drums with the great sound.

Darlene quickly straightened her body back out and remained still on her back. She was near death with fear of being eaten alive. As the dog slowly stood above her between her spread legs Darlene froze in fright. As his large head bent lower she could feel his hot breath at her well beaten and swollen pussy. Instinctively, she spread her legs a wide as she could to accommodate his large face. She shuddered as his wet, sloppy tongue lapped at her there. In fact, his mouth opened wider. His drooling tongue lapped from her pussy all the way down to her asshole.

Darlene was scared that at any moment this huge dog might take it upon himself to simply take a bite out of her mid section. She wanted to shrink away but each time she moved in the slightest, the dog would growl and bark his disapproval. She remained deathly still allowing this animal to lick at her asshole and pussy to his delight. He was infact delighted to do so. His licking was well taught she thought to her self. As his tongue drug across her clit. She squealed out loud at this strange sensation. Her hips raised up off the floor just as it had done in acceptance to the cane earlier. The girl resolved to the fact that she was being eaten out by a dog. A large, angry dog who could with one chomp kill her.

As the dog continued to lap at her, Darlene felt a strange sensation overtake her. She actually wanted this to continue. She reached down to pet the massive head of her canine lover gently. As she did she felt his collar. The dog continued to lap at her pussy in earnest now as she turned the collar around his neck and read the name on the top of it…Max!

The dog began to back off from the girl. She instantly became dismayed being so close to another orgasm herself. The smell of sex filled the dogs nostrils. He pranced in circle all about her and howled in distress. Darlene thought she had a chance to escape now. She got to her knees and tried to crawl towards the sofa chair. As she neared the chair the dog barked loudly and nipped at her up turned ass. She cried out and froze. Her head was just above the cushion seat. Her ass was wiggling from the bite. This caused the dog to make a leap and his large paws clung to her naked back. The weight of the dog mashed her face and breasts into the cushion. She could smell the left over spent cum from Sister being smeared in her face. She was helpless to move from under him.

Max had an enormous hard on. The red tip of his cock extended a full six inches from its hairy sheaf. Someone had well trained this pooch. He thrust his large hips forward and his cock rammed directly into her gaping wet pussy. With quick, sharp successive pumps, Max fucked well into the horrified girls cunt. The pounding was intense, unlike any other cock she had taken in her life. She was helpless to hide her excitement at this point. Darlene felt her hips pushing back against the large dogs cock. She felt the long hard hairy cock slamming into her. His paws scraping and digging into her shoulders. His hot breath cascading around her neck. She heard his labored panting. She knew they both would soon be finished. She felt herself begin to relax and then she came on the dogs huge red cock.
Max followed suit and flooded her pussy with his canine sperm. The two fluids mingled and warmed her inner cunt walls until the dog growled and released the girl.

Max laid down at her feet. She turned slowly and sat beside him and found herself petting her four footed lover. The dog raised his large head and used his nose to push her hand downward. Darlene soon found her hand full of slimy, hairy cock. She fondled it gently, still afraid of what Max might do next. She became enthralled as his cock stiffened again. “So soon?” she thought to herself, and smiled inwardly.

She began to lightly stroke and pump at his long pink tipped cock head. Max panted and laid his head down. Darlene became fascinated with this doggy cock. It had produced a well deserved orgasm in her. She felt each shot of its cum shoot into her pussy. She began to relate to being captive, a pet, a fuck toy, a pain slut. Something to be trained and used just as this dog had been. She was no longer human. She was no longer Darlene. She was just a piece of meat to be used to satisfy the whims and desired of who ever, or what ever chose to use her slut body. She wanted nothing more to be so.

Almost as if in a way of saying thank you for taking me to where I most wanted to be, Darlene bent and took that pink cock into her mouth. Max popped his eyes wide open and turned on his back. His legs were in the most submissive position as the girl sucked his cock into her mouth. The dogs eyes glazed over as his paws shook in the air. She sucked his cock with abandon now. And soon Max yelped his submission as another load of doggy cum filled the girls mouth. Surprisingly, Darlene swallowed every bit of it. As the large dog relaxed he rolled over and forced the girl to lay down beside him. As if caressing a lover, Max placed a leg over the girls shoulder and the two were just about to drift off to sleep together, until the speaker broke the silence.

“Here Max,” the commanding voice proclaimed. The door to the room opened, and Max bounded to his feet and headed towards the door. Darlene was startled, remembering what she had forgotten during the beast fucking session, those damn cameras. Yet, it was too late, the deed had been committed. And surprisingly, she’d enjoyed it as much as Max.

When the door slammed shut, Darlene felt so alone. She could not even get back into her cage, her home, her safety. She curled up in a ball and with a satisfied sigh, allowed sleep to overtake her ravished body.

Three hours later she was awakened by two women. They were standing over her with a robe and some towels. She looked up and accepted the hand of one of the women who helped her stand on shaky legs. The robe was placed on her and she allowed the women to lead her out of her room.

The spoke not but took her to a large bathroom. There was a hot tub in the floor and they pointed towards it. Darlene had not showered since her capture and nearly did a cannon ball into the warm water. The women also entered the tub and began to soothingly wash her body with large soft sponges.

Darlene settled back and cooed as the women soaped and washed her from head to toe. Each woman soon took a breast in their hands and soaped them gently. Then they rinsed them off and began to lovingly suck at her nipples. As Darlene sat back and moaned, one of the women slid her hand down to her pussy. Darlene spread her legs apart allowing the girl full access. The talented woman fingered the girl to climax as her friend toyed and sucked with both nipples.

After the bath, the women lifted Darlene out of the tub and toweled her body off. Then they carried her to a dressing table. They began to pamper the girl there. One blow dried her hair an began to set and style it into a beautiful shape. The other woman knelt at the girls feet and began a pedicure on her toes. After finishing the woman bent and blew on Darlene’s toes until the fresh coat of bright red polish dried.

The women stood the girl up and selected a long white dress to adorn her with. She was not permitted the use of under garments. Darlene raised her arms over her head, allowing them to pull the long dress over her body. Once dressed and all the make up was applied, Darlene was permitted to look into a mirror. What she saw being reflected resembled nothing of the slut who had eaten a cruel woman’s pussy, been beaten near to unconsciousness, fucked and sucked a dog off… no, no. What she saw was a most beautiful woman staring back at her. She was shocked that the image didn’t seem to fit her inner feelings about herself.

The women smiled and became most reverent towards her in their demeanor. This surprised Darlene. She found wit enough to smile back at the two attendants who quickly bowed their heads.

“Bring her sluts,” a booming voice broke the awkward silence form unseen speakers.

The two women held out their hands which Darlene accepted and lead the girl out of the bathroom. They padded bare footed, all three of them, down the carpeted hallway. Reaching the end of the hall, they opened the door and bowed to the girl. Darlene tried again to smile but could not. She simply walked into the darkened room.

As she stopped, suddenly the lights shone brightly, blinding her eyes. Her hands flew up to shield them. She was not sure if she felt fear or what, but the heat of those lights didn’t help.

Suddenly the lights went dim. As her eyes adjusted, she could see men dressed in tuxedos seated before her. She could now smell cigar and cigarette smoke. She could smell alcohol and FOOD!!! Real food. Not the hash she had been forced to eat for so long from a damn dog dish in her cage.

Soon the sound of applause and cheers filled the room. A group of near naked men and women entered and formed a semi-circle around her. They all bowed their heads and bent down before her. Shock and surprise, then fear overtook her as the now naked and clearly abused Sister entered and stood before her.

Sister held a diamond tiara in her hands. No expression could be found on her face as Darlene searched for some meaning from Sister.
Instinct overcame the girl and Darlene began to bend her knees to bow as the others were.

“Do it not” the voice from the speaker spoke, but this time Darlene could see the mouth it came from. She quickly stood erect. The source of the voice was detected and Darlene spotted the man.

He was seated directly behind Sister. A tall distinguished looking man dressed to the nines. He was surely in control of this place. She noticed that his legs were spread and a girl was sucking his long hard cock.

Sister raised the crown above Darlene’s head and gently placed it on her pretty hair. Then Sister knelt and bowed before Darlene and began to kiss the girls pretty feet.

As the lights began to fully fill the room Sister backed away and another female crawled towards Darlene’s feet. A soft kiss landed there then the girls face raised up. Darlene gasped as she stared down at her friend, Trish. Tears developed in Darlene’s eyes. She tried to back away from her friend, but Trish held her ankles firmly and humbly continued to kiss her friends feet.

“You must permit the lesser slaves to pay homage to you girl,” the man in charge said. The room grew silent at His speaking.

“You have been brought her to discover who you truly are, what you truly are, and you have far surpassed Our every test littleone.”

“Since you have shown the endurance, compliance, fortitude, and cunning, it has been decided to promote you to your new position slut. All of whom you see before you kneel at your feet, as they should. Each of them both male and female had the chance to excel to the heights of submission and obedience you’ve achieved yet failed. Thus this continuum has selected you to be heralded to the lofty position as the new and presiding “Sister”, head of all slaves and sluts which We possess.

Darlene didn’t quite know what to think of this strange turn of events. She figured it was some sort of trick or test she would fail at and be punished again for. But Trish was still kneeling and planting slave kisses on the tops of her feet. This must be real she thought.

“I am not worthy Master,” Darlene protested.

“You are most worthy slut and have only Me to answer to from now on. As for these slaves, they now belong to and answer to you. Also it shall now become your responsibility to train them and others We shall acquire to hopefully learn to accept their positions as well as you have. You have only to command any of them and they shall never fail to obey you.”

Using her newfound, yet unwanted power, Darlene looked down at her friend Trish and softly said, “Stop.”

“Yes Sister,” Trish immediately responded and crawled back in line with the other slaves.

As if by magic, Darlene found herself and once more her body and her mind joined together. She knew that she had succeeded in her quest, far more than she’d ever thought possible.

It was clear to her that she had arrived when Max entered the room and instead of stopping at the Master, came and laid on his back at her feet.

A cruel grin crossed her face as Darlene spotted the former Sister kneeling beneath her.
She kicked the back of the now returned slave slut and said,

“you bitch, show our Lords and Masters how to properly suck a dogs cock and relieve Max of his load, slut!”

Darlene could hardly believe such words left her mouth until she saw her former tormentor engulf the hairy dog cock deep into her throat, and she saw Max roll onto his back with his paws scratching at thin air once more. What really moved Darlene the most though, was seeing the same shocked look of indignation and resolve on that bitches face as she sucked Max off and swallowed his full climax into her slut belly.

“Well done Sister, come now and dine with Us,” the Master bid.

“Yes Master, Sister Darlene Shultz smiled.

The end?
Humbly submitted for you reading pleasure
By Sir_Stryker.
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oh my SirSTRYKER you have surpassed yourself - I thought that was awesome - absolutely fantastic reading - thank you for sharing :-)

big smiles

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Holy Smoke! Thank you, Sir was certainly worth the wait. I'm looking forward to more, since after all, you did finish by questioning if it was really "the end."

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tyvm ruby and storm for your comments. It took longer than expected to finish this story. I am glad you have received it well. I am currently working on another one but I have found that I can not promise when it will be completed. Again, My thanks for the encouragement My friends. Always,
Sir Stryker

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Thank you for that piece of fascinating writing that touched my made fantasies surpass my mind;)

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It was an incredible read...thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing however i am not sure if the mods will allow it do to the illegal nature in one area. But a very good ending!



People always ask me why I do these things . . .
It's because I can!

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My Dear F/friens,
That's the joy of writing...taking creative liberties...smiles
thanks for your time and comments, they only serve to encourage Me all the more..smiles

Sir Stryker

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~kirtsies~ towards STRYKER with a ~smile~
on My face and continues down the reading
road of written mindful enjoyments.......

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smiles and bows to His Sister, and thanks Her for Her interest in His works.

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