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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/13/2008 7:43:28 PM   

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In the fiction category, let me add "Ring of Steel" by Jim E. Dickson.  i originally came upon this in a 2-volume paperback edition years ago.  It is now available (for purchase) from Olympia Books (in UK) in PDF form (each volume).  The focus:  female domination oa a willing male slave (primarily), lifestyle, training, severe rubber bondage.

If those categories are to your taste, you will find this to be a terrific read.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/20/2008 11:55:58 AM   

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ok well i was just stating after i read the book i don't need it anymore, i don't need to re read it or really care to get it autographed, i am sure there are those that do, and i don't mean to offend, but they are just collecting dust on my shelves, so i thought someone else may enjoy them and vice versus. why else would there be so many used book stores, i don't mean to be offending at all, but i don't need them anymore once read. sorry i brought it up, i really didn't mean any harm by it.

I find it a cracking idea personally, subintraining.  After all, what would the point of libraries or second hand purcahsing via amazon?  I find it pretty strange to say that if people do not purchase books and stop making money they stop writing books pretty bizzarro.  If that's the case, they are writing just for the cash and not all writers do it just for that.

People will buy books if they like them and enjoy them, just like they will purchase music when they have downloaded it.  Writers earn basically nothing from selling books anyway, we should know, just like musicians earn a pittance from record sales.  It's the promotional work and freelancing for others that brings in the money.
So don't think you have offended anyone, subintraining - and you have no need to apologise to people you don't know.  Your idea has merit in the opinion of some people.  It's just not everyone is going to agree.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/20/2008 5:55:02 PM   

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RS awesome list!!! Thank you so much.



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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 12/18/2008 11:27:44 PM   

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"The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter. A darkened sexy twist on our beloved fairy tales.


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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 12/19/2008 11:13:25 PM   

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Two that girl found really interesting under the title of Fiction

Slave Heart by Nage Archer , published by Samhain Publishing Ltd
Slave Girl by Claire Thompson , published by Blue Moon

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 12/22/2008 4:48:11 PM   

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Thank you for sharing such an eloquent story and your opinion about a great and powerful book Venus in Furs.  That book is the reason we have the term “masochist” which was taken from the author’s name Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.  

Venus in Furs

ORIGINAL: UmbraDomina
I have to say, one of the fiction books you listed, started my love affair with S&M.  20+ odd years ago, as I was starting what I considered serious dating.... ok as serious as a 18 year old could, I went through a series of failed attempts at relationships, the whole 3 date syndrome... after 3 dates I was bored, mind you this was still on the cusp of that time far off in the past when females were expected to land a good husband, and mothers said things like you will marry well. So there I was away at college, had finally gotten past my ugly duckling youth, and I was searching for Mr. Right.... along comes a guy who I became great pals with, he was a bit older (30) recently out of the military, and going back to school, he was a sweet dear gay man. He told me months along, my problem was I was trying to be something I was not.....huh? He said I was trying to conform to worlds idea of what a woman was.... sweet, subserviant, ect. I told him he was full of crap, and went on in my bliss. He asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him, I said sure..... he took me to the scariest place I had ever been in my then short life ( what I now know as a private or house play party) There were freaks every where, doing horrible things to each other, they were hurting people and leading them on leashes, men slapping other men..... people being used as sexual objects...... holy shit!!! I was out of there in a heartbeat..... I told my pal he was a freak and never come near me again.... how dare he think I was like that!!! The next day he dropped a book off at my dorm room for me, in the cover he wrote a short note basicly "call me when your ready to explore" that book was Venus in Furs. I threw it in the trash....... got it back out again...... threw it in a box...... let it sit there for weeks....took it out...... read the first page, and the next and the next I stayed up all night reading it, feeling things I had never thought of before.... it took me a few more weeks of rereading it, masterbating, and rereading it to get up the guts to call him..... he became my mentor, he helped me explore and helped teach me so many things, but it all started with me reading that damn book. :)


-=BDSM Book List=- Reading is Fundamental !!!
I give good thread.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 4/15/2009 12:41:43 PM   

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You saw this on another thread and I noticed it this morning from another website: Did you want this on your good book list?

'On one level, this book has all the elements of a top-rated HBO series — provocatively graphic sex, humorous dialogue and moral ambiguity. But what makes it so powerful is that it’s as much about desire and what’s normal as it is an exploration of why we are the way we are, whether we like it or not.'

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 6/3/2009 9:41:07 PM   

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I didn't see the Gor series by Norman in there.  Personally, I avoid those books because I know they screwed up a couple of my friends, but many people are into them.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 6/3/2009 11:00:28 PM   

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curious.  you avoid reading something, yet swear your friends got messed up by reading them

makes perfect sense

to the OP

great list, thank you


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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 8/30/2009 4:55:27 PM   

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Laura Reese who wrote "Topping From Below" in 1995 published her second novel "Panic Snap" which is a favorite of mine.

" Panic Snap describes the attempts of a woman named Carly Tyler to find the person or persons who tried to kill her when she was 17. She was found, battered and bloodied, on a field off County Road 104 south of Davis. As a result of her injuries she lost her memory and had to build a new life. But an article and photograph she came upon in Wine Spectator magazine sent her to the Byblos family winery to discover if the answers to her identity and the identity of her would-be murderer could be found there. ":

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/7/2009 10:18:55 PM   

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I apologize for not mentioning the Gor books in my OP . . .
The Chronicles of Gor* is a multimillion selling series with a worldwide cult following and its own subculture both in and out of the BDSM community.

Yes, I have the series in my collection.
No, I did not mention them because they are not about BDSM. If you want kink, get Imaginative Sex (same author). It is more about kink than The Chronicles of Gor is. Saying Gor books are about BDSM is like saying The Mariner's Manual is about BDSM because it tells how to tie a knot in rope. Gorean philosophies or procedures and knot tying just happen to work conveniently in many BDSM relationships but so do many Christian beliefs. I didn’t list the Bible as a BDSM book or as a kink guide to poly relationships either.

The adventures of Tarl Cabbot and others on Gor are about the philosophical construct of an idyllic society on Counter-Earth. It is a place where the priests have the power to regulate and limit technology so as not to water down the aggressive or competitive natural order. It is about a rustic society in which the strong survive, the dominant rule and the submissive serve because certain technologies, like guns and other war machines, cannot aid the weak. It is about preserving the very nature of man and what makes us human survivors.

Many slaves on Gor are kidnapped women from Earth who were taken there in spaceships (spaceships good, get slaves. Guns bad, let the weak kill the strong). Then they go through training, earning their slave ranks as they go. The Masters, slave training, war, careers and most everything else in Gor has a complex and detailed history, backed by tradition, with purpose, policy, procedure and philosophical perspective . . . often written up in excruciating detail. These details, with more than 20 types of slaves and even more slave positions, is what spawned the BDSM interest in these books.

John Norman (John Lange Ph.D.) is loved and hated. He was fired from Ballantine after 7 successful books. He was picked up by DAW and wrote 18 more successful books. Donald A. Wolheim became ill and relinquished control of DAW. Despite the fact John’s 25th book sold 3 million copies, he was fired. (Urban legend has it that he was fired at the insistence of a publisher’s wife and fired again at the discretion of a daughter.)

After 25 books rumored to have sold over 20 million copies, he was blacklisted by the publishing industry. Soon after, a Gor movie was released, then another movie deal failed, a TV series went into the works but never aired, a comic strip and magazine deal was cut but never hit print and finally after 14 years, the 26th book came out. Currently, fans anxiously await the 28th book that is due for release soon.

*The Chronicles of Counter-Earth, The Saga of Tarl Cabbot, The Counter-Earth Saga and The Tarl Cabbot Saga
Thank you for bringing Gor to our attention with your reply. I am a fan of the life and struggles John Norman has gone through. Anyone that can cause that much trouble with books about an idyllic society designed to preserve the nature of man while practicing slavery certainly deserves mention in this thread.

Series No. / Title Log / 1st Print / ISBN
1. Tarnsman of Gor (1967) ISBN 0-345-27583-7
2. Outlaw of Gor (1967) ISBN 0-345-27136-X
3. Priest-Kings of Gor (1968) ISBN 0-7592-0036-X
4. Nomads of Gor (1969) ISBN 0-75925-445-1
5. Assassin of Gor (1970) ISBN 0-75920-091-2
6. Raiders of Gor (1971) ISBN 0-75920-153-6
7. Captive of Gor (1972) ISBN 0-75920-105-6
8. Hunters of Gor (1974) ISBN 0-75920-130-7
9. Marauders of Gor (1975) ISBN 0-75920-141-2
10. Tribesmen of Gor (1976) ISBN 0-75925-446-X
11. Slave Girl of Gor (1977) ISBN 0-75920-454-3
12. Beasts of Gor (1978) ISBN 0-75921-125-6
13. Explorers of Gor (1979) ISBN 0-75921-167-1
14. Fighting Slave of Gor (1980) ISBN 0-75921-173-6
15. Rogue of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-75921-179-5
16. Guardsman of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-75921-368-2
17. Savages of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-75921-374-7
18. Blood Brothers of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-75921-380-1
19. Kajira of Gor (1983) ISBN 0-75921-926-5
20. Players of Gor (1984) ISBN 0-75921-932-X
21. Mercenaries of Gor (1985) ISBN 0-75921-944-3
22. Dancer of Gor (1986) ISBN 0-75921-950-8
23. Renegades of Gor (1986) ISBN 0-75921-956-7
24. Vagabonds of Gor (1987) ISBN 0-75921-980-X
25. Magicians of Gor (1988) ISBN 0-75921-986-9
26. Witness of Gor (2001) ISBN 0-7592-4235-6
27. Prize of Gor (2008) ISBN 0-7592-4580-0
In print and out of print books are readily available in many countries from a variety of publishers. Some domestic (US), foreign and 1st print publishers* listed below.

Book # / Publisher
(1-7) Balalitine Books Inc. - US 1st Print
(1-7) Balalitine Books Inc. - Canadian 1st Print
(8-25) DAW Books Inc.- us 1st Print w/yellow spine
(8-25) DAW Books Inc. - 1st Print w/white spine
(11-25) Masquerade Books Inc.
(8-25) Del Ray
(1-7) Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd.
(1-7) Universal-Tandem Publishing Co. Ltd.
(1-7) Star Books
(26) New World Publishers
(27) A Wildside Press / E-Reads

* I invite Gor fans to update this publisher list. For example, I never did find a translation for the name of the Russian publisher and Masquerade books came and went so fast, I never did find out if they were subdivision.
-=More Gor=-
Offical Site (leather bound & autographed books here)

Gor Chronicles


Goreans online in Second Life - Google Link
-=The human being is a philosophizing animal=-
The choice, you see, ultimately, is not between philosophy and something other than philosophy, but between good philosophy and bad philosophy, between inquiry, criticality and concern, and complacency, superficiality, ignorance and naivety.

by John F. Lange
More at:



I didn't see the Gor series by Norman in there. Personally, I avoid those books because I know they screwed up a couple of my friends, but many people are into them.


-=BDSM Book List=- Reading is Fundamental !!!
I give good thread.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/8/2009 9:49:48 AM   

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The Path of Service: Guideposts for Excellence (S/M Tech Educational) 
by Christina Parker (2007)
“I love the way she has incorporated both the quotes and assignments. They make you think deeply about service and how it is an integral part of our lives.”

“The author has given a prompt or assignment at the top of each page, and you fill out the lines beneath. If you are seeking to learn about the lifestyle, this book should not be your first choice. If you are seeking to learn about yourself, well, this book might be a very good learning tool for you.”


Slavette has updated the book. The revised edition is titled: Where I Am Led - A Service Exploration Workbook
It is available for purchase here: Alfred Press

This book is for the use of slaves who wish to perfect their life by daily, weekly and monthly written exercises. The assignments are thoughtful and provoking and lead the novice into a higher understanding of the slave culture. This is a revised and expanded second edition of Parker's "The Path of Service".

Other Suggestions Include:

The Control Book: Peter Masters
The Control Book

The Control Book is about the fine art of taking control of your partner. It's about the processes involved, about taking control, using control, about ensuring that you have control, and-importantly-about giving control back once you are done with it. The book discusses how this works-the psychology of it-and looks at what can go right, and at what can go wrong and how to fix it. It considers the role of authority in the equation, and looks at how to manage the control you have over someone so that it is both effective and rewarding for you both. I believe that a very large part of the activities which we include under the umbrella of BDSM rely explicitly or implicitly on control being asserted over one person by another. My goal in this book is to talk about control, explain what it is, demonstrate it, show how to take it, how to give it, how to manage it, and more. I want you, the reader, to be aware of the ebb and flow of control around you and through you.

As She's Told: Anneke Jacob
As She's Told

Reviews and excerpts are available on the author's website.



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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/24/2009 8:17:53 PM   

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Vi Johnson's book To Love, To Obey, To Serve: Diary of an Old Guard Slave.

it's actually Vi Johnson's diary/journal put into book form. it's not an easy or fun read, but has a lot of insight into what it is like to live the life of a slave. her life is a profound example of honor and commitment.

in my opinion, it answers the age old question of "what is the difference between a sub and slave?" 

if Vi Johnson is ever speaking or making an appearance in your area, she is worth going to see. she is a beautiful person.

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/24/2009 8:21:01 PM   

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if Vi Johnson is ever speaking or making an appearance in your area, she is worth going to see. she is a beautiful person.

property of Lord Chainer 

Agreed.  I've had the privilege of seeing her on a number of occasions and I would highly recommend taking the time to see her.


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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/25/2009 12:08:08 AM   

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Didn't Vi also do a book or so about Vampyres?


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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 11/25/2009 2:37:28 AM   

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Just finished A Hand in the Bush by Deborah Addington, haven't used the new information yet  but it reads well and appears to be an excellent resource.
Yet another gem from those brilliant people at Greenery Press...

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 4/3/2010 7:08:30 AM   

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When it comes to fiction, my favourite is "Deviation" series by Chris Owen and Judy Payne (if you don't mind m/m). And I can also recommend "Darshian Tales" by Ann Summervile (although bdsm is only the setting but not the main story).

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RE: -=BDSM Book List=- - 6/13/2010 4:14:05 PM   

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I wondered if we had any previous threads with a good BDSM book list.  I found several book threads but they were not solely about BDSM reading material.  I thought I would toss a copy of my book list up here for others to add to.  Please list BDSM books only. 
Forgive the copy and paste from my old web page. 



The Surrendered Wife : A Practical Guide to Finding Intimacy, Passion, and Peace with Your Man
by Laura Doyle
Surrendering is coming to terms with reality--that YOU are the only one YOU can change. Doyle gives practical tips and tools for replacing critical, controlling, or nagging behaviors with respect, trust and gratitude. A surrendered wife bravely and courageously commits to making a loving, nurturing marriage the most important goal of all -- and she will receive that and so much more. This book is easy to read, practical, and best of all it WORKS! 

Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual
Christina Abernathy
Down-to-earth information, elegantly written, about how consensual owner-slave relationships really work. Realistic, detailed descriptions of slave duties, symbols, sexual exchange, rewards, punishments, contracts and more.

Training With Miss Abernathy : A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners
Christina Abernathy
Training with Miss Abernathy is the follow up to Christine Abernathy's excellent book on BDSM training "Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual". As the book states, her first book is the theory, while the second book is the practice. The manual contains fifty lessons designed to help the reader explore various elements of BDSM service.

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns : The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism
Philip Miller, Molly Devon, William A. Granzig
Screw the Roses enthusiastically covers all the basics and even some of the not-so-basics--bondage, negotiation, sex, endorphins, dominance and submission, toys, safety, S/M community, and beyond. It's written primarily from the point of view of male dominant/female submissive interactions, but it's easily translatable into valuable advice for any relationship configuration.

SM 101 : A Realistic Introduction
Jay Wiseman
SM 101 surveys the entire spectrum of consensual sadomasochistic practices from from bondage, to spanking, to erotic role-playing, and more. Now in an expanded second edition, SM 101 includes a new chapter on starting and running sadomasochistic organizations and events for consenting adults.

The Loving Dominant
John Warren
The Loving Dominant is one of the basics. It should be--and often is--required reading before a new partner is willing to consider playing. It covers not only the how-to's, the who's, the what's and the when's, but the why's, as well as providing some great inspirational examples of scenes.

The Ethical Slut : A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities
Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
Warm, informative details about how to get your needs met, manage your jealousy, make agreements that work for all concerned, talk to your friends and relatives, and build a life full of all the sex and love you want. This book is a great guide for all who are considering changing their twosome to a threesome or other add-on to their primary sex relationship.

The Topping Book : Or, Getting Good at Being Bad
Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
This is book was a very fun and informative read. It talks about the rights and responsibilities of the Top and what it is like to be a top. It tells you that Tops and bottoms are equals. Dossie and Catherine are always very good about including all genders, preferences, and relationships.

The Bottoming Book: How to Get Terrible Things Done to You by Wonderful People
Dossie Easton, Catherine A. Liszt
Catherine & Dossie give us another great book. It is short and concise and very helpful. The sections on the psychological effects are particularly well explained. The authors repeatedly validate the experience of the person-as-bottom, whether that person identifies solely as a bottom or as a top who desires to experience bottoming, or as the in-betweener who likes it all.

Different Loving : The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission
Gloria G. Brame, Jon Jacobs, Will Brame
They begin by asking "What is normal ?" and note that if "normal" means reproductive relevance as in the Victorian standard, then few are normal. What is clear is that what is painful for some is pleasurable for others, what is unacceptable for some is delightful for others, what is frightening for some is a natural high for others.

Bound to Be Free : The Sm Experience
Charles Moser, J. J. Madeson
Of the vast array of human sexual behaviors and practices, sadomasochism (SM) is probably the least understood and, thus, the most feared among the general public. Moser and Madeson here provide perhaps the first intelligent, fully informed, fact-based discussion of what SM is, what it means to its practitioners, how it is practiced, and the structure of its subculture in contemporary American society.

The Leatherman's Handbook: Silver Jubilee Edition
by Larry Townsend, Jack Fritscher
A good introduction to the gay male SM world of the early 1970s revised briefly for the 2000 edition. It gives a good basic overview of the history of "Old Guard" as well as insights into how different from and similar to gay SM s from het SM.

The Leatherman's Handbook: The Original
by Larry Townsend
Anyone wanting to learn the "Old Guard" ways will find many of its roots here.

Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot
by Carol Queen
Carol Queen is absolutely the best. She makes sense out of feelings most people share but are afraid to admit. You should read this little book, especially if you have any shy tendencies. We would all live fuller lives if we could follow half of her truths.

Learning the Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun S/m Lovemaking
by Race Bannon
Race Bannon provides some much-appreciated accurate information in this honest and straightforward basic guide to S/M. He explodes prevalent myths about S/M and replaces them with a playground of erotic fantasy and an emphasis on consensuality.  Possibly the most important trait of this book, though, is that it's delightfully devoid of the "This is the One True Way" trap evident in too many sexuality manuals.
Delightful examples of questions and issues that commonly come up during negotiation, useful for both the novice just learning to say yes, and the more experienced hand who has met a new partner. The chapter on "S/M Technique" includes good basic safety and sensation information. A recommended reading list, and a glossary. --Cheryl Trooskin

Sensuous Magic 2 Ed: A Guide to S/M for Adventurous Couples
by Patrick Califia-Rice
Need help with your riding-crop technique? Wonder how to wrap your husband like a mummy?  Sensuous Magic has the answers. Writer, therapist, and sex radical Patrick Califia-Rice has updated his classic introduction to S/M and power play to embrace couples of all persuasions and at every stage of experience. Although not a comprehensive technical guide (you will need a book on rope bondage, for instance, if you want to learn appropriate knots and techniques), Califia-Rice's text offers insightful warnings, advice, and commentary, the kind of guidance you might expect from a seasoned mentor. It is especially well-suited to daring beginners, who can learn the basics on safety and communication, while being titillated by more advanced topics like whip selection and master/slave contracts. --Regina Marler

Sensuous Magic: A Guide for Adventurous Couples
by Pat Califia
Sensuous Magic is clear, succinct and engaging even for the reader for whom S/M isn't the sexual behavior of choice. Califia's prose is soothing, informative and non-judgmentalshe both instructs her reader and explores the territory for them. When she is writing about the dynamics of sex and the technical aspects of it, Califia is the Dr. Ruth of the alternative sexuality set.

The Bride Wore Black Leather...And He Looked Fabulous!: An Etiquette Guide for the Rest of Us
by Drew Campbell
This is an excellent, helpful guide to etiquette for folks who didn't think Miss Manners would work for them - although, as Drew slyly implies, she could! The book offers common-sense advice told humorously and well for folks who move regularly in non-traditional roles and relationship structures.

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
by Lorelei
It's everything the author says and more. One of the few books that stresses that this should be done for the couple's MUTUAL pleasure. I also think it may be the only book out there that comes from a monogamous loving relationship viewpoint - not that is the only way to go in this lifestyle but very rarely talked about. It's fun, HUMAN, and very very helpful.

The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners
by Lady Green
This was a wonderful book for the curious beginner. It was written in a very clear and open style, defining terms as it went along. The author was careful to explain drawbacks as well as benefits of different types of dominant/submissive play, and gave many safety tips as she went along. Many suggestions for further reading were also given. The book is best for the beginner to BDSM, and works well for both dominant and submissive as a reference. For more experienced players, the safety reminders would be most useful.

Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices
by Brenda Love, Paul Mavrides
What other people do for their pleasure is often shocking--and fascinating. That's why Brenda Love's authoritative and entertaining book is so mesmerizing. From adultery and birth control to computer sex and pubic hair sculpture, Love probes more than 700 topics, including both norms and extremes. 150 line drawings.

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage
Midori, Craig Morey
Midori shows step by step how to achieve beautiful and exciting Japanese bondage on a variety of genders and body types.  Each chapter starts with a spectacular, tasteful full-color photo of the finished bondage pose -  then goes back and explains with text and line art how each rope and knot is placed to achieve the final result. 


Story of O
Pauline Reage, Jean Paulhan (Preface), Sabine D'Estree (Translator)
Considered a classic, this work is worthy to stand beside the best writings of the Marquis de Sade. This is an ironic and mystical tale of unfreedom that transcends the pornographic and even the erotic. The story is about the love of a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer for Rene. As part of that intense love, she experiences training, bondage, severe sexual and psychological tests. 

Return to the Chateau : Preceded By, a Girl in Love
Pauline Reage, Sabine D' Estree
The sequel to one of the most scandalous and sensational of modern erotic novels. The continued adventures of "O" in a controversial second book. This story's ending is subject to much debate. 

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy
A. N. Roquelaure
A boxed set of erotica by the best-selling author. Rice's enormously successful "Beauty" books are based very loosely on the Sleeping Beauty tale, and explore just about every sexually explicit fantasy imaginable. "Articulate, baroque, and fashionably pornographic".

SM Classics
Susan Wright (Editor), Susan Edited by Wright
A collection of the most important SM nonfiction of the past two decades, edited by a prominent "scene" personality with extensive editorial and writing experience. Features work by a veritable who's who of contemporary SM, including Larry Townsend, John Warren, John Preston, Laura Antoniou, Pat Califia, Joseph W. Bean Fakir Musafar, and many others.

Servants of the Cane
by Lisette Ashton
Levi L Cane is notorious for writing some of the world's most depraved stories. His tales of bondage, punishment and sexual torment are always graphic and he has been acclaimed for his attention to explicit detail. After reading only one novel, Rose is convinced that she doesn't want to know anything more about the author, or discover the secret of how he develops his stories. But fate and circumstances work against Rose, leaving her trapped and at the mercy of the novelist. Despite her reluctance, she is soon on the verge of learning all about his meticulous research and, with the help of the Servants of the Cane, it is a lesson she will never forget.

A Desirable Property
by Nicole Dere
When their plane is hijacked and forced to land in the African state of Leontondo, lovely Jane Freeman and petite redhead, Moira Kinsella, soon learn that their chief hope of survival lays in total submission to the will of their captors, in particular the beautiful, sadistic Krista, whose passion for her victims is matched only by her cruelty.Jane and Moira, together with young American Nicki Ginsburg and air-stewardess Anita Simpson, are also compelled to serve as amusement for General Koloba, Leontondo`s ruthless dictator, and his henchmen.Reunited with their husbands, Jane and Moira remain confined, during which time the quartet become involved in an exotically intricate combined relationship. Jack, Moira`s domineering and manipulative partner, is involved in secret negotiations, so that instead of the freedom they hoped for, the other three find themselves sold as slaves to the infamous Lord Staith, prisoners on his tropical island of Kendu, from which there will be no reprieve.

The Market Place Series
A diverse world of pansexual sadomasochistic delights. These are "must read" classics in our culture! Recommended highly by this webmaster. - Kalon Eric

The Marketplace (The Market Place Series, 1)
by Sara Adamson
Ms. Adamson's friendly, conversational writing style perfectly couches what to some will be shocking material. 

The Slave (The Marketplace Series, 2)
Laura Antoniou
The second volume in The Marketplace trilogy. The Slave covers the experience of one exceptionally talented submissive who longs to join the ranks of those who have proven themselves worthy of entry into the Marketplace. But the price, while delicious, is staggeringly high.

The Trainer (The Marketplace Series, 3)
by Laura Antoniou
The long-awaited conclusion of Adamson's stunning Marketplace Trilogy! Now these mentors divulge their own secrets, and the desires that led them to become the ultimate figures of authority.

The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace (The Marketplace Series, 4)
by Laura Antoniou
If you've read the first three books in this series, you'll be well equipped you jump into the Academy and learn along side the trainers and spotters. Many questions from the previous novels are answered in intelligent and arousing ways. 

The Reunion
*Note:  The Reunion is the 5th book in this series.  It was released in 2002 and as of 2004 it was already into its' second printing.  I have a copy of this in my library.  I will scan the cover and add info and link asap. 

Other Great BDSM Book Lists

Book Lists From
(D/s Lifestyle Books)
(D/s Flavored Erotica Books) 
(Pulp "BDSM" Fiction)
Books on Sexuality)

Books to consider adding to list
Webmaster's note to self
Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (original of the term masochism)
The Reunion by Laura Antoniou (work log:, info listed, need to add link and pic)
Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling (Anne Rice)
Kushiel's Legacy saga by Jacqueline Carey (girly romance novels starring Phedre an extreme masochist)
Kushiel's Dart
Kushiel's Avatar
Kushiel's Scion
Kushiel's Justice
Kushiel's Chosen

By Marquis de Sade
Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue Written By Marquis De Sade
Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and Other Writings by Marquis De Sade
JUSTINE or Good Conduct Well Chastised by The Marquis de Sade and Rex Saviour
The 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings by Marquis De Sade
Letters From Prison by Marquis de Sade and Richard Seaver (my fav)
Juliette by Marquis de Sade
The Crimes of Love by Marquis de Sade and David Coward
Philosophy in the Boudoir: Or, The Immoral Mentors by Marquis de Sade, Tomer Hanuka, Francine Du Plessix-Gray, and Joachim Neugroschel
Incest by Marquis de Sade
The Gothic Tales of the Marquis De Sade by Marquis de Sade and Margaret Crosland
Three Complete Novels; Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, Eugenie de Franval and Other Writings by Marquis De Sade (this is the only version of The 120 Days of Sodom published as Eugenie that I know of)
Betrayal by Marquis de Sade, John Burnside, and Andrew Brown
Journal Inedit by Marquis De Sade
Oeuvres Vol. 2 (Bibliotheque de la Pleiade) by Marquis de Sade and Michel Delon (Leather Bound)
Oeuvres complètes, tome 11 : Notes littéraires, Couplets et pièces de circonstance, Notes pour les Journées de Florbelle, Journal de Charenton, Lettres de Charenton et testament, La Marquise de Gange by Marquis de Sade (Paperback)

Studies in the Marquis de Sade
Marquis de Sade: his life and works. (1899) by Iwan Bloch
Sade Mon Prochain. (1947) by Pierre Klossowski
Lautréamont and Sade. (1949) by Maurice Blanchot
The Marquis de Sade, a biography. (1961) by Gilbert Lély
The life and ideas of the Marquis de Sade. (1963) by Geoffrey Gorer
Sade, Fourier, Loyola. (1971) by Roland Barthes
The Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural Histry. (1979) by Angela Carter
Writing and the Experience of Limits. (1982) by Philippe Sollers
The Marquis de Sade: the man, his works, and his critics: an annotated bibliography. (1986) by Colette Verger Michael
The Misfits: A Study of Sexual Outsiders. (1988) by Colin Wilson
Sade, his ethics and rhetoric. (1989) collection of essays, edited by Colette Verger Michael
Marquis de Sade: A Biography. (1991) by Maurice Lever
Dark Eros: The Imagination of Sadism. (1995) by Thomas Moore
The philosophy of the Marquis de Sade. (1995) by Timo Airaksinen
Sade contre l'Être suprême. (1996) by Philippe Sollers
An Erotic Beyond: Sade. (1998) by Octavio Paz
Sade: A Biographical Essay. (1998) by Laurence L. Bongie
The Marquis de Sade: a life. (1999) by Neil Schaeffer
At Home With the Marquis de Sade: A Life. (1999) by Francine du Plessix Gray
Sade: from materialism to pornography. (2002) by Caroline Warman
Marquis de Sade: the genius of passion. (2003) by Ronald Hayman

Dear web visitors, I am sorry to say that I lost my Marquis de Sade book collection in the 1990.  I have listed all his books for my own future reference and research,  I recall being very fond of an older version of Letters From Prison.  A concept from that book has stuck with me all these years.  He explains how morals are a matter of geographical location.  There are 3 or 4 really good books by or about the Marquis de Sade and I will sort out which ones they were asap.

So many of My favorites!

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I've read lots of books on squirting...but this one takes the cake on information and enjoyable reading!

"Female Ejaculation and the G-spot - not your Mother's orgasm book!" by D. Sundahl

A couple more for open/poly relationships.

"Opening Up:A guide for creating and sustaining open relationships" by Tristan Taormino *who is amazing author/presenter*

"Plural Loves:Designs for bi & poly living" by Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio and Fritz Klein

Enjoy...I know I love all the books I get my greedy hands on!


~always the gleeful one~

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Masterfire's book. and flagg's booked called "the forqued tongue"


_"Here is something you should never do to anyone.And here is exactly how to do it to someone you care about". Flagg._

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