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borrowed information

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borrowed information - 5/4/2005 7:53:30 PM   

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MrThorns has a much better discussion on his thread ... to which i am responding there
thanks all for your pateince


Since the people who prefer the flora here are very differnt than other flora gardens i belong to .....

i was wondering what you all thought of this......
Each has a different definition of what poly is to them. Of course I understand that relationships are defined between the people in them;

1. Man has a sub and is free to fuck/play with whom ever he wishes; he tells his sub when he does.
2. Woman has two male Dom's she is in 'relationship' with who know about each other but never play at the same time.
3. Man has a sub and is free to fuck/play with whom ever he wishes; he doesn't always tell his sub.
4. Man has two subs who all live together and play together.
5. Man has one sub but seeks a second sub to enjoy things his first sub can't/won't do.
6. Man has a harem of six subs; act like a family.

Comments, suggestions, flames, attitudes???

i will post my understanding later.

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i speak only my personal opinion, sometimes O/ours.

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RE: borrowed information - 5/4/2005 11:24:18 PM   

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1. Is polygynous (male may have more than one female mate)
2. Is polyadrous (female has more than one male mate)
3. Is polygynous (and somewhat nonchalant about it)
4. Is polygynous (again)
5. Is polywannabe (sorry, couldn't resist)
6 Is polygynous (again) unless they are all married, in which case they are practicing polygamy.

Thoughts? Two:

1. All of these situations are a natural state of affairs for the species homo sapiens (us), though polyandry in the history of our species is rather rare. It is only by social convention that we aspire to monogamy.

2. All of these situations will be volatile in members of the species homo sapiens (us). We're group social primates, and naturally prone to form and break fraternal and sexual relations with other members of our species throughout our lifetimes, and are perfectly capable of having more than one of either type of relationship at the same time. It is, again, only by social convention that we act as if this isn't so (even though it obviously is) and pretend that we are like swans or gibbon apes who naturally mate for life. Paradoxically, the fact that we pretend not to be group social primates probably makes it harder for us to form lasting relations of the sexual kind, not easier.

There you go.

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Take care of yourself


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RE: borrowed information - 5/5/2005 4:58:24 AM   

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1, 3, and 5 have certain risks, especially 3. What I find critical to maintain a ethical base, is that the partner(s) in the relationship know what each other are doing, and are comfortable with it.

1 is fine if the sub accepts it (yes ok, he's the dom, she's the sub, she has to listen, but if she is actually emotionally hurt by it, things can go badly)

3 is tricker, it can be fine if she knows he does this in a general sense, trusts him to keep them both healthy, and is otherwise content at hsi behaviour

5 is again, ok, unless the sub is being pressured in a direction she can't handle.

2, 4, and 6 all already imply a consensual environment, and sound just fine.

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RE: borrowed information - 5/5/2005 5:31:07 AM   

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2-4-6 are the only ones that fit within what I believe poly to be. Playing/intercourse in and of itself does not, I believe, a poly relationship make. But that's just my opinion.

best regards,


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RE: borrowed information - 5/5/2005 6:17:34 AM   

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LOL I think I have at least one of each of those existing within my extended type family right now.

As long as everyone understands the dynamic at work and understands the consequences, go for it.

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RE: borrowed information - 5/7/2005 8:06:20 PM   

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1, 2 & 3 are not what I would call poly, by my definition anyway. I feel that to be truely poly you have to all be together, not neccessarily at playtime, but in a living situation (same household). 4 & 6 are what I would consider poly and 5 would be if his search was successful and he brought the new one into the family. As with anything in a forum, this is just my opinion, many define poly differently and that doesn't mean they are wrong, just that they have differing viewpoints. There of course are other variations you haven't listed that would qualify. I am a Dom married to a Domme and we have sub(s) who live with us...yes, we are poly. Of course where you have "man" listed that could be "woman" just as easily, poly is not gender specific.


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