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PSA: NCSF Media Update - January 6, 2005

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PSA: NCSF Media Update - January 6, 2005 - 1/31/2005 7:39:44 PM   

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Subject: NCSF Media Update - January 6, 2005
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 23:53:47 -0500
From: Keith (Spinoza) Richie <[email protected]>

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
January 6, 2005
media @

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1. Getting scooped on the lesbian murder mystery of the decade
2. Goodbye, Naughty Ought-Four
3. Naked dorms & porn classes - I kid you not
4. Congratulations to Cuffs for engaging debate
5. Allentown cop to stand trial on assault charges

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Getting scooped on the lesbian murder mystery of the decade.
by Jim Knipfel
New York Press
January 4, 2005

[My story] concerned a woman who was bound, gagged and several days dead
by the time her body was discovered in her East Village apartment. She
was a writer in her 50s who'd published a few things, and was a modestly
big name in the lesbian lit community. A couple years earlier, she'd
even been interviewed for New York Press. Yet when her body was
discovered, it rated little more than a paragraph or two in the papers.
That struck me as odd, given that the murder weapon in this case was
duct tape, which had been wrapped tightly around her entire head,
suffocating her. Whoever did this to her had left her in the bed and
covered her body with a blanket.

Duct tape is an awfully strange choice for a murder weapon, I thought.
It takes time. Still, it wasn't that unheard of a practice within the
extreme s&m community. You don't kill the person in the end, but you
could if you wanted to. I guess that complete control was part of the

When I asked the guy who'd interviewed the woman for the Press what he
knew about her, he told me that she was "into some pretty rough stuff" -
at least when he talked to her. I started to have my doubts about this
whole "murder-by-tape" scenario.

With the few solid facts I had at my disposal, I called the precinct
handling the case to see what they could tell me. I landed on the phone
with a surprisingly high-ranking detective we'll call Detective Smiley.

I figured I had one shot here to try and bulwark my theory. If he had
nothing to tell me, then I might as well get off the phone and get back
to work. But if he did have something to share, I might as well take the
chance while I had it. "Of course you may not be able to tell me this,
either," I began, "but it's a shot in the dark. Are you looking into the
s&m connection?"

There was an immediate and sharp silence. A silence that could tell me a
thousand things, or nothing at all.

"Ummmm...," the detective said finally, "what s&m connection are we
talking about?" Something in my guts bounced a little.

"Uh, the fact that [the victim] had a history of involvement in that
whole scene..."

The tone of his voice had shifted dramatically. He was no longer the
Guardian at the Gates of Truth; he was now almost pleading. "Okay, are
you aware of anything that might be of interest to the police that could
help us in the investigation?" he asked.

"Well, other than that...from what I know about her - and again, this is
just me, but my guess is you might, uh...might want to be looking for
one scared lesbian dominatrix."


To read this entire article, go to:

To respond, write to: editorial @

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Polyamorous nipples and the omnisexuals who love them
by Judy McGuire
New York Press
January 4, 2004

Ah yes, one year ends and a new one begins. This is where I'm supposed
to get all deep and philosophical, right? I'm pretty sure that's the way
it's supposed to go. Since I've never been much for sensitive,
reflective crap, I thought I might take a more historical look back at
the year, sexually speaking. To jar my memory I took's "Year
in Sex" quiz and, to my horror, discovered I was only able to answer
eight of 20 questions correctly! WTF? How was I supposed to know the
Justin Timberlake lyric that prompted Janet Jackson to show off her
fugly nipple piercing at that big game? I wouldn't know a Justin
Timberlake song if he hummed one up my bum. As for football, color me
willfully ignorant. I have no use for beefy men who obscure all their
good bits with plastic padding. I'll take the lanky, sweaty shorts-clad
men of basketball over that nonsense any day. Mrow.

Nor did I know that "omnisexual" is one of the newest entries into the
esteemed Oxford English Dictionary. And why would I? The word roughly
means "including any kind of sexuality." An omnisexual is someone who's
attracted to men, women, trannies, etc. It's one of those hyper-PC terms
that immediately drains all the fun out of slutty behavior. Personally,
I boycott words like that. "Polyamory" is also verboten in Judy's
Funhouse Dictionary. Don't get me wrong - if you can handle a
relationship with two boyfriends, or three girlfriends and a bisexual
pre-op, more power to you. But I will not call you "polyamorous," nor
will I speak of "triads" or even "boundaries," for that matter. You're
slutty fun-havers. Enjoy it while you can. Because somebody's gonna get
on your nerves sooner rather than later.


To read this entire article, go to:

To respond, write to: the author at dategirl @ or the
editors at editorial @

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Naked dorms & porn classes - I kid you not
by John Leo
New York Daily News
January 2, 2004

In fall 2000, I promised my daughter the freshman that I wouldn't write
about Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) until she graduated. So,
readers learned nothing from me about the naked dorm, the queer prom,
the porn-for-credit course, the obscene chalk sidewalk drawings, or the
visiting anti-Semitic roadshow, loosely described as a pro-Palestinian

Instead, you usually hear that Wesleyan is very "diverse." Newsweek once
hailed the school as the "hottest" diversity campus in America, using
the word diversity in its normal campus meaning of "no diversity at
all." It said: "Wesleyan is so diverse that you can meet people here
from almost every neighborhood in Manhattan." And the students tend to
have opinions straight out of

The naked dorm and the porn course were both examples of Wesleyan's goal
of accommodating as much sexual confusion as possible. The porn course,
which had some students filming S&M scenarios, ended when the teacher
died. The naked dorm, which featured nude wine and cheese parties, seems
to have lost its allure. The obscene chalkings, which included
references to professors' sexual practices, are now forbidden, possibly
because they upset donors and enraged faculty.


To read this entire article, go to:

To respond, write to: the author at johnleo @ or the editors
at voicers @

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Congratulations to Cuffs for engaging debate
by the Tribune Editorial Board
The Ames Tribune (Iowa)
December 28, 2004

The Iowa Board of Regents this month declined to chime in on a ban on
demonstrations by Cuffs, the Iowa State University student S&M group. Is
anyone surprised? A quick check of the dictionary confirms that the
essence of sado-masochism is pain. And that's what ISU is hung up on. It
can't see its way clear to condone a demonstration of what amounts to

Not true, cries Cuffs. The demonstrations were intended to inform
willing participants how they can go about wielding things like paddles
or floggers - without inflicting harm. If university officials had only
taken the time to learn what Cuffs is all about, they would have seen
the light, they say.

Congratulations to Cuffs for the courage to bring cloistered
practices out into the open, and for engaging the debate. We'd all be
better off if we would each seek a better understanding of different folks


To read this entire article, go to:

To respond, write to: letters @

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Allentown cop to stand trial on assault charges
by staff writer
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)
December 24, 2004

A preliminary hearing for an Allentown officer accused of beating his
girlfriend took an unexpected turn Thursday when she testified that it
was a consensual game of "dominance and submission" to demonstrate the
strong trust and love between them.

The 26-year-old woman said she was being forced to testify by the Lehigh
County District Attorney's office, and that she promised Christopher
Dowling she would stick by his side.

Prosecutor Terrence Houck painted the alleged victim as a woman who is
either very fearful of the officer or in love with him.


To read this entire article, go to:,0,4755322.story

To respond, write to: letters @

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Feedback letters are an effective way to convey a positive image of
alternate sexual practices such as SM, swinging, or polyamory. You can
help to correct negative social myths and misconceptions about these
types of practices. These letters help achieve the advocacy goals of the

Generally, for a letter to be published, it's important to include your
name (or first initial, last name), city and daytime phone (for
verification only). For more information, see:

Please alert us to positive, negative or neutral stories about SM,
swinging and polyamory at media @


A project of NCSF and the NCSF Foundation

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is a national organization
committed to altering the political, legal, and social environment in
the U.S. in order to guarantee equal rights for consenting adults who
practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily
focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish,
swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because
of their sexual expression.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127
Baltimore, MD 21202-3707
media @

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