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Fantasy Rape story

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Fantasy Rape story - 1/31/2004 6:56:03 PM   

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Cathy entered the busy club with a casual indifference. Her hazel eyes quickly darted along the room, and she sighed, realizing that there were none here that she recognized. A year ago she knew every face. This place was where she had met Steele. Her full red lips curved into a smile at the thought of Steele, and her hand slipped to finger the thin velvet strand with a cameo that encircled the slim column of her throat.

Steeling her shoulders, she made her way with determination to the bar. Not that she had to push her way through the crowd. Cathy was a beautiful woman. The four inch spiked heels that she wore caused just the right strain on the muscles in her legs, showing every fine line. The also caused her 5'6 frame to be taller than most of the women, and many of the men she passed. She could feel the clinging leather that was molded to her flat belly and nicely rounded ass.

The dark black of the leather only drew more attention to the pale flesh of her upper thighs, causing her bare legs to seem all the longer. Golden highlights glimmered in the flashing lights of the club from the thick, light brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. A stool magically emptied and she sat, placing a crisp 20 on the bar before her.

"Absolute, straight up," she ordered when the bartender approached her. The bartender grinned at her British accent, and she barely flushed at the look on his face. She was use to attention. At 23, she had been attracting males for close to 10 years. But since she met Steele, none of the other's seemed to matter. When her drink came, she picked it up, turning on the stool to look around the room.

A small shadow of annoyance crossed her hazel eyes as she waved off an over zealous admirer. Suddenly, the small hairs on the nape of her neck of her neck stood on end. She felt the heat of a flush burn on her high, well defined cheek bones, turning them a becoming shade of rose. Turning further, her breath caught in her throat as her eyes clashed the man that was staring at her so intently.

She could feel the flush deepen as he slowly and insolently inspected her from the soft swell of her breasts to the curve of her foot in their 4 inch heels. When he brought his blue eyes to meet hers again, she looked down, fighting the small tremble of her hand as her vodka attempted to spill. She could feel the ribbon against her throat seem to tighten as the pulse at the base of her throat throbbed erratically.

The man was average looking, with broad features. She couldn't tell how tall he was, but he was neither as tall nor as broad as Steele. His hair was a bit on the long side, and it curled slightly at the ends. The dark brown of his hair, and the bronze of his skin made his dark blue eyes seem more intense, but she knew there was more to it than that. He had a presence about him that radiated power like a physical thing.

She quickly drained the glass, placing it back on the bar, standing to leave, and her change was forgotten in the sudden feeling of panic. The pounding of her heart and the sharp click of her heels were the only sounds she could hear as she practically ran from the building. She cursed her bad luck at having come so late, and not finding a parking spot in the well lit lot.

"Damn," she said as she turned the corner and noticed how dark the side street was. Her pace quickened as she fumbled for her keys and she jumped as she heard a van screech to a sudden stop a few feet away. Suddenly an arm encircled her slim waist from behind. As she opened her mouth to scream, a cloth was pressed firmly across her mouth and nose. She tried to struggle against the iron band that seemed to hold her, but the world quickly spun out of control, and she fell into a deep void.

Cathy could feel the hum of the floorboards as she started to come to. As she tried to move she could feel the ropes digging into her wrists and ankles. She could hear the sound of music and tilted her head in that direction, unable to see because of a blindfold tied tightly around her head. She could feel the ache of her jaws from the strain being forced to remain wide by the ball that was shoved into her mouth, the strap of the gag digging painfully into her soft cheeks.

"She's awake," a deep voice said from the front of the van. Her panic increased as she realized that there was more than one person in the vehicle with her. Her heart pounded even harder in her chest, and she could feel the cool sweat of fear that popped along her brow. As the van came to a stop, she struggled to kick the side, praying deep inside that someone outside the vehicle would hear the sound.

Cathy froze as she heard his deep chuckle, her panic increasing as he said, "It's useless girl, no one can hear you." Shaking the fear, she tried to scream again, her throat burning as she screamed, though barely a whimper seemed to escape beyond the large gag. She heard the screeeeeech from a door in need of oil being opened, then rough hands grabbing her, pulling her out of the van then dropping her to the ground.

As she struggled to sit up, she screamed, feeling the cold edge of a knife along her leg, her panic overwhelming in the moment before she realized that he was cutting the ropes holding her ankles so tightly together. His hands dug roughly into the flesh of her upper arms as he pulled her to her knees. She felt his hands pulling her hair as he pulled the blindfold from her. She squinted at the bright light, and then gasped as she saw the hard blue eyes of the man from the club.

She caught a movement from the corner of her eye, and her whole body tensed as she moved to quickly scramble to her feet. She felt strong hands grab her from behind and screamed as the glint of the knife came closer. 'Oh Steele,' her mind was in a panic, 'why did you make me go out tonight? Why did you insist that I go out when you are out of town? I never wanted to catch another’s eye. I love you Master.' The thoughts were a jumble in her brain and she closed her eyes tightly, feeling the tears that escaped to roll slowly down her cheeks.

As she felt a cool breeze caress her now bare breasts, she felt a wave of relief that he has only cut off her clothing, and had not killed her. He chuckled as she trembled before him, and he lightly traced the edge of her jaw with the knife, his dark blue eyes never breaking her gaze. "What a good little slut," he says in a hard voice as he watched her body respond to the light caress of the blade.

She closed her eyes, trying to stop the mewling noise as he flicked the hardened nubs of her breasts. Cathy has always craved strong men. She has never understood why her body reacts so strongly to things like bondage, force, and fear, but it did. Though normally she was with someone she knew, thus knew deep down there was nothing to fear.

She felt a burning deep in her center that she couldn't explain. With her eyes closed, all she could do was feel. She felt the strong fingers of the man behind her as they dug deeply into her upper arms. She felt the centers of her breast harden more into aching nubs. She felt the moisture come unbidden to slickly coat the lips of her womanhood.

Her mind screamed angrily at her and she opened her eyes as she decided to fight. Anger shone in her hazel eyes, but the moment they met his deep blue ones she was lost. In them she saw the cold, hard determination of a man that takes what he wants, uses it, and then puts it out of mind until he wishes it again. She felt as if they were the ocean on a storm laden day, and she felt herself drowning, unable to fight.

As he stepped back, she shivered, watching him move as if in slow motion to undue the belt and unzip his pants. She watched as his 8" member spilled out his pants, throbbing, engorged with the blood and lust of his desires. She could feel the tug on her head, as he undid the gag ripping from her mouth.

Before she could relax her stiff jaws or draw a breath to scream, he entangled his fingers brutally in her hair, yanking her head back. Her open mouth felt his hard cock as it was shoved deeply down her waiting throat. As he stepped back a step, pulling her to her hands and knees, she felt the hands that were on arms let go to dig into her hips as another cock plunged deeply into her wet, silky walls.

She tried to gag as her head was forced to go up and down more swiftly on the hard, thick cock. She tried to struggle, hating the way her body betrayed her as she got wetter with each brutal stroke. She whimpered, almost sorry as she felt the cock leave her wet channel. In a moment she tensed, her body screaming in pain as he plunged fully into her ass, only lubricated with the her own juices.

Her body tensed and she fought his invading member, realizing it was almost large as Steele's 11 1/2 inches. The thought of him snapped her out of her compliance, and she struggled to throw herself forward, to get away from the cock buried deep inside her and to push over the one that was standing before her.

She felt the sharp blow to her the soft swell of her ass. With the second, tears sprang to her eyes, and she tried to scream, but couldn't around the thick cock that rammed over and over into her mouth. She felt the heat that spread across her bottom as he smacked her over and over, first one cheek then the other. She tried to ignore the floating place that always took over her thoughts when Steele spanked her, not wanting to enjoy this, not wanting them to win.

Cathy lifted her hazel eyes, and as she looked into the hard blue eyes she knew that she lost. As she gave into her own wantonness, she saw him smile a well satisfied smile. She whimpered in need as her tongue started playing with the hot flesh that filled her mouth. She could feel a rhythm as she pulled back on the cock in her mouth slamming against the one in her ass, then went forward again, the tip of the other cock hitting deep in her throat.

She moaned deeply as she felt his other hand drop to twist and tug on the hardened nubs her full, firm breasts. She felt them sway against his hand as she thrust forward towards him and the sharp pain as she thrust back on the cock that impaled her. She felt like a cloud was enveloping her, her every nerve on fire as she was brutally used by these men.

When the orgasm washed over her, Cathy quivered between them, her whimpers and moans caressing the hard cock that worked its way through her lips and down her throat. She felt the rush of juices stream down her thighs as her release washed through her. She felt the dark channel of her bottom squeezing the massive member as it contracted.

As she struggled to regain her senses, she felt the cold rush of fear that ran down her spine as the man laughed. "What a good little slut," he said his voice low and hard. Cathy felt the fingers digging more roughly into her hips, then the hot feel of jism as it shot deeply into her bowel.

'Oh God,' she thought, 'he didn't use a condom. If they don't kill me, I will have to worry about aids.' Before Cathy could think more, she felt her hair pulled more roughly, and the salty taste of cum as the other man's jism shot into her mouth. Using her tongue to push it down her throat, she concentrated on swallowing, fearing his reaction if a single drop escaped her lips.

She fell forward, cheek to the ground as he released her hair, stepping back to come from her mouth. She was aware of the salty taste of the tears that were rolling down her cheeks as they crossed her lips to mix with the taste of his jism. Cathy felt the fingers move from her hips as the other man stepped back, his still hard cock pulling from her with slurping sound.

"Tsk, Tsk," she heard the man say, and she struggled to a kneeling position before him. "I told you to wear a condom. Now the poor girl will live with the fear of possible death by some dreaded disease. You are a cruel man to wish that." She glanced up as he shrugged his shoulder. "I am not that cruel." Cathy caught the flash of the steel as he drew the blade. As he brought it near her, she felt the gray wave sweep over her and crumpled to the ground in welcome unconsciousness.

The room was like the dark right after dusk when Cathy opened her eyes. Realizing she was on her own bed, she felt the relief flood her, thinking it has only been a dream. Moving to sit up she felt the aches and pains in her roughly used body. A cold wave of fear invaded her and she fought the panic at the thought that they had to be there somewhere.

As the TV came on, she jumped. Her eyes flew towards it, and they widened as the screen filled with the sight of her terror and lust filled face. The only sound in the room was the whimpers and moans coming from the screen. "You pleased me well today, pet," said the voice in the corner. Her hazel eyes flew to the chair, relief clear at the sight of her own beloved Steele.

No longer noticing the pain, she moved swiftly to kneel at his side, hiding her face in his lap as her slight frame shook with sobs. "I thought I would never see you again Master," she cried. "I thought they were going to kill me. He didn't use a condom, and they had a huge knife...." Her voice trailed off as his words penetrated her mind.

Raising her tear stained face, Cathy asked in a small voice, "Pleased you Master?" His large hand was running soothingly through her hair, and at her question, he turned her back towards the screen. She gasped in surprise as the camera paned back, showing not only her quivering form, but the features of both males.

"You, Master?" she asked in a small voice.

"Of course pet," he replied. "Did I not tell you I would always be here for you? That I will care for you as long as you serve me well?" His voice was a low, soothing balm on her terror stricken mind. He easily lifted her slight weight, placing her across his lap. She buried her face in his broad chest, as her fear and anger of the days events wracked her body with shudders.

His hand worked soothingly through her hair, and his voice was soft but firm as he continued. "You will always grow with me my pet. I will show you your deepest fears, and help you to learn to take pleasure in all you do. You are mine pet. You are loved and cared for. Trust me."

As she relaxed in his arms, she felt herself calming listening to his soothing voice. Cathy's eyelids began to drop as the exhaustion set in. Feeling wrapped in a blanket of love and security she started to drift off as she softly whispered. "I love you Master, and thank you."

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