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Forced Lactation

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Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 7:06:57 AM   

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recently i spoke with a submissive who was lactating for her Master. that got me to thinking about how wonderful it was to nurse my children and Master and i had a discussion about it one evening.  W/we have decided that we would like to hear more about it and possibly include it in our life.  i am 45..not going thru the change.  would anyone share their experiences, likes, dislikes, and how you forced the lactating.  thank you.


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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 7:22:05 AM   

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I had this bookmarked for some odd reason ;)
I can not speak for the accuracy of these statements... just passing on some information
I have the link to the orig thread if you'd like that as well



ORIGINAL: HotXBunz on Literotica
The secret to induced lactation is patience and consistancy. A good quality, electric, double pump will help also.

Lactation is caused by stimulating two hormones, prolaction and oxytocin. The hormones are stimulated by breast and nipple, manipulation; sucking, massage, kneeding and pumping. There are herbal remedies on the market touted to help with milk supply. Fenugreek capsules, found in health food stores, can be taken two caps-three times daily. The seeds can be infused into tea. There is also a Mothers Milk Tea made. The drug Reglan (metoclopramide), usually prescribed for gastric reflux, can also help to stimulate milk production. The usual dose is 10 mg. every eight hours for 10 to 14 days. This drug works best if the woman is postpartum but some have had success with it without pregnancy. It can be used for two courses but one of the side effects is depression so coninued use is not recomended.

A commercial grade, electric pump is best for breast stimulation. Hand pumps and battery pumps are inexpensive and available in many stores but do not offer suffucient suction or the cycles per minute that are needed to adequately simulate the breast. Because most battery operated models do not offer suction regulation, tissue damage is a consideration also with hand pumps, you control the suction and cycles so it takes some timing and coordination. Remember, you will not have the advantage of postpartum hormones so you will need a quality product that will stimulate the nerve endings. These can be rented (1800-Tell_YOU). Ameda/Egnell and Medela are companies who rent and sell these products. You can find them online also.
Many women use Medela's Pump in Style model, it is light weight, portable and efficient. It will run approx $300, less on eBay.

Okay, you have done your pump research and made your purchase, decided whether or not you were going to use drug/herb therapy, and you are ready to roll. The next step is pumping.

Regular pumping is a must. Your goal is to simulate a baby's feeding schedule and suckling. If you have bought a high grade pump, you will have the stimulation part licked. A recommended schedule is ten minutes of stimulation per side every 2 1/2 hours and at least twice at night. The hormone levels are highest at night so make use of them. Don't get hung up on the pumping alone, this can be a shared experience. Sucking and massage also will stimulate the hormones so don't hesitate to do your part as well. Do not fear these hormones, they are a woman's friend. Depending on the length of time a woman lactates, the hormones can help to lay on bone mass and induce a feeling of well being.

I recommend a warm compress and breast massage (like a breast self exam) before pumping to start the hormone production. It sort of jump starts the process and you get the best results from your pumping session. Make sure you have a good fit so the suction will be strong. Wetting the funnel that goes over the nipple/areola will help create a good suction. Push the funnel straight into the breast tissue towards the chest wall to compress the ducts behind the areola. Follow the instructions given with the pump to avoid sore nipples if this is desired. If the tissue becomes dried or cracked medical grade lanolin (Lansino- walmart or drug store) can be used. Use moist wound treatment, keeping the area covered with the lanolin.

Some women will produce large quanities of milk, others just a few drops. Some will only produce a creamy/golden colored substance that is a pre-milk (colostrum).
It can take days or weeks to see results.
If she produces an abundant supply she may become engorged (breast become full and tender). The breast will have to be emptied regularly to avoid this if you desire. Another problem that can arise if the breast are not properly emptied is mastitis (inflamation if the ducts). Regular emptying of the breast will help to avoid this also. As you can see this is a high maintainence proceedure but well worth it for many.

I would like to address the practice of induced lactation in the context of a BDSM relationship. The very act of regularly pumping can be a very submissive thing for a sub to do for her Dom/Domme. Pumping alone is an act of loving obedience that connects the partners. The production of milk is a gift she can freely offer Him/Her as a result of her patience, and obedience. Keeping a pumping diary and having the sub record her thoughts and feelings about pumping is also something that may be tried. This is also a good way to assure a regular schedule is maintained and to record milk production.

As for the use of hand and battery operated pumps in play, the hand pumps are fine and can create a wide range of sensations from gentle pulling to searing pain. They are not good for induced lactation but do have their place in the toy box. They should be used with caution as especially the old fashioned bicycle pumps can cause tissue damage. These too can be found on eBay. They are usually made of glass with a rubber bulb. If purchasing, make sure the bulb is still pliable. There are more modern versions in the Adult section sold as sex toys but I can not personally recommend their quality.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 7:28:07 AM   

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thank you. i would love to view the orginal thread. 


coloring outside the lines!!

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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 7:39:17 AM   

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getting breast milk from my slave
lactating submissives
Induced Lactation
Lactation Again


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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 8:17:54 AM   

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ORIGINAL: safesaneplay2

thank you. i would love to view the orginal thread. 

I dropped you a pm with the link


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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 11:26:04 AM   

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Speaking of lactation, here's one to enjoy:

Students in an advanced biology class were taking a mid term.

The last question was "Name seven advantages of mothers milk," worth 70
points or none at all.

One student who had also partied the night before, was hard put to think of
seven advantages.

He finally wrote:
1. It is a perfect formula for the child.
2. It provides immunity against several diseases.
3. It is always available as needed.
4. It is always at the right temperature
5. It is inexpensive
6. It bonds the child to the mother, and vice versa.

And then, the student was stuck. Finally, just before the bell indicating
the end of the test rang, he wrote...........................

7. It comes in such cute containers.

He got an "A.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 11/2/2006 6:44:22 PM   

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/7/2008 4:00:58 PM   

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does anyone know the side effects from forced lactation.  My new Master wants me to give it a try but im a bit worried about the side effects as i already produce colestrum  have done for 15 years apparently my body still thinks its pregnant...

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 3:41:35 AM   

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A very good site that celebrates and tastefully (no pun intended) teaches about lactation is:

I am 48 (menopausal, never breastfed) and have always had this interest in being able to produce breast milk. With three (now grown) children - breastfeeding during the pregrancy/child rearing, just was not on my career agenda.

But the thoughts and desires never left me.

Several times over the past 4 years - I would start all the manual induction techniques, only to grow disappointed, bored or just plain too busy (understatement!.)

Over the years, I had read much about certain medications assisiting in the induction and supply of lactation.  Finally, I broke down and chose to go that route. (Please do not ask - you will learn about them if you do your own research.)

There are many MANY good articles on techniques to induce breast milk.  And it matters not, how old you are, whether you have had children, pre or post menopausal, etc.

It took about 2 weeks of a tightly adhered manipulation
schedule, before I sprayed a stream of the sweet coconut like milk - and DAMN that was awesome and made for some really "kicked into high gear" shared erotica.

The body will produce, based upon the demand.  That is something you have to decide.

It was exciting. So wonderful. And realizing after all these years - being full blown menopausal, having never breastfed nor experienced this awesome part of my body before - that I did it!! (yes I know the meds helped, yes I know that many do not wish to use it, yes I know all the WARNINGS) - but I felt it was just "time". 

UNFORTUNATELY - It is time consuming.  LIFE CONSUMING, and the reality is that I am an extremely busy woman.  I enjoyed the success of my body for about 2 months after I was fully lactating - and then sweetly let it go.  Taking 30 minutes every 4 hours to pump, stimulate, etc was just more than I really had to give.  But the point is - IT IS POSSIBLE.

May your Master and you celebrate the wonders of your body!! 


"Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires." - Shakespeare, MacBeth

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 5:21:56 AM   

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love breast milk  one of natures truly wonderfull gifts  my ex and i had 4 kids so supply was never a problem  and every now and then dad just had to have some ..very yummy indeed  mal

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 5:44:07 AM   

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i've been asked about lactation by a lot of Doms.  Apparently it's a very common kink. i used to agree to it a lot. Then i learned more about what's involved, and my feelings changed.
i've kinda lost interest in it now.  i dun wanna use a breast pump, esp not for any length of time.  i have heard mixed information about the herbs, etc., that are supposed to induce lactation...and i'm just not interested in them.
i agree with the OP.  i breast fed my UM, and it was amazing.  The 'let down' response was like nothing i had ever felt before -- sort of like a huge orgasm.
i was separated from my ex when i was breast feeding, so i have never had a Man suckle me, but the idea is hot.
i just don't think i'd be willing to put in the time to make it happen.  i'm lazy and i get bored just sitting around.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 6:53:03 AM   

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Only recently did I become aware of Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult breastfeeding through a freind on this site.

I have to admit there are some great possibilities for BD/SM and forced lactation. Lactating breast bondage could just be wild.

I have heard that a tens unit can help to stimulate flow, but have never been confortable with putting electrophied pads that close to the heart.

This could be a chance to explore a fun new kink.



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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 2:17:50 PM   

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Prolonged high levels of prolactin can lead to osteoperosis.

I love my psychiatrist for telling me these things.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 4:31:07 PM   

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i pray that Ma'am never asks this of me... maybe i should add this as a new hard limit.  My "breasts" are already sagging a little, i can't see as where this would help.

*darchChylde giggles and runs off*


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if only to keep me to herself.

I'm a male dominant switch whose experienced as a poly sub to a dominant woman
Where the fuck do I post?

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 5:16:52 PM   

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And to think mine never said a word about that to me...dang him.
I had to suck titty till my jaws would
Oh well....he handed out xannax back then like M `n` M`s...

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/8/2008 5:27:23 PM   

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~I breastfed my ums into toddlerhood. I figured it out one time--I nursed for thirteen years straight. It was a gift to my ex- Master/husband to produce healthy breastfed children (it was part of our contract).

However, after the last one weaned, I wanted my body back. I immediately put in nipple rings to celebrate and I refuse to breastfeed one more person. So, for me, it's become a hard limit--men that want to nurse can look elsewhere.

Side effects of prolonged lactation? The best one is that your breast cancer risk will be considerably reduced the longer you produce milk.
And that's a very good thing!


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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/9/2008 1:36:33 PM   

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I loved breastfeeding my babes, and I have missed it on an off since they weaned, but baby daddy was never into my milk, so it wasn't a sexual thing for me.  The one concern I would have about lactating again for anyone would be how loopy it made me in the head.  My kids were really close together and I feel like I went through a three-year period where my mind was just space junk.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/21/2009 7:16:20 AM   

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I am new in this life style. I hv got an offer from a Master to keep me 24/7. He would also lactate me and beginining he said he would use heavy duty pump  daily 5/6 times to induce me milking and thereafter a permanent milk producing cow. I want to know is it possible and will it have any adverse effect.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/21/2009 7:22:53 AM   

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Yes, it's possible to induce lactation.  To lactate for a long period of time, I suggest you seriously consider changing your nutritional habits since it takes a lot out of you in that sense.  Google "induced lactation" to learn more about it.  Make sure the pump he plans to use is made for humans.

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RE: Forced Lactation - 6/21/2009 8:15:40 AM   

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He said he would be beginning by using a heavy duty pump???
Gentle and light, but extremely frequent stimulation is how to begin.
Heavy pumping when nothing  - Or little -- is there will cause damage to your milk ducts and glands.
Sweetheart, you'll bleed.

[ I'm 50... with over a decade of experience on my "girls"]

Please private message me here if I can help you more, ok?

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