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Together - 1/22/2004 7:28:16 PM   

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I've written a few stories for others..when requested. Here is one.

It was Sunday evening. I had just left my Dom... We spent a long weekend
together. He was in town for work. A six hour drive for me but I didn't
mind. Just getting to see him was so wonderful.
The weekend started on Friday. I got off work early and drove up to Salt Lake
City. It was so cold that weekend. I got to see Dennis though. It was so
wonderful. Snuggling. I stripped for him at his command once I got there.
He kissed me all over. I came and came. He fed me. Mmm…drinking his cum
never tasted so good. I yearned and yearned for it when we are not together.
Once I was naked standing before him he had me kneel. Touching me to see I
was already wet in anticipation for him. He then ordered me to remove his
clothing. Piece by piece my hands trembled. So nervous even though we have
been together so many times before. When he was naked he told me to drink
from him. Knowing I love the taste of his cum. He thinks I get a satisfied
look on my face after I get some. I suckled on his balls. Licking the length
up and down. Gently nibbling on the sides. Working my way up. Licking in
the little groove beneath the head. Knowing he moans and moans when I do
that. My tongue swirling around the head I swirl it faster and faster. My
hand comes up and starts pumping like I have seen him do so many times before.
I pump faster as my mouth engulfs the head. Sliding up and down faster and
faster. My need to taste Master it's driving my passion. Wanting to feel it
so warm hitting my throat. Finally he erupts into my mouth. Swallowing every
drop. Wanting more as I always do. I look up at him as I see him smile at
me…good job. He tells me to stand and hugs me. Kissing me tasting the
remnants of himself on my lips.
We lie down and cuddle for a while. Master starts touching me all over.
Making me moan. He knows his touches can make me orgasm after orgasm. I
think sometimes he does it just to torture me. Always forgetting how many
times I have cum. He loses count and I don't even bother to count anymore.
We fall asleep in each other's arms. Waking up to another session. I knew I
would get little sleep this weekend when I came to see him. I get my morning
feeding. The day goes on like any other day. Full of orgasms.
As the weekend ends, I find it hard to say good-bye to him. I don't want to
leave. I never do. We cuddle and kiss. Neither of us wanting it to end.
Finally I leave late. Such a long drive home. Now I will get home just hours
before I have to be at work. It's just so difficult prying myself away from
It's going to be a long drive home. Six hours under good conditions and about
an hour into my trip it starts to snow. I have to drive slower. Having never
really driven in the snow before I get a bit scared. I do have to get home.
I have work in just a few hours.
My car dies. I try to start it again. Pulling over to the side of the road.
It won't start. It's so cold out here. I pick up my cellular phone to call
for help. It's not working. What am I going to do?
Sitting in my car watching the snowfall. It's starting to get chilly. No
cars are passing. Why is the road so deserted? Why don't my phone work?
What is wrong with my car? Will anyone find me? I never should have driven.
I should have flown to see Dennis. Just a few hours ago I was warm and safe
in his arms. Look at me now. Stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere in
a snowstorm. Please someone come by help me.
My mind wanders trying to think of the memories I just made with Dennis.
A car comes by and stops. Oh thank you god someone is driving by and
stopping. A nice looking man gets out and comes up to me. "Do you need
help?" Yes, my car stopped running and I don't know what's wrong. I need a
tow truck. I don't know where I am. Can you please call a truck for me?
"There is a truck stop up the road its too cold to stay out here come with me
I have the heater on. I'll take you and we can call from there." I look at
his car and him. I normally don't take rides from strangers.
Should I go or not I think? It is cold I could freeze to death out here. I
decide to go. I get in the car. It's so warm. We make small talk. He
offers me some hot cocoa he is drinking. I decline but he makes me feel bad I
am not drinking any with him.
It tastes so good. I suppose its because I was so thirsty. I drink a couple
of cups. It seems like we have been driving for some time I'm getting so
I do my best to stay awake. I nod off. Waking up I try to move. I can't
move my arms and legs. Struggling. And I can't see. WHERE AM I? WHAT
I hear his voice again. It takes me a while to figure out its him. The man
who picked me up. "Your car has been towed, if you cooperate you will get it
back." What do you want…why am I here…what did you do to me?
He tells me to be quiet or something will happen to me. So many thoughts
going through my mind. Am I going to die? I can't get loose. There are some
sort of cuffs on my hands and legs. They are cold…are they metal or leather?
WHY AM I HERE? He tells me to be quiet again and I will be ok. I just need
to cooperate.
So nervous I start shaking in my bonds. I feel a cold knife cutting my blouse
off. Up the arm. Then the other arm. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME PLEASE
DON"T HURT ME. He cuts it up the back. I can feel the back of the blade
traveling along my skin. It's giving me the shivers more than I already have.
Finally my blouse falls off of my skin. He runs his hands over my breasts
commenting on how large they are. "We are going to have fun with these." WHO
IS WE AND WHY AM I HERE? He tells me he told me too many times now to be
quiet. Ties a soft scarf of some sort around my head. Gagging me. I can
still make noise but I cannot talk. I feel the blade again cutting the straps
of my bra off. It falls to the floor. He grasps my breasts hard and starts
sucking on the nipples. Biting them I cry out. He tells me again…"Be good
and cooperate and you will be ok, we just want to have some fun with you."
I nod my head yes I will do my best to cooperate. Tears form in my eyes. I
feel his mouth kissing them away. Telling me to calm down. I try to listen
but I am so scared.
I feel the knife on my jeans. It's sliding up my leg. The blade is so cold.
Up one leg and down the other. The man seems please I have no panties on.
"Oh a slut are we?"
Shaking my head no he grabs my pussy. All shaved as well. You're going to be
fun when we get you broke in. Begging for cock. Tears running down my face.
What is to happen to me? Surely they will rape me? Who are they?
Why won't he let me see where I am? I wonder if I am still in the United
States. His fingers probing my pussy. He jokes about how much of a slut I am
once more. Oh my how did I get wet? How did that happen? I don't like this
how can this be happening to me?
He lets my hands free from where ever they were attached. Still cuffed
together. He brings them to the floor and secures them somehow. Until I am
on my hands and knees.
He starts hitting me with what I assume is a crop. Telling me I have to take
my punishment for talking back to him. Back and forth I can feel my cheeks of
my ass burning. Hitting one cheek and then the next. Help me someone I start
crying again. "Good you should cry for being a bad pet." Hmm..Why did he say
that to me? Pet? Where did that come from this man is not my Dom?
The spanking seems like it goes on forever and then it stops. I can feel my
cheeks burning. His hand rubs them. He puts something soothing on them.
Rubbing it in. Telling me if I cooperate I won't get hurt. He will take care
of me. I am resigned to cooperate so I don't get hurt. I hope he keeps his
word. Please god let him keep his word.
"Do not speak unless spoken to I am going to remove the gag and you will
remain silent do you understand?" I shake my head yes. He removes the scarf.
He kisses me and tells me I am being good. Somehow I know he won't hurt me.
Pushing his cock at my mouth I open my mouth without being asked. "Such a
good little cocksucker you are." I try to suck on it as best as I can. He
pushes it too deep and I start to gag. He seems to take amusement at it.
Waiting until I almost throw up then pulling his cock out. Leaving me gasping
for air. After a few times. he pulls out. "Good girl."
I can hear him walking around the room. I pull at my hands a bit trying to
get loose. He laughs a bit and tells me I am his now. His until he releases
me. He puts some headphones on me. Turns on some soothing music pretty loud.
It makes me a bit comfortable maybe he won't hurt me.
All of the sudden I feel intense pain on my breasts. He is clamping them.
Dennis never did that to me. He knows the clamps hurt to bad. My nipples are
going to be smashed. They are going to fall off. I want to scream out. I
know I will be gagged again if I do. I squirm trying to get them off. I
can't get down onto the floor my restraints won't allow me to. I am
restrained in a hands and knees position. If only I could get to the floor I
could get the clamps off. Wiggling.
I feel him running a finger through my pussy. So light just the way that
makes me cum. I have always been a sucker for light touches. I start to
moan. I hope it is pleasing him. I wiggle from the pleasure my pussy is
feeling. Almost blocking out the pain on my nipples.
Two hands grab my breasts. A hand in my pussy. OH MY GOD THERE ARE TWO
Where did this person come from?

The second set of hands firmly massages my breasts. Pulling at the clamps.
Sending pain wracking through my body. I whimper and moan. Not wanting to
anger anyone. I can't believe I am starting to enjoy myself. What is wrong
with me? I was kidnapped and I'm being raped.
The man behind smacks my ass and pulls it back. His fingers working at my
pussy and grazing my ass. I want to scream out no don't touch me there even
Dennis hasn't yet.
I must remain calm. I know they won't hurt me. How many are there anyway?
Was this somehow planned? So many thoughts flooding my mind.
OH NO, I feel a clamp going onto my clit. Electricity rips through it. I
made a toy just like this. I didn't know they were on the market. The
electricity always makes me cum. The mind cannot control it. The voltage
goes up and backs down. Leaving me writing in my bound position. I feel a
cock pressing against my pussy. It's larger than I am used to. It penetrates
hard and fast. A cock pressing between my lips. Being penetrated on both
sides now. I eagerly suck the cock in my mouth.
The music turns off all at once. The man in front of me tells me to suck the
cock good so there will be no need to punish me again. He even frees a hand.
Oh I can do a good job now. I block out the cock pounding my pussy.
Have to do a good job on this one. My hand comes up grasping the cock I have
never seen before. I want to suck it so badly. Feeling the balls in my
hands. My tongue swirls across the head. Teasing the tiny hole. Tasting
some precum. I wish I could look up at him right now. My hand massages the
balls gently. Working its way up and down slowly. My mouth sucking on the
head lightly. I hear him say "Oh yeah more baby."
I take his cock in my hand lying it on it. I begin licking up and down.
Covering his entire cock with my saliva. Gently nibbling on the sides.
Nearing the balls I suck on them. Pulling them deeper into my mouth. My hand
stroking his cock. I pull his balls out of my mouth almost drooling. Working
my way back up his cock. Licking and sucking on the sides. I take the head
in my mouth and slowly work my way down. Just past the head and back.
Creating a sucking sound I can hear so loud in my head. Up and down my head
bobs. Wanting to taste this strangers cum. I need him to feed me.
He grabs my head and starts pulling it up and down on his cock faster and
OWWWWWWW…I didn't realize the cock had pulled out of my pussy and plunged all
the way into my ass. Oh god they have ripped me in two now. As I went to
scream he plunged his cock all the way into my throat making me gasp for air.
I'm going to black out. Trying to scream. I start to feel dizzy. He pulls
out and allows me to get some air back. The man behind me sits still and
allows me to adjust. Only wiggling his cock a bit from side to side before he
starts pumping away again. Both cocks start up again at the same time. The
pleasure my body is going though. I can't believe my body is deceiving me.
I'm going to cum again. The hands massage my breasts firmly again. Pulling
on the clamps. So much pain when they do that.
The man behind me starts pumping faster. It seems they are as one. When one
does something both do it. My body moving back and forth being manipulated by
the two strange men. The man behind slams into my ass with such speed. The
man in my mouth starts ejaculating into me. As he pulls off the clamps on my
nipples such pain goes through them. I orgasm from their orgasm. As they
finish. I am left alone to rest for a while.
Maybe they will let me go free now? They have used me. As I lie on the
ground there I can't help but think how wonderful that cum tasted in my mouth.
So sweet. My free hand feeling my sore nipples. One of them comes and
removes my headphones. Removes my shackles and tells me to be a good girl and
just rest a while. Throws a blanket over me. I reach for the blindfold; all
I hear is a "NO." My hand comes down and I curl up on the ground with my
blanket for a nice nap.

Waking up my whole body is sore. I feel like I have had such a workout. My
body stretched out. I seem to be lying on some sort of a bar. It feels about
7 or 8 inches wide. My arms are bound to my sides with some sort of cuffs and
belt. My legs spread wide apart. I pull testing my bounds once more.
I hear one of them come up and say "Slut you are back with us time to start
your training." "Hope you had a good nap." Training. The thought of that.
Oh so many things start going through my mind. What kind of torture now do
they have in mind for me?
I go insane for a brief second and whisper. What kind of training? A flogger
hits my pussy hard. I cringe. "No one told you to speak did they?" No.
"Smack". "You address me as Sir." No Sir no one gave me permission. I go
back into my silence. It was too late though as I hear him tell me that I
will receive twenty directly on my pussy count off.
OWWW..One Sir thank you Sir. Knowing the drill well. Tears cover my face
again as I count slowly to twenty. The other man taking my cheeks in his
hands. Telling me its not so bad is it. I sit and cry. Trying to cry in
silence. As I feel the flogger hit more and more. They are ripping my pussy
apart. It will be no good for anything anymore.
Finally as it ends I utter the words 20 Sir thank you. I am told I am a good
slut once more.
I lie there a moment not even pulling at my bonds anymore. Its no use I am
here I'm their toy for as long as they want me. One of them comes up with
some soothing cream spreading it between my legs. It's cool when it hits me.
It feels nice as he glides his fingers over my body. I start to dampen again.
"You are a live one aren't you?" The pain between my legs starts to
They start messing with me once more. Spreading lubricant on my ass. I guess
they want to take me there again. Lubing up my pussy…not that it needs it at
all. The fingers feel like electricity on me. My body becoming so sensitive.
I feel a small plug being inserted into my ass. I have never been able to
hold one in. He tells me he will fix that. A vibrator being inserted into my
pussy. A single strap of leather is pulled up from behind my legs. It must
be attached to the belt I have on. He vibrator is turned on. There is even a
vibrator in the plug in my ass. He pushes both deep. I feel so full. The
strap is attached. My lower body writhing. My nipples once again played
with. A mouth comes down sucking them. I start to moan. No one gets mad at
me so I keep it up. I have such a problem keeping quiet ever. When they get
wet I feel some suction cups being placed on them. Oh I want to cry out I
love those little cups. Keep quiet Gloria you will get into trouble again.
They pull my nipples up into them. My whole body I'm going to cum and cum.
Oh I shouldn't be liking being kidnapped something is wrong with me.
He whispers into my ear. " We have to go out now whore. If you are a good
girl and don't cum by the time we come back we will release you." WHAT? DO
NOT CUM YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING? Oops. I hear him laugh at me as the door
closes. I slump back and whimper. My body is deceiving me once more. I try
to last as long as I can which is about 20 seconds and explode in orgasm after
orgasm. My body is so sensitive.
Too many orgasms make me pass out. Off again. So exhausted.
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