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Jade's Humiliation - Story Part II (Finally)

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Jade's Humiliation - Story Part II (Finally) - 1/4/2005 2:02:44 AM   

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Finally, my muse has returned..
Part I was HERE

I knelt facing the wall for what I guessed to be at least twenty minutes; it was a pure guess because I was unable to see any clock or my watch as my hands were clasped behind my back. I started to feel a dull ache in my knees, but I could not really shift my weight at all with my hands behind my back. I had no idea when my Mistress was coming back and not knowing how long I would be on my knees waiting was more tormenting than being in this position itself. If I knew it would be a half hour, for example, than at least I would have an idea in my head of how long I'd be like this; but not knowing at all made it seemingly infinite and it was that sense of unknown infinity that made the weight on my knees multitudes heavier by the minute.

After probably ten minutes more, I heard Mistress's footsteps walk past the door of the dungeon and I heard the front door open. I heard another woman's voice but could not make out anything that was said. I heard Mistress and the other woman approach the dungeon closer and closer and a nervousness set in. I was most apprehensive because who was visiting and why and how it would affect me was completely unknown to me- everyone knows the fear of the unknown is the absolute worst kind of fear. Mistress and the other woman entered the dungeon and I made sure to straighten my back as straight posture was pertinent to Mistress when in a kneeling position. Mistress and Her guest chatted for a few minutes and I ascertained from the conversation that this woman was a good friend of Mistress. The two of them stood and talked only a few feet from me, but neither made any gesture to acknowlege that I was even there. I tried to turn my head ever so slightly, trying to do it unnoticeably, and I could only make out the other woman's figure in the corner of my eye. I saw that she wore a black suit of some kind, but I could not see her face or any of her features specifically at all. I thought I could sense my Mistress glancing at me, that sense of someone watching you is almost always unmistakeable. So, I shifted my eyes back to staring downward at the wall in front of me.

Mistress and her friend continued to chit-chat seemingly catching up on each other's lives. I continued to kneel in the same position all this time, all the while my presence had been completely unacknowledged by Mistress or her friend. I continued to listen to their conversation which was nothing more than mundane chatter between two friends. I curiously then heard Mistress mention to Her friend that she recently acquired a few new toys. I heard Mistress's walk over to the other side of the room and she opened what I knew was Her toy chest. I was careful not to move a muscle, not knowing for certain if Mistress was watching me or not. Mistress was telling her friend about a new remote controlled vibrating butt plug that has all kinds of "cool functions," as She put it. Mistress apparently was showing her friend the device which She said was bought by one of Her other slaves. Mistress's friend seemed to be greatly interested in this plug and mentioned that She loves butt plugs and thinks they are very effective in training Her slaves. So, my Mistress's friend is also a Mistress, I realized. This fact made me both a little excited and a little nervous. Excited because, well, a Dominant woman is always terribly exciting to me. Nervous because now I knew why my Mistress told me I better be on my best behavior and that for even the slightest mistake I would be sorely punished.

My Mistress also told her Mistress friend that she also received a pair of wireless remote controlled vibrating nipple clamps. "This is the age of technology alright, " Mistress's friend wittily chimed. I heard my Mistress walk over to the side of the room closer to where I knelt where all the crops and floggers hung from the wall. Mistress excitedly told her friend about new paddles She bought that have cut outs and added that they really have to be seen in action. I had no idea what She was talking about. In fact, I didn't know anything about any of these new instruments at all; Mistress must have gotten them very recently or She purposely did not show them to me or use them on me. Her friend admired these toys and mentioned that She must go toy shopping really soon and suggested they go together in the near future. My knees were really feeling strained and I struggled a bit to maintain my position, scared to move at all with my Mistress so close by.

Mistress then told her friend that She has another new toy and then I heard Her walk directly towards me until She was standing right behind me; Her shadow capped over me, and I felt my heart beat so loudly in my chest in nervous anticipation. "This is my new slave. Turn around, jade, and say hello to my friend, Mistress Cassandra. " I had never served Mistress in front of anyone else before and I was very self-conscious of my nakedness, but I knew this was my place as Her slave whether anyone else was present or not. Being that this was the first time anyone else was present while I was servile, I was extremely nervous, moreso than ever before in my service to Her; I wanted to be a perfect slave and make Mistress proud and only hoped I could live up to Mistress's expectations of me.

I immediately turned around, relieved to be able to move a bit, and said, "Hello, Mistress Cassandra, it is an honor to meet You." I leaned forward and placed a light kiss on Mistress Cassandra's shoes and then returned to an upright kneeling position. I was now facing my Mistress and able to see Mistress Cassandra for the first time even though She had been here for what I estimated to be nearly fifteen minutes at this piont. Mistress Cassandra gave a slight smile to me and said, "Hello" and then returned to converse with my Mistress. She asked Her how long She has been training me, if I was a difficult slave to train and asked about my Mistress's recent trip to London. My Mistress talked a bit about Her vacation in London and then told Mistress Cassandra that I have been with Her for three months. She said that I was endearing which made me so happy to hear, but added that I need much refinement and can be a bit lazy so She has had to work on those things quite a bit. They talked among themselves and talked about me as though I were not even there. I just stayed kneeling, not making a peep or moving a muscle, and I noticed Mistress Cassandra was quite attractive with long, jet black hair and Her lips were painted a fierce shade of red. She wore a black business suit and Her skirt hem was several inches above Her knees, just long enough to cover Her ass, revealing an amazing pair of legs. She wore black patent leather shoes with stilletto heels that were gorgeous. She was to die for. My own Mistress was even more amazing, however, with Her beautiful pin-straight, shiny crimson hair. Her silky black dress revealed the longest, leanest legs I ever knew and She wore knee high shiny platform boots that I polished only days earlier.

Mistress asked her friend, Cassandra, if She wanted to see how the new toys worked and Mistress Cassandra answered cheerfully, "Of course! Nothing is as much fun as breaking in a new toy."

Mistress walked towards the center of the room and told Mistress Cassandra to make Herself comfortable. There was a sofa about three feet from the center of the room with two end tables on either side and Mistress Cassandra sat down and crossed Her legs, putting Her arm on the armrest to Her side. Mistress looked at me, snapped Her fingers and said sharply, "Assume the position, " and pointed down to the floor right in front of Her in the center of the room. I crawled over to that place and quickly assumed what was termed by Mistress as, "the slave position". This meant that I was on my knees with my forehead to the floor, my arms lay outstretched in front of me. My legs were to be spread apart the amount equal to the width of my shoulders and my ass straight up in the air. This ensured that I was completely exposed and available to anything my Mistress wished to do to me. To me, it was the ultimate feeling of submission. My long hair lay over my head and I could not see anything other than faintly seeing my Mistress's boots as she walked right in front of me. I could only make out certain sounds, but I could tell She was opening a package of some kind, the plastic made a loud crinkle. Suddenly and without warning, I was startled by Her cold fingers pinching my labia on one side as she crouched behind me. I jumped just a little, but I was extremely conscious of the need to remain one thousand percent still.

"Now these are for the nipples, but they can be used for lots of things also.. they work on the clit, on a pussy, even on the tongue if someone is mouthy," Mistress talked over me towards Mistress Cassandra. I then felt something clamp on that one labia, holding my labia in its grip. The truth is I was pretty horny that day; the idea of seeing my Mistress always makes me hot in anxiousness, but, also, the last time I masturbated was eight days ago and I was craving release again. In this state, any touches to my pussy drive me wild. When Mistress touches me there and I have no control over how much She does it and in what ways, it drives me insane with desire. I could sense that I was accumulating wetness down there and Mistress noticed as well as she informed Mistress Cassandra, "See how she is wet even before I do anything. That is because she is a total slut. I think if she could, she'd play with herself all day, every day. Of course, I am very limiting as to when she is allowed to release; I find that keeping it very limited keeps her hungry and so very willing to obey. If I let her do it whenever she wanted, well, I think she'd just be really uppity and too cheeky which would make her much more difficult. Making it something she has to long for and earn and at My will keeps her humble and obedient. Doesn't it, slave? " Mistress emphasized the word, "slave," strongly.

"Yes, Mistress," I quickly replied, my voice muddled by the fact that my mouth was facing the carpet. Mistress denied me the right to masturbate more often than She ever granted me permission. On a few occassions, when I asked for permission, and sometimes just because She wished it, She would command me to masturbate and gave specific detailed instructions on how I must and then instructed me to stop at the very point when I was ready to orgasm. That was absolute pure torture. It left me dying to release and my mind was preoccupied with nothing but the thought of cumming and my horniness until whenever I was finally given the permission or ordered to cum. Sometimes I was denied as part of a punishment and sometimes, it was purely because She felt like it. Such was my life as Her property.

"I can't hear you and Mistress Cassandra certainly can't hear you, " Mistress rebuked me.

"Yes, Mistress!" I said louder lifting my head barely, just enough to make my voice clear. I immediately put my head back down to the floor. I then felt Mistress place my other pussy lip in another clamp of the same kind. It didn't hurt, but I was definitely very aware of its presence.

I heard Mistress Cassandra comment from behind me, "She must really like that because she is sooo wet! Does she always get like that?" and I heard Her giggle. She must have gotten up so the two of them could discuss just how wet I was from behind me while they stared at my sex. It was utterly humiliating and I felt my face turn flush even though no one could see it. I so wished the topic of conversation would just change.

"Sometimes, she drips streams to the floor. Of course, I make her lick it up. But you see, I told you, she is a real slut," my Mistress talked about me, embarrassing me to death. I couldn't react or object, but tried to put my mind elsewhere so that perhaps I could magically disappear. The subject did change thankfully. "So, anyway, there is this wireless remote that has controls and I can make it clamp tighter like this..." my Mistress explained, not talking to me but to Mistress Cassandra. I felt the clamps start to tighten as the tension slowly increased. They got much tighter and it forced me to let out a low moan as the clamping got increasingly sharp. My pussy lips were now squeezed so hard it was causing me a good deal of pain. I let out a series of moans as they were now pinched between those clamps as much as I think they could possibly be. It was far worse than if someone were to pinch my lips between their fingers as hard as they could; it felt as if the clamps went through my labia altogether. "That's the maximum, but isn't that cool, Cassandra? I don't have to tighten screws or change clamps or clothespins.. just the push of a button." I let out whimpers that were only somewhat muffled by the carpet. If my Mistress heard them, She certainly didn't pay them any attention. "They also buzz!" with an air of excitement in Her voice. She informed Mistress Cassandra, "Watch this." I then felt a buzzing vibration run from those clamps. The vibrations increased in intensity slowly also as Mistress pressed the buttons in Her hand. The stimulations were more than I could bear. I moaned so loud now in successions as the combination of the intense vibrations and the piercing pressure on my delicate pussy lips was making me absolutely insane. I couldn't get my brain off of the impossible pain and fire my labia was made to bear. It didn't subside and was only getting more excruciating. I began to dig my nails into the carpet, trying to find an outlet for my agony. I kept moaning and grunting, but Mistress was completely unaffected by my cries. I was so wrapped up in the ferociousness of my pain, I only half heard Her words as She was explaining something else to Mistress Cassandra about something on the remote. That remote that controlled the destiny of my pain. Again, the uncertainty of how long I was to remain in this torture made the experience impossible to bear. I wished so badly that Mistress would just hint to me that for five minutes or ten or twenty was how long I had to suffer any particular torment. But, She must have enjoyed burdening Her slave with the unknown in addition to the torment itself.

"You know, " Mistress said, "this isn't going to work. Her parts are too low and I have to stoop down to get to them. No, this is no good." I still remained in my agonizing torture doing the best I could to maintain my slave position knowing if I moved in any way, whatever I was experiencing now would seem like a cake-walk compared to what I would then suffer; I knew this was especially true if I did it in front of this other Mistress. I think I'd be done for if I moved for any reason now. It was all I could do to not jump up or move either clamp from its biting grip of my tortured skin. I continued to moan uncontrollably, mixing the moans with pleading whimpers begging to be free of this intolerable misery without being allowed to utter a word. I heard Mistress ask Her friend for assistance and then I heard something being dragged accross the carpet, something substantially big since Mistress needed help in transporting it. "That's good, right there. Thanks." Mistress said. I heard Mistress Cassandra plop back down on the loveseat that was a few feet in front of me.

"Up!" Mistress barked and she pulled on the chain that connected the two clamps that drove my pussy insane with distress and countless tormenting sensations. The yank caused me to sit up so fast, I didn't even have time to absorb the added pain from Her tug on the clamps. "On your feet, " Mistress commanded, and I rose as quickly as possible, so afraid of my Mistress's sternness. I was barely able to stand and my knees buckled in from the crazy intensity happening between my legs. "On the table, same position." Mistress patted the table as she said this, signaling for me to get on it and do it fast.

"Yes, Mistress," flew from my mouth in a tone conveying my pain and suffering. I whimpered not believing that this torment was only going to continue. I climbed onto the table that was in front of me and assumed the same slave position as before, except now I was facing the other direction. This meant that my pussy was fully open and in plain view for my Mistress and Mistress Cassandra, and even though the pain was unforgettable for even a nanosecond, I was fully conscious of the humiliating situation I was in. I only dwelled on it for a second because the pain was blinding me now and it was all my brain could absorb. The agony took my mind off of any humiliation, I didn't really care so much at this point, the pain was so unbearable. The table I was on was a very large, sturdy square table and the top consisted of padded black leather. It had eyeholes all around and all down the table's legs so that a person could be bound in many ways on all sides to the table in various positions and angles; however, I wasn't bound in any way other than by the fear of my Mistress should I dare move out of my position. I stretched my arms out in front of me and grabbed the edge of the table between my finger tips as a means to attempt to bear this pain. I lay on this table for several minutes with nothing being said or done, I just could feel eyes watching me. I continued to moan, but now it was in a sobbing manner. No one seemed to care at all and I was left to just continue to suffer in this absolute sheer agony. I couldn't help but wiggle my ass from one side to another at this point. I couldn't keep still, for anything in the world because of the pangs in my labia. It was just impossible.

"I guess her ass is needing attention too, " my Mistress said almost laughing. I immediately stopped wiggling because I knew that Her comment was a threat. I cried louder now, tears were welling in my eyes as my knees dug into the soft leather of the tabletop. . I closed my eyes and grit my teeth in the impossibility of the situation. "Ok. Let's see how this one works," I heard Mistress utter. And, then, finally, I almost cried in joy as Mistress magically decreased the amount of pressure of those clamps. The pinching was still there, and the clamps still grabbed my lips tightly, but the pain subsided from excruciating to just really intense. "Thank you, Mistress! " I made sure to say so loud and clear as I got a chance to catch my breath. She didn't diminish the vibrations at all, however, and my brain still struggled to absorb the wild, stimulations they caused, but at least the pain was closer to bearable.

I heard a tube squeezed just as Mistress said, "A little lube because I'm in a generous mood, " with just a hint of sarcasm. I then felt something cold and wet hit my ass cheeks. "My slave loves being fucked in the ass! Don't you?" Mistress informed Cassandra and asked me.

"Yes, Mistress," I made my mouth say as this was the only response She expected. The words came out with mixed sobs as I still had much torment happening to my pussy and I feared the penetration about to come. I forced myself to make sure to pay attention to what She said and asked as I was so afraid of missing something and being punished for not answering fast enough or ignoring a command. It was so difficult with my brain being forced to focus so much on bearing the torment of my pussy, but at the same time, I had to not let my mind wander at all away from Mistress's words. As fast as the words came out of my mouth, I breathed in hard and swallowed as I was taken aback by the initial intense, cold entry of a plug. I grunted in response to the sharp push. Mistress stepped back leaving the plug in my ass. It was not a large plug and so I had an added challenge to concentrate on tensing my butt cheeks while my legs were spread somewhat to keep the plug from falling out. That too would be a hugely punishable offense as I had learned in past training sessions. These things made my Mistress so impossibly tasking in Her training of me. My body did not know what to think of first: the unrelenting torment in my pussy lips, paying perfect attention to my Mistress's questions and orders, or the need to clench hard to keep this lubed butt plug from falling out of me. "Let's see how this works, " Mistress said to Cassandra. I then all of a sudden felt vibrations from the butt plug inside of me. It was so strange and odd. The vibrations increased as I guess Mistress upped the strength from Her remote. The buzzing was so loud and so strong inside of me. The feeling was like no other I had ever felt in my ass. The next thing that happened was the butt plug began to fill inside me more and more. It confused me at first, but then I adjusted to its growing in size until it grew to the size of a large plug. I moaned and moaned as it filled my ass and became harder to bear. "Wow, this is MUCH better than having to change sizes, " Mistress informed Cassandra and Mistress Cassandra agreed. "Here, try it." One minute later, I felt the vibrations decrease as I guessed Mistress Cassandra was testing the remote Herself. The butt plug also shrunk back down and I fearfully, quickly squeezed my ass cheeks because I felt it start to slip. Within moments, the vibrations became full force again and the butt plug grew back to full size and filled my ass again.

My ass was now feeling a tremendous pressure and intense buzzing that made me want to squirm violently, but I had to force myself not to. Mistress put her hand on the end of the plug that stuck out of me and gave short, sharp pushes. I moaned and let out several grunts as the plug worked my ass. This mixed with the unrelenting throbs in my pussy were enough to drive me to complete insanity. My mind could not handle what my body had to endure. I was breathing so hard and so fiercely letting out a combination of whimpering cries, pained moans, and brutal grunts. I wanted to beg for a cessation so badly, but pursed my lips to keep my mouth from speaking forbiddenly. The vibrations in my pussy lips were directly tickling my clit and I realized I might begin to cum. I fought the orgasm as hard as I could in my brain and was petrified that I would succumb. I shook my head from side to side, trying to tell my body no. Mistress could tell from my rhythmic moans what was starting to happen. "Better not! " She teasingly admonished, knowing full well the absolute torment She made my body bear. I sobbed in tormented frustration. The pressure in my ass was beyond uncomfortable, but the vibrations and Mistress pushing the plug were only helping to bring on the throes of an orgasm. I moaned and sobbed so loud, wishing something to end to prevent me from cumming. It's not that I didn't want to cum, my body was dying for it; the burning for it was consuming me. But, I was absolutely terrified of the result of cumming without permission, especially here and now in front of Mistress's friend. I was on the verge and couldn't keep myself from crossing.

"Pleeeeeeaaaase, Mistress, I am about to cum," just came out of my mouth. I knew I was not permitted to speak freely unless spoken to in the slave position whatsoever, but I frantically concluded it was better to let my Mistress know my situation than to release without Her express permission. I was completely stuck in between a rock and a hard place and did not know what else to do.

"Not on your life," Mistress said so matter-of-factly with an ever so slight sarcastic chuckle, completely unmoved by what I was undergoing . And, ever so quickly, the vibrations rocking my pussy lips and my ass stopped completely. "Thank you, Mistress" I quickly uttered attempting to regain control of my breathing. I was thankful that She stopped the tormenting stimulations and, most importantly, that I was able to be prevented from cumming as I could not prevent it on my own under those circumstances. There was no way, no how. I was still in a miserable agony, however, in that my body was sooo close to that edge of bliss, I was mad with lust, and I was abruptly and cruelly denied the sweet taste of relief. I let out low sobs because of this torture that my body had to endure. I would have fucked anyone or anything practically after all that torturing arousal, and here I was, left in a frenzied state of hungry desire.

"You see, this is why she needs much work. She can't control herself on her own and obey a simple command. Property does not experience pleasure without its Owner's permission. Plain and simple. I thought that was how it worked. Isn't that how it is, jade?"

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, Mistress." I was trully sorry. I want so badly to suffer for Mistress and perform perfectly for Her and make Her proud, but I failed. I suddenly felt the pain in my labia increase sharply so that they were squeezed to the absolute maximum again. I moaned and sobbed as the raw soreness returned to my lips. I sobbed because I could not beleive I had to go through that same pain again and the relief from it was removed. I still remained in the same position, my body exhausted from its ordeal.

"Then why would you even think about cumming anyway without MY permission?" I was asked so sternly, I didn't know what to say. I then felt Her hand flick the clamps on my pussy lips in one swift move and the anguish was more than I could possibly bear.

"I'm sorry, Mistress." I cried out, half from sheer sorriness and the other half from thef pain. "I tried so hard, Mistress, but I couldn't help it, " I stammered, knowing full well that no answer would have been at all acceptable to Her." I beg your forgiveness, Mistress," I cried this as well, partially because I was so sorry I nearly disobeyed and failed and partially because I was in agony.

I saw Her figure pace in front of me as I faced down into the table and I became frightened of the consequences. "It is something we are going to work on, and work on hard. Is that understood?"

The vibrating in my pussy lips began again and intensified so that within seconds, I was back in a miserable plight, my pussy made to suffer excruciating torment. "Yes, Mistress," I replied in between moans.

"You will learn to control yourself as you are MY property. You do not decide if you get to cum, do you?" She forced the clamps on my labia to sway again and I cried out in agony.

"No, Mistress, Never. " I quickly responded. I groaned again and again as I bore the excruciating torment between my legs.

"Does it matter what the situation?" Mistress asked me almost as if She did not know the answer, although She very obviously did.

"No, Mistress," was the only right answer from me.

Finally, after another minute or two, the vibrations all ceased and the pressure of the clamps again abated. I was so immensely grateful for my Mistress's mercy. She could have left me in a complete state of frenzied torture for as long as She wished, but She granted me a reprieve. "Thank You, Mistress, " I was sure to say emphatically.

Mistress pulled the butt plug out of my ass and I again thanked Her with a profuse gratitude in my tone. "Oh, we're not finished. There is still the matter of you speaking out of order. Did you think I didn't notice or would forget?"

"No, Mistress." I answered, although I had hoped it did go unnoticed and had secretly prayed She would forget.

I noticed Mistress did not remove the clamps from my pussy, although it was an incredible relief that their pain was not as intense. My pussy lips ached and throbbed beyond belief. I would have sold my soul for the removal of those clamps, but that wasn't in Mistress's plans yet. I nervously awaited whatever Mistress had in store now as I still maintained that same position. My arms itched to move down and touch my pussy; they wanted to move those clamps so badly, but they reluctantly remained outstretched in front of me even though my pussy lips continued to ache and throb. My clit also ached and throbbed torturously, but that was the least of my worries. My legs and knees were pained and I spread my legs just a half of an inch, an insignificant amount, but it helped to relieve the discomfort somewhat.

"Cassandra," I want to show you how those paddles work, and, apparently, my slave needs her ass beat."

"I can see that, " Mistress Cassandra concurred with my Mistress.

The fear of what was coming made me cringe and I almost began to cry, but held back and prepared mentally to be punished by Mistress and tried to be determined to not do anything to fuck up more and make Her look even worse in front of Her friend. If I were a better slave, I'd bear everything dished out as I should and I would behave according to Mistress's wishes perfectly. I knew I needed to work on a lot and I also knew that the methods used to 'help me' were going to be hard and miserable. I still, however, wanted nothing more than to please my Mistress and be the best slave for Her. So, I would continue to suffer through Her training willingly and passionately.

"Get down, face the table and bend over." Mistress ordered. She added a very matter-of-fact "Now." I quickly climbed down, and stood and bent over the table as my Owner commanded. "Spread your legs, " and I moved my legs apart even though my knees were shaking slightly in trepidation. My hands grabbed the sides of the table as I didn't know what else to do with them. I looked straight ahead with my chin resting on the table. Mistress walked over and locked a cuff tightly around each of my thin wrists. She expeditiously chained each cuff to eyeholes in the table as she stretched my arms out tightly and locked the chains in place. I could not move either arm at all, She left me no slack. It was a little painful in my shoulders and I struggled to find a position that did not put strain on my arm muscles. I was able to grab the sides of the table and did so out of nervousness. Mistress then put a blindfold over my eyes; this made me even more fearful for some reason. Taking away my ability to see not only made me feel terribly afraid of the unknown, but also seemed to make me feel whatever was inflicted on me to a greater degree. It is like every sensation feels much greater and sharper in pure darkness. I faced straight ahead, left in my own darkness and heard Mistress talk. I licked my dry lips and tried to control my breaths.

"You see the cut outs on the paddles? This one has stars. This one says 'slave', this one has a heart, and, this one has little circles," Mistress was showing Her new collection to Mistress Cassandra. Before I knew it, without warning, a paddle came down on my ass so hard, the sting made me yelp. "See, now there are red stars on her ass."

"That is really cool, " Mistress Cassandra admired.

Another thud met my ass and I let out a loud moan. "This one leaves an imprint of a heart. I like that." And, again, Mistress brought the paddle down on my ass as hard as She could. "Maybe, I could train her to know which one is which just by feeling it?" Mistress wickedly suggested. I hope She realized that that would be absolutely impossible. Each paddle felt the same.. they all made my ass sting with fire and I couldn't feel stars or hearts. I seriously hoped she was joking because I'd never ever learn which was which this way. Another stroke was brought down and abruptly interrupted my thoughts as Mistress told Cassandra that She likes the circle design, but added that it's not as good as the heart. I was lost in my own space in my head, letting out short breaths and moans, desperately trying to overcome the repetitious pain of each thunderous thwack. I could tell Mistress was choosing a different spot each time, I guess so each impression had its own spot. A paddle brutally hit my ass causing a smart so harsh, I could barely keep still. I grabbed the table so hard and I began to whimper, begging Mistress to wait even a minute before the next with just my cries, but I could only beg in my mind. I got about twenty seconds as she told Cassandra, "This one is my favorite, it puts the word "slave" right accross her ass," Mistress informed us. I burried my face in the tabletop and sniveled. Mistress lay another hard slap of the paddle to my ass. This time it was in the exact same spot as the previous stroke. The power of the sting felt as though it would send me flying, my hands grabbed the edge of the table so that my knuckles must have turned white. I let out loud sobs at this point. "Do you like my new paddles, jade?" Mistress asked me, speaking only an inch from my ear.

My ass was burning and my eyes were welled with tears and I answered "Noooo, Mistress, " because I couldn't bear this any longer.

"Hmmm. Shouldn't that be a 'Yes, Mistress'?" Mistress harshly corrected me. And, Mistress paddled my ass again, causing me to wail this time. "It pleases me and I like it, and don't you like what pleases me?"

I sobbed even harder because my buttocks were burning in a hellish fire. "Yes, Mistress! I like whatever pleases You!" the pain forced my mouth to say.
"Say it again!" Mistress barked as she lay yet another forceful smack of the paddle on my skin.
"Yes, Mistress! I like whatever pleases You, " I said it so loud and so emphatic trying to convince Her of how much I meant it. I swallowed hard. I sobbed and cried the words; I'd have said anything for my punishment to end.

Mistress brought the paddle to my ass with such might, I could not take the intensity of the stinging pain. Almost out of an involuntary reflex, I moved my legs together and bent my knees just for a single, solitary second of a respite. My brain registered what I had done and I knew it was a huge mistake and immediately spread my legs apart wider than before, trying almost to make up for the error. This made the strain in my arms more intense and my whole body ached.

"No one told you to move," She sternly rebuked me.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" I yelped sobbingly.

"I see that, " my Mistress answered. I wondered how many more I had to take and prayed that the paddling would end.
"Since you moved, that one doesn't count. We do that one over."
"Yes, Mistress," I cried, the words barely making it from my mouth. I wanted to show Her I was being as submissive as I knew how, but again the paddle hit my ass with all its might and I was blubberring.

She stopped and I continued to cry and whimper. I fought the urge to beg and plead so hard by clenching my mouth shut. I was only permitted to beg through my cries.

Mistress stood next to me and suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. I could feel Her face was very close to mine. "How many has it been?" She asked.

Oh my god, I lost track. My brain raced in fury trying to recount.... "Eleven, Mistress, Eleven including the redo, ten without it, Mistress, " I said with an extreme desperation, praying that I was right. The words came interlaced with my subsiding sobs.

"At least you got that right. Three more," She said. The words were both painful to hear and music to my ears. I didn't know how I was going to take three more, just hearing it made me let out a moan. But, knowing that an end was so near made me feel so relieved that it was so close to being over. Just three more I thought. What is three? Three is so close to one. Mistress pushed my head back down on the table.

I took a deep breath and let out another sobbing moan as Mistress struck my ass with fierce strength again. My ass wiggled up and down, and again I couldn't help it. I wanted to just jump up and down to shake off the blazing sting, but I knew that was impossible.

I felt as though I had reached my limit. I could not take any more. I wanted to scream out. I wanted to beg and plead. I tried to find sanity in my mind. Suddenly, Mistress Cassandra spoke to my Mistress, "Maybe she has had enough? She has suffered and taken it well." I wanted to thank Mistress Cassandra from the bottom of my heart at that moment. I was so grateful for her plea on my behalf.

My Mistress, however, quickly faded my hopes for amnesty. I then heard my Mistress tell Her, "Nope. No dice. No mercy. I won't be soft with Her, she has much to learn. She doesn't fully understand Her place. I KNOW she can take it, I have a lot of faith in her. I know she tries hard, " Mistress's tone of voice changed from that of admonishment and severity to one of compassion and caring. She stroked my hair as she said this and added, "But, she has to try harder. She is a good slave, I am proud of her and I know she will be a great slave to me over time." I could hear Mistress almost smile as she said this. And, in the same moment, she brought her paddle down on me again. Now, however, after hearing Her words and the few moments of rest I had been afforded, I found a renewed strength and a deep, passionate want to do anything and take anything to please Her. That was all I wanted here and now: to please my Mistress in every way.

"Thank you, Mistress, " I enthusiastically said. I said this not out of fear or by command, but out of my own volition. It just came naturally. I prepared for the final blow, and although it came fiercely and caused a shuddering wave of pain, I would have been able to take more. I thanked Mistress again through the tear I felt roll down my cheek. I felt an inexplicable sense of contentment. I had taken more than I ever thought for Her. I somehow felt a peace in my suffering.

My Mistress carressed my back with her hand ever so lightly for just a minute. "I knew you could take it. Good girl! I am very pleased." Mistress succinctly said and then she said no more. Those words praising me and allowing me to know She is pleased with me are rarely ever uttered and they make it all worthwhile. They make my heart dance and my insides leap with joy. That small, tiny iota of praise and affection is worth all the pain and suffering I go through to get it. "Thank you, Mistress," I blurted unable to even remotely convey just how thankful I felt.

After a minute or two, I felt the clamps that were on my pussy lips throughout this immense amount of time removed one at a time quickly and sharply. My pussy lips just throbbed in achiness, I didn't know which hurt more: my ass or the flesh of my labia. The pain was subsiding and I was able to find a comfort within it. Mistress unlocked the cuffs from the chains that connected them to the table, but She left each cuff locked on my wrists. Mistress took off my blindfold and commanded me to get up as She pointed to the floor. She still left the wrist cuffs on me.

I knew without thinking that I was to drop to my knees and so I did. I then bent forward to kiss my Mistress's boots with tears still welling in my eyes. "That's enough." Mistress said to me and I slid back on the floor just a little bit, but stayed in the same position, on all fours with my face near the floor, waiting for Her next command. I didn't move or change positions as Mistress said nothing of the sort. "See how well she learns her place with just a little bit of attention and a few reminders?" She asked Mistress Cassandra almost rhetorically.

"Apparently, you know what works well with her."

"Ok. jade, go to the bathroom and wash your face. Clean yourself up. When you get back here, go and face the wall over there." She motioned toward the spot where I waited earlier. " On your knees, hands on your thighs, palms up. I'll let you know when and if you are needed again." Mistress stressed the words, "and if".

"Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Mistress." I said still maintaining the very same position. I could feel both Mistress' eyes upon me.

"Go now, " Mistress ordered and I ran and did as told. In the bathroom, I washed my face and splashed cool water on my neck. I turned my body and strained to see my ass in the mirror. I could only faintly make out red imprints in my reddened flesh, but could barely see what they were. Tomorrow I'd be black and blue and purple, I thought.

I then returned to the dungeon and crawled over to the spot by the wall near the corner. I then waited on my knees facing the wall, waiting in my place for whatever use Mistress had for me.

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RE: Jade's Humiliation - Story Part II (Finally) - 1/4/2005 2:26:16 PM   

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WOW great story Thanks for sharing!



People always ask me why I do these things . . .
It's because I can!

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RE: Jade's Humiliation - Story Part II (Finally) - 3/3/2005 12:21:41 AM   

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Mary full of grace! You're stories make me so incredibly wet, its ridiculous. I hope that was the intent, otherwise I just feel like an ass. Anyway...If you ever happened to want to post more....

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RE: Jade's Humiliation - Story Part II (Finally) - 3/4/2005 12:21:55 PM   

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I loved your story. It was wonderful.

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